The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2610

“Yes!” He Yuanjiang nodded and said with emotion: “We have been classmates for several years, and the relationship between us is also very good. When I pursued my lover, it was your mother who handed me a love letter.”
Ye Chen asked curiously: “Professor He, can you tell me about my mother? I don’t know anything about her experience before marrying my father.”
He Yuanjiang sighed: “Your mother was a big celebrity at Stanford back then! Not only is the best Chinese female student in Stanford University’s history, but also the president of the Stanford Chinese Alumni Association and the initiator of the Stanford Internet Venture Capital Fund. Many of the top high-tech companies that are now in full swing in Silicon Valley were all started step by step with your mother’s funds…”
Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang couldn’t help sighing, and said with a bit of melancholy and regret: “Your mother was really a powerful woman in Stanford and Silicon Valley back then…”
“Not only is he beautiful, majestic, and knowledgeable, but he is also extremely capable, and his family’s strength can be called a rich and adversary country!”
“The point is that the family is so rich, I can work so hard, and make great achievements. I have only seen your mother in my life…”
“All our Chinese classmates, including those pretentious white classmates, were eclipsed by your mother…”
Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang sighed: “Back then, there was a saying in Stanford that there are so many entrepreneurial elites in Silicon Valley, and at least one-third of men are admirers of your mother. This sentence sounds like an exaggeration. But at that time, almost everyone in Silicon Valley knew your mother’s name. Everyone respected her and admired her very much.”
In fact, it was the first time Ye Chen heard about these things about his mother.
Ye Chen was not born when his mother was studying at Stanford and investing in Silicon Valley.
After Ye Chen was born, his mother gradually became a good helper of his father. Therefore, in Ye Chen’s memory, his mother was not an image of a business elite.
Moreover, Ye Chen knew very little about his mother before he was born. His mother was low-key and never talked about it with himself.
Now that he heard what He Yuanjiang said, Ye Chen was also very interested in his heart, and asked: “Professor He, do you still know anything about my mother?”
He Yuanjiang said earnestly: “That’s too much…Three days and three nights can’t be finished…”
Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang couldn’t help but feel sad, and said with emotion: “After your mother had an accident in Jinling, dozens of people from our classmate rushed back to Jinling by chartered flight overnight to find you. I was there at the time, and there were many others who came together. Your mother’s classmate at Stanford, although I was born and raised in Jinling, I started all the relationships I could start in Jinling, and I couldn’t find your whereabouts.”
“Later, more than 300 people in our Stanford Alumni Association, as well as your mother’s nearly 100 friends in the Silicon Valley venture capital field, worked together to find your whereabouts all over the world. After a full ten years, there was no result. You Where have you been all these years?”
Ye Chenzhen thought that after his parents had an accident, his mother’s classmates and friends had been looking for him for ten years.
When he was moved, he couldn’t help saying with emotion: “Professor He, in fact, I have been in Jinling for so many years.”
After all, Ye Chen explained Tang Sihai’s hiding in the orphanage to He Yuanjiang.
He Yuanjiang couldn’t help sighing: “I really didn’t think you were in Jinling all the time…”
Ye Chen asked him: “Professor He, do you know my father?”
He Yuanjiang shook his head and said, “When your father was in love with your mother, he never had any contact with us. We only know that your father is the young master of Yenching Ye family, but more details are not very clear, you When my parents held the wedding in Yanjing, my wife and I were originally planning to come over to attend, but something happened in the United States at the time and we could only change our plan temporarily.”
As he said, he couldn’t help sighing: “U.S. and China are still too far apart after all. If I remember correctly, after your mother and your father returned to China to get married, until she had an accident in Jinling, I met her three times. , The last time, it was the time she took you to Stanford…”

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