The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2697

Ye Chen continued: “Next check the background of this company! Check out the equity structure behind it!”
According to Ye Chen’s instructions, Chen Zekai continued to inquire. While checking, he said: “Master, I saw that this company is wholly-owned by another technology company in Yuzhou, and behind this technology company, There is also an investment fund and a partnership. This investment fund is Yanjing Siwu Capital!”
Ye Chen asked him curiously: “Siwu Capital? Whose family?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Siwu Capital is one of the many capital-operated companies of the Su family. This Siwu means the Chinese Pinyin Siwusu!”
“The Su family?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but frowned, and said, “I heard someone calling the other person called Master next door. So, maybe the old dog next door I live is Su Chengfeng?!”
“This…” Chen Zekai said with some disbelief: “Master, shouldn’t Su Chengfeng come to Jinling by himself?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “If it wasn’t for Su Chengfeng, it might be Su Shoudao.”
“Su Shoudao?” Chen Zekai couldn’t help but said, “Even if this guy wants to take the opportunity to get close to Ito Takehiko, he shouldn’t run sneakily? Come to Buckingham Palace, isn’t this a sheep’s mouth?”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “This is where he is clever. Jinling was originally the sphere of influence of the Ye family. Since he is coming to Jinling, he must have been carefully thought out. People like him believe in the principle of darkness under the light. , You should know that the old oil lamp was placed on the table, like a candle. After the lamp is lit, although it can illuminate the entire room, it does not illuminate the small area under him. So this small place, even though it is closest to the light, has become the darkest and most hidden place in the entire room. He lived in Buckingham Palace, just betting that we didn’t expect him to do such a thing. This is a surprise!”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “If it wasn’t for my hearing a lot better than the average person, I wouldn’t be able to detect it. If even I couldn’t detect it, it would be even more impossible for you and your men to detect it, so from this point of view Su Shoudao was relatively successful in doing this, and he did use his brain.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly asked: “Master, if it is really Su Shoudao, what should we do?”
Ye Chen sneered: “Whether he is Su Shoudao or not, it must be the Su family. Since it is the Su family, it is tantamount to a sheep’s mouth. If I don’t chew him down, wouldn’t I be sorry for the Su family? Radical and bold show operations?”
After speaking, he immediately ordered: “Arrange your person immediately, put a signal blocker in the room directly below this room, but don’t turn it on for now, and you should also be prepared, listen to my orders, and activate it. When using the shutter, cut off the surveillance video on my floor at the same time, understand?”
Chen Zekai said without hesitation: “Good master, I understand!”
At this moment, the next room.
Su Shoudao sent his men away, and took a shower by himself in the bathroom.
After the shower, he wrapped his bathrobe, stood in front of the mirror and carefully put his hair back behind his head with hairspray. He had already begun to figure out how to make him agree to cooperate with the Su family for the sake of meeting Takehiko Ito.
This time, the Su’s license for ocean transportation was suspended. The impact was too great, and the loss of income was serious. A large number of ships could not be started. Daily maintenance costs, depreciation costs, and lease costs were an astronomical figure, plus the return. There are a large number of seafarers and employees to feed, and the daily loss is calculated in 100 million.
For Su Shoudao, this was his first turnaround since he returned from Australia. Only by winning this battle can the old man be able to admire himself and win back the old man’s appreciation of himself.
Therefore, this is of great significance to him.
Even whether oneself can successfully inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch and all of the family properties in the future will depend on the success or failure of one time!

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