The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2629

What made Ye Chen feel a little surprised was that Su Chengfeng would even look for people who watched Feng Shui to investigate him.
Although the old man said vaguely on the phone just now, the key points he mentioned still have very clear directions.
For example, he said that he is only responsible for reading, calculating, and correcting. This is the way of a Feng Shui master.
The role of a Fengshui master is, in a larger sense, like the prime minister of the ancient country. He can discover the problems of Jiangshan Sheji and can provide solutions to the problems, but he is not a military commander, cannot kill people, and cannot lead soldiers to fight.
Perhaps, thousands of people will die because of the prime minister’s words, but the prime minister’s own hands are never bloody.
Of course, not all prime ministers in history are honest gentlemen, so in Feng Shui masters, there are naturally those who seek wealth and kill lives.
However, in Ye Chen’s view, the old man in front of him seemed to be persistent.
It was his attitude that made Ye Chen decide to wait and see for the time being and let him go.
Otherwise, he will choose to start first.
Mai Chengxing didn’t know that the true dragon fate he was looking for was actually in the same restaurant with himself.
Since they arrived early and the food was served early, when Ye Chen and He Yuanjiang first started to eat their food, he and Mike had already settled the bill, and the grandfather and grandson left the restaurant together.
Ye Chen didn’t put too much energy on his grandchildren, but kept asking He Yuanjiang about his mother’s deeds back then.
For a long time, Ye Chen only understood the side of her mother as a wife and mother, but didn’t know what she looked like on the other side.
Now, through He Yuanjiang’s introduction, he can finally make the image of his mother in his memory more three-dimensional.
After eating a meal for more than an hour, He Yuanjiang has been talking endlessly about Ye Chen’s mother An Chengqi’s deeds back then, and Ye Chen has never tire of listening, and even wished not to go all day, just sitting here and listening. He said.
He Yuanjiang’s throat was smoking straight, and it was not too early again, so he drank slobber and said to him, “Oh, about your mother’s things back then, it may not be possible to finish it in a few months. Today Let me tell you here first, I still have classes in the afternoon, so I have to go back early.”
Upon hearing this, Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Okay Uncle He, then I won’t interrupt your work this afternoon.”
He Yuanjiang nodded and exhorted: “Zhiqiu’s situation, you must help me pay more attention to it. Once she has any information, don’t worry about how late it is, you must tell me the first time. please.”
Ye Chen agreed without hesitation: “Uncle He rest assured, I will notify you as soon as I have a message!”
He Yuanjiang said: “Thank you so hard!”
When the two came out of the hotel, He Yuanjiang asked Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, what are your arrangements for the afternoon?”
Ye Chen said, “I’ll go to Buckingham Palace to meet someone.”
Ye Chen plans to go to Buckingham Palace to see Chen Zekai. Since Su Chengfeng wants to find out and kill himself, he will definitely have other after-skills. He must take precautions in advance. At the same time, he has to find opportunities to kill before the trouble happens. So many Local governments also need Chen Zekai’s cooperation.
He Yuanjiang didn’t think too much, and said: “Then I’ll go back to school first, let’s keep in touch!”
“Good Uncle He.”
He Yuanjiang was about to leave when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a fortune-telling stall on the side of the road not far away.
Jinling itself is an ancient city, and most of the people here have the habit of looking at fortune-telling, so there are many fortune-telling people on the street and alley.
If it’s the spring season, just find a street in the old city, and there will be a fortune-telling booth every ten steps on the side of the road.
In addition, there are also many Daxian’er who are waiting at home for customers.
This kind of big fairy generally uses the so-called gimmick to ask the upper body of the gods to help people see the picture, and sometimes help people drive away evil spirits.

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