The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2692

Hamid’s words made these seven so-called princes of heaven struck by lightning, and felt that the whole world collapsed at this moment.
The purpose of their documentary filming in Syria is very different from that of He Zhiqiu. In fact, they do not really have the world in their hearts, nor do they really sympathize with the people suffering in the war. They just hope that they can give themselves a more powerful resume and let themselves. There is more growth capital in the hypocritical upper class in the West.
Later, when they got a part-time job in the upper-class society, at the high-level cocktail party, everyone scrambled and exchanged cups. They laughed and talked about the fact that they had made a documentary on the battlefield in Syria to fight the war. Will cause a lot of praise around.
At that time, not only can the immediate superiors have a better impression of themselves, but also the high-ranking officials can admire themselves. It is definitely a good qualification that can last a lifetime.
However, they didn’t even dream of thinking that if they came to Syria to brush a copy of their qualifications, they would even take them in for the rest of their lives!
At the thought of staying in this ghost place for a lifetime in the future, these seven people, without exception, were crying!
Seeing the seven people crying and crying, Hamid asked coldly: “Why are you crying? When I came to Syria, I thought there would be today?!”
Among the seven, the Indian kid cried and said, “We just wanted to get a qualification, and didn’t expect it to be so dangerous… Commander Hamid, please let us go. We can read books, but we can’t do anything else. If you leave us seven, it will be a cumbersome!”
Others also cried and echoed their pleading.
For them, as long as there is a chance, they must strive for it with all their strength.
However, Hamid did not give them any hope at all. He said coldly: “From tomorrow, all of you men will go to dig out the toilets, and all the women will go to herd cattle and sheep. You will work 16 hours a day. When the time comes, I We will arrange someone to stare at you. If anyone dares to be lazy, I will punish him not to eat for three days; if anyone wants to escape, I will interrupt his legs and let him crawl to get the toilet!”
The conditions in the village where Hamid is stationed are very difficult. There used to be electricity supply, but since the beginning of the Civil War, it has been unable to even supply electricity. Here, there is no electricity, no communication, no running water and no sewers. .
Therefore, the villagers of the entire village, as well as the soldiers of Hamid, all settled in the dry toilet.
One or two thousand people have a very large amount of defecation every day. The soldiers originally took turns cleaning the toilets and transporting the filth out of the village, but no matter who was allowed to do this kind of thing, it was inevitable that they would complain.
Therefore, Hamid hardly thought about it and arranged these five men to clean the toilet and dump the filth. As long as the five men were squeezed to the extreme, his soldiers would no longer have to do such dirty work in the future.
After listening to these five people, almost all the hearts of wanting to die.
Thinking of handling the feces of one or two thousand people every day and cleaning the toilets they used, these five people feel that their lives are all over.
Because Hamid said that they should stay here as slaves for a lifetime, and they will not be able to leave until they die. This also means that as long as they are alive, they only have this share of cleaning the toilet and dumping the filth every day. Work goes round and round, and there is no end to it.
Is there anything more sad than this when a person lives forever?
Several people couldn’t help thinking of Ye Chen, hating and regretting deep in their hearts.

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