The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2668

“Do you know what the report means? It means that your fellow Americans don’t even know that you are captured!”
“So your army will not bother to send troops to rescue you, let alone send troops to rescue you so much. The opposition and your embassy demanded 80 million ransom but were rejected. You still expect them to send troops to rescue you. Do you think your father is Buffett and Bill Gates?”
“I don’t believe it!” Several young Americans retorted in unison: “You must be lying!”
Just now, the Indian boy looked at He Zhiqiu and said loudly: “Zhiqiu, you must be careful of this person. I seriously suspect that this person is a member of the opposition! Otherwise, even if he has great abilities, he cannot be so short. Arrived here within the time limit, and don’t forget, there are still one or two thousand opposition soldiers guarding here. If he were not one of them, he would never come in alive! Look at him, wearing opposition costumes and holding The weapon of the opposition, this person must be a member of the opposition!”
Immediately, he stared at Ye Chen and said coldly: “This guy is running here now to act with you and slander our motherland. I don’t know what An’s intention is! Maybe it’s because the opposition knows that you are a Chinese American. People, so I found him such a Chinese from the team to come and set up the game with you. I think he must have been arranged by the opposition to instigate you! You must not believe him!”
Ye Chen was so angry that he wanted to laugh at the silly bird, and asked him: “Since you are so determined that I am a member of the opposition, then you pretend to be so coercive in front of me, you are not afraid that I will use the ak47 in my hand. Suddenly?”
Indian boys are obviously a little nervous, but they still pretend to be tough and say: “I don’t believe you dare to attack me! Your opposition took us so hard to capture us, isn’t it just to negotiate terms with our motherland? Is it? If you kill me, what would you use to negotiate terms with our motherland? Moreover, if our motherland wants to retaliate against you, it will be your end! Only a few missiles will be able to razor this place to the ground! ”
Ye Chen sarcastically said: “Of the eight of you, one of you counts as one. It’s nothing more than a schoolmaster with better academic performance. In terms of family background, do your parents have money? In terms of background, any one of you can become an American parent. State Assemblyman?”
“I want money but no money, power and power, and lick my face and wait for the SEALs to save you? I want to let someone use missiles to avenge you. It’s not that I despise you. Any small and medium conventional missile costs a lot. Millions of dollars. Surface-to-surface missiles start at tens of millions of dollars. Do you deserve revenge with such an expensive weapon?”
The Indian boy’s expression is very ugly, he wants to say something, but suddenly he can’t find any words to refute.
At this time, another boy of Chinese descent said: “You don’t confuse people here anymore. As we all know, the United States has always valued the safety of citizens most. All eight of us are social pillars. The country will definitely rescue us at all costs. Yes, you are running over to brainwash us now. Don’t you just want us to cooperate with you in attacking our country? I know your tricks. As long as the Americans scold the United States, you will be so excited that you can’t sleep. You can’t wait to send the video to Go to the world!”
Ye Chen put away the joking smile just now, looked at the young man with the face of Huaxia, and asked seriously: “I ask you, are you American or Chinese?”
“Of course I am an American!” The boy blurted out without hesitation: “My passport was taken away by you. If you go to see my passport now, you can see clearly that I am a citizen of the United States of America! ”
Ye Chen nodded, deeply disappointed in this group of people, especially this boy of Chinese descent. Although what he said was not wrong, it made Ye Chen feel very uncomfortable.
So, he became light and indifferent and said: “Well, in this case, then you also wait for your country to save you.”
After that, he looked at He Zhiqiu again and said seriously: “Miss He, I don’t want to ask you the same question anymore. I am entrusted by your father to save you, so no matter which country you think you are from, as long as you are willing to follow me Go, I will rescue you and take you back to China.”
“But! If you really don’t want to go with me, I, Ye Chen, will never do things that force others. Could you please record me a video to explain that you don’t want to go, I will bring the video back to your dad , Even if it is an explanation to your dad!”

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