The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2638

Upon hearing this, Chen Zekai stopped persuading Ye Chen, but immediately took out his mobile phone and made several calls.
After the call, Chen Zekai said to Ye Chen: “Master, I consulted my friends and also inquired about some overseas channels. Now if I want to go to Syria, the more common route is to fly to Turkey or Iraq first, and then from these two The country entered Syria by land.”
After speaking, Chen Zekai said again: “But what is more embarrassing is that Turkey is in the north of Syria and Iraq is in the east of Syria, but the capital of Syria, Damascus, is in the southwest of Syria. That is to say, whether it is from Iraq or Turkey. Damascus has to pass hundreds of kilometers of land.”
“Furthermore, the terrain in the Middle East is complicated and the transportation is not very convenient. It takes at least 20 hours for this journey alone.”
Ye Chen frowned and said, “If I remember correctly, the west of Syria should be bordered by Lebanon? And the capitals of the two countries are very close. The straight-line distance is not even 100 kilometers, so fly to Lebanon first. Would it be easier to enter Syria from Lebanon?”
Chen Zekai nodded and said, “Master, I also asked about this just now.”
“In theory, of course, Lebanon is closer to Damascus, but if civil aviation flies to Lebanon from the country, the route will pass through Syria.”
“Now the Syrian government forces and the opposition are fighting like rotten pears, and both sides have ground-to-air weapons. Therefore, the civil aviation of any country dare not fly into its airspace. Avoid airspace.”
“According to civil aviation routes, once Syria is to be bypassed, the flight distance will increase by nearly two thousand kilometers.”
“As a result, our business jets can’t fly in a single breath. We must find a stopover airport midway to replenish fuel.”
“In this case, it will be necessary to coordinate the airport for the stopover supply, and then take off after landing, refueling, and regular inspections. It will take another hour or two.”
“And when I arrived in Lebanon, there was still a big problem. Because it is too close to Syria, the border has been temporarily closed in order to avoid the war. If you want to travel from Lebanon to Syria, you can only sneak across. Borderline…”
Ye Chen nodded, and said solemnly: “Even if you want to sneak across the border, a straight-line distance of less than 100 kilometers will save a lot of time.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master, crossing the border is not just for fun. Both countries are heavily guarded. In extraordinary times, if someone illegally crosses the border, either party has the right to shoot directly. Moreover, now Syria is not just It is the Syrian government forces and the opposition forces. The situation is too complicated to penetrate into it!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said calmly: “This is actually not a problem, I have my own way to cross the border.”
With that, Ye Chen said a little annoyedly: “The most important thing is that the flight time is too long. It was originally necessary to fly for at least nine hours. If it takes a detour, it will take another two or three hours. There will be another stop in the middle, and another hour or two will be added. After this calculation, it will take at least thirteen or four hours to fly to Lebanon. It’s too long, and the lives of people over there are too long. time…….”
Chen Zekai also fell into deep thought. He pondered for a long time, and suddenly thought of something, and blurted out: “Master, at present, there is a only solution that will allow you to fly from Jinling to Lebanon in four and a half hours! It’s just that I can’t do this plan, only you can try it yourself.”
Ye Chen hurriedly asked: “What plan?!”
Chen Zekai hurriedly reminded: “Master, do you remember that when you went to Changbai Mountain to ambush the Eight Heavenly Kings in advance, I told you that your grandfather spent a lot of money on a Concorde airliner?”
“The flight speed of the Concorde is 2.5 times that of a civil aviation aircraft. Moreover, the Concorde that your grandpa bought has also been specially modified and upgraded to reduce the carrying capacity of the aircraft and increase the fuel capacity of the aircraft. A single refueling can exceed Flying 10,000 kilometers at the speed of sound, there is no need to land and refuel in the middle, and it will take you to Lebanon in more than four hours!”

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