The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2702

As the son of Su’s family, Su Shoudao had definitely seen any big scene for so many years, but the whole person fell into an unprecedented panic towards Ye Chen, who was in his twenties.
He didn’t understand why the Ye Clan descendant in front of him was so cruel, and he attacked the Su Clan one after another without any scruples.
I think at the beginning, even when the competition between Su and Ye was the fiercest, no one dared to play such a fierce means. After all, the strength of both sides is very strong, which is equivalent to two countries with nuclear weapons. No one dares. Really desperately with each other.
However, Ye Changying’s son didn’t care about it at all.
He directly tied Su Shoude, which in itself did not put the Su family in his eyes.
Now, not only has he not converged, he has also aimed at himself. This kind of person is simply a disruptor of the rules of the game!
Seeing Ye Chen’s aggressiveness unabated, Su Shoudao’s heart was tense, and his mouth softened somewhat. He said earnestly: “Although the Yanjing families have been fighting for so many years, everyone still retains some basic things. Respect and awe. Although I formed the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then, I never created any threat to the personal safety of your parents. Why are you here to ambush me and kidnap me?”
Ye Chen asked coldly: “Are you dead?”
Su Shoudao’s expression was startled: “What do you mean?”
Ye Chen asked again: “I’m asking you, are you dead?”
Su Shoudao coldly snorted: “Joke, if I die, can it be a ghost standing in front of you?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Yes, you are not dead, but my parents are dead! You keep saying that you have never threatened the personal safety of my parents, but my parents have passed away for nearly 20 years. You have nothing to do, do you think I will believe it?”
Su Shoudao said nervously, “You can disbelieve it, but you have to know that even in the law, it is a presumption of innocence. If you have evidence that your parents’ deaths are related to me, then you have no complaints if you want to kill or kill me. But if you have no evidence, you can only prove that the death of your parents has nothing to do with me!”
Ye Chen smiled: “Su Shoudao, you are a bit naive, since I am here, do you think I will tell you these rules and principles? If you fall into my hands, you have to play according to my rules. , See what happened to your brother, you should be able to know.”
Su Shoudao was shocked and blurted out: “I am the son of the Su family! I am the future heir of the Su family! If you do something to me, the Su family will definitely not let you go!
Ye Chen curled his lips: “Since I dare to do it, I am not afraid of the Su family’s revenge, and I tell you that this matter is far from over to you, and your father Su Chengfeng is also on my list. In addition, If your Su family is found out by me, who else is related to the death of my parents, or who else is not convinced, I will solve them all one by one!”
Su Shoudao questioned in a panic: “You don’t have any actual evidence right now, so you just attacked my Su family over and over again. Is there any righteousness to speak of?”
“Jianghu moral righteous?” Ye Chen sneered: “Jianghu moral righteous words, I don’t express any opinion from any population, but you Su family are not worthy to mention these four words!”
Su Shoudao frowned: “What do you mean?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “What do I mean, you don’t know in your heart? I ask you, Su Ruoli is your illegitimate daughter of Su Shoudao?!”
When Su Shoudao heard these three words, his expression was a little embarrassed, and his voice was a little embarrassing and said: “Ruo Li is indeed my illegitimate daughter, but it is not me who caused her!”
Ye Chen nodded: “I know, your father is the one who hurt her, right?”
Su Shoudao dodges Ye Chen’s aggressive eyes, hesitatingly excuses: “I haven’t got any definitive proof of this matter, so whether it is my father or not has yet to be confirmed.”

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