The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2636

He was dreaming and never thought that none of his three sons actually belonged to him.
? He couldn’t help holding his face in pain: “I…what evil did I do? I…all my life is exhausted to raise sons and grandchildren for others. …..”
After finishing speaking, he completely collapsed and lay on the ground all of a sudden, crying loudly.
He Yuanjiang was also taken aback.
He always thought that Ye Chen was deliberately mad at this old man, but he didn’t even think that Ye Chen would become a conscience.
He hurriedly asked Ye Chen: “Ye Chen…this…what’s going on…”
Ye Chen shrugged helplessly: “That’s how it is. Judging from his face and hexagrams, he shouldn’t have a son. As a result, he has three more. That’s obviously wrong, but The case is solved now, he does not have a son.”
He Yuanjiang couldn’t help asking, “Can you really see the facts so accurately? Isn’t this amazing?”
Ye Chen stood up, and while pulling He Yuanjiang into the distance, he whispered: “Uncle He, I actually teased him on purpose just now. I didn’t even think that my crow’s mouth was even right… ..”
“Ah?!” He Yuanjiang said dumbfounded: “This… can this also be said?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Did the blind cat hit a dead mouse! What’s impossible.”
He Yuanjiang asked again: “Then what did he say about the difficult things in the autumn?”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “That’s all he is talking nonsense, so don’t worry about it at all.”
He Yuanjiang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this.
He also found that the old fortune-telling man was indeed a big fool.
Therefore, the tension in his heart was immediately relieved a lot.
Ye Chen remembered the hexagram he had just made, and said to He Yuanjiang: “Uncle He, if you have time in the afternoon, pay more attention to the news on the local situation in Syria. Zhiqiu joined the government forces in military operations, so I believe their safety is guaranteed. If there are any accidents, there should be some relevant clues in the news.”
He Yuanjiang nodded in agreement and said: “What you said makes sense, then I will pay more attention to the local news. I have some friends in the media who have good relationships, and they can speak well in major media companies. Several large media outlets should have war correspondents and news networks. I let them help me pay attention to first-hand information.”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “If you have any information, please tell me as soon as possible.”
Ye Chen checked the time and said: “Uncle He, you can go back to school, I’m leaving too.”
He Yuanjiang pointed to the old man lying on the ground and crying in the distance, and said with some sympathy: “What about this old man?”
Ye Chen said helplessly: “I can’t do anything. He has no son in his life. I can’t change him. Let him digest this matter slowly.”
He Yuanjiang sighed helplessly, and said: “That’s OK, then I’ll go first. We must keep in touch today. No matter who has any information, we will exchange it with each other as soon as possible.”
“No problem.”
Watching He Yuanjiang cross the road, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sighed and muttered sadly: “I always think that He Zhiqiu’s accident is imminent, and there is not much time left for her, but how can I save her? I don’t know. Where exactly is she, I don’t know how to go to Syria…”
“You know, Syria is now full of wars! The situation is too turbulent. There is no direct flight to this country from any city in the country.”
“There are even messages on the Internet that Syria’s civil aviation system has been completely stopped long ago. Maybe you have to fly to a neighboring country first, and then find a way to enter the country by land…”
“In that case, the time spent on the road will take at least 24 hours. If there is any danger, there will be no time to react at this time…”

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