The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2653

The height of seven or eight floors is almost a deadly height for most ordinary people.
But for Ye Chen, there really is no big deal.
His only worry is that when his height gets lower and lower, he will first descend to the height of the mountain top. The most important thing is whether he will be discovered by the opponent at this height.
In order to be sure, he put his hand into his pocket and grasped the thunder warning in his pocket.
This thundering order used the Wannian Lightning Strike Wood sent by Song Wanting, which was called the best of the lightning strike woods, and Ye Chen’s best weapon.
Although he had used this shocking thunder for many times, and there were already many cracks on its surface, but at present, it can be used at least a few times.
Ye Chen didn’t really like using the Thunderbolt, because every time this thing coaxed out of it, there was a lot of noise, but this time, he still planned to use the Thunderbolt to increase his success rate.
At this time, the entire mountain area was quiet. There were few people here and there were almost no vehicles on the road. People below could hear the wind and the not-so-big rain, but there were no other sounds.
But at this moment, in the western sky, a lightning bolt like a whip of God suddenly lit up!
This lightning slammed on the top of the mountain in the west, slicing several soldiers in the fortifications into coke on the spot!
Followed by a deafening thunder!
The rumbling of thunder resounded like a missile exploded, and it reverberated throughout the valley.
On the plane, Han Guangyao was taken aback by the explosion. He blurted out: “Damn it! In places like the Middle East, how can there be thunderstorms in winter?!”
Skydiving expert Vasily, because of professional requirements, is also a meteorological expert himself. Even he has a dazed expression and murmured: “This…this is not scientific… I have retrieved today’s satellite weather map, and today’s weather conditions do not exist for the formation of thunderclouds!”
The crew also didn’t understand.
The crew of this aircraft are extremely experienced pilots, but all experienced pilots must be most of the meteorologists and well-informed meteorologists.
They have a good understanding of the formation of various climates and weather, and they can basically know what the situation is at a glance.
But no one would have thought that this kind of winter rain cloud, even a moderate rain would not fall, how could a sudden thunderstorm occur.
Only Chen Zekai heard this loud noise and felt a lot more at ease. He knew that this thunder must be caused by Ye Chen!
At this moment, all opposition soldiers, local villagers, and even 8 hostages, including He Zhiqiu, were also shocked by the sudden explosion of thunder!
For these people, the noise of the thunder just now is so great that they have almost never encountered it in their entire life.
Many people have tinnitus in their ears because of this explosion.
If the eardrum is slightly fragile, you will feel severe pain from deep in your ears.
Except for those who were imprisoned, almost everyone else walked out the door at the first time, or turned their heads, and focused their attention on the West Mountain where the thunder and lightning occurred. The few soldiers who survived on the top of the West Mountain were also in panic and reported via the intercom. The specific loss situation.
After hearing the news that five soldiers were killed by lightning, the entire opposition was shocked from top to bottom.
They have never encountered such a terrible thing. A single lightning can kill five people. How powerful is this lightning?
Most of the soldiers thought this was the anger of the gods, and many people knelt on the ground without hesitation, bowing towards the west mountain and praying for the gods’ forgiveness.
Unlike most soldiers with no educational level, the leader of this opposition armed forces was an intellectual who had studied at a military academy. The moment he heard the message, he immediately realized that the fortifications on the top of the West Mountain were struck by lightning. It is because they are in a higher terrain, so the lightning rod effect is produced.
Therefore, he immediately ordered all the soldiers in the Dongshanding fortification to hide in the fortification to avoid another lightning strike.
This further helped Ye Chen. After the soldiers on the eastern mountaintop received the message, all the tortoises retracted into the bunkers inside the fortifications, fearing to be struck by lightning.
The soldiers on the top of the eastern mountain hid while others were staring at the west and were horrified. In the gray sky, an unremarkable figure fell from the eastern sky of the base at an extremely fast speed.

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