The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2606

This kid Wu Qi is indeed smart, otherwise it would not be possible to practice the brainwashing methods for the little girl. It is a pity that his cleverness finally made him take a detour and was turned into a shit-swallowing beast by Ye Chen.
The grandfather and grandson walked around the campus, and Mike asked, “Grandpa, do you think that the master of psychological hints to Wu Donghai’s son is in this school?”
Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, “I’m not sure about this, but I think that Wu Donghai’s son happened in this school at the time. Whether that person is in this school or not, the clues must come from here. Start sorting out.”
After all, Mai Chengxing said: “Mike, you are young. During the break, ask some students to inquire about Wu Qi, especially who he has been in contact with before the accident. You must find out first. !”
“Good grandpa!”
At this moment, a BMW 530 is slowly passing by the grandparents.
Sitting in the cab is Ye Chen.
He had already asked Wang Dongxue to make an appointment with He Yuanjiang in advance, so he drove directly into the school. When he heard that it was an appointment with Professor He, the security guards were not obstructed, and enthusiastically told Ye Chen the route.
At this time, Ye Chen happened to drive past the artificial lake of Jinling University of Finance and Economics.
This is also Ye Chen’s second visit to Jinling University of Finance and Economics.
Last time, at Qin Aoxue’s request, she came to persuade her female classmate who wanted to commit suicide.
It was also that time that he knew that there were garbage that specifically brainwashed girls, allowed girls to self-mutilate, and commit suicide on college campuses.
So, he gave Wu Qi a little psychological hint, which made Wu Qi’s life gloomy.
Ye Chen was sighing in his heart, his eyes were attracted by the old and the young walking on the side of the road.
The young man was not too old and he looked like he was in his early twenties, but the old man beside him had gray hair and looked at least eighty or ninety years old.
Ye Chen felt that although the old man was very old, he seemed to be relatively strong physically and mentally, and his walking gait was smooth and stable, and even a little relaxed.
And the young man around him seemed to be helping, but in fact he just made a look, the old man didn’t need anyone to help him.
What makes Ye Chen feel a little strange is that he feels a familiar aura in this old man. This feeling is very similar to the Lai Qinghua he had seen on Yeling Mountain.
But Ye Chen didn’t think too much, so he drove past them.
What he cares more about now is the meeting with He Yuanjiang later.
This is the first time Ye Chen has come out to meet people as the chairman of Emgrand Group.
Even when meeting Wang Dongxue for the first time, he used the identity of Ye Family Master, not the chairman of the Emgrand Group.
Therefore, he was more or less worried.
If He Yuanjiang can be persuaded to cooperate with him, then everything is fine, but if he cannot be persuaded, then his identity as the chairman of the Emgrand Group will be exposed?
He Yuanjiang is not his own subordinate, so he is an uncontrollable factor. Once the secret is mastered by an uncontrollable person, the possibility of spreading out will increase geometrically.
Whether He Yuanjiang would tell Han Meiqing, and whether Han Meiqing would tell her father-in-law, Ye Chen also had no idea about this.
However, at the moment this project is of great importance, so he can only go all out to chat with He Yuanjiang, and strive to take this awesome man!

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