The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2625

Ye Chen didn’t quite understand why someone would investigate Wu Qi’s affairs now.
After all, Wu Donghai already knew that Wu Qi’s accident was his own work. As a stakeholder, the Wu family would definitely not take off their pants and fart, and then came to investigate again.
Therefore, the only possibility is that the people who are investigating Wu Qi now are not sent by the Wu family.
Ye Chen thought about it carefully. Most of the people he had offended were already cold, and there were no other cold ones, including the Su family in Yanjing and the Hogwitz family in the United States.
The two families are under their own hands and have suffered heavy losses, and they are knowing that they are in the dark. If they want to find themselves, they can only clear the fog layer by layer.
So Ye Chen immediately deduced that the person who was investigating information about the Wu Qi incident at this moment must have an inseparable relationship with one of the two.
So he asked Qin Aoxue: “Who is investigating Wu Qi? Have you seen it?”
“I saw it.” Qin Aoxue said: “It’s two people, one old and one young.”
Ye Chen asked again, “Where are these two people now?”
Qin Aoxue said, “I met them in the small square outside the teaching building just now. It is not clear where they are now.”
Ye Chen thought that the teaching building was on the opposite side, so he walked to the window and looked downstairs.
Sure enough, on the small square opposite, I saw two people, one old and one young, walking out.
The old man among them looked at the bones of Xianfeng Dao, with a faintly unusual temperament on his body. Ye Chen once felt this kind of feeling in Lai Qinghua Lai, but the temperament of this person seems to be more important than that of Lai Qinghua. Weak.
Ye Chen has been particularly keen on this feeling since he obtained the Nine Profound Sky Sutras, so he immediately realized that this old man is either a Feng Shui master like Lai Qinghua, or a metaphysics like Yu Jinghai from Hong Kong. Master.
So he took out his mobile phone, called Chen Zekai, and said, “Old Chen, there are two people in Jinling College of Finance and Economics, one old and one young, and they seem to be visiting things related to Wu Qi. You arrange for someone to watch them. , But you must remember that you must choose the strongest person to observe from a distance, don’t get rid of the grass, and report any movement to me in time.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Okay young master, I will send a few men who have served as scouts in special forces.”
At the same time, the small square in front of the teaching building.
After asking several students in succession, Mike couldn’t help but whispered to Mai Chengxing: “Grandpa, I’m just asking about Wu Qi’s affairs in such an open manner. If that big man is really in this university or in this If the university has eyeliner, wouldn’t it be exposed soon?”
Mai Chengxing nodded and said faintly: “It is right to be exposed. The other party is a real dragon. It is far from being an existence that I can see through. If his deity is unwilling to come forward, no matter how hard we try, it will be wasted. It’s better to disclose our purpose directly. If it attracts his attention, maybe he will take the initiative to show up.”
Mike asked again: “Grandpa, will the other party anger us and treat us as enemies?”
Mai Chengxing said: “If you are a person who must report to you or is suspicious, you will definitely treat us as enemies, but such a person has a narrow belly and it is generally impossible to have a true dragon fate.”
“The true life style of the true dragon must be broad-minded and clear-cut, and will never be malicious to us just because we came to investigate Wu Qi.”

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