The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2686

To Ye Chen, a blood-saving heart-saving pill was really nothing.
If he wants to mass produce this kind of thing, he dare not say that he can directly put it on the production line, but it is easy to refine one hundred and eighty, or even three or two hundred, in a day.
The reason for playing so much is mainly to ensure that this thing is in the eyes of outsiders and is invaluable.
Therefore, giving Hamid an apple at hand is almost equivalent to a fruit farmer who owns 10,000 acres of orchard and giving someone an apple at hand is not worth mentioning.
However, this thing is of great significance to Hamid.
In a peaceful world where there is no war, a person with a disabled leg will also have a lot of inconveniences. He will even regard recovery as one of life’s greatest desires.
What’s more, Hamid, a general who seeks to survive in the flames of war.
Ye Chen cured his leg today, which is equivalent to saving his life.
With a healthy body, Hamid can better lead soldiers to fight, and even lead the soldiers, so that the soldiers can maintain obedience.
Therefore, he excitedly said to Ye Chen: “Brother! You are my greatest benefactor in this life besides my parents! In the future, as long as you need my help from my brother, my brother will die!”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “With the words of my brother, my magic medicine is in vain.”
Hamid said seriously: “Since my leg was scrapped, the team has dropped from more than 10,000 to 2,000. At that time, I actually didn’t have the fighting spirit I had before. I always thought that as long as I could barely survive. It’s okay to come down. In the future, choosing a reliable force to rely on in the past can be considered as a guarantee…”
Having said this, Hamid was melancholy, and suddenly there was a bit more fierce expression in his eyes.
His voice became unusually firm, and he shouted loudly: “But! Now that God has given me this opportunity, let me meet my old man, you noble, and let my old man heal my leg! Then I Hamid, from now on At the beginning, I absolutely can’t sink like I did before! I must go all out to make the team bigger and stronger again. Perhaps one day, Hamid can also become a real prince and general!”
After all, he looked at Ye Chen and said sincerely: “Brother! If the day I really become a prince, brother, when I am crowned, my brother must come to witness for me!”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “I think you have the fate of being rich and wealthy. I think it won’t be long before you can wait until this day.”
Hamid laughed, stretched out his hand to Ye Chen, and said excitedly: “Brother, then I will lend you good words!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and shook his hand firmly, and said: “In addition to fighting wars, he also needs to be more economically savvy. In this society, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. As long as you have enough funds, Don’t talk about 10,000 people at the bottom, even if it is 100,000 or 1 million, it is not a problem at all.”
Hamid said seriously: “My brother is wrong. From now on, I will have to use 120% fighting spirit to raise the size of the team again!”
While talking, the sound of a helicopter roared from a distance.
In mid-air dozens of kilometers away, two bright lights approached quickly.
Hamid knew that this was the helicopter that came to pick up Ye Chen, so he said with a bit of sorrow: “Brother, you are walking too hastily. I’m really ashamed of my brother being a landlord and entertaining you well. !”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, there will be opportunities in the future.”
After speaking, Ye Chen remembered something, and then said: “By the way, Faisal and the others, it’s not that you really betrayed you, but I used some tricks to add some psychology to them subconsciously. Hint, so after you go back, don’t embarrass them because you are angry, just don’t let them take up important positions for the time being.”
Hamid suddenly realized that he nodded and said, “No wonder they listened to your command one by one, it turned out to be like this…”
Having said that, he immediately assured Ye Chen: “Don’t worry, my brother, I will definitely not embarrass them, and for the seven Americans, I will keep them alive as you said.”

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