The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2637

On the way to Buckingham Palace by taxi, Ye Chen was still worrying about He Zhiqiu.
In order to prevent He Zhiqiu from having no time to rush over after He Zhiqiu’s accident, Ye Chen even wanted to start now, but the situation in Syria was so special that he didn’t know what way to go there.
When he thought that Chen Zekai had strong resources in all aspects, Ye Chen was ready to find him to come up with ideas.
It just so happened that I had to discuss with him how to deal with the Su family next?
After Ye Chen arrived at Buckingham Palace, he went directly to Chen Zekai’s office.
At this time, in the Buckingham Palace Hotel, Su Shoudao was still waiting for the opportunity to establish contact with Ito.
However, because he sneaked into Buckingham Palace quietly, so far he has stayed in the room and dare not show his head.
His wife Du Haiqing, eldest daughter Su Zhiyu, and illegitimate daughter Su Ruoli also live in this hotel.
It’s just that none of these three parties knows, the other two are by their side.
Ye Chen came all the way to Chen Zekai‚Äôs office. As soon as they met, Chen Zekai hurriedly reported to him: “Master, you let me send someone to monitor the grandparents and grandchildren. My people have begun to watch them secretly. I will tell you at a time.”
Ye Chen nodded, and said solemnly: “These two people were sent by the Su family, and I think they are likely to look for clues to me, so you must keep an eye on them, and also keep an eye on the near future. People who come to Jinling.”
As soon as Chen Zekai heard this, he immediately said with outrage: “Master, these two people dare to be against you. If you want me to say, let’s do it first and kill them!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said faintly: “This ancestor and grandson should be feng shui masters, and they still have some moral integrity. First save their lives and see what they are going to do next.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Okay, Master, I see.”
Ye Chen nodded and asked him: “By the way, Old Chen, do you know anything about the situation in Syria?”
“Syria?!” Chen Zekai said embarrassingly: “Master, why do you suddenly care about this place where birds don’t shit?”
Ye Chen chuckled, and said: “I’ll go where the birds don’t poop.”
“What?” Chen Zekai exclaimed and blurted out: “Master, you are not kidding me, are you going to Syria?”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s wrong, and maybe the sooner the better.”
“This…” Chen Zekai thought for a while and blurted out: “There is a war in that place, and the civil aviation system is not navigable…What are you going to do? If it doesn’t matter what matters, I I still advise you not to go!”
Ye Chen said helplessly: “There are some sudden emergencies that I have to go to, and time is tight. Please help me to find out. There is a more reliable route that can let me in the fastest time. , All the way to Damascus, the capital of Syria.”

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