The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2667

Hearing Ye Chen’s question, the boy blurted out and retorted: “First of all! I don’t believe you came from Huaxia at all! Because this is simply not realistic!”
After finishing speaking, he looked at everyone and said very seriously: “Everyone has studied world geography and Huaxia Geography, so you must know the distance between China and China!”
“If you fly over from the central part of China, the straight-line distance is at least 6,000 kilometers, right?”
“If you fly over from the western region of China, the straight-line distance will not be less than 5,000 kilometers.”
Ye Chen gave a thumbs up and said with a smile: “You are so fucking clever! You know everything!”
After speaking, Ye Chen turned around and said jokingly: “But you guessed it wrong, Big Smart, I’m not from Central China or West China, I’m from East China.”
“East China?!” The Indian boy who Ye Chen described as a smart Indian boy disdainfully said: “East China is even more impossible! East China is here, less 7,000 kilometers, how did you fly over in such a short time? On the rocket?”
As he said, he sneered again: “Furthermore, as we all know, due to the war, Syria has not yet resumed navigation. If you want to get from China to Syria, you must first fly to neighboring countries and then transfer to land transportation. , Even if you use the shortest route and don’t delay for a minute, according to my estimate, you will have at least twenty hours to arrive, but we have been captured for twenty-four hours now. Do you have an unknown prophet? The ability? So, if you want me to say, you are lying!”
Ye Chen shook his head helplessly, looked at He Zhiqiu, and asked, “Is this guy always doing this?”
He Zhiqiu’s expression was a little embarrassed at once, but also a little hesitant.
In fact, she was not sure about Ye Chen’s identity, and she couldn’t believe what Ye Chen said.
Moreover, listening to Ye Chen’s voice face to face is somewhat different from what she and Ye Chen heard through their mobile phones in the WeChat communication.
In addition, Ye Chen didn’t show her identity, so she was a little unpredictable at once.
After all, the speculation made by the Indian boy just now is not unreasonable. Ye Chen’s statement is somewhat contrary to logic, both in terms of time and space.
At this time, the Indian-born cleverness continued: “Tell you, our SEAL team strives to be 100% successful every time it performs a mission, so they will definitely formulate a comprehensive rescue plan before performing the scalpel. The rescue operation! I believe they will rescue us after a while!”
Ye Chen sneered and said: “Okay, don’t stop fucking nonsense, you can pull a calf when you open your mouth, right?”
“I tell you the truth, the news that you guys were captured is not reported by the European and American media at all!”

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