The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2608

Ye Chen asked in a puzzled way: “Why does it make you feel interesting to help companies make more profits? Isn’t your teaching now also helping schools cultivate more talents? I don’t think there is a difference between the two. What an absolute difference.”
He Yuanjiang smiled slightly and said seriously: “To be honest, I am not a person who loves money very much.”
With that, He Yuanjiang said with some emotion: “In fact, after the money reaches a certain level, it doesn’t make sense to me. My life state must have been fixed since I earned half a million dollars a year, until When I was able to earn 10 million U.S. dollars a year, my living standards and conditions were the same as when I was earning half a million dollars a year.”
“Although I am not a rich person, I have worked for so many years and have saved tens of millions of dollars. In addition, I have made some stock investments. I have some shares of Apple and Tesla. , If it is all discounted, it may look like two to three hundred million US dollars. Although the money is comparable to Mr. Ye’s Emgrand Group, I don’t know where to spend it.”
“The house I live in right now is not expensive. All the investment is added up and it is about one million dollars. I can’t afford an expensive house. I just think it’s too much trouble to live in, and it’s not necessary. ”
“The car I drove was a Tesla. This is the most common one. It is economical and environmentally friendly. When all the investment is combined, it is less than 60,000 US dollars in RMB.”
“And my monthly expenses, only a few thousand dollars is enough, and my current salary alone can cover this expenses. As for the remaining money, it can only be stored in the bank account. , Has completely lost its liquidity, no matter how much money I earn, I will donate all of it to charity in the future, so for me, I feel that I might as well just teach diligently here.”
Ye Chen asked in surprise: “Aren’t you going to leave a generous sum of money for your children?”
He Yuanjiang smiled and said: “I really don’t have any idea about this. My daughter is about the same age as you, and her living condition is about the same as mine. She can make money, but she won’t spend money at all, and she has no motivation to spend money.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit difficult when he heard this.
He Yuanjiang is obviously not interested in money, and only wants to teach and educate people. In this case, what can he do to impress him and make him willing to do it with him?
After thinking about it, Ye Chen didn’t think of a good way.
However, a black-and-white sketch on the wall of He Yuanjiang’s office attracted his attention.
The simple strokes of the sketch only drew the shape of a tree. It didn’t seem to have any peculiarities. Even most people could hardly distinguish the species of this tree by its shape.
But Ye Chen still looked at the painting and said with interest: “Professor He, did you draw this sketch by yourself?”
He Yuanjiang asked curiously: “How do you know? I also don’t sign on this.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Because I know this tree.”
“Oh?” He Yuanjiang hurriedly asked him: “Since you know this tree, can you tell me something about it?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “Professor He, the tree you painted is actually a redwood tree in California, USA.”
He Yuanjiang was taken aback for a moment, and Ye Chen continued: “Actually, this simple stroke of yours should have been taken from the Stanford University emblem. If I remember it wrong, the pattern in the middle of the Stanford University emblem is like this. A red cedar tree.”
He Yuanjiang asked in surprise: “Is Mr. Ye also graduated from Stanford?”

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