The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2682

Ye Chen’s words left He Zhiqiu completely speechless.
She finally knew that she was the biggest difference from Ye Chen.
I think of human nature too simple, and imagine the rules of the world too ideal.
But Ye Chen had already seen this through.
Helping others is really simple, but there must be a suitable reason.
Otherwise, even if the food wasted every day in developed countries is enough to feed all of Africa, Africa will still go hungry.
The reason is, why ask the billion people in developed countries to save wasted food and send it to Africa?
It’s very simple to waste it. If you don’t want to eat or can’t eat it anymore, just throw it in the trash can.
Why ask others to give these wasted food to Africans?
It makes sense!
The world’s top 100 rich people have money that they can’t spend their entire lives, but there are still people in the world who starve to death because they can’t eat. Can they use the reasons why people in the world are still starving to abduct these rich people morally?
The same makes no sense.
The same goes for her seven companions.
What they did, there was nothing worthy of Ye Chen’s rescue.
Ye Chen asked Hamid to keep them alive, which was regarded as a benevolence, and even their savior.
In this case, what about Ye Chen?
After figuring this out, she slowly lowered her head and stopped talking.
She felt that she was a bit too emotional just now.
Not only did he thank Ye Chen for his life-saver, but also complained about him.
The typical grievance repays virtue.
Seeing that she finally stopped, Ye Chen’s mood eased slightly.
Hamid on the side seemed to be a little unhappy seeing Ye Chen, and he persuaded him: “Brother, Miss He may be too young to see the sinister world, so some of the remarks are indeed a bit naive in our opinion, but you are also too young. Don’t take it too seriously.”
Ye Chen nodded and said faintly: “My brother is right, but anyone who has seen a sinister world will never go to such a ghostly place to make a documentary.”
Hamid sighed in agreement: “To be honest, I don’t know what the hell are these young people thinking. They are all Americans, but in the end they went to Syria to make some anti-war documentary, but they I simply don’t realize that the United States is behind the scenes of rectifying the chaos in the Middle East into what it is today!”
“If they don’t disturb here, we don’t know how easy it will be!”
“However, when they are idle, they send troops to stir up a fight. Even when they can’t get their hands free, they don’t let us go. Instead, they secretly support and instigate one force to target another force, which in turn triggers us. civil war.”
“The result? Their young people came all the way to criticize us for fighting the civil war. Did you say that their brains were eaten by dogs?”

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