The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2541-2550

Chapter: 2541
Su Zhifei had a secret love for Gu Qiuyi for many years, but only told his sister Su Zhiyu about it.
The reason why he didn’t dare to say it was because he knew that the Su family could not allow him to be with Gu Qiuyi.
Elder Su has always been above the top, and he has never looked down upon these families in China.
Moreover, he has always been eager to make major breakthroughs in overseas markets.
Therefore, he especially hoped that Su Zhifei, as the eldest son of the Su family, could marry a daughter of a top European and American family, or a European royal princess.
In this way, the Su family can exchange resources with each other.
Otherwise, if you just find a family with a weaker overall strength than the Su family to marry in the country, then it is clear that others will take advantage of the Su family.
Because of this, Su Zhifei dare not make any relevant disclosures.
However, he didn’t even dream of thinking that his grandfather with great vision would take the initiative to encourage him to pursue Gu Qiuyi. This is simply great news for him.
However, Su Zhifei didn’t know that Elder Su easily analyzed his true purpose from his sponsorship of Gu Qiuyi’s concert.
Saying that now, it’s just a matter of doing what you want.
Su Chengfeng deeply understands a truth, this truth is only six words: ** drives everything.
If you want to make the best use of a person, that is, you must master where his sex is.
Su Chengfeng understood Su Zhifei’s deep inner sex, so he chose to do what he liked, support him in pursuing Gu Qiuyi, and directly tied him firmly in his camp in one step.
Therefore, when Su Zhifei expressed absolute shock at what he said, Su Chengfeng said in a serious manner: “Knowing Fei, the most important thing about choosing a spouse is the price/performance ratio. The girl of the Gu family, whether in appearance, ability, Both of them are of good character. Although the strength of the Gu family is a bit inferior, she is better than Gu Yanzhong’s only daughter. If you really marry her, it will be a very cost-effective thing! So if you really want to pursue her, I Of course it is in agreement with both hands raised.”
Su Zhifei immediately said excitedly: “Thank you, grandpa! With your words, I am relieved!”
Su Shoudao on the side, this was the first time he knew that what his son liked in his heart turned out to be Gu Qiuyi of the Gu family.
He frowned and said seriously: “Knowing Fei, you like Gu’s girl, and Dad doesn’t object, but you have to know that Gu’s family has always had prejudices against Su’s family, especially Gu Yanzhong and Ye Changying back then. It is his eldest brother to worship. Since I established the Anti-Leaf Alliance, he has completely drawn a line from the Su family. If you pursue Gu Qiuyi, the first thing you have to pass is his level.”
Su Zhifei nodded and said, “Dad, I have considered all of what you said. These old accounts between my parents are indeed a relatively large influence, but I still believe that feelings are the first. Yes, if I can really make Gu Qiuyi like me, then I believe I can also make Gu Qiuyi’s father accept me.”
Su Shoudao sighed sincerely, “I’m afraid it’s not that easy!”
Su Chengfeng couldn’t help but slapped his lips. He tried his best to make suggestions for his grandson, and said, “Oh! I don’t think it is necessary to make a conclusion on this matter so early. I know that he is only 26 years old this year, even if he gets married at 36 It’s not too late, so he has time for Gu’s family to change his attitude towards him.”
As he said, he couldn’t help but said with a little regret: “I heard that Gu Yanzhong had pancreatic cancer and he was about to die. If that’s the case, if you don’t want to pursue Gu’s girl, you will lose one stumbling block, but who knows this? Why did the guy heal suddenly inexplicably, he is alive, it will indeed be much more difficult.”
Su Zhifei said at this time: “Grandpa, since you support me, I will definitely pursue Gu Qiuyi. As long as she is willing to be with me, I believe her father can’t stop us from being together.”
“Yes.” Su Chengfeng said with a smile: “You can rest assured to pursue it boldly. Grandpa will provide one hundred or one thousand support!”
As he said, he said very seriously: “If Gu Yanzhong is unwilling to forgive the Su family for the’Anti-Leaf Alliance’ thing back then, then let your father come personally and beg Jing to plead for the crime.”
“If it still doesn’t work, then my old bone will personally apologize to him! For the life-long happiness of my grandson, what is such a trivial matter?”
Su Zhifei’s attitude immediately moved Su Zhifei.
Comparing this with the unquestionable personality that Grandpa said before, it was a radical change.

Chapter: 2542
He thought that his grandfather must not allow himself to pursue Gu Qiuyi, but he didn’t expect that he would support him in this way.
This instantly increased his confidence in pursuing Gu Qiuyi countless times.
Therefore, he immediately stated: “Grandpa, in that case, I will go to Jinling now to see if I can lead the people behind the scenes by preparing for the concert!”
Su Chengfeng nodded in satisfaction and smiled: “I asked the head of the Suzhou-Hangzhou First Family, Wu Donghai from the Suzhou-Hangzhou Wu Family. It is estimated that he should be here in a while. Don’t leave in a hurry and wait for food. It’s never too late to leave after dinner.”
At this moment, Jinling Buckingham Palace.
Su Zhiyu was bored in the hotel room for a day, feeling anxious and impatient.
At six o’clock, Chen Zekai’s men knocked on the door on time, and two female bodyguards walked in with a food delivery truck. One of them respectfully said: “Ms. Su, Ms. Du, dinner is ready, please take a second step. Dining in the restaurant.”
Su Zhiyu couldn’t help asking: “When will your master want to see me? I have been waiting for a whole day…”
The female bodyguard said very politely: “I’m sorry Miss Su, our young master didn’t come over today.”
Su Zhiyu asked, “Then he did not say when will he come?”
The female bodyguard shook her head: “Master has never said that.”
Su Zhiyu didn’t give up, and asked: “Then can you please call your young master and say I want to talk to him.”
The female bodyguard smiled slightly: “You tell me, I am not qualified to talk to the young master directly, so I don’t have the young master’s contact information.”
“This…” Su Zhiyu’s eyes flushed red and choked up: “Then what does your master mean? It took so much time to save us and settle us here, but he kept hiding. If he doesn’t show up…If he really doesn’t plan to show up, let my mother and I leave here!”
The female bodyguard said apologetically: “Ms. Su, the young master really didn’t mean that my servant dared to speculate. As for what you said to leave here, I can’t do anything about it. The young master has ordered us to make sure you two Please forgive me for staying in this suite and keeping every step of the way.”
Su Zhiyu suddenly felt a strong grievance in her heart, and tears flowed out.
Seeing this, the female bodyguard said apologetically: “Miss Su, the food is ready, please help yourself and Ms. Du, we will go out first.”
Du Haiqing hurried forward, holding Su Zhiyu in his arms and gently comforting him, and said to the two female bodyguards, “Thank you so much!”
The two made a polite statement and hurriedly left the room.
As soon as they left the room, the two of them came to Chen Zekai’s office. After knocking on the door and entering, facing Chen Zekai and Ye Chen sitting on the sofa, they respectfully said: “Young Master, President Chen, Miss Su was a little excited. ”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Tell me, what exactly is the excitement method?”
The female bodyguard explained the situation just now.
After listening, Chen Zekai nodded and said: “Okay, you have worked hard, go down and rest.”
The female bodyguard bowed and resigned.
At this moment, Chen Zekai looked at Ye Chen and couldn’t help asking: “Master, are you really not going to see her?”

Chapter: 2543
Chen Zekai’s words made Ye Chen hesitate slightly.
Whether he wants to see Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing, in fact, he still has no idea right now.
The main reason was that he didn’t want to understand what mentality he should use to face an enemy’s daughter and a woman who had loved his father for many years.
But he knew it in his heart.
Things have reached the point where they are today. Sooner or later, I still have to meet with their mother and daughter.
Therefore, he is still not sure whether it is the right time to meet them right now.
At this time, Chen Zekai saw Ye Chen’s hesitation, and hurriedly persuaded him: “Master, to be honest, since I will see you sooner or later, it is better to see you earlier.”
While talking, he said again: “Look, now Miss Su is almost equal to our house arrest here. If you don’t meet her, I’m afraid she will still be uncomfortable. This is also a torture for her. It’s better to meet her and let her feel at ease so that she can stay here honestly.”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “I definitely want to see you, but it’s not the time yet.”
Chen Zekai asked hurriedly, “Master, are you waiting for an opportunity?”
“Opportunity?” Ye Chen shook his head: “I’m waiting for Su Shoudao.”
Chen Zekai exclaimed: “Master, you…you want to wait for Su Shoudao?”
“It’s wrong.” Ye Chen said coldly: “I’ll wait for him to come to Jinling. If he doesn’t come, I will personally go and’please’ him over!”
“The day Su Shoudao came to Jinling, I would naturally take him to meet with Su Zhiyu and Du Haiqing!”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen stood up and said blankly: “After Su Shoudao comes to Jinling, I will personally take him to my parents’ grave and bow down!”
“If he is directly related to the death of my parents, let him give my parents a kowtow;”
“If he is directly related to the death of my parents, I will let him pay for his life at my parents’ grave!”
At 6:30 in the evening, Wu Donghai drove to Su’s manor.
He also came with his eldest son Wu Xin.
The father and son arrived in the manor in their car, and the housekeeper Su Anshun personally greeted them. As soon as they met, he said politely: “Mr. Wu, Master Wu, our master is already waiting in the banquet hall, please come with me.”
Wu Donghai couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.
He didn’t come to have dinner with Su Chengfeng this time. He came to Su Chengfeng as an undercover agent at Ye Chen’s request.
Ye Chen is 10,000 people can not afford to offend him, not to mention Ye Chen’s background, Ye Chen’s ability alone is far from what he dares to offend.
Killing the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family by one person really angered him, maybe he could kill all the Wu family by himself.
However, Su Chengfeng here can’t afford to offend him at all.
Who is Su Chengfeng? The head of the nation’s No. 1 family is simply the strongest person in the financial field. If he provokes him, he might not end well.
Therefore, Wu Donghai was nervous and afraid in his heart.
But he also knew very well in his heart that no matter what, Ye Chen was the one who couldn’t offend him the most.
Since Ye Chen asked himself to be an undercover agent, he could only bite the bullet.

Chapter: 2544
Later, he and Wu Xin followed Su Anshun to the banquet hall of the manor.
At this time, in the banquet hall, three generations of Su Chengfeng, Su Shoudao, and Su Zhifei were sitting in front of the dining table.
Seeing Wu Donghai and his son came in, Su Chengfeng took the initiative to stand up and said with a smile: “Mr. Wu, I have heard of the name for a long time, and I finally saw it today!”
Wu Donghai hurriedly said a little flattered: “Mr. Su, you are so polite. Compared with you, Lai Xia is just a small business person who does a little bit of innocent business. You can’t get on the table…”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand and said with a smile: “Where is this? Your Wu family is the number one family in Suzhou and Hangzhou, even in the whole Jiangnan, so why not belittle yourself.”
After speaking, he hurriedly said again: “Come on, Mr. Wu, let me introduce to you, this is my son, Su Shoudao, and the other is my grandson, Su Zhifei.”
Wu Donghai couldn’t help feeling a little surprised, and he thought to himself: “Wan Chen thought that this Su Shoudao had also arrived in Suhang. Didn’t this guy go to Australia because of the scandal some time ago? Also, Su Chengfeng murdered Su Shoudao’s wife and daughter , Why is this guy standing in front of Su Chengfeng so respectfully? Isn’t it necessary to avenge his wife and children?”
Seeing Wu Donghai stunned, Su Shoudao suddenly guessed Wu Donghai’s psychological activities, and he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.
So, he stretched out his hand first and said: “Hello, Mr. Wu, I am Su Shoudao, I am lucky enough to meet.”
Only then did Wu Donghai come back to his senses, and hurriedly clasped his fists and said, “Mr. Su, look up for a long time! In Wu Donghai, this is the dog Wu Xin!
Su Chengfeng said at this time: “Mr. Wu, please sit down, let’s talk while eating.”
Wu Donghai quickly agreed.
Five people were seated at the huge dining table. Su Chengfeng took the initiative to take the wine glass and toast Wu Donghai. After three rounds of wine, he smiled and said, “Mr. Wu, this time I am here in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Please take care of you in Suzhou and Hangzhou in the future.”
Wu Donghai said nervously, “Mr. Su, you are so polite. It is absolutely my honour to think of me Wu Donghai when you come to Suzhou and Hangzhou. You can use me for anything in Suzhou and Hangzhou in the future. Speak.”
Su Chengfeng smiled and said: “Since Mr. Wu has said so, then I won’t be polite to you, but Mr. Wu, please rest assured. If you have any help from our Su family, please do not hesitate to speak.”
Wu Donghai clasped his fists and said, “Then I would like to thank Mr. Su in advance!”
Su Chengfeng nodded, put down the wine glass, and said: “By the way, Mr. Wu, I want to ask you something, I don’t know if it is convenient for you.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly said, “Old gentleman, please tell me!”
Su Chengfeng said: “That’s right, I want to know Mr. Wu, how much do you know about Jinling?”
“This…” Wu Donghai thought for a while and said, “Actually, I don’t know much about Jinling. It’s just that Kenzi went to university in Jinling.”
In fact, Wu Donghai was not a last resort, and didn’t want to talk to anyone about his second son, Wu Qi.
Because Wu Qi had already known all the people of the whole country about the things that happened in the beginning, and when they mentioned it, it was like hitting him in the face.
However, Su Chengfeng asked about his understanding of Jinling’s situation at this time. Wu Donghai did not dare to conceal Wu Qi’s schooling in Jinling, because no one knew about this matter in the whole country. If he deliberately concealed it, It will definitely arouse Su Chengfeng’s suspicion.
When Su Chengfeng heard him talking about Wu Qi, he nodded slightly, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Wu, I know some things shouldn’t be said here.”
Wu Donghai knew what he wanted to say next, so he could only smile awkwardly and said: “Mr. Su, if you have any questions, just ask, don’t be so polite.”
Su Chengfeng nodded and said: “Mr. Wu, frankly speaking, I have heard about your little son. What I want to ask is. Have you checked, why did your little son show up? A situation?”
“Why?” Wu Donghai cursed secretly in his heart: “Of course it’s because of Ye Chen’s bastard! He has already admitted this matter in front of me, but I can’t offend him, so I dare not fight him. ……”
However, Wu Donghai didn’t dare to say what he was thinking.
Therefore, I could only deliberately said in Yunshan mist: “This…to be honest, after Xiaoqi’s accident, Xiaoxin and I went to Jinling as soon as possible. We also wanted to find out what caused the community. There has been such a big change, but after a lot of investigation, there are no valuable clues.”
Su Chengfeng was a little disappointed, and then asked: “Mr. Wu, then do you think that the incident with your youngest son is a natural disaster or an affair?”

Chapter: 2545
Hearing Su Chengfeng’s question, Wu Donghai reappeared like Ye Chen in his mind. He couldn’t help feeling a deep cold deep in his heart. Then he replied: “Mr. Su, let me tell you, about Xiaoqi. I also suspected that it might be man-made, but after investigating a lot, no relevant clues were found, so the possibility of natural disasters may be greater, or the child himself may have been stimulated.”
Su Chengfeng asked him: “Have you ever asked your son what unusual memories or impressions he had before and after the incident?”
Wu Donghai said truthfully: “I asked him about this, but he told me that there was a memory gap before the incident, and he couldn’t remember it at all.”
Su Chengfeng nodded thoughtfully, and said in a deep voice: “If this is the case, then I guess it is more likely to be a gangbang!”
Wu Donghai pretended to be shocked and asked, “Mr. Su, do you mean someone deliberately harmed my son?”
“Yes!” Su Chengfeng said earnestly: “Generally speaking, even if someone has mental problems, they don’t have such a strange behavior as your son.”
After speaking, he asked again: “And I heard that your son’s condition seems to happen every hour, right?”
Wu Donghai said embarrassingly: “It’s wrong, it is true.”
Su Chengfeng hummed, and said seriously: “Then this is even more problematic! Normally, even if a person has intermittent psychosis, intermittent epilepsy, or even intermittent convulsions, this is relatively random. There are absolutely no rules at all, so some people will fall asleep, suddenly get up and sleepwalking, or suddenly have a goat’s seizure and convulsions, but when you’ve heard of someone, it’s like this every hour Regular frequency? This is obviously not right!”
Wu Donghaixin said: “Of course I the fuck knows something is wrong, I also know that Ye Chen did everything! But what can I do? Our eight heavenly kings were all taken care of by Ye Chen, I If I continue to work against him, maybe I will be like my son someday, becoming a hapless guy who eats that thing every hour…”
Thinking of this, he was depressed, and on the surface he pretended to be extremely shocked and asked: “Mr. Su…do you think anyone has such an ability to make my son suffer from this disease?”
Su Chengfeng said: “There are too many possibilities for this kind of thing. Whether it is our country’s feng shui mystery, or the puppets in Southeast Asia, there are methods that cannot be explained by science. I think you should find a metaphysical master for you. His son takes a good look, and he can see where the problem is!”
“Master of metaphysics?!” Wu Donghai said seriously: “To be honest, our family really doesn’t know any metaphysical masters, but I have heard that there seems to be some people in Hong Kong who are engaged in Feng Shui metaphysics. I don’t know if there are any experts over there. .”
Su Chengfeng said: “Hong Kong is probably the most developed metaphysics in the three regions of the Taiwan Strait, but if you want to really talk about the top metaphysics masters, you still have to go to the United States to find them.”
“America?!” Wu Donghai was even more surprised and asked, “Mr. Su, I don’t quite understand. Isn’t Feng Shui metaphysics the thing of our Chinese ancestors? Why do the top masters look at America?”
Su Chengfeng smiled indifferently, and said seriously: “As long as the masters of metaphysics are very powerful, they are basically from their ancestors for several generations, even dozens of generations, who have been studying metaphysics assiduously. The history of studying metaphysics in the whole family may exceed thousands of years. In times of turbulence, some truly capable older generations of metaphysical masters will figure out clues in advance and then avoid them in advance.”

Chapter: 2546
After that, he explained: “Anyone who has studied history knows that in 37 years, we China has experienced a huge ordeal. At that time, many top metaphysical families have already calculated the disaster of China Land a year or two in advance. Many have fled overseas in advance, and those who did not escape were either those masters who served the country for the people, or those who were incapable and limited, and could not be counted as two swords of disaster.”
“And the top masters who stayed devoted their efforts to Jiangshan Sheji. In addition to the Eight Years’ War, there were deaths and injuries. A large number of domestic metaphysical masters withered, but the ones who fled overseas are intact. Survived.”
Wu Donghai couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Su, there is still something unclear below. Why did these escaped metaphysical masters go to the United States?”
Su Chengfeng smiled and said: “Recall the history of World War II you learned when you were in junior high school. At that time, the whole world was wiped out. Europe, known as the birthplace of modern civilization, was also turned into a puddle of mud. Even Britain was blown to ruins. Needless to say. Continental Europe.”
“Looking at the whole world, there was only the United States at that time. Except for a small attack on Pearl Harbor, the mainland was almost out of war. Those true metaphysical masters had already come to the United States for the peace and peace of those years, so almost all of them were in the family. Fleeing to the United States, other people’s World War II was a raging war. These people’s World War II was to survive in the United States.”
After all, Su Chengfeng said again: “If you need it, I can help you find a top metaphysical master from the United States, and let him see your son’s situation.”
Wu Donghai asked a little excitedly, “Mr. Su, is what you said is true?”
“Of course!” Su Chengfeng smiled and said seriously: “Since we are all interested in tying together to do something big, then I must show something. Then, I will arrange for someone to help contact and let the master sit as soon as possible. The plane is coming. If the speed is fast, the master may be there tomorrow night.”
Although Wu Donghai didn’t dare to betray Ye Chen, he couldn’t help but get excited when he thought that the master of metaphysics that Su Chengfeng had found might really be able to heal his son.
This also made him feel the feeling of having the right and the right, if he could cleverly mediate between Ye Chen and Su’s family, wouldn’t he be able to please both sides and obtain benefits from both sides?
Thinking of this, Wu Donghai hurriedly stood up, clasped his fists in his hands, bowed and said, “I’m taking the place of the dog, thank you Mr. Su! If you need to be here in the future, just give it a call. Don’t let it go!”
Su Chengfeng waved his hand and said casually: “Xiao Wu, between you and me, you are welcome.”
After finishing speaking, he looked at Su Shoudao and told him: “Shoudao, you turn back to talk with Mr. Mai in Los Angeles. It is best to ask Mr. Mai to come out in person and come to Suzhou and Hangzhou.”
Su Shoudao nodded and hurriedly said, “I know Dad. It is estimated that the time in Los Angeles is still dark. Should I wait an hour or two before contacting?”
“Okay.” Su Chengfeng smiled slightly and said with emotion: “I haven’t seen Mr. Mai for a long time. If Mr. Mai is willing to show his face and come here in person, I will also ask him to do the calculations for me. Recently, things in the Su family are not going well. Encountered various blows, maybe it has a lot to do with Feng Shui luck!”

Chapter: 2547
In fact, Su Chengfeng himself is not very faithful.
His long-dead old father believed in Feng Shui fate, but he didn’t buy it.
Su Chengfeng’s acting style is very harsh, so he always believes that man can conquer the sky. When he is young, he will act vigorously and resolutely when he is young. When he is old, he will not scrutinize any means, and he does not pay attention to the reincarnation of cause and effect and the destiny.
However, Su Chengfeng now has more or less murmurs in his heart.
It’s a damn reciting words, if it’s a coincidence, it’s really a bit unreasonable. How can such bad luck and bad things happen to me?
If it is not a coincidence, it is estimated that something happened in the fortune, otherwise it should not be unlucky.
Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to let the authoritative Feng Shui take a look.
Mr. Mai, who he asked Su Shoudao to contact, fled from Yanjing to the United States with his father in early 37.
At the time, the five great feng shui families in China were the Lai family, the Zeng family, the Liao family, the Yang family and the Mai family.
These five people, without exception, have all settled overseas.
The old generation of the Mai family had a good personal relationship with Su Chengfeng’s father, so when Su Chengfeng’s father was alive, he often asked them to come back and give advice.
However, since the death of his father, Su Chengfeng has also been uninterested in this aspect, so he drifted away from them.
But having said that, although there has been no contact in recent years, the foundation of the relationship between the two families is still there.
Wu Donghai is also not very faithful.
However, he is now holding the attitude of trying and not asking for money, and he has succeeded, but he has no loss if he fails.
It is precisely with this feeling of having a source of both ends, Wu Donghai’s psychological pressure is suddenly relieved a lot.
Coupled with Su Chengfeng’s very polite attitude, Wu Donghai really felt at home.
After dinner, Su Chengfeng asked Su Shoudao to send the father and son out. On the way back, Wu Donghai still had a smug smile on his face.
In any case, it is a good thing to be able to establish contact with a top-notch family like the Su family. It may indeed open up a little commercial cooperation. As long as the Su family gives some resources at hand, the Wu family will be able to improve.
Wu Xin saw his father’s excitement, but he felt a little unhappy.
Ten thousand in his heart did not want his brother Wu Qi to recover, because once his brother recovered, he would rob him of property.
Su Chengfeng suddenly threw such an olive branch, which made him feel very angry.
But he didn’t dare to show his feelings in front of his father, so he could only ask: “Dad, the Su family wants to help us find the Feng Shui master, do you want to report to Ye Chen?”
Wu Donghai said without hesitation: “Of course this kind of thing can’t be reported, otherwise if Ye Chen makes a little action behind his back, doesn’t your brother have a chance to be cured?”
Wu Xin said with some concern: “But the task that Ye Chen assigned to us is to be his dual spy! If we deliberately conceal the clues and don’t tell him, will he blame us if he knows? ”

Chapter: 2548
Wu Donghai hesitated for a moment, and said: “The situation must be reported partially, but it is still necessary to have some reservations. It is best to avoid the serious and the light.”
After that, he took out his cell phone and sent Ye Chen a voice message: “Ye Gongzi, you really have a wonderful plan. Su Chengfeng invited me to dinner tonight. At the dinner table, he said that he would work closely with us. I have agreed. He, I will report to you in time if he has any movements next!”
After receiving this piece of information, Ye Chen responded to him with the word “OK”.
Wu Donghai received the word “good” and smiled slightly: “Look, isn’t this solved? What we have to do now is to make Ye Chen feel that we are doing our best for him on the one hand. Let Su Chengfeng feel that we are indeed an object worthy of his careful cultivation. As long as we can do this well, we will be able to meet the two top families of the Ye Family and the Su Family!”
This night, Su Zhifei returned to Jinling alone.
The task that Su Chengfeng gave him, in addition to continuing to try to find his mother and sister, also required him to actively prepare for Gu Qiuyi’s concert in Jinling soon, and try to take this opportunity to catch Gu Qiuyi.
When Su Zhifei arrived in Jinling, he went directly to his grandfather’s old house in Jinling.
What reminded him was that grandpa, eldest uncle, and second uncle had already put aside the things at hand and came to Jinling. At the same time, they had begun to mobilize all resources to search for the whereabouts of mother and sister.
When his grandfather Du Zhenhua saw him, he was surprised and asked: “I know, you suddenly disappeared inexplicably, where did you go?”
Su Zhifei hurriedly drove himself from Yanjing to Jinling, and then went to Suhang to meet with his father and grandfather.
However, he didn’t say anything about the successor to the Su family.
When Du Zhenhua heard that he was almost beaten up by Su Chengfeng’s messenger, he fled all the way to Jinling. Naturally, he felt very distressed for this grandson.
Thinking of the missing daughter and granddaughter again, he choked with tears in his eyes: “Knowing wrong, you have suffered! Don’t worry, grandpa will not let you suffer this kind of grievance again! Also! My two uncles, this paragraph Time will stay in Jinling, and go all out to find the whereabouts of your mother and your sister! If they are still alive, everything is easy to say, but if they encounter unexpected events, I will definitely not let go of your bastard grandfather!”
Hearing what Grandpa said, Su Zhifei’s eyes were red, and he nodded heavily.
However, even he himself didn’t think that at this moment, he suddenly felt a trace of pride in his heart.
He also had Wu Donghai’s experience of being both right and left.
“The always strong grandfather, for the sake of fame and family, wants to come over to please me, and grandpa’s side, because of these things I have encountered, especially feels sorry for me…”
“If I really become the heir of the Su family in the future, with the huge business empire of the entire Su family on the one hand, and the strong relationship background of the Du family on the other, then I can even take the Su family to a higher level in the future!”
“If I can successfully get Gu Qiuyi in my bag, it would be equivalent to harvesting half of the Gu family. By then, I will combine the assets of the Su family, the background of the Du family and half of the Gu family’s industry, then I will be the richest man in the world. In the world, who else can compete with me?”
“Now it seems that my next top priority is to win Gu Qiuyi!”
Thinking of this, Su Zhifei had a strong urge to turn Gu Qiuyi into his own woman immediately!
The dream of the world’s richest man, like a curse, quickly changed Su Zhifei’s heart.
Now he no longer cares about the life and death of his mother and sister.
All he wants in his head is the supreme title of “the world’s richest man”!

Chapter: 2549
Videos about the Su family scandal have been constantly fermenting on the Internet.
While the Su family’s reputation is notorious on the street, the Su Group has never given any official explanation.
The enthusiastic netizens came to Su Group’s official website and the official Weibo to denounce them, making the Su Group’s public relations team helpless.
When Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu’s mother and daughter were still missing in the eyes of the outside world, the Su Group announced in a high profile that Su Shoudao would temporarily take over as the acting chairman of the Su Group.
This is also equivalent to officially announcing the return of Su Shoudao to the public.
Interestingly, the return of Su Shoudao has aroused the sympathy of many people.
Many people think that the master Su Shoudao is too miserable.
His illegitimate daughter was sold by his father, and he himself was sent to Australia by his father.
This was unlucky enough, but his father still didn’t want to let him go, and gave him a big black pot of’betraying his daughter’.
Worse still, when he was alone with all the infamy, his father murdered his eldest daughter and his wife.
Now, his eldest daughter and wife are still unclear, and he has only one son left.
In the eyes of netizens, in the world, there may not be a second person as miserable as him.
Therefore, he suddenly came back to preside over the Su family, and to a certain extent, aroused the sympathy of the public and made the public’s impression of the Su Group a little better.
But Su Chengfeng was even more uncomfortable.
Because he knew that the more Su Shoudao could make the public feel compassionate, the less likely he was to step onto the stage and take charge of the Su family again.
But he still has no good way to do it, he can only go through the difficulties before he talks.
Su Shoudao cares about Su Zhiyu, so after he was promoted to acting chairman, he immediately invested a lot of manpower and material resources to find the whereabouts of the mother and daughter in Jinling and surrounding areas.
To this end, he even offered a cash reward of more than 100 million yuan.
Many private detectives and bounty hunters flocked to Jinling in order to earn this huge reward.
Unfortunately, no one can find the slightest clue about the mother and daughter.
Ye Chen didn’t go to Buckingham Palace again for two days in a row. Su Zhiyu, who was confined here, had become more impatient. She was not dissatisfied with the state of being confined, but was always looking forward to the figure of the benefactor who could not come to save her life.
With the warming of these two weathers, Gu Qiuyi’s concert is getting closer.
This concert is Gu Qiuyi’s first concert this year.
Therefore, both Gu Qiuyi and her agency paid great attention to this concert.
Not to mention Gu Qiuyi herself. As planned, her first concert this year was on the 20th of the first month of the lunar calendar, and her first concert was held in Yanjing.
However, because of the reunion with Ye Chen, it happened to be Ye Chen’s birthday on February 2 of the lunar calendar, so she deliberately changed the concert from Yanjing to Jinling and postponed it to the second day of February of the lunar calendar.
In fact, for Gu Qiuyi, this concert was performed for Ye Chen alone.

Chapter: 2550
Since it is dedicated to the beloved, naturally it takes a little more thought.
Therefore, although there is still a period of time before the performance, the preliminary work team has arrived in Jinling and began to make very detailed preparations for the scene.
Gu Qiuyi herself is a top singer and actress in the country, so the overall specifications of her concerts have always been very high.
This time the concert, because of Ye Chen’s sake, the specifications were especially surprisingly high.
The first is the opening of the Jinling Olympic Center, which can accommodate more than 50,000 people;
Second is the stage hardware, which uses all the world’s top equipment, such as lighting, sound, stage and background, these equipment;
In addition, the chief director, tuner, lighting engineer, and dancer team on site are all the largest production teams in Europe and America.
After all, Europe and the United States have more experience in concerts, and these teams have even managed super-large concerts with more than 100,000 audiences.
In fact, from the financial point of view, it is basically not profitable to hold such a very costly concert, and it may even lose money.
But Gu Qiuyi didn’t care at all.
What she was looking forward to was to show a perfect self in front of Ye Chen.
Because Gu Qiuyi’s concert is getting closer, the whole Jinling is excited about it.
Ye Chen also found that there are more and more publicity advertisements about Gu Qiuyi around. Background advertisements at bus stations, electronic streaming media advertisements in elevators, giant billboards on the roadside, and display spaces on the floors of high-rise buildings are almost all Promotional materials for Gu Qiuyi’s concert.
This made Ye Chen couldn’t help wondering: “Hasn’t the tickets for the concert of 囡囡 been robbed long ago? What is the point of investing in such a big publicity at this time?”
What he didn’t know was that Su Zhifei did all these publicity campaigns without exception.
Su Zhifei is thinking about how to use the opportunity of the concert to get closer to Gu Qiuyi.
Therefore, he decided to spend tens of millions first, talk about the entire Jinling advertising space, and replace it with Gu Qiuyi’s concert promotional materials to help Gu Qiuyi make the concert’s momentum strong enough, so that when Gu Qiuyi comes to Jinling After that, I must be more or less moved.
The next day, when Ye Chen had breakfast and sent his wife Xiao Churan out of the house, he received a call from Chen Zekai. As soon as the call was made, Chen Zekai reported: “Master, there is something, I have to report to you.”
Ye Chen asked him: “What’s the matter?”
Chen Zekai said: “That’s right, Miss Gu’s agent has booked a presidential suite with me for a week before and after the concert. Early this morning, Su Zhifei from the Su family suddenly ran over to buy the hotel for that week. He bought all the advertising spaces, even the right to use the LED giant screen in that building, right across the terrace of the presidential suite.”
When Ye Chen heard this, he asked in surprise: “What is Su Zhifei doing? Can’t it be his mother and his sister who want to advertise?”
“No!” Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “This guy wants to display promotional posters of Miss Gu’s concert on these advertising spaces and the giant led screen!”
Ye Chen frowned and couldn’t help but slapped his lips: “This Su Zhifei is really interesting. At this time, he didn’t quickly find a way to find his mother and his sister. Instead, he spent such a lot of thoughts on the nanny.”
Chen Zekai blurted out: “Master, I think Su Zhifei, this guy must want to pursue Miss Gu!”
“Yeah.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “He has been so obvious, it is simply Sima Zhao’s heart that everyone knows.”
Chen Zekai said anxiously: “Master, you must take it seriously and take it seriously!”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but said a little embarrassingly: “How can I take this kind of thing seriously…”

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