The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2645

He Yuanjiang never dreamed that Ye Chen was already ready to go to Syria!
He originally called Ye Chen instead of asking Ye Chen for help, because he felt that Ye Chen could not help much. After all, his daughter is now six to seven thousand kilometers away in Syria, and she is still opposing well in the armed Syria. Pie hands.
In this case, even the Syrian government army had no way of doing it, so he didn’t think Ye Chen could help.
He Yuanjiang made this call to Ye Chen mainly to tell him the latest situation.
Therefore, when he heard Ye Chen say that he was ready to go to Syria, he was shocked to speak.
After a while, he subconsciously asked, “Ye Chen, you…how did you go to Syria? That place is not even connected to civil aviation…”
Ye Chen had already stepped off the helicopter and stepped onto the slender Concorde in front of him.
As he ran up the boarding stair car, he said to He Yuanjiang on the phone: “I let the Ye family arrange the plane to fly to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and then enter Syria from Beirut!”
He Yuanjiang heard this and immediately said excitedly: “Ye Chen, you… are you true?!”
Ye Chen said, “Of course, I’m already at Jinling Airport, and I will take off immediately.”
He Yuanjiang subconsciously asked: “How long will it take to get to Syria? The opposition will start killing hostages in a few hours. I’m afraid you will toss it so far, but in the end you still can’t catch up…”
Ye Chen said: “I borrowed the Ye family‚Äôs Concorde, and it took more than four hours to get to Beirut. In addition, I also asked Ye family to prepare resources and contacts locally. After I landed, I should be able to go directly to Syria. Kent is only tens of kilometers away from Syria, and it should still be able to catch up.”
He Yuanjiang hurriedly asked again: “Then…Can I go with me then?”
Ye Chen said, “Uncle He, time is running out. I will take off in five minutes. You can wait for my message in Jinling with peace of mind. I will definitely bring your daughter back safely.”
He Yuanjiang said gratefully: “Ye Chen, thank you so much…”
After speaking, he asked again: “Ye Chen, how do you plan to save Zhiqiu when you arrive in Syria? You promised uncle that you must never try to risk yourself! In any case, you can’t put yourself in a dangerous situation, do you understand?”
Ye Chen comforted: “Uncle He, don’t worry, I mainly intend to use money to solve the problem this time. Don’t the Syrian opposition just want the ransom? If the US embassy is not willing to give it, then I will give it.”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but ridiculed himself again: “To be honest, I’m going over this time and I’m going to be a wealthy boy for the opposition. No matter how jerk they are, they can’t even let the God of Wealth go?”
In fact, Ye Chen just comforted He Yuanjiang and told him not to worry too much.
Using money to redeem someone is not Ye Chen’s style at all.
Because he knows that such desperadoes are absolutely impossible to have any credibility at all.
Generally speaking, such brutal and vicious criminals will only see money open and treachery.
If they really took tens of millions of dollars in the past to redeem people, they might not only not let them go, but on the contrary they would feel that they were a big fish and detain themselves.
So, this time, he is ready to directly use violence to solve the problem.

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