The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2561-2570

Chapter: 2561
Su Chengfeng respectfully invited Mai Chengxing to sit on the sofa. After sitting down, he sighed and said in pain, “Hey! Uncle Mai, you must help me this time!”
Mai Chengxing nodded and said seriously: “Since I have come here, I will naturally do my best, so you must tell me everything exactly.”
Su Chengfeng replied and sighed: “After all, I blamed me for being confused and making some unreasonable decisions…”
With that said, Su Chengfeng told Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu brothers and sisters to go to Japan to be kidnapped, then Su Ruoli killed the Matsumoto family, and then he betrayed Su Ruoli and assassinated Du Haiqing. It was probably related to Mai Chengxing. Narrated again.
After speaking, he asked with a worried look: “Uncle Mai, do you think I am being retributed?”
Mai Chengxing waved his hand and said seriously: “Chengfeng, you are my worldly nephew, so I won’t follow you with that tricky stuff. Remember, in this world, no matter from the perspective of Feng Shui From a scientific point of view, there is no so-called retribution at all.”
Su Chengfeng asked in surprise: “Why? The Taoist law that you believe in, doesn’t it mean reincarnation and retribution?”
Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, “You are talking about Buddhism. Moreover, our Fengshui and Metaphysics are not in the line of Taoism. We are the Book of Changes and Eight Diagrams, Qimen Dunjia.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Then you just said that there is no karma, is this serious?”
Mai Chengxing smiled and said, “In my opinion, it’s natural, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. I will sort out our views in Feng Shui metaphysics for you, just as a discussion.
Su Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Please tell me.”
Mai Chengxing paused slightly, and said, “I ask you, according to karma, those who do evil must be severely punished, and those who do good will be rewarded, right?”
Su Chengfeng nodded: “According to what they said, it is true.”
Mai Chengxing asked in turn: “Then I ask you, some babies die right after they are born. They have only just begun in this life. There are no evils and no good at all. Why don’t they even have a chance for healthy growth?”
Su Chengfeng looked embarrassed: “This…I…I can’t say…”
Mai Chengxing nodded and asked again: “Then I will ask you again, why do some people have a life of good deeds and virtues, but they are ill-fated?”
With that, Mai Chengxing sighed melancholy, and said slowly: “When I was young, it coincided with the Central Plains War. His father moved his family from Central Plains to Yanjing to escape the war.”
“At that time, my family lived in Mao’er Hutong, and there was a woman next door who ate and recite Buddha every day, remembering the way of doing good.”
“Her husband died young, and he took pains to grow up her three sons and let them get married. But when she gets old, none of her three sons will support her.”
“The three daughters-in-law went to the house to fight for the family property in turn, and even every time they came, they deliberately took away her little rations, and even the water tank had to be smashed before they were satisfied, just hoping that she would die sooner. To occupy that old house.”
“Although the three sons won’t do anything to her, they are always ridiculed. They even pointed to her nose when someone next door was in a funeral and cursed her why she couldn’t be like the old man in the neighbor’s house. Be aware of her and die soon.”
“Not only did the old woman not have enough to eat or wear warmly, she also washed her face with tears all day long. Although she did not cry and blind her eyes, her eyesight was also deteriorating. In addition, she could not light the lamp oil. When the sun went down, she would not reach out her fingers. , Life is suffering.”
“But she didn’t expect any son’s conscience to discover, and eventually froze to death on that extremely cold winter day in Yanjing!”

Chapter: 2562
“On the day of the funeral, the cry of the three sons could be heard through the three alleys, but everyone could see that it was just a scene for outsiders. After the play, they happily sold it. The ancestral house where my mother lives, after the money is divided, will be used as a bird and beast scattered.”
“You said, if there is real karma, why is this old woman doing good and accumulating virtue all her life, but still suffering from all the sufferings in her life?”
Su Chengfeng thought for a while and said seriously: “Perhaps it is a debt owed in the previous life. Have you paid the debt in this life?”
Mai Chengxing sneered and said disdainfully: “Only people who can’t understand the law of events can use such rhetoric to impose an explanation. If everyone believes in the previous life or the next life, then you might as well borrow all of your money. Give it to me, I will pay you twice in my next life, do you agree?”
“This…” Although Su Chengfeng knew that Mai Chengxing was just joking and giving an example, he began to agree with Mai Chengxing’s statement in his heart.
At this time, Mai Chengxing continued: “Similarly, some people are full of evil, but the result? Not only can they start and end well, but also the descendants can be shaded!”
“It’s like the old woman I just said. After her tragic death, her three sons were lucky. One was successful in business, one became a warlord, and the other went to Nanyang to work hard. Well-known entrepreneurs, good people don’t enjoy a day of blessing, but bad people have blessed their own generations. Do you think this karma is the opposite?”
Su Chengfeng was speechless for a while.
Su Shoudao on the side couldn’t help asking: “Grandpa Mai, if karma does not exist at all as you said, then this family has these two extremes. What is the reason?”
Mai Chengxing smiled slightly: “Shou Dao, you are asking the point, why? If you don’t understand the rules, you will only curse with your head up. God does not have long eyes, plus the sentence, “Good people don’t live long. “The scourge will leave a thousand years”, but you have thought that there is no such thing. If there is a causal reincarnation, this sentence cannot be established at all, because causal reincarnation will not let good people live long, nor will it cause harm to the millennium. This is a contradiction in itself. Paradox.”
As he said, Mai Chengxing turned around and said, “But! If you can understand this law, you will know that, in fact, all of this has nothing to do with karma, but from the different life patterns of the family. .”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Uncle Mai, what is the interpretation of fate?”
Mai Chengxing explained: “The fate is numerology, the principle of life, or the law of life.”
“My father once said that the old woman is the life of the lone star of the gods, although she does good all day long, but no matter how good she does, it will be difficult to change her life.”
“To use the simplest analogy, even if you eat more carrots, you cannot become a rabbit, because these are two completely different sets of logic.”
“You can’t just think that rabbits like to eat carrots, and if you eat more carrots, you should become a rabbit.”
Su Chengfeng and Su Shoudao and his son nodded thoughtfully.
Mai Chengxing continued: “The lone star of Tiansha not only kills her husband, her wife, but also her children and grandchildren. What’s most miserable is that she not only defeats other people, but also cannot escape the lonely end of her six relatives in her old age, so she There is a lifetime of suffering and a lifetime of sin.”
“Although her three sons are extremely unfilial, but in terms of fate, their own career prospects are invisibly suppressed by the fate of the old woman.”
“Because the old woman died early, the three of them won’t die for it, and this has the chance to soar into the sky later.”
“If all three of them are filial filial sons, and take their mothers in turn to be filial to them, then it is possible that these three sons will die prematurely for various reasons, and maybe they will all die in front of the old woman in the end.”
“This, although it sounds absurd and incredible, but this is the real fate!”

Chapter: 2563
The words of Mai Chengxing made Su Chengfeng and Su Shoudao stunned!
In fact, they didn’t have any beliefs.
Mr. Su doesn’t believe in gods, immortals, karma, or feng shui.
There is only one he believes in, and that is strength.
However, the Su family has frequently encountered various troubles recently, which made him feel that he might be retribution.
But listening to Mai Chengxing’s analysis, it seems that it has nothing to do with retribution.
Therefore, Su Chengfeng couldn’t help asking: “Uncle Mai, I want to ask more specifically, what is the reason for our Su family recently that we have encountered various problems one after another?”
Mai Chengxing didn’t speak, but beckoned to his great-grandson Mike.
Mike immediately walked forward and handed a compass to Mai Chengxing, and handed several dice made of animal bones and joints, as well as a few old mottled copper coins, to Mai Chengxing.
Mai Chengxing stood up and paced back and forth in the living room. Su Chengfeng and Su Shoudao hurriedly followed by their side, watching his every move nervously, but did not dare to interrupt them.
Mai Chengxing looked for a moment, pointed to the Bogu shelf used to partition the space on the side of the hall, and said, “Mike, remove this shelf!”
Mike immediately stepped forward and reached out and moved the Bogu frame made of solid wood to the side.
Mai Chengxing placed the compass on the ground where the Bogu shelf was originally located, and then re-adjusted the compass’s direction according to the scale and position on the compass.
Afterwards, he opened his mouth and said: “Chengfeng, tell me about your birth date!”
“I…” Su Chengfeng said awkwardly, “I don’t know…”
“Then say the year, month, day and the approximate time of birth!”
Su Chengfeng recalled for a moment and reported his birth date to Mai Chengxing.
Mai Chengxing pinched his fingers for a moment, and said lightly: “From the perspective of the birth date, your life is generally relatively smooth, but the birth date alone is not exhaustive. After all, there are so many people in the world, people with the same birth date. There are also a lot of people, this can only guess a general direction.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, how can I be more detailed?”
Mai Chengxing said seriously: “I just said that in the Yijing gossip, everything in the world follows a set of invisible and intangible laws. There are many factors that affect this law. One, in addition, there are your own bones, the Feng Shui of your Su Family’s Yang House and Yin House, and even the eight characters of your spouse and children.
Su Chengfeng asked puzzledly: “I think many Feng Shui masters just use a compass to calculate. Why is it so troublesome for you?”
Mai Chengxing was not angry, and said indifferently: “Most people’s fate and fate are constantly changing. That’s why some people are too hard to eat in the first half of their lives, but in the second half of their lives, they have a thunder and a sudden And rich, this is because his fate has changed. It may be that he married a wife of Vanves, and it may be that he gave birth to a son whose birthday character can bring him great fortune. These are unpredictable by ordinary people. .”
“It’s like real estate. You develop a residential area in a certain area of ​​a certain city. The market price of this building is 50,000 yuan. However, if one day, the subway is open, the price may rise to six. Suddenly one day, a well-known school set up a campus nearby, and the price may rise to 70,000; if other huge favorable policies can be met, the housing price can even break through 100,000 and higher all the way, and put it on people The subway may correspond to a good wife, and a well-known school may correspond to a good son. This is a good direction.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly asked, “What about the bad direction?”
Mai Chengxing said: “The bad direction is more possibilities. If you take real estate as an example, you may also repeat the mistakes of many so-called ghost towns.”
“Originally, you thought that the city was very developed and you tried to build a lot of real estate, but then, it is possible that local resources will begin to dry up, the local economy will be frustrated, and house prices will fall; it may also be that local resources are affected by the market and their prices The continuous decline has caused companies to go bankrupt and house prices fell; it may even be due to the emergence of other competitors that the entire city’s industries have suffered a blow.”

Chapter: 2564
After speaking, Mai Chengxing said: “You should have heard the story of Detroit. It was originally the largest automobile city in the United States. It was extremely brilliant, but in the end it was so depressed that a large number of people fled, and local real estate even shrank by more than 90%. Who defeated this city? It was Toyota and Honda of Japan, Mercedes-Benz and BMW of Germany. These are all factors that may change the law.”
Su Chengfeng suddenly realized, and hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, just tell me what information you need, I must know everything!”
Mai Chengxing nodded, and said calmly: “I want your wife’s birthday eight characters, and abiding birthday eight characters.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly agreed and immediately reported the specific date of birth.
Mai Chengxing listened and counted, the more he listened, the more puzzled he became.
After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and said: “Your wife and Shou Dao are both dead. It can be said that from this point, they are very prosperous for you, and they are the kind of prosperous who burn themselves and add firewood to you.”
After that, he said: “Moreover, your five elements are very prosperous, and all four heavenly stems are prosperous. Combining your wife and children, from the perspective of fate, your life is not rich or noble, and even rich and noble.”
“It stands to reason that your fate, let alone one in a million, is hard to find one in a million or ten million, almost impeccable. According to the development of your fate, your life will be smooth. Water, reaching the peak, should not have this ordeal…”
“Really?!” Su Chengfeng asked excitedly: “Uncle Mai, then what is going on with me now?”
Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, “Don’t worry!”
After finishing speaking, he grabbed a handful of bone dice and threw it on the ground casually, and threw down a few copper coins.
Immediately afterwards, he kept observing the bone dice, as well as the position and orientation of the copper coins, and the whole population was muttering words, not knowing what was being said.
Su Chengfeng became more and more nervous, staring at Mai Chengxing intently, not even daring to blink his eyes.
A minute later, Mai Chengxing suddenly grabbed one of the copper coins on the ground, fixed his eyes on him, and murmured: “No… if this hexagram shows it, this Tianjuan Tongbao is not It should be heading up…”
As he said, he threw the copper coin high.
Copper coins worth four or five million fell on the ground with a crisp ding sound. Then, it rotated several times and finally stopped.
However, this time, this Tianju Tongbao still had its head up.
He was a little nervous, grabbed the copper coin and threw it out again.
But who could have imagined that the copper coin had gone for several laps, and after it finally stopped, it would still face up!
This time, Mai Chengxing’s cold sweat has flowed down.
Seeing this, Su Chengfeng on the side was also hung tightly in his heart, and couldn’t help but ask cautiously: “Mai…Uncle Mai…this…how did this copper coin get back? What?! I missed it three times in a row, the words are all up, too evil, right?!”
Mai Chengxing’s forehead is already covered with sweat!
He stretched out his hand, wiped a cold sweat with his cuff, and murmured: “This Tianju Tongbao, in my gossip, represents the dry sky, and dry is the sky, it should have been written upside down. , But now I throw it three times in a row, and it’s all heads up, which means that this hexagram will change someday…”
“The sky has changed?!” Su Chengfeng murmured in his heart, and said to himself, “Although I don’t know what the hell does sky change mean, I can clearly feel that this is definitely not a fucking good thing!”
So he hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, what does the sky change mean?”
Mai Chengxing stared at the bone dice and copper coins all over the floor, and said dumbfounded: “From the perspective of the hexagram, it is the Shenlong who came to the world…”

Chapter: 2565
“Shenlong came to the world?”
Su Chengfeng’s expression was horrified, but at the same time he had some doubts.
He murmured in his heart: “What kind of dragon came to the world, this word doesn’t feel reliable!”
However, he soon thought that Mai Chengxing tossed the coin several times just now, and in the end it was all heads up. It couldn’t be a coincidence, right? So he felt something was wrong again in his heart.
So, he tentatively asked Mai Chengxing: “Uncle Mai, what is the birth of a dragon? Why do I listen to it so mysteriously?”
Mai Chengxing was shivering a bit, and he said vaguely: “If you look at this hexagram, the birth of the Shenlong will mean that in your fate, there is a big figure with the fate of the Shenlong.. ….”
Su Chengfeng frowned: “Then is this big man an enemy or a friend to me?”
Mai Chengxing said seriously: “At present, it seems that the possibility of being an enemy is far greater than a friend!”
“How is it possible?” Su Chengfeng blurted out: “But I haven’t provoke a powerful big man recently, why is there such an enemy suddenly?”
Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, “I can’t see this anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m not good enough, or my destiny is not enough. I can’t see through the rest.”
After speaking, Mai Chengxing said again: “However, from the perspective of this hexagram, it is really bad for you. It is very likely that all the problems you have encountered recently originated from this!”
Su Chengfeng still didn’t quite believe it. He pointed to the copper coin in Mai Chengxing’s hand and asked, “Does it mean that the so-called dragon came into the world as long as the coin is upside down?”
Su Chengfeng asked again: “Can the hexagram go wrong?”
Mai Chengxing said earnestly: “This is the case with the hexagram, and it can’t be wrong.”
Su Chengfeng didn’t give up, and said: “Uncle Mai, can I trouble you to toss the copper coins a few more times. If the words face down, does it mean that the trouble has gone away or disappeared?”
Mai Chengxing sighed and said, “I toss it a few times, and the result is the same.”
After speaking, he grabbed the Tianju Tongbao and threw it upward again.
Everyone stared at the coin, but the coin still had its head up.
Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth: “Trouble Uncle Mai to try again!”
Mai Chengxing did not speak, picked up the copper coin and threw it out again.
This time, the result is still head up.
Mai Chengxing sighed: “Chengfeng, this is fate, and the hexagram is a form of expression of fate. It just displays your fate truthfully. If you want to change the fate, you must solve the problem fundamentally, absolutely not. It can be solved by tossing more copper coins.”
Su Chengfeng was already sweating coldly.
He couldn’t help muttering: “What the hell is the door! This is obviously a 50-50 probability, how can it be all heads up five times in a row?”
As he said, a fierceness flashed in his eyes, rushed to grab the Tianju Tongbao, and then threw it forward.
This time, the copper coin was spinning on the ground for a long time, and when it finally stopped, Su Chengfeng said excitedly: “The word is upside down! This time it is upside down!”
Mai Chengxing shook his head helplessly and said, “I started the hexagram. Only what I throw is counted. Your throw is meaningless.”
With that said, he picked up the copper coin again and threw it away.
The copper coin is still heading up!
Su Chengfeng felt a little hairy in his heart.
He looked at Mai Chengxing, and asked, “Uncle Mai, how much influence will this so-called Shenlong come on to me?!”

Chapter: 2566
“This, I’m not good.” Mai Chengxing said truthfully: “The opponent’s fate is too strong, I can’t see through.”
Su Chengfeng asked with a somewhat unconvinced attitude: “Is this man better than me?!”
Mai Chengxing nodded, and solemnly said: “This kind of fate is the most powerful. It is described as strong and invincible in three words. There is no way anyone can beat him in fate!
Su Chengfeng was horrified, and he couldn’t help but murmured in his heart: “I have always suspected that Zhiyu and Du Haiqing are likely to be still alive, and it is very likely that they were saved by the mysterious expert in Japan. Now what is the old man saying? Shenlong came to the world, could it be that he was talking about?!”
Thinking of this, Su Chengfeng felt a panic in his heart. If all this was as he had guessed, then this mysterious expert would definitely become himself, and even the enemy of the Su family!
In a panic, he suddenly thought of Wu Donghai, and hurriedly asked the butler Su Anshun: “Where is Wu Donghai? Are you here?!”
Su Anshun hurriedly said: “Master, Wu Donghai has arrived. I will arrange for him to rest in the living room and wait for your instructions.”
Su Chengfeng blurted out: “Quick! Call Wu Donghai over!”
Su An hurriedly said: “Okay master, I will go now!”
After Su Anshun left, Su Chengfeng said to Mai Chengxing: “Uncle Mai, this Wu Donghai is the patriarch of a large family in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Some time ago, something very strange happened to their family…”
With that, Su Chengfeng explained Wu Qi’s glorious deeds to Mai Chengxing.
After hearing this, Mai Chengxing looked terrified and blurted out: “Is there really such a thing?!”
“Yeah!” Su Chengfeng said: “I didn’t believe the fuck at first, but after watching the video, I believed it. It’s so fucking disgusting!”
Mai Chengxing frowned and analyzed: “According to common sense, even if a person undergoes some changes and is psychologically devastated, his seizures should be random. It is impossible to have such a strict uniform frequency… ….”
“Yeah!” Su Chengfeng said, “That’s why I suspect that 80% of the people behind this are a ghost! But that Wu Donghai has not found out by himself, so I want Uncle Mai to show him and see if you can find any clues. , Whether these clues can be merged and unified.”
Mai Chengxing nodded lightly, and said, “I’ll try it!”
At this time, Su Anshun walked in with Wu Donghai.
Su Chengfeng immediately greeted Wu Donghai and said, “Mr. Wu, this is the famous Feng Shui master in the United States, Tianshi Mai!”
Wu Donghai respectfully said: “Hello Mai Tian!”
Mai Chengxing nodded at him slightly, and then went straight to the topic: “Mr. Wu, has your son’s situation improved?”
Wu Donghai shook his head and sighed: “There is no improvement, it’s still the same as before.”
Mai Chengxing said, “In this way, you can bring him here and let the old man take a look.”
Wu Donghai was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Master Mai, wait a moment, I will inform the family and send the dog here!”
Su Shoudao hurriedly pulled him aside and said, “Mr. Wu, remember to tell your family to have a meal before you let your son go out. Don’t attack him in front of Tianshi Mai!”
Wu Donghai said embarrassingly: “Good President Su, don’t worry!”
After all, he hurried to the side, took out his mobile phone and called the housekeeper.
Ten minutes later, a helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the lakeside villa. Wu Qi, who had just finished eating, was helped by his brother Wu Xin and walked off the helicopter.
Su Anshun handed Wu Qi a mask and a bottle of chewing gum, and instructed: “Chew this bottle of xylitol, don’t leave any of them, then put on the mask and go in!”
Knowing that the other party disliked him, Wu Qi was depressed, and did not dare to delay any time. He hurriedly opened the bottle and poured the whole bottle into his mouth.
After chewing hard for a long time, until the cheeks hurt, Su Anshun greeted: “Hurry up and put on the mask and follow me in!”
Wu Qi could only wear a mask obediently, and walked into the villa with her brother Wu Xin…

Chapter: 2567
Since the incident, Wu Qi hasn’t been out of the house or seen outsiders for a long time.
Originally, he had always been very reluctant to go out, wishing not to step out of the house for the rest of his life, but when he heard that there are experts today who might be able to heal his unspeakable concealment, hope suddenly rekindled in his heart.
After entering the villa, Su An took the two brothers to the living room by the way.
Wu Donghai hurriedly introduced to everyone: “Master Su, Master Mai, this is my youngest son Wu Qi, next to my eldest son Wu Xin!”
Both the Su family and his son looked at Wu Qi with interest.
Because Wu Qi is indeed as famous as his name, he is a strange person, because he became popular on the short video platform at the beginning, and his popularity is no less than any star.
Wu Qi was stared at by the Su family and his son, feeling uncomfortable all over his body, and lowered his head unconsciously.
Wu Donghai hurriedly said to Mai Chengxing at this time: “Master Mai, please show my little son to see what’s wrong with him.”
Mai Chengxing walked in front of Wu Qi, stretched out her hand on her forehead and the back of her head, carefully touched for a moment, then grabbed the coins, muttered something in her mouth, whispered a few words, and then The copper coins were dropped on the ground, staring at the location of each coin intently.
After a while, he spoke: “Mr. Wu, Linglang’s problem should not be with him.”
Su Chengfeng on the side hurriedly asked: “The problem is not with himself, that is to say, is it with others?”
“Yes.” Mai Chengxing nodded and said seriously: “I suspect that Linglang should be hypnotized or suggested subconsciously.”
Wu Donghai was not surprised at this conclusion, because he knew that the reason why his son became like this was because of Ye Chen.
Even the Eight Heavenly Kings weren’t Ye Chen’s opponent at all, let alone his own little son who had no power to restrain the chicken.
So he hurriedly asked: “Master Mai, since you can see the root of Houzi’s problem, is there a way to cure him?”
Mai Chengxing thought for a while, and said: “It just so happens that I have some research on hypnotic suggestion, so I can give Linglang a try, but if he can be cured, I can’t give you a package.”
Wu Donghai hurriedly said, “This is natural! As long as you are willing to try, I will be grateful!”
After he finished speaking, he saw Wu Qitou standing there without saying a word, and he hurriedly scolded: “Hurry up, thank Tianshi Mai!”
Wu Qi hurriedly bowed again and again, and said nervously, “Thank you…Thank you Tianshi Mai…”
Mai Chengxing nodded slightly, took a red string from his pocket, took another ancient coin, and threaded it with the red string.
Immediately afterwards, he merged the internal energy in his body into his fingertips, and slammed Wu Qi’s forehead.
This force was relatively strong, so Wu Qi suddenly felt a little dizzy.
Afterwards, Mai Chengxing placed the tied ancient coin in front of Wu Qi, swaying slowly, and said: “Looking at this coin, from now on, what do I ask and what do you answer, absolutely Can’t lie to me, you know?”
Wu Qi nodded repeatedly: “I see…”
Mai Chengxing asked him again: “Then tell me now, what kind of hypnosis and hints did the other party give you?”
Wu Qi vaguely said: “He…he told me every hour…must…must…must eat once… ..”
The last word was still not spoken, and Mai Chengxing immediately said: “Okay, you don’t need to say the last word!”
After speaking, he said again: “Wu Qi, from now on, no matter what other people ask you to do, what kind of hints you have given you, you have to completely forget it, do you understand?”
Wu Qi nodded ignorantly, and stammered: “I…I understand…”

Chapter: 2568
Mai Chengxing gave a hum, and asked in a deep voice: “Then do you still remember what hint the other party gave you?”
Wu Qi nodded blankly and said, “Remember, he asked me every hour…”
Mai Chengxing hurriedly blurted out: “Stop talking! You will pay close attention to the copper coins in my hand, and from now on, forget all the orders everyone gave you. Do you understand?!”
Wu Qi continued to nod: “I understand…”
Mai Chengxing wiped his sweat, and asked with some uncertainty: “Then do you remember any hints that the other party gave you?”
Wu Qi said without hesitation: “Remember, he let me…”
Mai Chengxing’s expression was very ugly, and he scolded loudly, “You…you…you…hurry up!”
Wu Qi was taken aback, and immediately awoke from the hypnotic state, and immediately closed his mouth.
Wu Donghai asked nervously in the clouds and mists he was watching from the side: “Master Mai, what is going on?!”
Mai Chengxing shook his head, and said with horror: “The man who gave your son hypnotic hints seems to be far more capable than me…The hypnotic hints he gave me, I can’t erase it at all, and I can’t even shake it. ……”
“What?!” Wu Donghai was speechless in shock.
He couldn’t believe that a ninety-year-old master of Feng Shui metaphysics would have nothing to do with Ye Chen’s tricks!
What’s even more incredible is that Mai Chengxing would take the initiative to admit that Ye Chen’s ability is far greater than him!
Su Chengfeng on the side was even more shocked. He blurted out: “Uncle Mai, what did you mean? Looking at the whole country, there is absolutely no way that any metaphysical master can compare to you!”
Mai Chengxing’s face was somewhat unbearable. Just now, he was envied and envied by the divine dragon descending from the hexagram and the hexagram. He didn’t think that now there is another mysterious master who is better than himself in professional skills. It made him feel shocked.
So, he said angrily: “This… can only be said that there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world…”
Su Chengfeng was shocked!
Originally, he inferred that in Jinling, there must be a very powerful master against him.
Now Mai Chengxing also said that the person who made Wu Qi into such a ghostly appearance was a person who was stronger than him in Feng Shui metaphysics, and Wu Qi happened to be in Jinling, which means that Feng Shui metaphysics The master is also in Jinling? !
If the two are the same person, wouldn’t it be more difficult for you? !
So he hurriedly asked Wu Donghai: “Mr. Wu, who did your son offend when he was in Jinling?!”
“This…” Although Wu Donghai knew that Ye Chen was the one who had offended his son, but he dare not say 10,000 right now.
After thinking about it, he could only hesitate to explain: “Mr. Su, to tell you, my son looks harmless to humans and animals, but it’s not a good thing!”
“Fuck, I sent him to school. He was fine. After he went to school, the good ones didn’t learn bad ones. He just wanted to do something pua to the female classmates, so that several girls suffered a lot because of him. …..”
“So I always suspected that he ended up like this because he offended a certain big person, or made a big person displeased.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Could that master hide in the university in Jinling?”
Wu Donghai said awkwardly: “This…I don’t know…”
Mai Chengxing paced back and forth on the spot, muttering in a low voice: “Jinling…Jinling…I really can’t figure out how could Jinling have such strength on this three-acre land? A strong person? Is this place outstanding, or is there a treasure…”
The great-grandson Mike of Mai Chengxing, who has always said nothing, said at this time: “Grandpa, haven’t you always hoped that there will be another breakthrough in your lifetime? I think this is definitely a great opportunity!”

Chapter: 2569
Mike’s words, let Mai Chengxing’s whole person cheer!
He has studied Yijing Bagua and Fengshui Metaphysics all his life, and it seems that he has reached the pinnacle. In fact, he has just passed the entry level in Feng Shui Metaphysics.
True metaphysics is far more than feng shui and gossip, but a large school of wisdom and inheritance of Chinese ancestors.
Among them, many advanced metaphysics have been lost, almost unknown.
In this life, Mai Chengxing has been quite accomplished in Feng Shui, but he has been crushed by several other masters. Among them, Lai Qinghua, who is ten years older than him, is the one who crushes him the most.
Lai Qinghua can be regarded as the most accomplished in the field of Feng Shui metaphysics among all Chinese Americans.
There are still two high-level masters, but they are no longer alive.
Mai Chengxing has always hoped that after Lai Qinghua enters the soil, he will become a leader in Feng Shui metaphysics.
However, seeing that he was in his nineties, Lai Qinghua, who was over a hundred years old, was still dead.
A few years ago, Lai Qinghua left the United States and returned to China for three years.
And those three years were the three years in which Mai Chengxing had the strongest sense of accomplishment.
Because no one can find Lai Qinghua, he temporarily became the strongest in the field of geomancy and metaphysics in the United States.
He once felt that the reason why Lai Qinghua wanted to leave the United States and return to China was probably because he had reached the end of his life, so he wanted to return to his roots, return to China to spend the last time in his life, and not to return to the United States alive.
But what made him think was that Lai Qinghua actually returned to the United States some time ago.
What made him even more surprised and unacceptable was that Lai Qinghua was in excellent condition. Although he was over a hundred years old, he looked better than him.
For a time, Lai Qinghua, who was nearly twenty years old, became the focus of discussions in the entire American Chinese circle. Countless people regarded Lai Qinghua as an old god. For a time, legends about him spread throughout the Chinese community.
During that time, Mai Chengxing was extremely depressed.
Although depressed, he was also very curious and yearning for Lai Qinghua’s changes, so he made a special trip to visit Lai Qinghua very humblely.
During the visit, he tentatively asked why Lai Qinghua became young. Lai Qinghua only said to him in eight words: “There is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the world.”
Mai Chengxing also understood the meaning of his words. He knew that Lai Qinghua was telling himself that he met an expert in China, so he also encountered great luck.
Although Mai Chengxing didn’t know what kind of destiny Lai Qinghua encountered, he speculated that Lai Qinghua could suddenly be twenty years younger when he was about to die, and he probably mastered a higher level of metaphysics.
In addition to the feng shui mystery, metaphysics also has the Fu seal formation. The nine-character mantra spoken by the ancestors: Lin, Bing, Fight, Zhe, Ji, formation, column, forward, and line are the core of the Fu seal formation.
However, these are not the true top techniques of metaphysics.
Because, in the field of metaphysics today, there has always been an unproven legend, that is aura!
Ancient literature records often mention Reiki and the practice methods based on Reiki.
There are even relevant records in many folklore and famous stories.
It is said that aura is the highest among all powers, and if you master aura, you can master everything.
However, since modern times, the metaphysical world has been unable to find any exercises that can cultivate spiritual energy.
Countless people in the metaphysical circle tried desperately to find any practical clues.
Although Mai Chengxing was also full of yearning, but he was also very clear in his heart that he must have no such good luck.
However, the words of his great-grandson Mike reminded him.

Chapter: 2570
Jinling, maybe it’s my own opportunity!
Thinking of this, he immediately said to Su Chengfeng: “Chengfeng, your second son, eldest daughter-in-law, and eldest granddaughter all disappeared in Jinling, and Mr. Wu’s son was hypnotized by a master in Jinling. In my opinion, this Jinling must Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, if this is the case, I will personally go to Jinling to see if I can find a clue!”
Su Chengfeng became excited when he heard this.
What he worries most now is that he has no idea about the situation in Jinling.
Since Mai Chengxing was willing to go, he certainly couldn’t ask for it.
So he said excitedly: “Uncle Mai, you are willing to go to Jinling, it would be great over there. If I need to prepare in advance, please speak!”
Mai Chengxing waved his hand: “You don’t have to prepare anything specifically for us. The more you prepare, the more likely it is that someone will discover the connection between us.”
Su Chengfeng hurriedly said: “Uncle Mai, then I will help you arrange food, clothing, housing and transportation to Jinling in advance.”
“You don’t have to.” Mai Chengxing refused: “You don’t need to prepare anything. Tomorrow morning, Mike and I will take a train to Jinling together. When we arrive in Jinling, we will find a hotel again.”
Seeing Mai Chengxing’s resolute attitude, Su Chengfeng no longer insisted, and said, “Then everything will be Uncle Mai!”
An hour later, a Gulfstream G650 private jet landed at Jinling Airport.
Ito Nanako was so excited, her heart was already surging when she thought that she had finally come to the city where Ye Chen lived.
After passing the customs inspection, the group came to the exit of the business jet building. A convoy of several luxury cars has been waiting here for a long time.
Song Wanting saw Ito Nanako pushing Ito Takehiko out of the wheelchair, and immediately smiled and waved at her: “Nanako!”
When Ito Nanako saw her, she was naturally very happy, and quickly responded: “Sister Wanting, why are you here to pick us up yourself!”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “You and your uncle came all the way. As the host, I didn’t come to meet me personally. Isn’t it a bad etiquette?”
With that, she hurriedly bowed slightly to Ito Takehiko, and said politely: “Uncle Ito, welcome to Jinling!”
Yuhiko Ito folded his hands together, made a slight gesture, and said with a smile: “Thank you, Miss Song made a special trip to pick us up.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Uncle Ito, you are welcome! This time, I have to stay in Jinling for a few more days. I will accompany you and Nanako around!”
After that, Song Wanting said again: “Nanako, Uncle Ito, the team is ready, let’s go to my house and have a rest, the rooms are ready, I specially prepared a dinner for you to pick you up!”
Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said: “Miss Song, I have already booked a hotel. Emi, Tanaka, and I are staying in the hotel together, so I won’t come to bother you!”
Song Wanting hurriedly said: “Uncle Ito, you have arrived in Jinling. As the host, how can I allow you to stay in a hotel! The rooms at home are ready and there are enough rooms, so you can live in peace!”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Miss Song, we are not a last resort. We don’t want to cause trouble to anyone. Nanako is a good friend to you. She lives in your house. I naturally don’t have any opinions. These people won’t come to bother, otherwise, if a dozen people disturb your home, I really feel sorry for it.”
Although the Japanese are very polite and polite on the surface, they are actually somewhat indifferent in their bones. In fact, this kind of indifference is not a lack of favor, but they don’t like to trouble others. If they can do things by themselves, try their best. To get it done, not to trouble others as a last resort, this is basically the norm in Japanese social life.
Therefore, Ito Yuhiko prefers to stay in a hotel, being free, without restraining himself, and without causing trouble to others.
Song Wanting wanted to persuade him again, and Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Sister Wanting, you don’t have to persuade my dad. He has a very stubborn temper. You can’t convince him.”
Seeing this, Song Wanting stopped insisting.
At this time, Emi Ito stepped forward, took the wheelchair from Ito Nanako, and said to her: “Nanako, give me your father, and you can talk to Miss Song.”
Nanako Ito nodded repeatedly and smiled, “Then please, Aunt-sama!”
After finishing speaking, he quickly took Song Wanting’s arm and ran far away, throwing everyone 20 or 30 meters away. Then he asked with excitement, “Has Sister Wanting seen Ye Chenjun recently? How is he and how is he? ?”

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