The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2571-2580

Chapter: 2571
“Ye Chen?” Song Wanting heard Ito Nanako’s question, and then saw her pair of big eyes full of expectation, she couldn’t help feeling a little bit: “It seems that this little girl has really deep feelings for Ye Chen, but she Living in Japan most of the time, I really don’t know what she should do in the future.”
Immediately afterwards, she thought of herself again, and could not help but secretly laughed at herself: “I patronized her with emotion, so why am I not the same? Although Ye Chen and I live in the same city, he is a married man after all, I usually think It is not so easy to meet him.”
Thinking of this, she really sighed and said to Ito Nanako: “I really haven’t seen Ye Chen these days. The last time I saw him was the time I went to dinner at Qin Aoxue’s house.”
Ito Nanako nodded in disappointment, and sighed: “Well, I don’t know if I have a chance to see Ye Chen-jun this time…”
Song Wanting asked in surprise: “Are you here to tell him this time?”
Ito Nanako shook her head, “I still don’t tell him yet.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said: “Why don’t you tell him in advance? Would you like me to call him now and invite him to dinner at home?”
Ito Nanako said with some embarrassment: “I…I actually want to give Ye Chen-jun a surprise…”
After all, she looked at Song Wanting and asked expectantly: “Sister Wanting, can I trouble you with something?”
Song Wanting smiled slightly and asked her: “Do you want me to call Ye Chen and invite him to eat at home without telling him that you have arrived in Jinling.”
“Yes!” Ito Nanako said with excitement, “Sister Wanting, can you help me?”
In fact, Song Wanting herself, like Ito Nanako, has been enamoured of Ye Chen for a long time.
So, in the final analysis, the two people are actually rivals in love.
It’s just that Ito Nanako was a few years younger than Song Wanting, and she was pretty and cute. Now she is looking forward to Song Wanting and her eyes are shining, which makes Song Wanting feel affectionate.
Seeing her in love with this little girl, Song Wanting couldn’t bear to refuse, so she said helplessly: “Well, since you want to surprise him so much, then I will trick him into coming home.”
“Great!” Nanako Ito danced with excitement, and said with excitement: “Thank you Sister Wanting! Thank you so much!”
Song Wanting shook her head helplessly, she had to admit that this little Japanese girl was acting coquettishly, and she couldn’t resist a woman herself.
So, she had to take out her mobile phone and called Ye Chen.
At this time, Ye Chen was busy in the greenhouse vegetable garden at home.
The barrels of compost made by Xiao Churan years ago are almost decomposed. This organic fertilizer made from leaves, vegetable leaves and kitchen waste is green and pollution-free, and is very suitable for growing flowers and vegetables at home.
Originally, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan worked together in the greenhouse at home, but now Xiao Churan took over the renovation project of the Emgrand Group and was very busy every day, so Ye Chen took the initiative to take care of all these things.
While he was busy fertilizing, his cell phone kept shaking in his pocket. Ye Chen took out his cell phone and saw that Song Wanting was calling, so he connected and asked, “Wanting, do you have anything to do with me?”
“Master Ye…” Song Wanting glanced at Ito Nanako and said hurriedly: “I want to ask if you have time to come to my house for a meal tonight?”
Ye Chen already knew from Chen Zekai that Ito Yuhiko was going to stay at Buckingham Palace today, so he speculated that Ito Nanako would definitely go to Song Wanting’s house. At this time Song Wanting called to invite him to dinner. It was estimated that she would probably be with Ito Nanako. .

Chapter: 2572
However, Song Wanting said clearly on the phone that Ye Chen was not good at showing that he already knew the specific situation, so she pretended to be curious and asked, “Why are you asking me to have dinner?”
Song Wanting hurriedly said: “That’s right. Grandpa said that recently there has been no chance to invite you to sit at home, so I want me to ask you if you have time to come to your house for a meal tonight.”
Ye Chenmin thought that Song Wanting’s remarks turned out to be that Song Wanting wanted to invite herself to dinner, and never mentioned Ito Nanako’s affairs. It was estimated that Ito Nanako wanted to surprise herself.
Thinking of the beautiful, generous, and gentle and quiet Yamato Nadeshiko, Ye Chen inevitably missed him a little, and for a while, the scene of walking with her on a snowy night in Kyoto came to mind.
After a moment of contemplation, Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, pretending to be confused, “Since it’s the old gentleman’s invitation, I can’t refuse it. Please tell him, I will pass tonight.”
Seeing Ye Chen’s promise, Song Wanting said happily, “That’s great, do I need to drive to pick you up?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Don’t bother, my father-in-law happened to be at home, and I’ll drive his car over in a while.”
“Okay.” Song Wanting said with joy: “Then I will wait at home for Master Ye to come!”
Say goodbye to Ye Chen, Song Wanting bid farewell to Ye Chen, and then ended the call.
Ito Nanako, who was already dancing with excitement, hugged Song Wanting’s waist and said happily, “Sister Wanting, you are so kind!”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “Don’t patronize and thank me. This is the first time I lied to Master Ye since I knew Master Ye. When you meet Master Ye later, you have to explain to her why I lied to him. It is.”
Nanako Ito said with a smile: “Sister Wanting, don’t worry, I will definitely explain it to Ye Chenjun. My sister has helped me so much. How can I let my sister carry a scapegoat for me?”
As she said, Nanako Ito said again: “By the way, Sister Wanting, please help me make an appointment with Qin Aoxue. I picked an Akita for her from home and was with the accompanying bodyguard.”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “That’s great. Aoxue doesn’t know how much I like the Akita you gave me. As long as I post the photo of the little guy to my circle of friends, she will definitely like it and leave a comment. Yes, I will let her know!”
Ito Nanako hurriedly reminded: “Then you must tell her to keep Ye Chenjun a secret before she comes, and don’t disclose the information about my coming to Jinling to Ye Chenjun in advance.”
Song Wanting nodded: “Don’t worry, I will tell her.”
At this moment, Ye Chen saw that it was almost time for dinner, Xiao Churan said hello in advance, and did not come back for dinner tonight, so after finishing his work, he returned to the villa.
Ma Lan had already prepared a few dishes at this time, and when Ye Chen came in, he said hurriedly: “Oh my son-in-law, are the things in the vegetable garden finished?”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s over.”
Ma Lan hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s really hard work for you! Mom, I’m going to make the meal, so you can wash your hands and eat.”
Ye Chen said: “By the way, Mom, I have a dinner at night, so I won’t eat at home.”
“Ah?” Ma Lan asked a little surprised: “Why are you going out to eat all of a sudden? Mom has almost prepared this meal, and I have cooked a prairie lamb chop for you!”
As he was talking, Xiao Changkun walked downstairs and said hurriedly: “I won’t eat at home tonight, Ye Chen has to join me and eat with people from the Calligraphy and Painting Association!”

Chapter: 2573
Ye Chen was amazed when he heard what the old husband said.
“When am I going to eat with the old man?”
Just wondering, Xiao Changkun kept winking at him, and at the same time urged: “Oh, Ye Chen, why are you still wearing an apron for work? Go back to the house and change your clothes, we’re too late!”
Ma Lan asked at this time: “Xiao Changkun, you don’t have to do business in that painting and calligraphy association all the time, so why do you still get your son-in-law together? How can people have time to socialize with you?”
Xiao Changkun curled his lips and said, “What do you know? Ye Chen knows Hong Wu. Hong Wu is very famous in Jinling. The President Pei of our Calligraphy and Painting Association gives Hong Wu the most face. It just so happens that the leadership of our Calligraphy and Painting Association is about to change. I have to let President Pei run an executive vice president for me this time. In that case, I will be the second in command of the Calligraphy and Painting Association!”
Ma Lan said with a look of contempt: “What kind of calligraphy and painting association I use all day long, I don’t see you earn a cent to go home!”
Xiao Changkun said disdainfully: “The Calligraphy and Painting Association was not originally a profitable organization. This is the elegance among the literati. You know what a shit!”
Ma Lan snorted coldly: “Xiao Changkun, did I give you a face? I tell you, quickly quit that shit association for me! Stay at home honestly in the future!”
“The beauty you want!” Xiao Changkun blurted out: “The Calligraphy and Painting Association is the second spring of my career. Why do you quit when you say you quit?”
Ma Lan slapped the table: “No retreat, right? Okay, I won’t let you out of this door today! If you dare to go out, I will coax you to the Calligraphy and Painting Association tomorrow!”
Xiao Changkun became anxious and said hurriedly, “Are you sick? What do I do to you?”
Ma Lan said coldly: “Stop the fucking nonsense with me. I and you are still a legal couple. If you annoy me, I will go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association and sue you for messing with men and women! I think you will have a face in the future. Stay there!”
“You…” Xiao Changkun was a little scared, and hurriedly said: “Ma Lan, why are you doing this? I don’t usually provoke you, but occasionally go out to socialize, you have to confront me. What do you mean?”
Ma Lan said coldly: “I’m not against you, I’m just letting you know who has the final say!”
Ye Chen hurriedly came out at this time and said, “Oh mom, dad has liked antique calligraphy and painting for so many years, and finally found a development opportunity in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, so don’t stop him.”
Ma Lan said seriously: “Good son-in-law, mom tells you the truth, my leg has been broken for so long, and your dad, this old fellow, never cared about me even once! You said he still has a conscience?”
“Not only that, I have trouble with legs and feet. I rarely go out every day. I even use my mobile phone to buy food. He is good. I run out all day long and don’t have a home at all. If I don’t care about him anymore, maybe he I’m going to get better with which fox!”
Xiao Changkun was taken aback and blurted out, “Ma Lan, don’t talk nonsense! There are eight leaders in the Calligraphy and Painting Association, and all eight are men!”
Ma Lan curled his lips and said, “I’ll take care of you guys, but you will not be allowed to go in the future!”
Ye Chen said helplessly: “Mom, don’t be familiar with your dad. If you are bored at home, let your dad take time to accompany you every day, take you out for shopping, or do rehabilitation training. You really need a little personal space, so don’t interfere too much.”
When Xiao Changkun heard this, he hurriedly said, “That’s it! I’ll spare more time to accompany you in the future, right?”
Ma Lan felt a little better, and said to Xiao Changkun, “I won’t be as familiar with you in terms of the son-in-law’s face, but don’t forget what you just said!”
Xiao Changkun quickly said: “Don’t worry, I will never forget it! In this way, I will take you to the China World Shopping Mall tomorrow. You don’t have a chance to go shopping during this time. You must be tired of staying at home.”
Only then did Ma Lan calm down and said: “What you said, remember for yourself, if you dare to let me dove, I will not finish with you!”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will accompany you tomorrow!”
Seeing that Ma Lan had really calmed down, Ye Chen took the opportunity to say, “Mom, if there is nothing else, Dad and I will go out first.”
Ma Lan nodded: “Go, pay attention to safety when driving on the road!”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t wait to say: “Ye Chen, you hurry up and change your clothes, I will wait for you in the car!”

Chapter: 2574
Ye Chen responded, went back to the room to change clothes, and came to the garage. Xiao Changkun was already eagerly gearing up on the co-pilot.
Ye Chen sat in the cab and asked him, “Dad, are you really going to have dinner with President Pei tonight?”
Xiao Changkun waved his hand: “No, I have something delicious with him, this guy has been following my butt to fawn on me now, I don’t even bother to care about him.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Then which one are you singing?”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “Just now, your Aunt Han said on WeChat that she seemed to have a fever. It happened that Paul went on a business trip again. Your Aunt Han is not taking care of yourself at home. I want to buy some medicine quickly and buy some food for him. She sent it over.”
Ye Chen was taken aback, and immediately asked: “Are you going to Aunt Han’s house?”
“Yes.” Xiao Changkun nodded and blurted out: “You drove me over quickly, and then we two will be busy.”
Ye Chen didn’t think too much, Dang Even nodded and said, “Where is Aunt Han’s house? I’ll take you there first.”
Xiao Changkun immediately handed the phone to Ye Chen and said, “Here, this is the location, Meilun Villa District.”
Ye Chen glanced at it. This location was in the same direction as Song Wanting’s house, and not too far away, so he started the car and drove Xiao Changkun away from the house.
On the way, Xiao Changkun directed Ye Chen to buy some anti-fever medicine at the pharmacy, and then directed him to drive to the door of an authentic local restaurant.
As soon as the car stopped at the entrance of the restaurant, Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Ye Chen, you are waiting for me in the car!”
After speaking, he couldn’t wait to push the door down.
Seeing this, Ye Chen said hurriedly: “Dad, I’ll go, you sit in the car and rest.”
As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he said: “Then you can help me buy some duck siu mai, and also a pickled fresh and a millet porridge.”
Ye Chen nodded, pushed the door and got out of the car and entered the restaurant.
Ye Chen suddenly felt a little worried when he headed out with the packed food.
The old man is going to Han Meiqing’s house.
But Paul is on a business trip now, and Han Meiqing must be at home alone, and she is now sick again. The old man is going to take care of her at this time. Whether it is real or fake is not good.
In case, if something is taken care of, it might be difficult to end.
Thinking of this, he simply took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, scraped off a little powder with the key, and melted it into the millet porridge.
It is estimated that if Han Meiqing drank this bowl of millet porridge, the ordinary headache and brain fever would definitely be fine on the spot.
The main reason why Ye Chen did this was to prevent something that shouldn’t happen between Lao Zhangren and her tonight.
He didn’t worry about Han Meiqing’s character, but he was very worried about the concentration of the old man and the firmness of Han Meiqing’s consciousness when he was sick.
In case the old father-in-law is taking care of her while thinking about it, and Han Meiqing is physically ill, and still somewhat dependent on Xiao Changkun psychologically, if the old father-in-law takes the initiative, maybe Han Meiqing will let He took advantage of the void and entered.
Although Ye Chen also hopes that Xiao Changkun will eventually get married with Han Meiqing’s lover, but he still hasn’t divorced Ma Lan. If he is really cheating in marriage and is known by Ma Lan, then the family will definitely have to jump around. Xiao Churan had a good life for himself and Xiao Churan.
Therefore, Ye Chen can only hope that Han Meiqing will immediately recover after drinking this bowl of millet porridge.
In that way, if the old man, my husband, really moved his eyes, at least he would not have a chance to get in…

Chapter: 2575
As soon as Ye Chen drove away with his front foot, Xiao Changkun was a little impatient and quickened his pace.
In fact, since the time when Han Meiqing told him on the phone that he was going back to China, his heart was full of Han Meiqing’s shadow.
After Han Meiqing returned to China, he ignited the sparks that had been buried for many years.
In the past two to three decades, Xiao Changkun’s happiest moment was when Han Meiqing came back to cook at home and hugged herself in the kitchen.
However, Han Meiqing’s mentality is very sensible. She knows that Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan are not divorced, so she has been firmly in her mind and is unwilling to make substantial progress with Xiao Changkun.
Xiao Changkun often scratched his head and ears for this, but he never found any breakthrough opportunities.
Although Xiao Changkun has been very useless all his life, he is at least a normal man. He has been looking forward to Han Meiqing for so many years. He is not only obsessed with her psychologically, but also physically.
Therefore, he has always been eager to relive his old dreams with his first love girlfriend, but the occasions where the two of them have the most contact are at the university for the elderly, so he has always been in estrus and stopped at courtesy.
However, things are different today this time.
Suddenly Han Meiqing fell ill and had a fever, and there was no one to take care of him. Xiao Changkun felt that a woman was the most vulnerable at this time, and she also needed it the most and had a solid support.
Coupled with the fact that the two of them have had a past where they were in harmony, and now they still have feelings in their hearts, in this case, it is easier for the sound of the waves to remain.
Therefore, Xiao Changkun hurried over, looking forward to a breakthrough today.
As for Ma Lan, he didn’t bother to think about it, nor did he want to think about it.
After all, in his opinion, Ma Lan is the destroyer of his life. He has no feelings and loyalty to Ma Lan.
Excited, he ran all the way to the door of Han Meiqing’s villa.
This is a single-family villa with a small footprint but looks very European-style. Xiao Changkun stood at the door and immediately pressed the electronic doorbell next to the door.
At this time, Han Meiqing in the villa, wrapped in a thick down jacket, weakly came to the security monitor inside the door. Seeing Xiao Changkun standing outside the door, he pressed the open button and said: “Chang Kun , I really feel unwell, so I won’t go out to pick you up. Come in by yourself.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “Meiqing, don’t come out, lest you suffer the wind and chill again. I’ll bring you some food, so I will bring it in.”
Having said that, he hurriedly pushed open the door of the villa, walked through the small courtyard, and came to the entrance door of the villa.
When Han Meiqing opened the door, a heat wave rushed into the villa.
Xiao Changkun said in surprise, “Why is it so hot in your room?”
Han Meiqing wrapped her down jacket tightly, and said weakly, “I was too cold, so I turned on the floor heating to the maximum and then turned on the air conditioner.”
Seeing her sluggish and pale, Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but said distressedly: “What the hell is going on? Okay, why did you suddenly have a fever?”
Han Meiqing said helplessly: “Hey, it is estimated that the weather this year is too humid. Although the temperature is not cold, it is really easy to make people sick…”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly stretched out his hand and grasped Han Meiqing’s soft hand tightly, and said distressedly: “Oh, why are your hands so hot? Have you taken your body temperature? How much fever?”

Chapter: 2576
Han Meiqing said: “I just measured it, 39 degrees 2, I took the anti-fever medicine, but it didn’t work.”
When Xiao Changkun heard that it was more than thirty-nine degrees, it was even more distressed. He proactively bent down and pressed his forehead against Han Meiqing’s forehead. After feeling for a moment, he blurted out: “Your forehead is indeed very hot, or you Go and sit on the sofa first. I’ll get you a wet towel and put it on.”
Han Meiqing said embarrassedly, “That’s really too much trouble for you, Chang Kun…”
Xiao Changkun said solemnly: “Are you still being so polite with me? Do you remember that when I was in college, I had a fever and couldn’t go to class in the dormitory. You took the initiative to skip class and went over the wall to the boys’ dormitory and took care of me for a day .”
When Han Meiqing heard these words, her expression immediately became extremely ashamed.
She naturally remembered the past that Xiao Changkun said.
Because that time, it was far more than just Xiao Changkun’s illness and fever.
At that time, the two were in a passionate love period, but the college students at that time were relatively simple, so they only held hands occasionally, or gave a gentle hug on the riverside with people.
Apart from this, basically there is no further development.
However, that time when Xiao Changkun was seriously ill, Han Meiqing was a little worried, so she sneaked into the boys’ dormitory and took care of him in every possible way.
At that time, there were only two of them in the male dormitory. They were originally lovers in love, and suddenly they had such a good opportunity to be alone. Moreover, Han Meiqing took care of Xiao Changkun. Naturally, the two of them were in close contact with each other, so they came and went. Let the atmosphere heat up infinitely.
The two were alone for a few hours in that kind of heart-pounding state. Xiao Changkun’s body temperature gradually dropped, but the temperature of affection between the two continued to increase.
Xiao Changkun was also a passionate young man at the time, so he couldn’t hold it all at once, and took advantage of that perfect opportunity to take away Han Meiqing’s first time with his newly recovered body.
Of course, although Han Meiqing is half pushing, but deep down, she is completely voluntary.
Even though Xiao Changkun has something to do with something and bragging about what he can do, he is actually a sullen character in his bones.
Now suddenly mentioning the past in a serious manner, just deliberately trying to draw the atmosphere upward.
In his opinion, the best thing is to reproduce the atmosphere in the boys’ dormitory back in this villa. That would be great for him.
When he said this, Han Meiqing’s pale complexion suddenly turned ruddy!
After all, Han Meiqing is a woman. At this time, she was naturally ashamed and intolerable, and recalling the past that year, the unforgettable scenes in the depths of her memory, unconsciously surfaced in her own mind.
However, she is embarrassed to give any positive response. After all, this kind of thing is indeed a bit too ambiguous.
Xiao Changkun was actually holding back a little bit of badness in his heart. He deliberately brought up the past, just to see Han Meiqing’s embarrassment and embarrassment.
Because in his opinion, the more shy Han Meiqing is, the more proof that she still loves herself deeply in her heart.
Seeing Han Meiqing not talking, he hurriedly laughed and asked: “Meiqing, why are you not talking? Did you forget the period when you went to the dormitory to take care of me? Would you like me to help you carefully recall the memories? ”
Han Meiqing was ashamed and anxious, and said hurriedly: “You…didn’t you say to wet the towel for me? Hurry up…”

Chapter: 2577
“Oh oh oh!” Although Xiao Changkun felt a little disappointed in his heart, he still pretended to be suddenly enlightened, patted his head and exclaimed: “Oh, look at my brain, patronizing the memory of the past, and forgetting the business Up.”
After speaking, he hurriedly said again: “Meiqing, sit and wait for me first, I’ll get you wet the towel!”
Han Meiqing said hurriedly: “There is a bathroom on the first floor, just turn left in front.”
Seeing Xiao Changkun turned around and went to the bathroom, Han Meiqing was finally relieved.
In fact, Xiao Changkun’s purpose was very clear to her.
To be honest, Xiao Changkun is not only her first man, but also the man she loves most in her life, so she naturally has some illusions and expectations for Xiao Changkun in her heart.
However, after all, she is a woman who has received higher education and has been a decent woman all her life.
She knew that although Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan had separated now, their view of marriage still existed. Based on this, she felt that she could not make a principled error anyway.
Although Ma Lan shamelessly used her body to intervene in her and Xiao Changkun’s feelings, she did not want to do the same thing.
Just as she sighed in her heart, Xiao Changkun had already walked over with a wet towel.
Xiao Changkun wiped her forehead with a wet towel, and said, “Miqing, I bought you some digestible dinners. After a while, I will help you go back to the room and lie down on the bed, and then feed you something. In addition, you have already taken the anti-fever medicine, I believe it will not take long for the fever to go away.”
Han Meiqing nodded: “Thanks for your hard work, Chang Kun, to be honest, I’m really hungry. I don’t know how to eat all day.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Hey, why didn’t you tell me earlier? You should tell me as soon as you fell ill, but it turns out you are fine. If I don’t ask you on WeChat, you won’t tell me the truth!”
Han Meiqing said: “I don’t want to bother you either. I think I can survive it, but I don’t expect it to get worse.”
Xiao Changkun sighed and said with love and pity: “If you have this kind of thing in the future, you must notify me as soon as possible. I will definitely come over as soon as possible, you know?!”
Han Meiqing nodded and said gratefully: “Okay…I see…”
Only then was Xiao Changkun satisfied, and said, “By the way, Meiqing, where is your temperature meter? I’ll take your temperature again to see if there is any improvement.”
Han Meiqing nodded, pointed to a thermometer on the coffee table, and said: “Before you come, I want to take another test, but I really don’t have any strength on my body. I can’t shake the mercury thermometer. You can shake it for me…”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly reached out and grabbed the thermometer in his hand, and while shaking it, he said distressedly: “Hey, I really didn’t know that Paul was on a business trip. Otherwise, I must have come to see you a long time ago. You are sick at home. What can I do if there are three long and two short…”
With that said, he handed the handed thermometer to Han Meiqing, and said: “Clip it quickly. Next time I will buy an electronic thermometer to avoid inconvenience for you alone.”
As soon as he finished speaking, he remembered something, and hurriedly changed his words: “Don’t buy electronic ones. Electronic ones are not as accurate as mercury. If you can’t shake it alone, please call me and I will help you.
Han Meiqing nodded moved.
She was naturally very pleased with the thoughtfulness of Xiao Changkun in her heart, especially when she was sick, she suddenly didn’t know where the sense of dependence grew.
So she said with a bit of shyness: “Thank you Chang Kun.”

Chapter: 2578
Xiao Changkun smiled and said, “You still have to say thank you to me? Didn’t you take care of me like that back then?”
When Han Meiqing heard this, her face turned red.
She whispered helplessly: “It’s all about old and rotten grain, so don’t always talk about it…”
“How can it be done!” Xiao Changkun said emotionally, “I won’t forget what happened that day, even if I die, I have been wanting to tell you for so many years that I just didn’t have a chance. I finally seized an opportunity. I say……”
Han Meiqing also said helplessly: “I don’t want you to say… I am… I am…”
Speaking of this, Han Meiqing didn’t know how to continue on this topic, so she sighed and said, “Hey, I just think that if you run to me so late, Ma Lan will definitely be angry if you know it. , Or you should go back quickly, lest Ma Lan is unhappy.”
When Xiao Changkun heard her mention Ma Lan, he snorted coldly, and said, “Mei Qing, don’t mention that shrew in front of me. If it weren’t for her, how could we two become like now? Maybe we The two are already married and have two or three children!”
Han Meiqing smiled helplessly, and said seriously: “Some things are fate, it may not really be to blame Ma Lan…”
“Of course it’s her!” Xiao Changkun said annoyedly: “I hate her as long as I think of you these years!”
After that, Xiao Changkun waved his hand and said, “Okay, let’s not mention her anymore. It’s too disappointing to mention her!”
Han Meiqing said, “I guess if I rest in bed for a while, I should be able to recover slowly. If you have problems at home, you should go back early to avoid problems.”
Xiao Changkun thought that she just arrived at Han Meiqing’s house and couldn’t wait to let herself go home.
This made Xiao Changkun a little bit hurt.
However, he quickly blamed all of this on Ma Lan, and thought to himself: “Meiqing wants me to go back. It is definitely not that she doesn’t want to talk to me, but that she is afraid of Ma Lan’s bitch! Ma Lan’s stinky lady is really haunted everywhere. Disperse!”
Thinking of this, he snorted annoyedly, and said: “I won’t go! I won’t go anywhere until you recover! What about Ma Lan? I don’t even bother to pay attention to her. In my mind, she still The thermometer in your armpit is not important!”
Han Meiqing didn’t know how to return him at once.
At this time, Xiao Changkun checked the time and said hurriedly, “It’s been five minutes, show me the thermometer.”
Han Meiqing took out the thermometer carefully and handed it to Xiao Changkun.
Xiao Changkun glanced at it, then heaved a sigh of relief, and said, “It is 39 degrees right now. You measured it at 39 degrees 2, right?”
Han Meiqing nodded.
Xiao Changkun said happily, “It has dropped by 0.2 degrees. Although the decline is not large, at least it has begun to decline. I guess, if you lie down and eat, take a good rest, you should be able to get better. , I will help you upstairs!”
Han Meiqing hurriedly said, “Or don’t toss and lie on the bed and eat, I’ll just have a bite here.”
When Xiao Changkun heard this, he waved his hand and said, “How can that work! Are you uncomfortable? Sitting here will only make you feel more uncomfortable the longer you sit here. Go, I will take you to bed and put two pillows on your back. You will feel comfortable. Many, as for food, there is nothing to toss about, I just feed you!”
Han Meiqing hesitated for a moment. Seeing Xiao Changkun’s expression firm, she nodded and said, “Then…then let’s go…you help me to the elevator…”
Xiao Changkun was overjoyed and couldn’t help but sighed secretly: “Haha, here’s an opportunity!”

Chapter: 2579
Seeing Han Meiqing promised to let her take her to the bedroom, Xiao Changkun was so excited that it bloomed.
Ever since Han Meiqing came back, Xiao Changkun has been looking forward to having the opportunity to relive her old dream with her, and today is finally beginning to look forward to.
On weekdays, Han Meiqing is beautiful and dignified, and very independent. It is not easy to approach such a woman.
But Xiao Changkun knew in his heart that no matter how strong a woman’s heart was, she would immediately become Lin Daiyu who needed a man’s protection as long as she was sick for a lifetime.
At this time, no matter how powerful a woman is, she will remove her defenses.
Xiao Changkun graciously helped Han Meiqing into the elevator of the villa until he reached the third floor.
After Han Meiqing directed Xiao Changkun to send herself into the bedroom, she lay on the bed with the help of Xiao Changkun.
Xiao Changkun graciously helped her put two pillows behind her, so that she could comfortably lean against the soft headboard.
After Han Meiqing lay down, she said weakly to Xiao Changkun, “Changkun, I’m still very cold. Please help me cover the quilt.”
Xiao Changkun said earnestly: “Meiqing, you have a high fever now. It is definitely not good to be wrapped in a blanket. It is not conducive to dissipating heat. Maybe your body temperature will get higher and higher.”
Han Meiqing nodded, and said helplessly: “But I really feel very cold now, from head to toe, the whole person has been swaying non-stop, please help me to cover the quilt…”
Xiao Changkun sighed and said, “Well, let me put the quilt on for you first to keep you warm, and then I will go to the bathroom to put a jar of warm water for you, while keeping the water, while feeding you something. You’ll take a bath in the bathtub in a while.”
Han Meiqing asked suspiciously, “Can I take a bath if I have a fever?”
“Of course.” Xiao Changkun said: “Fever is actually the most important thing to cool down. Taking a warm bath can quickly help you cool down your body temperature and relieve fatigue to a large extent! Trust me, I won’t harm you. ”
What Xiao Changkun said is also the truth, whether it is an adult or a child, taking a bath can effectively lower body temperature in the case of fever, but it depends on the situation. If the body is too weak, it is naturally inappropriate.
Xiao Changkun asked Han Meiqing to take a bath, on the one hand, out of concern, on the other hand, he also thought that he could draw the distance between the two closer, and even make a final breakthrough.
After all, if a weak woman wants to take a bath, she must help herself. In that case, it is definitely the best time to launch a further offensive.
At this time, Han Meiqing didn’t think too much. She just thought it was too uncomfortable. She was suffering from the bone-to-shoulder cold that can only be felt when she had a fever, and she was also suffering from various discomforts caused by the high fever. She was very painful. Seems to make some sense, so he nodded and said, “Thank you, Chang Kun…”
Xiao Changkun said very diligently: “Oh, you are welcome, you wait, I will put the water on you first.”
After that, Xiao Changkun hurried to the bathroom, opened the mixing valve of the bathtub, and tried to test the water temperature and found that there was no problem. He hurried out of the bathroom and said to Han Meiqing on the bed: “Meiqing, I’ll feed first. You can eat something, it will make you resistant!”
Han Meiqing nodded weakly, and said: “I have a fever, and I seem to have no appetite and taste, or you can feed me two bites of millet porridge.”
“Okay!” Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “Millet porridge is rich in carbohydrates. At this time, it can replenish energy, and the most important thing is that it also nourishes the stomach. It is most suitable for sick patients. You don’t know, to buy this bowl of millet. Congee, I ran to several restaurants.”
Han Meiqing said touchedly, “Chang Kun, I have troubled you…”
“It should be!” Xiao Changkun quickly opened the lunch box containing the millet porridge and took out the soup spoon given by the restaurant. He first took a spoonful by himself, took a bite, and said, “Well, the temperature is right. Come on, Meiqing, eat more while it’s hot!”

Chapter: 2580
With that, he hurriedly took another spoonful and handed it to Han Meiqing’s mouth.
Although Han Meiqing had no appetite at all, she thought of having to replenish energy and nutrition when she was sick, so she forced herself to open her mouth and ate a spoonful of millet porridge.
What surprised her was that as soon as the millet porridge entered her abdomen, she felt an extraordinary flow of heat, flowing into the stomach along the esophagus, dissolving in the stomach, and then making her feel the whole body. Warm.
This warm current is very rare for Han Meiqing, who has been feeling cold all the time. She felt a lot more comfortable in an instant. She couldn’t help but exclaim, “Chang Kun, this millet porridge is really comfortable to drink!”
Xiao Changkun smiled and said: “That is! I usually don’t study all kinds of health knowledge, I have long experience! You used to stay in the United States often, and it is likely that your lifestyle has been Westernized. Americans are all five big and three rough, when they are really sick. They know to take medicine, but they don’t know to drink a bowl of millet porridge. This is the wisdom of our ancestors in China!”
As he said, he handed the spoon to Han Meiqing’s mouth again, and said with a smile: “Meiqing, hurry up and eat two more bites!”
Han Meiqing nodded, the bite of millet porridge just now made her feel that the spirit of the whole person has been restored to a certain extent, so she took another bite without hesitation.
It stands to reason that the effect of this rejuvenation pill is indeed very strong.
A rejuvenating pill can heal people who are dying on the spot, and it is simply a peerless remedy for healing and saving lives.
Therefore, to deal with Han Meiqing’s fever and cold, it is simply an anti-aircraft gun hitting mosquitoes.
However, although the effect of Huichun Pill was very strong, Ye Chen also deliberately controlled the dosage.
He just scraped off a little bit of powder from a rejuvenating pill and put it into the porridge. The amount of medicine was originally small. Then, when diluted by a bowl of porridge, the effect that can be really eaten with every bite is actually Is minimal.
But even so, having two mouthfuls of porridge made Han Meiqing more comfortable.
As a result, Han Meiqing’s physical and mental state became better and better without knowing it, and her appetite improved. After a while, she drank a bowl of porridge completely.
Seeing that Han Meiqing had eaten so much porridge, Xiao Changkun’s complexion improved a lot. He sighed with great relief: “Meiqing, I think you look better!”
Han Meiqing asked, “Really? I feel much better myself…”
Xiao Changkun laughed and said, “Don’t tell me, this millet porridge is effective. As the old saying goes, whole grains are the most nutritious!”
As he said, he thought of the bathtub with water in the bathroom, and hurriedly said: “Meiqing, you just finished a bowl of porridge, so you can relax in bed first. I’ll go and see if the water is ready. Put me away. I’ll help you in to take a bath.”
Han Meiqing nodded: “Okay, you go, thank you Chang Kun!”
“What are you polite?” Xiao Changkun smiled and waved his hand, quickly put down the tableware, and stepped into the bathroom.
As soon as he entered the bathroom, Xiao Changkun rubbed his hands in excitement.
I couldn’t help feeling: “Oh! It seems that Meiqing and I have been separated for almost thirty years! Thirty years, today I can finally relive the old dream with her!”
Thinking, he strode to the bathtub. At this time, the bathtub was half full. He stretched out his hand to test the temperature of the water. Whether it was hot or cold was just right.
So, he hurriedly turned around and got out of the bathroom, and while walking outside, he said happily, “Meiqing, the water is ready, you can go soak…er…I…I Go ahead…”

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