The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2677

Hearing this, He Zhiqiu was at a loss.
She could see that Ye Chen was not joking.
So he didn’t know what he should do if Ye Chen really didn’t want to take away his companions.
She also didn’t think that her group of friends should be so anti-intellectual. They had already offended Ye Chen to death before Ye Chen revealed their identity. Now no matter how they plead with Ye Chen, it is reasonable for Ye Chen not to save them. of.
Although she wanted to leave here and go to Jinling to reunite with her father, she couldn’t bear to let her abandon so many friends and escape alone.
At a certain moment, He Zhiqiu even thought about not leaving, and just staying to live and die with these friends, so that even if facing the worst result, he can have a clear conscience.
Otherwise, if she leaves alone and seven of them die here, then she will not be able to get rid of the guilt deep in her heart in this life.
Ye Chen thought that these anti-intellectual highly educated talents are now desperately trying to get He Zhiqiu into the water.
They used all kinds of methods to repeatedly stimulate He Zhiqiu’s psychological defense by insulting, reprimanding, begging, or selling miserably, with only two purposes:
Or, let He Zhiqiu take them away together;
Or, let He Zhiqiu stay and die with them!
Ye Chen couldn’t help looking at He Zhiqiu. Seeing her expression was very tangled, and there was even some signs of a strong man breaking his wrist, he immediately said inwardly that it was not good!
Young people are most likely to be overwhelmed by so-called loyalty and affection, just like some death row prisoners who are so-called for their friends and are unwilling to betray their friends until they die. Lamb.
Therefore, Ye Chen gave He Zhiqiu a chance to react, opened the door directly, and said to Faisal outside: “Come and take Miss He out!”
Faisal, who had just brought the other four people under control of the two guards of Hamid, agreed without hesitation, and immediately walked to He Zhiqiu, and said coldly: “Miss He, please come with me! ”
He Zhiqiu was still a little vacillating, but when Ye Chen asked Faisal to take her out forcibly, she immediately aroused her sense of resistance. She almost immediately blurted out: “I’m not going! I’m not leaving! I’m going to stay. Come down and stay with my friends!”
As soon as He Zhiqiu said this, the expressions of the other seven people instantly eased a bit, and some even revealed a hint of excitement inadvertently.
Ye Chen had a panoramic view of the performance of these people, and had no hope for the humanity and character of these people.
In a critical juncture, I don’t have a chance to escape, and I don’t want my companions to escape. I want my companions to stay and die with me. This is the dirtiest aspect of human nature.
Therefore, Ye Chen will immediately say to Faisal: “Block her mouth and take her out!”
He Zhiqiu became more emotional when he heard this, and he blurted out, “Don’t touch me! I won’t leave!”
After finishing speaking, she looked at Ye Chen and shouted: “Mr. Ye, please tell my dad that I have no law to honor his old man, and let him not blame me! I am coming to Syria with my friends. If I left alone, I would never forgive myself in my life!”
Ye Chen frowned and looked at her, then asked, “Your brain is also infected by their seven stupid birds?!”
“I don’t have one!” He Zhiqiu said loudly, “I did it after careful consideration! I am willing to bear all the consequences, and I will never regret it!”

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