The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2640

The phone rang only twice and was immediately connected.
Ye Zhongquan asked happily, “Chen’er, why did you think of calling grandpa today?”
Ye Chen went straight to the topic and said, “I have something to ask you for help.”
Ye Zhongquan said without hesitation: “Oh, what is there to be polite between you and grandpa, just talk about anything, as long as grandpa can do it, it’s absolutely unambiguous!”
Ye Chen said: “I’m in a hurry. I want to go to Lebanon immediately. I heard that you have a Concorde airliner. I want to borrow it.”
“By Concord?” Ye Zhongquan hesitated for a while. After a while, he smiled and said, “Chen’er, in fact, if you want to borrow a private jet, grandpa has a very, very luxurious Boeing business jet. It only costs internal modification. Hundreds of millions of dollars, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a palace in the sky, or should I lend you that plane?”
Ye Chen said firmly: “No, I only borrow Xiehe.”
Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, “Oh, that airplane is really too old. It was manufactured in 1985. To be honest, it’s a lot older than you. You know, the older the airplane, the less it will be. Safety.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help thinking of Ye Zhongquan doing Tai Chi with himself here, and blurted out: “You don’t want to lend me the Concorde, but you must at least lend me a plane that will allow me to do this. The plane flew from Jinling to Lebanon within half an hour.”
“This…” Ye Zhongquan said awkwardly, “The requirement of four and a half hours is too high, can you be a little bit more relaxed…”
Ye Chen asked him back: “If you can borrow it, you can give me a good word. If it can’t, then I won’t be too difficult.”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen said coldly: “However, I may have to reconsider the ancestor worship ceremony. Besides. I think since even borrowing a plane is so troublesome to do such a small thing, I will no longer bother in the future. Ye family.”
When Ye Zhongquan heard this, he gritted his teeth and said without hesitation: “Oh, Chen’er, don’t be impulsive! Isn’t it just borrowing a plane? Grandpa lends it to you! I will ask the crew to prepare and fly directly to Jinling! I have two The crew has been on standby at the airport in two shifts, ready to take off at any time! Are you satisfied now?”
Ye Chen’s voice eased, and he said, “In this case, I won’t break my promise regarding the ancestor worship ceremony.”
Ye Zhongquan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Chen’er, you often go home and have a look when you have time. Your uncle and I, your uncle, and your aunt miss you!”
Ye Chen accepted it casually and said, “Okay, after the ancestor worship ceremony, I will visit you often.”
Ye Zhongquan said hurriedly, “That’s good, that’s good!”
After speaking, he asked again: “Chen’er, what are you going to do in Lebanon? Do you need help from grandpa?”
Ye Chen thought of the question he had just talked with Chen Zekai, and asked: “I wonder if you can help me to clear the relationship so that I can leave Lebanon and go to Syria smoothly?”
“Are you going to Syria?” Ye Zhongquan asked in surprise: “There is a war going on there. What are you going to do there?”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “I have some personal affairs that I need to go over.”
Ye Zhongquan thought for a while, and said, “I have something to do with Lebanon!”
“Well, I’ll clear it up for you, and promise to help you get this done before you arrive in Lebanon.”
“Guaranteed that after you arrive in Lebanon, you can go directly to Syria.”

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