The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2694

When the sky in Jinling just turned white, the Concorde airliner that Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu took finally landed at Jinling Airport.
After the plane landed, Ye Chen, He Zhiqiu and Chen Zekai took the helicopter arranged by Chen Zekai and flew directly to Buckingham Palace.
Not long after the plane took off, Ye Chen asked He Zhiqiu’s opinion and asked her if she was willing to meet with He Yuanjiang immediately. If she wanted, Ye Chen could directly call He Yuanjiang using the satellite phone on the plane and tell him that He Zhiqiu was already The rescued message allowed him to meet with He Zhiqiu at the airport as soon as possible.
However, after careful consideration, He Zhiqiu felt that his whole spirit and spirit were relatively decadent. He wanted to take a break, at least take a bath and change into clean clothes before meeting his father.
So Ye Chen decided to take her to Buckingham Palace to settle down first, and then give her a few hours to rest. When her condition is almost adjusted, he will go to Jinling University of Finance and Economics to give He Yuanjiang a surprise.
As for Ye Chen himself, he also didn’t think that it took more than ten hours to save He Zhiqiu this time. He originally said hello to Xiao Churan to go out of town. If he went home early in the morning, it seemed a little bit Strange, so he planned to also go to Buckingham Palace, let Chen Zekai arrange a room for himself to rest and rest.
Last night in Syria, he used Reiki to make psychological hints, so that the Reiki in his body was already extremely scarce, which really made him feel more or less tired.
By the time sunrise, Ye Chen’s helicopter had landed at Buckingham Palace.
After getting off the plane, Ye Chen said directly to Chen Zekai: “Old Chen, arrange a room for Miss He and I. We both need to rest. In addition, you also went to your office for a good rest. Right.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Good young master!”
After that, he immediately asked his subordinates: “Has the presidential suite gone out? If you don’t go out, immediately take the young master to rest there!”
The other party immediately replied: “Mr. Chen, our presidential suite was booked by Mr. Ito from Japan, don’t you remember?”
Chen Zekai slapped his forehead and blamed himself: “Look at my pig brain!”
After that, he said to Ye Chen again: “Master, the entire East District where the Presidential Suite is located has been rented by Ito Takehiko, or you can go to the West District Executive Deluxe Suite to rest.”
Ye Chen frowned and said, “Don’t Su Zhiyu and their mother and daughter live there, and Su Ruoli, to be on the safe side, I still don’t go there, so I don’t get any demon moths. Just arrange one for me. A normal room is fine.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Then I will arrange for you and Miss He to live in the luxurious suite on the second top floor for the time being!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly: “Okay.”
Soon, the staff prepared two suite cards. They opened two luxurious suites on the second top floor for Ye Chen and He Zhiqiu. The two rooms had a door to door, and there was only one passage.
Chen Zekai personally sent the two to the door of the room. Ye Chen said to He Zhiqiu before swiping his card to enter the door: “Miss He will take a good rest. You go to Jinling University of Finance and Economics.”
He Zhiqiu nodded lightly and said gratefully: “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “You don’t need to be so polite. In the future, everyone will have to deal with each other.”
He Zhiqiu replied and said, “Mr. Ye, then I will go in and take a rest.”
Ye Chen nodded: “Go ahead.”
He Zhiqiu looked at Chen Zekai on the side again and said gratefully: “Mr. Chen, thank you very much.”
Chen Zekai said without hesitation: “Miss He is too polite, this is what I should do.”
Seeing He Zhiqiu enter the room, Ye Chen pushed open the door of his room. Chen Zekai saw that they both went back to the room to rest, so he immediately returned to his office.
Ye Chen entered the room, the first thing was to lock the door, then took off all his clothes, stepped into the bathroom, and took a cold shower.
After cleaning himself, Ye Chen sat on the bed, feeling the spiritual energy in his body, and seeing that the spiritual energy was almost exhausted, his heart was also very painful.
At the beginning, he discovered the existence of spiritual energy in the piece of peace and wealth that he bought from Zhang Ermao.
It’s a pity that the aura in that stone has been absorbed cleanly by myself. Since then, although I have seen many treasures of heaven and earth, I have never encountered anything that contains aura.
Moreover, there is almost no trace of aura in the high-rise buildings in this city. It takes at least a few months to replenish the aura.

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