The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2620

He Yuanjiang laughed and said: “Hahaha, that shouldn’t be so troublesome. Uncle believes in your ability, and she should be tempted to praise her by then.”
With that said, He Yuanjiang said with some worry: “In fact, my main concern is that she is still not playing enough. In case she really wants to stay in the turbulent place in Syria for a year or a half, most people can’t persuade them. She, hey, you don’t understand this girl, if she is stubborn, she won’t be able to hold her back!”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “I try to persuade her to try to get her back soon.”
“Okay.” He Yuanjiang said hurriedly, “Or you can just add her friends right now and have a chat with her first.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Uncle He, don’t forget, Syria and us have a time difference. If I remember correctly, they should be five or six hours slower than ours. It should still be dawn. .”
He Yuanjiang hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if the sky is bright, you add her as a friend first, when will she pass you, and when will you not finish talking with her?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, then I will add it now, but if I add it directly, it will show that the recommender is you. I’d better copy her WeChat ID.”
After finishing talking, he clicked on the business card, copied the WeChat ID, added it again, and wrote nine words on the reason for the addition: Director of Jinling Emgrand Group?
After the request to add a friend was sent, only a minute later, Ye Chen received the information that the other party had applied through his friend.
He couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Uncle He, your daughter is still asleep so late.”
He Yuanjiang said angrily: “I guess I can’t sleep. If you throw me into that broken place, I guess I can’t sleep either.”
After speaking, he hurriedly urged: “Ye Chen, you can talk to her quickly and find out how she is now.”
After Ye Chen finished speaking, he sent a message to He Zhiqiu: “Hello, Miss He, I am Ye Chen, Chairman of Jinling Emgrand Group. I want to discuss cooperation with you. I wonder if you are interested?”
The other party quickly replied with voice: “Did He Yuanjiang ask you to find me? You tell him that I will not go to Jinling, so he should not waste energy.”
He Yuanjiang heard his daughter’s words and said depressed: “Ye Chen, just tell him that you don’t know me at all. If you let her know that we were in collusion, she would definitely not want to come.”
Ye Chen nodded and continued to reply in words: “Miss He, you have misunderstood. I don’t know He Yuanjiang. I just saw your papers in financial journals. I feel that you are really good at international finance and economic management. Insight, it just so happens that I am planning to expand a new project to do ocean shipping, and I just lack a person in charge, so I thought of you.”
The other party asked again in voice: “If you were not sent by He Yuanjiang, where did you get my WeChat?”
He Yuanjiang was dumbfounded.
Just when he didn’t know what wording and reason Ye Chen should use to explain this question, Ye Chen responded with a clever voice, “Miss He, I found you through an international headhunting company. In order to get your contact information, I also paid a headhunting fee of $50,000. Originally, the headhunter should contact you first, but I think it’s more direct and efficient to contact you personally for such a major cooperation .”
Headhunting companies are companies that specialize in digging out middle and high-level talents. They are like real estate agents, knowing all kinds of listings. In theory, as long as they are given money, there is no owner information they can’t get.
At this point, the same is true for headhunting companies.
He Yuanjiang immediately gave him a thumbs up when he heard Ye Chen’s words. This explanation seemed to him to be seamless.
Sure enough, He Zhiqiu on the other side was also suspicious. She replied: “I understand, but I am really sorry. I am in Syria now, and it may be at least half a year before I leave here. There may be no way to follow you. I have cooperated, so sorry!”

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