The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2626

After speaking, Mai Chengxing continued: “Besides, we are here this time, not to be disadvantageous to him. The Su family wants us to find out his identity, but I am not going to intervene in the fight between the Su family and him. So even if we find him, I will not reveal his identity to the Su family.”
Mike couldn’t help asking: “Grandpa, we came to investigate the enemy behind the Su family at the request of the Su family. If we don’t help the Su family, wouldn’t it be a violation of the spirit of the contract?”
Mai Chengxing glared at him and said angrily: “Stupid! At the moment we planned to come to Jinling, we were no longer doing things for the Su family!”
After speaking, Mai Chengxing continued: “My purpose in coming to Jinling is indeed to find this big man, but I want to see if we can find a chance from this big man, otherwise, If it was just the Su family who wanted to deal with this big man and asked me to find this big man, how would I agree? Let me fight against a man of real life, even if I give me more money, I can’t agree.”
Immediately, Mai Chengxing said again: “If we really find this important person, although I will not disclose his situation to the Su family, I will definitely refund the money the Su family gave me. When I go back, I will treat the Su family as half of it for free.”
Mike embarrassedly said: “Temporary breach of contract is also a form of lack of contractual spirit. If a person has no credibility, how can he gain a foothold in society in the future…”
Mai Chengxing shook his head helplessly and reminded: “You have to remember, the more you believe in Fengshui Mingshu, the more you should not be against Mingshu. The other party is a true dragon Mingge. People like us are definitely not his opponents. , Can’t stand on his opposite side, understand?”
Mike nodded slightly: “I know Grandpa…”
Mai Chengxing gave a hum and said, “Okay, let’s find a place to eat at noon, and then come around in the afternoon.”
Ye Chen didn’t care too much about Mai Chengxing’s grandparents and grandchildren.
Whether it is a master of Feng Shui or a master of metaphysics, as long as they are hostile to themselves, then they will have no return for the first time.
Moreover, he was also very clear in his heart that although these two people are much stronger than ordinary people, they are still far behind him. If they really start, they will not be stronger than the original Yu Jinghai. How many.
Therefore, his current attention is all focused on He Zhiqiu.
I look forward to He Zhiqiu being able to give himself a clear reply as soon as possible.
In this way, as long as He Zhiqiu comes to Jinling, he can immediately set up an ocean shipping company and quickly start this business, which will definitely make the Su family more uncomfortable.
He Yuanjiang finished class and returned to the office. When he saw Ye Chen, he hurriedly asked him: “Ye Chen, did Zhiqiu return your information?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “It’s still uncle He, didn’t she say that after leaving the base, there is no network, so you can only contact the outside world after you go back.”
He Yuanjiang nodded, sighed, and said: “When I was in class just now, my right eye was always jumping. It didn’t feel like a good sign, so I was worried too.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Uncle He, don’t worry so much now. Please wait patiently for Zhiqiu’s message. They are six hours later than ours here. If they go back at 8 o’clock in the evening local time, let’s also It’s already early in the morning, so please wait steadily. I will contact you as soon as there is a message in the evening.”
He Yuanjiang said helplessly: “There is no good way to do it now, I can only wait.”
After speaking, he hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “Let’s go Ye Chen, I have reserved a seat at the Jinling Archway near the school, let’s eat there at noon!”

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