The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2581-2590

Chapter: 2581
Xiao Changkun was stunned by the scene before Han Meiqing hadn’t finished saying the word “bath”.
At this time, Han Meiqing had got out of bed and was standing by the bed.
The down jacket on her body has been taken off by her. She is only wearing a single at home, not to mention, the sleeves on both sides have been struck above the elbows.
And at this time, Han Meiqing, how could the whole person still look like the sickness just now?
She can be said to be in excellent condition, energetic, ruddy and shiny…
What’s even more exaggerated is that at this time, Han Meiqing was stretching her arms vigorously. She might feel that it was not enough to relieve her hatred, so she simply jumped on the spot twice.
Xiao Changkun was stunned, and he was shocked for a long time before returning to his senses. He stammered and asked, “That…beautiful…meiqing…you…what are you… Down?”
Han Meiqing said in full aura: “Chang Kun, I feel like I am completely better! Thanks to your bowl of millet porridge!”
? Xiao Changkun felt that the whole world seemed to have become magical, and blurted out: “It’s just a bowl of millet porridge, where is such a magical effect…”
While moving her body, Han Meiqing said seriously: “But I do feel that my whole person is completely better now, not only is completely better, but also in a much better state than when I was sick before. Not only is I not cold at all. , And it’s still very hot, and more importantly, I feel like I’m so excited…”
“This…” Xiao Changkun was almost crying, and said with a gloomy look: “This…what’s going on? I live so big, I never heard that millet porridge is so big. The effect of this is not reasonable, this…”
Han Meiqing pinched her waist with one hand, raised her hand to the side, and said without changing her face, “I also find it very magical, as if you put some elixir in the millet porridge… ”
Xiao Changkun sighed, “I…Where did I get the elixir…”
As he said, he hurriedly asked: “Miqing, then…are we still soaking in the bath?”
Han Meiqing shook her head and said hurriedly: “Chang Kun, what time do you plan to go home?!”
Xiao Changkun asked depressedly, “Mei Qing…you should chase me away when you get better…”
Han Meiqing hurriedly said: “Oh, where did you want to go? Am I that kind of person? I want to call you to exercise together, but I am afraid that it will delay you too long, and it will be difficult to explain to Ma Lan after you go home. .”
“Exercising?” Xiao Changkun subconsciously became a little fanciful, and hurriedly said: “There is nothing wrong with it! No matter what time I go back, there are no problems! No matter what, I have to have two or three hours!”
Han Meiqing said excitedly: “That’s great!”
Xiao Changkun asked subconsciously: “Meiqing, you…what exercise do you want to do?”
Han Meiqing blurted out: “I want to go for a run by the river! You first wait for me at the door, I’ll put on sportswear and let’s set off!”
“What?!” Xiao Changkun said with a shocked look: “Going to the riverside to run at night?!”
Han Meiqing nodded and said: “Yeah! I feel like I am full of energy now, so I especially want to go out for a run, and have a good run!”
After that, she checked the time and said, “That’s not too late. It’s just seven o’clock. Many people who like to run at night usually start at this time and run until 9:30.”
Xiao Changkun’s desire to die is gone.
“What the hell is going on? When did the fever get better so quickly? Under normal circumstances, isn’t the body extremely weak after a high fever? But right now, it doesn’t seem to be in line with common sense at all. …..”
Just when Xiao Changkun was depressed and surprised, Han Meiqing urged anxiously: “Chang Kun, are you willing to go? If you want to go, I can’t help it! ”
Xiao Changkun is too embarrassed to say it?
“If you don’t go, Han Meiqing will go for a run. I can’t stay at someone’s house, right? Even if I stay at her house, what can I do by myself? I can’t go to her bathroom to take a bath, right? His mother is too weird…”

Chapter: 2582
Thinking of this, Xiao Changkun could only say with a sad look: “Okay, since you want to run, then I must accompany you!”
“That’s great!” Han Meiqing said hurriedly, “Then you go out first, I’ll get dressed quickly and we will set off immediately!”
“Okay…” Xiao Changkun, who was so depressed, could only agree, turned around with a sullen expression, and went out.
This bedroom, in his eyes, was the gentle homeland he had been away from for nearly 30 years.
But now, he can only stand outside the door, waiting for Han Meiqing to change clothes inside.
The key is that after Han Meiqing changes clothes, she has to take him to run…
The depressed Xiao Changkun sighed, covering his face with one hand, and holding his head with the other, before squatting down at the door of Han Meiqing’s bedroom.
When he squatted down, he was still thinking: “Where is the problem? Is it possible that millet porridge really has such a magical effect?!”
Three minutes later, the bedroom door opened.
Han Meiqing stepped out. At this time, she put on a full set of tight running clothes and tied her long hair in a ponytail. She looked like a fifty-year-old woman, and there were many people who said she was thirty. letter.
Seeing Xiao Changkun actually squatting on the ground, Han Meiqing hurriedly asked, “Changkun, why are you squatting here?”
Xiao Changkun quickly stood up and said awkwardly: “There is nothing wrong, I’ll rest for a while…”
After finishing speaking, he took a closer look at Han Meiqing, who was wearing a tights, and that perfect figure almost made him see his eyes off.
He really didn’t think that Han Meiqing had maintained such a good figure after being so old.
Because this kind of tights reveals the pros and cons of the body, if the body has a little fat, you can see clearly under this kind of tights.
But Han Meiqing’s figure can hardly fault her.
Seeing Xiao Changkun in a daze, Han Meiqing felt a little bit ashamed, but she didn’t care too much, and hurriedly said: “Let’s go out now, I’m almost out of heat!”
Xiao Changkun could only nodded angrily, and followed Han Meiqing downstairs.
The villa area where Han Meiqing lives is not far from the river. After going out from the front door of the community, after passing a green area, and then crossing a road, you will be directly on the riverside road.
Over the years, the state has been encouraging people to strengthen physical exercise. Therefore, Jinling City built a 20-kilometer-long road along the riverside, half of which was a track paved with rubber particles, specifically for citizens to run.
Han Meiqing lives here since she lives here, and basically goes out and runs a lap every day. The reason why she has such a good figure is that she has continued to exercise for decades.
On the other hand, Xiao Changkun, although his body is not bad, is the standard of an ordinary middle-aged person. He rarely exercises. Apart from drinking tea, dishing beads, and dishing walnuts, the biggest exercise is to spend time with others in the Calligraphy and Painting Association. Nonsense, the lips are more neat than the legs.
Therefore, as soon as he ran with Han Meiqing for three minutes, he was a little out of breath and couldn’t keep up.
On the other hand, Han Meiqing was almost as if he had been beaten up. With such a little exercise, let alone panting, she didn’t even change her complexion.
Soon, Xiao Changkun really couldn’t hold it anymore, panting and saying, “Mei…Mei Qing…that…that…I really… …. I can’t run anymore, let’s… shall we rest for a while?”
Not only did Han Meiqing feel tired, but on the contrary, she felt that she didn’t even start to enter the state.
So she hurriedly said: “Chang Kun, why don’t you walk slowly by yourself first, and I will run for a while and then come back to find you? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel that my strength is not available. The legs are exhausted, so I can’t stop at all…”
Xiao Changkun gritted his teeth and said, “Then…then I’ll be with you…”
After finishing speaking, I quickly used the strength of the breastfeeding and followed desperately…

Chapter: 2583
When Xiao Changkun broke his leg with Han Meiqing on the riverside, Ye Chen was only the last few kilometers away from Song’s manor in the outskirts of Jinling.
At this time, in the banquet hall of the Song Family Manor, the father and daughter of the Ito family, Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka, were accompanied by Song Wanting, chatting with Mr. Song.
Although the Song family’s cooperation with Nippon Steel relied on Ye Chen to cure Nippon Steel’s chairman Shinwa Watanabe, it was also thanks to Ito Yuhiko’s matchmaking.
Moreover, after Song Wanting had an accident in Japan and was rescued by Ye Chen, it was also thanks to the care of the Ito family.
Therefore, Mr. Song was very kind to the guests of Ito’s house.
As for Ito Nanako, she was busy chatting with Song Wanting about whispers between women. The two kept whispering, often laughing out of control, as if they were a good sister.
And the Akita dog that Nanako Ito brought was cleverly lying on her feet, looking around curiously with a pair of round eyes.
Just in time, Qin Gang took Qin Aoxue and his daughter, and Ye Chen arrived at Song’s house one step at a time.
As soon as the father and daughter entered the banquet hall, Song Wanting hurriedly got up and waved to Qin Aoxue: “Aoxue, come here!”
Qin Aoxue saw Song Wanting and Ito Nanako, and quickly waved at them.
Seeing Ito Nanako, Qin Aoxue felt a little bit embarrassed in her heart. After all, she inadvertently injured Ito Nanako very badly in the previous game. In addition, she was a lot weaker than Ito Nanako. Chen’s pill was only able to counterattack, so she felt even more ashamed.
Immediately afterwards, she saw the Akita lying at Ito Nanako’s feet, and she was immediately attracted by the puppies’ naive appearance, and screamed: “Wow! Is it Momotaro?! My goodness, it’s so amazing. Cute!!!”
As he said, he ran over.
Her bluff attracted everyone’s attention.
Qin Gang suddenly said to Mr. Song and the others in the Ito family with a little embarrassment: “Sorry, everyone, this girl has no rules and always makes a fuss…”
After that, she was about to reprimand Qin Aoxue twice, but Qin Aoxue had already ran to the Akita dog, squatting down and reaching out to tease the dog.
Qin Gang shook his head helplessly, and Mr. Song said with a smile at this moment: “Mr. Qin, come and sit down and introduce you to Mr. Ito from the Japanese Ito family.”
Qin Gang hurried forward and shook hands with everyone in the Ito family one by one, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry just now, the little girl likes to play cats and dogs all the time, please bear with me.”
Ito Xiuhiko smiled and said, “Mr. Qin doesn’t have to be so polite. Little girls are like this. Your Aoxue is about the same age as our Nanako. Although they are in their early twenties, they are still little girls. I can’t understand the status better.”
Qin Gang nodded and said with a smile: “Indeed, the children of our two families are all about the same age, and they both love martial arts. Hey, sometimes I worry. You said this little girl doesn’t like Qinqi, calligraphy and painting. I like dancing knives and guns, kicking sandbags at home every day, and kicking two people a week, you say, can you stand this…”
Yuuhiko Ito smiled and said, “I used to like to supervise children. Not only did they let them learn martial arts, but also let them learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even tea ceremony flower arrangement. I always wanted to cultivate her into a real everyone. Lady.”
Speaking of this, Ito Xiuhiko sighed, and said: “But I think I understand now. As long as the child is happy and happy, and doesn’t take crooked roads, it’s enough. Let her explore the rest. .”
“Yes.” Qin Gang nodded and said with a smile, “I can’t control her now, so I don’t bother to control her either.”
Here, Qin Aoxue’s attention was almost completely attracted by the Akita dog.

Chapter: 2584
While stroking Akita’s head, she looked at Ito Nanako expectantly, and asked, “Nanako, is this dog really for me?”
“That’s right!” Ito Nanako nodded and smiled, and said seriously: “It’s called Momotaro. He is a little boy. Although he is a boy, he has a good temper and gentle temper. From now on, he will ask Aoxue for your care!”
Qin Aoxue was extremely excited, and said gratefully: “Nanako, thank you so much!”
Ito Nanako smiled and said, “Everyone is a friend, what are you doing so politely.”
Qin Aoxue blushed and said, “I…I’m sorry…I injured you like that in the game before, and I have never had a chance to say sorry to you… ”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Since it’s a competition, there will be losses and losses, and some people will be injured. Everyone is playing fair. I’m sorry, but don’t worry about it.”
Qin Aoxue said embarrassedly: “But…but…but I was…I was…”
Suddenly, Qin Aoxue didn’t know how to explain it.
After struggling for a moment, she gritted her teeth and blurted out: “But I didn’t rely on my own ability to win you at the time. I relied all on Master Ye for help…So in the final analysis, I couldn’t win that match… …”
Nanako Ito smiled slightly and said seriously: “Aoxue, everyone has their own different chances. It’s like some people have more advanced fighting skills, and some people have better ways to strengthen the body, so there is no way to win. Not martial, besides, thanks to you wounding me, Ye Chenjun will think about helping me heal the injury, and it is precisely because of Ye Chenjun’s worry that my whole family and I will be saved by Ye Chenjun. , I thank you for being too late…”
“Ah?!” Qin Aoxue asked in surprise: “Is there anything like this?!”
Ito Nanako nodded: “It sounds outrageous, but it is true. If Ye Chenjun went to Kyoto to heal me, I would have been dead now.”
When Song Wanting heard this, she felt a little sour in her heart.
Before she knew Ito Nanako, she thought that she was the only one who allowed Ye Chen to travel thousands of miles to rescue.
But the facts proved that Ye Chen did the same to Ito Nanako.
While sighing with emotion, Song Wanting also recovered, and she couldn’t help reminding herself: “Song Wanting, Song Wanting, how can you be jealous with a little girl… After all, Master Ye is married to his wife. The sweetheart is Xiao Churan, not Ito Nanako, nor you Song Wanting…”
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sighing, her heart depressed.
Nanako Ito heard her sigh, and hurriedly asked: “Sister Wanting, what’s wrong with you? Why did you suddenly sigh? Is it in a bad mood?”
Song Wanting hurriedly waved her hand to deny: “No, I just thought that I almost died in Japan back then. Thanks to Master Ye’s rescue, I couldn’t help feeling a little…”
Nanako Ito nodded sympathetically.
The reason why she and Song Wanting get along very well, and treat her as a sister in her heart, is because the two are too similar in many ways.
Both of them are the eldest ladies of a big family, but they also encountered the danger of almost losing their lives more than once, and both of them were rescued by Ye Chen at the critical moment of their lives…
More importantly, Ito Nanako can see that Song Wanting, like herself, loves Ye Chen deeply…
Therefore, having such a similar experience gave her a feeling of sympathy deep in her heart.

Chapter: 2585
Qin Aoxue felt a little lost when she heard the two talk about being rescued by Ye Chen.
She held Momotaro in her arms, sat down on the ground, and exclaimed: “Hey, I suddenly envy you…”
The two couldn’t help looking at her at the same time, Song Wanting asked: “Ao Xue, what do you envy us?”
Qin Aoxue said earnestly: “I envy you all having the experience of being saved by the heroes of Master Ye, why I haven’t encountered such a thing…”
Ito Nanako hurriedly interrupted her, blurting out: “Aoxue, don’t talk nonsense! This kind of thing is not a joke!”
“That’s right!” Song Wanting also said extremely solemnly: “This kind of flag must not stand in disorder! Peace and safety is the most important thing!”
Qin Aoxue whispered: “But…but I really envy you…”
Seeing her hopeless, Song Wanting and Ito Nanako couldn’t help but glance at each other, and laughed bitterly at the same time.
On the one hand, the two of them were surprised by Qin Aoxue’s amazing brain circuit, and on the other hand they couldn’t help feeling in their hearts. It seemed that Qin Aoxue, like the two of them, loved Ye Chen deeply in his heart, otherwise it would not be possible to have such an idea suddenly. .
Song Wanting looked at Qin Aoxue and said with a smile: “You, don’t envy others indiscriminately. In fact, I am quite envious of your experience of Master Ye escorting you at every critical moment, like being protected by a prince all the way. The little princess who is up, don’t need to see the sinister world.”
Qin Aoxue blushed all of a sudden, and said vaguely: “Ah…Where…I am not…I am not Master Ye’s little princess… .”
Song Wanting nodded, looked at Ito Nanako, and smiled: “It seems that Aoxue doesn’t want to be Master Ye’s little princess. When we turn around, we have to remind Master Ye.”
Nanako Ito nodded in agreement and said: “Wrong, wait for Ye Chenjun to come, I will find a chance to tell him.”
Qin Aoxue became anxious, and blurted out: “Oh, don’t get me wrong…I didn’t mean that…”
Song Wanting deliberately asked her ridiculously: “Then what do you mean?”
Qin Aoxue replied with shame: “I…I think…I think Master Ye will not treat me as his little princess…”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “Aoxue, listen to what you mean, don’t you like Master Ye?”
“Ah…” Qin Aoxue was startled, then blushed and waved her hand: “I don’t have…I really don’t have…”
“I don’t believe it.” Song Wanting smiled: “You must like Master Ye. Look at you, your face is red.”
“Yes.” Ito Nanako also joked: “It looks like a ripe red Fuji apple. I can’t wait to take a bite. If Ye Chen-jun sees it, maybe he will have the same idea… .”
Qin Aoxue covered her face with her hands at once, and said shyly: “Don’t talk nonsense, I didn’t blush…”
Although she said that, she was very worried in her heart. She hurriedly stood up and said hurriedly: “Sister Wanting, Nanako, I…I’ll go to the bathroom, you guys… Let’s talk first…”
After speaking, she ran away quickly.
Song Wanting and Ito Nanako looked at her back and couldn’t help but smile at each other. Song Wanting said seriously, “Nanako, do you mean Master Ye Huaxin?”
Nanako Ito pursed her mouth and said seriously: “I don’t know if Ye Chenjun spends his time, but I feel that he is a flower himself, and it is a flower that attracts bees and butterflies…”

Chapter: 2586
Song Wanting nodded in admiration, and said with emotion: “Apart from him, there may not be such a flower that can attract bees and butterflies…”
At this moment, the men in the other corner of the banquet hall also talked happily.
After everyone chatted, Mr. Song looked at Qin Gang and smiled: “By the way, President Qin, don’t you have a lot of business exporting to Japan recently? You can have more contact with Mr. Ito in the future to see if there is anything good. Cooperation direction.”
Ito Yuhiko asked curiously: “Oh? Mr. Qin also has business in Japan?”
Qin Gang nodded and said truthfully: “To be honest, I was originally engaged in the business of medicinal materials, originally only for China’s domestic market, but recently the export volume from Japan has soared, accounting for half of all my medicinal materials sales, even It’s still growing.”
Ito Yuhiko asked in surprise: “How much does Mr. Qin supply to Japan?”
Qin Gang said with an expression of respect: “You are not afraid of it, these medicinal materials are all supplied to Master Ye’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical. Didn’t Master Ye purchase Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan some time ago, and then handed in all the medicinal materials for several production lines. Give it to me.”
“That’s it!” Ito Yuihiko suddenly understood.
Before, he also wanted to invest in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, but he didn’t think that he would be a little unhappy with Ye Chen, so Ye Chen also scammed 4.5 billion US dollars.
At first Ito Yuihiko thought that the 4.5 billion US dollars hated Ye Chen, but then Ye Chen saved his daughter, avoided the Ito family from being harmed, and even saved his own life. Kindness made him stop thinking about the 4.5 billion dollar thing a long time ago. Even if he thinks about it, he doesn’t feel distressed at all, but feels lucky.
In fact, there is another very important reason why Ito Yuihiko doesn’t care about the 4.5 billion US dollars now, that is, the Ito family survived the Tokyo chaos almost intact.
On the other hand, the Takahashi family and the Matsumoto family suffered a heavy loss and the other was wiped out.
The Ito family relied on the integration of their resources and market, and their strength increased rapidly. This huge increase is simply not comparable to US$4.5 billion.
Therefore, not only did Ito not hate Ye Chen, but instead regarded Ye Chen as the benefactor of the entire Ito family.
Qin Gang is actually the same, he said with respect and emotion: “Since Master Ye handed over the supply of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s medicinal materials to the Qin family, the Qin family’s business volume has more than doubled, and the revenue growth ratio has been higher… .”
“More importantly, Master Ye is not like other manufacturers. Other manufacturers like to squeeze our payment.”
“Among the companies I work with, the longest billing period is over half a year!”
“Take the previous Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, for the raw materials I provided to him in January, he has to wait for July to settle the bill!”
“During this period, I will continue to supply raw materials for the five months from February to June, which is equivalent to being in the hands of their family alone, which has suppressed my six months of payment for goods, and the financial pressure is extremely high.”
“However, now working with Master Ye, Master Ye has never pressured any settlement. As long as the medicinal materials supplied by me have arrived and passed the inspection, the finance will immediately transfer the money to me…”
Elder Song, who was on the side, smiled slightly and said with emotion: “You, me, and everyone, have been greatly favored by Master Ye. If it weren’t for Master Ye, we wouldn’t be in the state we are today…”
After speaking, he looked at Song Wanting who was chatting with Ito Nanako and Qin Aoxue, and exclaimed: “If it weren’t for Master Ye, Wanting and I would have died long ago, and the Song family would not have today…”
Ito Yuihiko also sighed: “Yes! If it weren’t for Master Ye, not only would the little girl die at the hands of the gangster, but the Matsumoto family’s fate might also be borne by the Ito family…”
Qin Gang hurriedly said, “Since everyone is gracious to Master Ye, then Master Ye will come later, we must respect Master Ye two more glasses!”
At this moment, Ye Chen just stepped forward under the leadership of the housekeeper, and when he heard Qin Gang’s words, he smiled and said, “What? You guys are discussing it well. Do you want to drink me at night?”

Chapter: 2587
Seeing Ye Chen coming, Qin Gang took the lead to stand up and respectfully said: “Master Ye, you are here! We are talking about you!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I heard it. Didn’t you say you want to drink a few more glasses with me later?”
Qin Gang hurriedly smiled and said, “I really want to drink a few more glasses with you, but I definitely don’t mean to drink you.”
Ye Chen smiled, and then said to Mr. Song: “Mr. Song is okay recently?”
Father Song nodded repeatedly and said respectfully: “Master Ye, thanks to you, the old man is in very good health.”
Ye Chen nodded. At this moment, Ito Yuihiko beckoned to Ye Chen, and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Ye, we meet again!”
Ye Chen had already guessed that Ito Yuuhiko must be here, but he naturally had to pretend to be very surprised and said: “Oh, it was Mr. Ito, I didn’t expect you to be here.”
After speaking, Ye Chen looked at Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka beside him again, smiled and said, “Ms. Ito and Mr. Tanaka are here.”
Emi Ito hurriedly stood up and bowed ninety degrees, “Hello, Mr. Ye!”
Hiroshi Tanaka slipped his lower limbs, and could only put his hands together and said, “Hello, Mr. Ye!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, and Ito Nanako, who was chatting with Song Wanting not far away, said with a blushing face: “Ye Chen-jun, don’t come here all right!”
Ye Chen looked at Ito Nanako, and saw that she was still soft and soft, and said with a smile: “Nanako, I have heard Wanting to say that you are coming to Jinling to watch a concert, but I didn’t expect to come so early.”
Nanako Ito said shyly, “Ye Chen-kun, I just happened to be not that busy recently, so I want to take this opportunity to come to Jinling to relax and take a break.”
Ye Chen nodded, and smiled and asked her: “Why didn’t you tell me before you came?”
Nanako Ito pursed her mouth and whispered: “I…I…I wanted to give Ye Chenjun a little surprise, so I said, please don’t be angry… ”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “How come, but next time you can consider telling me in advance, then I will prepare the reception for you.”
Ito Nanako hurriedly said, “Okay Ye Chen-kun, I will tell you in advance next time!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, and Song Wanting smiled and said, “Master Ye, do you think we want to sit in now?”
“Okay.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “I’m sorry to let you wait for me for so long. The journey is a bit far away. I just happened to see my father-in-law again.”
Elder Song stood up at this moment and said with a smile: “Master Ye, you have been out there. We just started talking and have a few words. Come on, please take a seat first!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Old sir, you are the master, of course you have to take a seat first.”
Father Song still wanted to shirk, but Ye Chen insisted: “Come on, sit on the main seat, and I will sit next to you.”
When Grandpa Song saw this, he didn’t refuse, and said quickly: “Then you will do as Master Ye ordered!”
At this time, Qin Aoxue, who had just rushed his face with cold water, also came out of the bathroom. Seeing Ye Chen coming, she ran to the front with excitement and said excitedly, “Master Ye, you are here!”
Ye Chen looked at her and nodded and smiled: “Aoxue is also here.”
“Yes.” Qin Aoxue said happily, “Nanako gave me an Akita dog and let me pick it up.”
As she said, she was busy again and said, “Master Ye, are you going to tease it?”
Qin Gang on the side blurted out and scolded: “Aoxue! Did you see that everyone was going to eat at the table? Just knowing to be foolish, and quickly sit down next to me.”

Chapter: 2588
Qin Aoxue curled her lips when she was wronged, and said angrily, “I know Dad…”
Ye Chen smiled at this time: “The dog will let the housekeeper take care of him first, and then play with him after eating.”
Father Song hurriedly ordered the housekeeper to take the dog out first.
Everyone sat down one by one.
On Ye Chen’s left is Mr. Song, and on his right is Ito Takehiko.
As for Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka, they were originally beaten to death and didn’t want to be on the table, but Ye Chen still kept them.
The relationship between master and servant in Japanese society is very clear. Sometimes the title of a predecessor can kill a person, but Huaxia is relatively less rigid, and Ye Chen is not the kind of person who cares about these details. Sat down.
Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka are naturally flattered.
After everyone was seated, Mr. Song asked everyone to pour the wine. This time the wine is still the national wine Moutai. In the upper class, this is the most popular brand and the only choice for foreign guests and envoys at the state banquet.
Moreover, the Maotai collected by Mr. Song are almost all treasures that the rich can’t buy on the market. Just take out a bottle, and it has a history of at least 20 years.
After the servant poured white wine for everyone, Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help holding up a glass, sniffed it under his nose, and exclaimed: “It really is China’s national wine! The fragrance alone is enough to be intoxicating.”
Mr. Song asked curiously: “Oh? Mr. Ito also has research on Chinese liquor?”
Yuhiko Ito nodded and said earnestly: “Let me tell you, in Japan, ordinary people love beer and sake, while young people love whiskey and red wine. Some older upper class members and members of established families My favorite is actually Huaxia’s baijiu.”
After speaking, he exclaimed: “After all, many cultures in Japan originated from China, and the wine culture is the same.”
“The old Japanese families will require their children to learn Chinese culture from an early age, so we learned from the records in history books that ancient China had the saying that’the world’s fine wine is the only wine in the world’.”
“The Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka visited China a few decades ago, and he also expressed this feeling.”
“When we studied Tang poetry and Song Ci, in order to find the unruly feeling of ancient Chinese poets, we even went to find a few cups of Chinese liquor and drank a few glasses. The hearty feeling is really nostalgic…”
Father Song nodded his head and smiled and said, “That’s right, take advantage of this opportunity today, and definitely drink a few more glasses! If you like to drink, when you return to Japan, I will have someone prepare a batch for you to take back!”
Ito Yuihiko said, “Thank you Mr. Song! If Mr. Song has time, welcome to Japan for a few days, and I will entertain you all the time!”
Father Song smiled and said, “Okay, I must go over and harass if I have a chance!”
After all, he looked at Ye Chen and said respectfully: “Master Ye, why don’t you have an opening remark? Let’s toast and meet each other.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You are the head of the family. If I were to say the opening remarks, wouldn’t it be a distraction?”
Mr. Song firmly said: “You are the great benefactor of the Song family, you are here, this is your home court, and everyone sitting here has been taken care of and favored by you all the time. The opening remarks from you are absolutely perfect. That’s it!”
Ye Chen was silent for a moment, nodded and said: “Okay!”
After all, he stood up, holding a wine glass, and said seriously: “First of all, welcome Mr. Ito and his family to Jinling. I have a good impression of most Japanese companies and entrepreneurs, but Mr. Ito still impresses me.”
“So, I also hope that Mr. Ito can cooperate more with the Song family, with the Qin family, and with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical in the future!”
“Everyone strives to achieve resource exchange, resource exchange, and resource symbiosis. Together, we will find more opportunities and incubate more projects.”

Chapter: 2589
As soon as Ye Chen said this, the expressions of Old Song and Qin Gang became a little excited.
They knew that Ye Chen was actually helping them match up.
The Ito family is now the strongest family in Japan, and its asset scale is also trillions of yuan converted into RMB. The Song family, but just entered the 100 billion club, Qin Gang is now halfway from the threshold of the 100 billion club.
Therefore, if you can cooperate with the Ito family, it is indeed a high climb for both of them. If the Ito family really cooperates with them, it will definitely bring them more growth opportunities!
Naturally, Ito Yuihiko knew Ye Chen’s intentions, so he said almost without hesitation: “Since Mr. Ye has said so, then our Ito family will naturally go all out to cooperate with Miss Song and Mr. Qin!”
As he said, he looked at Song Wanting and said seriously: “Miss Song, have you not already started cooperating with Nippon Steel? After your new project is completed and put into production, all the real estate development projects of our Ito family will purchase Song In addition to the products of the joint venture between Japan and Nippon Steel, several of our shipyards will transfer all steel orders over!”
When Song Wanting heard this, she was immediately stunned!
The cooperation between the Song family and Nippon Steel will focus on special steel in the future. Ito Yuhiko’s words are equivalent to binding a real high-quality large customer to the steel industry of the Song family.
In the real economy, the most important thing is to find high-quality customers. An foundry company like Foxconn can bind a company like Apple to generate tens of billions of output value in a year. Such customers are the most important thing in the real industry. Resources.
Therefore, Song Wanting said with surprise and joy: “Mr. Ito, thank you so much!”
Yuihiko Ito waved his hand and smiled: “You don’t have to be so polite. For future cooperation like this, just let Nanako directly connect with you. She will definitely output as many resources as possible to you, and everyone will work together for a win-win situation.”
Nanako Ito took the conversation, nodded and smiled: “Yes, Sister Wanting, we must strengthen cooperation in the future. If your Song Group wants to go overseas, you are welcome to come to Japan for a visit, and then we can work together!”
Song Wanting put her hands together and said gratefully: “Thank you very much! It just happens that Nainazi, you will be staying in Jinling for many days this time. You can also take a look at some of the current industrial plans of our Song family and see if there are any projects worthy of cooperation. ”
Nanako Ito nodded without hesitation and said, “There is no problem, I will work hard for sister Wanting to help me introduce the current situation of the Song Group in detail!”
Ito Xiuhiko looked at Qin Gang at this time and said with a smile: “Mr. Qin, I don’t know what the Qin family does in addition to the medicine business?”
Qin Gang said hurriedly: “In fact, our previous business lines were quite complicated. In addition to medicinal materials, we also did some retail and trade businesses, including antiques, automobiles, and some heavy industrial and mining equipment.”
Yuhiko Ito nodded and smiled: “I don’t know much about antiques, but if you do automobile trade and heavy industrial and mining equipment, if you need to import from Japan, you can contact me, Japanese automobile companies, and many well-known heavy industries. The boss of the company is very familiar with me. If there is no cooperation, I can help you match up. If you have already cooperated, I can help you get better terms.”
When Qin Gang heard this, he immediately said excitedly: “That’s really a thank you to Mr. Ito. To be honest, we do still have a few brands that we want to cooperate with. If possible, please help us to connect.”
Ito Nodded and said with a smile: “Mr. Qin, don’t worry, I still have some face in this regard.”

Chapter: 2590
After speaking, Ito looked at Ye Chen and said seriously: “Mr. Ye, the ocean shipping license of the Yanjing Su family has been revoked recently. It is definitely a good opportunity to enter this field quickly. I wonder if you are interested? ”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said with a smile: “I don’t know anything about ocean transportation, and I don’t even have a transport ship, so I’m talking about ocean transportation.”
Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, the ship is actually not a problem. In fact, most ocean shipping companies all over the world rent freighters and oil tankers, just like most of the airlines’ planes are rented. Some companies are good at operations, but not good at heavy asset management and fixed asset planning; while some companies are good at fixed asset investment but not good at operations. This is like many companies that open global chain retail stores, but generally do not They choose to buy shops by themselves, and those real estate developers who invest in shopping malls often only rent shops to merchants and collect rent themselves.”
“A large part of the world’s ships and airplanes are purchased by leasing companies. They usually place orders with manufacturers early. After the orders are delivered, the ships and airplanes are not good enough for themselves, so they just rent them out and start collecting them. Renting makes money.”
“Now a large number of cargo ships of the Su family are idle, and many of them are rented by them. If they cannot resume normal operations in a short period of time, they will be unable to afford so much rent. They are very likely to cancel the leases in batches. At that time, a large amount of cargo ship resources will be released on the market. You can eat it on a large scale, and then take the opportunity to grab the Su family’s ocean transportation business!”
When Mr. Song on the side heard this, he couldn’t help sighing: “Ocean shipping is indeed a very, very profitable industry. Now the vast majority of international trade logistics rely on shipping, so as long as the countries and countries on the earth are still working normally The ocean shipping industry will continue to grow.”
With that, he looked at Ye Chen, and said: “Master Ye, your Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is now selling well all over the world. You might as well take advantage of this golden opportunity to start ocean transportation. Transportation also helps a lot.”
Qin Gang couldn’t help but said, “Mr. Song, I have no intention of arguing with you, but Master Ye’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, which produces medicines, is small in size and light in weight. If it is sold globally in the future, it will be shipped to one country at a time. At most two or three containers are great, but a freighter often has thousands of containers. The demand and supply are not equal…”
Old man Song smiled and said, “Of course it is not equal to relying on Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, but you have thought about it. Don’t you have to rely on shipping for your import and export trade and your automobile import business? And what you do is all imports. Cars, our domestic market, imported cars are nothing more than so few origins. The most recent is Japan, followed by Germany, France, Italy, and the farthest is the United States. As far as I know, a standard container can hold two cars. Imported luxury cars have a huge demand for ocean transportation!”
Qin Gang slapped his thigh and said with a smile: “Mr. Song still sees thoroughly. I only think of Master Ye’s Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, but I don’t even want to count my own business!”
Mr. Song continued: “When our joint venture with Nippon Steel is completed and put into operation, we will have a very high demand for iron ore. Iron ore is generally imported from Brazil or Australia, and one ship will be loaded with more than a dozen. Ten thousand or even hundreds of thousands of tons, the demand for ocean shipping is also huge. If Master Ye runs ocean shipping, it will actually be good news for everyone!”
Ye Chen kept talking, but couldn’t help feeling a little moved in his heart.
“Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical will definitely go global in the future, but with only one Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, it will be difficult for me to catch up with the top old families like the Ye Family and the Su Family.”
“At the moment, when the Su family is at its weakest, why don’t I take the opportunity to grab the Su family’s business?”
“In this case, I will not only make my asset strength stronger, but also greatly weaken the Su Family!”
“Moreover, didn’t Grandpa Ye Zhongquan always want me to return to Ye’s house? Since he asks me, then I can ask Ye’s family not to directly compete with me in the field of ocean transportation!”
“In this way, even if the Ye family wants to take advantage of the Su family’s share, they have to step aside for me!”
“This is not killing two birds with one stone, but three birds with one stone!”

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