The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2664

As he said, a trace of spiritual energy penetrated into the opponent’s body and went straight to the opponent’s brain.
Immediately afterwards, just like Faisal, this person was given psychological hints by Ye Chen. Hearing this, he hurriedly said: “You are too right!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, pointed at another person, and said: “This brother must be dissatisfied, right?”
The man hurriedly said, “I dare not dare, what the commander asks me to do, I will do what I do, no two minds!”
Ye Chen smiled, walked up to him, patted his shoulder as well, and smiled: “Your consciousness is very high! In the future, I will definitely say something for you in front of the commander.”
After that, another trace of spiritual energy entered, following the method, and firmly controlling this person’s consciousness.
At this time, a guy with a full face cursed and said: “The commander said that as soon as the time is up, he will start to kill. I think it is almost the time, and I will execute the sentence then!”
Ye Chen looked at this person, sneered, and asked, “You like killing people?”
The guy stared at Ye Chen, and said disdainfully: “Wrong, I just like it, why? Do you have an opinion? Or do you want to speak for these Yankees?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Why should I speak for them? I just think that the hostages really can’t come to the table. If you really have the ability, it is better to wait for the government forces to fight over and kill a few more enemies on the battlefield.”
The guy stepped up to Ye Chen in two steps, reached out his hand and grabbed Ye Chen by the collar, and yelled, “Are you sarcastic me?!”
Ye Chen said with a shame: “It seems you are not stupid.”
The guy was very angry, and when he raised his hand, his fist was about to hit Ye Chen’s face. Ye Chen suddenly yelled: “Asshole, even your dad dares to fight?! Don’t hesitate to kneel down and admit his mistake !”
This voice frightened the other party into a sluggish moment.
He didn’t know that at that moment, Ye Chen had already exerted powerful psychological hints on his brain.
His whole figure was startled, and then he knelt on the ground with a thud, and said in fear: “Dad, I was wrong…”
Ye Chen pushed him away. At this moment, the person wearing the headset took off the headset in surprise and blurted out: “Camille, why are you kneeling? This person is your father?!”
The brawny man called Camille blurted out: “Wrong, he is my father!”
The man stunned and said, “Your brain is broken, right? Didn’t your dad die last year? I’m going to help carry the coffin!”
Ye Chen looked at him at this time and said lightly: “I am not only his father, but also your father, why don’t I just kneel down and admit my mistakes like him?”
This sentence scared this person to death.
He felt dizzy in his mind, and then he knelt down beside Camille subconsciously, choked up and said: “Dad, I was wrong…”
Ye Chen also felt a sharp pain in his brain at this time, and then carefully examined his body, there was only a trace of aura left, which made him realize that he had just given five people consecutive psychological hints, and the aura consumption was indeed too great.
In the past, he seldom concentrated on using aura. The time spent at this moment, the aura consumption is greater than in the past few months.
Fortunately, the five people, including Faisal, have been psychologically hinted by themselves, and these five people have become their most loyal puppets.
So he pointed to the door of the room inside and said to the five people: “Who has the key? Open the door!”

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