The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2634

Now the children are married, but they all live very poorly.
At such an old age, he still has to come out to be kidnapped, on the one hand to support himself and his wife and children, on the other hand, he also hopes to give his children a little subsidy.
On weekdays, his stomach full of bitterness did not dare to pour out, and he had to pretend to deceive others by pretending to be an outsider, but now he was brutally pierced by a young man, which immediately made him angry.
He didn’t think Ye Chen really had any abilities to look at each other. He felt that Ye Chen deliberately wanted to ruin his business, and he also wanted to take the opportunity to ridicule himself!
So he immediately snorted and said disdainfully: “Huh! You said that the old man has toiled all his life? What a joke! To tell you the truth, the old man has achieved financial freedom since he was young, and I have already There are groups of children and grandchildren, so they can fully enjoy the blessings of the family and the happiness of family at home. The reason why they are fortune-telling at such an old age is to save all beings!”
After all, he looked at He Yuanjiang, but said angrily: “You take this brazen young man and go. I wanted to help with your affairs, but it seems that you and I have no chance. So please do it yourself. Right.”
He Yuanjiang was a little anxious. He lowered his voice and said to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, we would rather believe this kind of thing, but not believe it, and to be honest, 5000 yuan is not a big deal, even if it is to buy one. Peace of mind is also worth it.”
Ye Chen waved his hand, looked at the old man, and said with a smile: “I see that your cheeks are thin and the person is full. At first glance, you don’t look like a blessed person, and your forehead shape is dissatisfied. This is a typical young man. Even in the face of childlessness, you say that your children are in groups and there are many descendants. How is this possible?”
The old man snorted coldly: “Boy, you are inferior to humans. Have you begun to engage in personal attacks? The old man has three sons and three daughters. There are 13 grandchildren and granddaughters. You said that I have little faces. , Childless?! This is really unreasonable!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a fortune.”
After that, he grabbed the five coins and threw them out again.
Afterwards, Ye Chen looked at the position, front and back of the coins, and said lightly: “The hexagram shows that you are destined to commit a lone star, and you are doomed to have no future!”
After speaking, Ye Chen looked at him and asked seriously: “Do your sons and daughters look like you?”
The old man was stunned.
Ye Chen’s words poke a knot in his heart that has been haunting his heart for so many years.
That is, none of his six children really looks like him.
Ye Chen continued: “This hexagram also says that you can see the blue sky through the clouds and mist in the near future, and I believe it should say this.”
The old man said angrily: “You don’t talk nonsense here! You are so young, I advise you to accumulate your morals!”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “I’m not making fun of you, I’m telling the truth.”
After that, Ye Chen asked him: “Do you know your blood type?”
“Me?” The old man blurted out: “I am an ab type!”
Ye Chen asked again: “Where is your wife?”
The old man said: “My wife is O-shaped! What’s wrong? What do you want to say?”
Ye Chen asked again: “Then do you know the blood type of one of your six children?”
The old man continued: “My eldest son is also ab, just follow me, what’s wrong?”
This time, Ye Chen still didn’t speak, and He Yuanjiang on the side said with a shocked expression: “Your wife has blood type o, you have blood type ab, and your eldest son is also blood type ab?”
“Yes!” The old man snorted coldly: “The blood type is the same as mine, it must be my own blood!”
He Yuanjiang said embarrassingly: “This…From the scientific genetic law of blood type, people with blood type ab and blood type o will only give birth to type a blood, or type b blood, it is impossible to give birth to type o. Blood, or blood type ab…”

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