The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2670

The Chinese boy shook his head and said: “Zhiqiu, I know you a girl must be afraid of death, but you have to believe that in this world, no one dares to kill an American citizen at will! We will definitely be rescued in the end!”
Ye Chen was amused by him, and couldn’t help asking him: “My buddy, I will say something that is not black, objective and fair. You have a variety of shootings in the United States all day long, and it will cause several, even dozens of people. When an innocent civilian died, you still said that no one would dare to kill an American citizen at will. Don’t you feel contradictory?
The boy of Chinese descent blushed and retorted with a rough neck: “Those things you said happened locally! They didn’t happen overseas! How can the local ones count?
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “What do you mean, what is happening here is the contradiction among the people?”
“That’s wrong!” The Chinese boy said in agreement immediately: “It is the contradiction among the people!”
Ye Chen nodded, looked at He Zhiqiu, and said: “In my opinion, your dad needs to know that you have been mixing up with these stupid things all day long, and I don’t know how sad it is.”
He Zhiqiu suddenly looked very embarrassed.
She also feels that her friends are usually smarter than the other, all of them are academic bullies and elites, but now they don’t know why, all of them seem very anti-intellectual.
Ye Chen was not sure whether He Zhiqiu really believed in his identity, so he took out his mobile phone and opened the dialog between him and He Zhiqiu from WeChat, then turned the screen to her, pulled up the chat log, and said Said: “This kind of chat record cannot be forged, so you believe my identity, right?”
He Zhiqiu said almost without hesitation: “I believe it!”
Several other people saw this scene, and they were shocked to speak!
They are here, you attacked Ye Chen for a long time, and wasted so much tongue, just to prove that Ye Chen is fake.
For this reason, they moved out various arguments, and packed their views seamlessly from the inside to the outside.
But now, with only one mobile phone, Ye Chen completely overturned all the judgments made by these self-righteous top students, making these seven people dumbfounded for a while.
The Indian kid couldn’t help exclaiming: “This…it’s impossible! Even if you are really Chairman Ye, you can’t rush from Eastern China in such a short time. Go to Syria!”
“Yes!” The Chinese kid also said, “This is illogical! Even the fastest civil airliner can’t do it!”
Ye Chen sneered and asked: “You two are the best. I ask you, what is the fastest civil airliner you know?”
The Chinese kid blurted out with a haughty look: “Of course I know! I have a deep research on aircraft! The fastest commercial airliner currently is the Gulfstream G650 business jet! This aircraft uses the British Rolls-Royce engine. It is powerful, and its flying speed can reach Mach 0.95, which is 95% of the speed of sound! But it is also one of the most expensive business jets in the world, and it is impossible to afford it if it is not the top rich!”
Ye Chen clapped and applauded: “You are really a fucking good material for learning. It seems that you must be very good at reciting the text. I used to see all kinds of keyboard car gods who didn’t even have a driver’s license on the Internet. A keyboard machine god.”
The Chinese boy said angrily: “Don’t be sneered here! Even if you are really sitting on the Gulfstream G650, it is impossible to arrive in Syria in such a short time! So you must have hidden some hidden secrets!”
Ye Chen smiled: “I’m sorry, I really didn’t take some g650 here.”
Speaking of this, Ye Chen put away his smile and said calmly: “I’m here on a Concorde airliner.”

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