The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2648

Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, let them arrange a parachuting instructor to board the plane with me, and tell me how to open the parachute and control the direction on the way!”
After more than four hours of flying, Ye Chen’s Concorde airliner finally landed at the Lebanese capital Beirut Airport.
Beirut at this time was in the afternoon, and the temperature reached about 30 degrees Celsius.
The sky has been a little hazy, and the air has been a little humid. It seems that a heavy rain has been holding back for a long time and it has not come down.
After Ye Chen’s plane landed, he taxied directly to a huge hangar. At this time, there was also a transport plane with four propeller engines parked in the hangar. A group of crew members were surrounding the plane to do a detailed inspection.
After the plane stopped, the boarding ladder docked, the crew opened the door, and Ye Chen and Chen Zekai walked out of the cabin together.
At this moment, below the ladder, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face was standing respectfully. When Ye Chen and Chen Zekai walked down, he hurriedly stepped forward and bowed respectfully and said: “Hello, master, welcome to Beirut.”
Ye Chen looked at the other party and found that this person was about the same age as Chen Zekai, in his thirties, and his Mandarin was very standard, and he did not seem to be a long-term overseas Chinese.
So he asked, “Are you from the Ye family?”
The other party hurriedly said: “Going back to the young master, I am the spokesperson of the Ye family in the Middle East. My name is Han Guangyao. The master specially asked me to fly over from Saudi Arabia to help you clear your relationship and provide you with all the help I can provide.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked him, “How is the situation in Syria?”
Han Guangyao explained: “The Syrian opposition is stalemate with the U.S. Embassy, ​​but the U.S. Embassy’s attitude is very firm this time, and it doesn’t mean to compromise. So I guess they will lose patience soon.”
Ye Chen asked again: “Is the U.S. Embassy completely unprepared to intervene in this matter, or does it secretly have other plans?”
Han Guangyao said helplessly: “At present, it seems that they are completely unprepared to intervene, mainly because they have worked so hard to seek any benefits in Syria in the past few years. Now that they have withdrawn, they don’t want to be involved anymore.”
“On the other hand, it’s also because these kidnapped young Americans do not have the children of American politicians or wealthy people. They all have no background. The Americans are thinking of trivial matters, so they have begun to suppress information in the country. It is also ordering major European media not to carry out follow-up reports.”
“In this way, even if the reactionaries really kill these eight people, American citizens will not hear anything.”
Having said that, Han Guangyao said with emotion: “Moreover, the situation in Syria is particularly chaotic. Not only are government forces and the opposition fighting, but Kurdish forces are involved.”
“The camp behind this is even more complicated. The United States, Russia, Iran, and Turkey are all fueling the flames behind the scenes. This has led to various armed conflicts in Syria all day long, and any war between the two sides will kill the red eye. Without leaving any room, the US embassy had warned American citizens not to come to Syria for a long time. These eight young people knowingly committed the crime. If something really happened, the United States wouldn’t save them.”
Ye Chen nodded solemnly, and asked him: “Has the skydiving coach arrived?”
“Here.” Han Guangyao said: “The instructor is adjusting the umbrella bag and equipment on the plane. I will take you up to meet him. By the way, young master, our plane will take off in ten minutes!”

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