The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2642

Ye Chen was moved in his heart, and said softly: “Good wife, to be honest, I don’t want to go out at this time, but this time I was looking for an old customer, and I really can’t escape.”
Having said that, he paused slightly and continued: “Wife, or else, I promise you? After this order is finished, I won’t take new orders in the next month!”
The reason why Ye Chen promised for a month was because it was Ching Ming Festival almost a month later, and he had to go to Yanjing to participate in the ancestor worship ceremony at that time, and he would definitely have to explain to Xiao Churan for reasons of Feng Shui.
Xiao Churan on the phone, when he heard that Ye Chen had said that he would not take orders for a month, his mood finally eased a lot, and his tone was also a little bit coquettish, and said, “This is what you said, if the future Within a month, if you dare to go out and show others Feng Shui, then I will share a room with you to sleep!”
When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately agreed without hesitation, and blurted out: “My wife, don’t worry! I do what I say!”
Only then was Xiao Churan satisfied, and asked him, “Then when will you leave?”
Ye Chen said: “I will set off directly in a while.”
Xiao Churan couldn’t hide his surprise and asked, “Why are you so anxious? I thought you had to wait for tomorrow to leave.”
Ye Chen explained: “The seller of other villas contacted several buyers at the same time, because the price is relatively cheap, so whoever gets the deal will go to him first, so this old customer is so anxious and wants me to go with him today. ”
Xiao Churan asked curiously: “What customers, men and women?”
After finishing speaking, she felt that her question was a little inappropriate, and hurriedly explained: “Ye Chen, I just asked casually. I don’t mean anything else. If you don’t want to say it, then forget it.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s a male client. He is quite famous, and he is the general manager of our Buckingham Palace Hotel, Chen Zekai.”
Xiao Churan naturally heard of Chen Zekai’s name.
However, she only knows that Chen Zekai is the general manager of Buckingham Palace, and that Chen Zekai is very influential in Jinling, but she does not know Chen Zekai’s true background.
So Ye Chen was not afraid of using Chen Zekai as a cover.
Hearing Chen Zekai’s name, Xiao Churan exclaimed: “Damn, this Chen Zekai is said to be very powerful, even the Song family has to give him a bit of face, when will he become your old customer?”
Ye Chen deliberately lowered his voice and said with a smile: “Aren’t these wealthy people in Jinling quite good? I believe in Fengshui. I was a bit famous before, so many rich people came here admiringly.”
After speaking, he said again: “Wife, wait a minute, I will let Mr. Chen say something to you.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said, “No, no, husband, I just ask, no other meaning.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “My husband has no other meaning, just to let you rest assured.”
With that, he said to Chen Zekai: “Mr. Chen, please talk to my wife.”
Chen Zekai hurried over and said seriously: “Mrs. Ye, this is Chen Zekai. Master Ye will go with me this time. I hope you don’t mind.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “If you don’t, you won’t, I hope you all go well.”
Ye Chen said at this time: “My wife, we are ready to go immediately, so I won’t tell you for now.”
Xiao Churan said hurriedly: “Then you must pay attention to safety when you are out, and remember to eat regularly.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of myself.”
Xiao Churan reluctantly said: “Then you go, I will continue to work, and come back soon.”
Ye Chen also hung up the phone with some dismay, and then immediately said to Chen Zekai: “Arrange for a helicopter, I’m going to the airport!”
ps: Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Good health, happy family!

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