The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2703

Ye Chen smiled shamefully: “What a waste!”
Su Shoudao blurted out: “What do you mean?!”
Ye Chen scolded loudly: “I said you are really a trash! Complete trash!”
Having said that, Ye Chen pointed to Su Shoudao’s swollen pig-headed face, and said coldly: “Su Ruoli is your illegitimate daughter, and you not only don’t give her the care of her as a father, but you use her as a tool of murder and instigation. She wantonly kills innocents, and all her evil deeds of killing Matsumoto Mitsubishi in Japan are at your command! You are unkind, shameless, cruel and cruel, and you are in vain as a father!”
“Also! Su Ruoli’s biological mother was by your side for so many years, trying to protect your safety. She broke an arm for you, and then gave birth to Su Ruoli for you. But what did you do to her? Honestly admit her identity? Have you ever said a word of thanks for her dedication? Not only did you fail your own flesh and blood, you also failed the person who loved you most in the world!”
Su Shoudao’s expression suddenly became very ugly, but anger was not in the majority, it was ashamed.
Ye Chen looked at him and continued: “That’s all, but when Su Ruoli was arrested, instead of saving your own bones and blood, your Su family colluded with the Self-Defense Forces inside and out, using Su Ruoli’s life to give the Self-Defense Forces. In exchange for military exploits, although this is not what you did, it is the insidious handwriting of your father Su Chengfeng. You are unkind, shameless and cruel, and your father Su Chengfeng is your enhanced version! , It’s you guys!”
Su Shoudao’s eyes dodge a little, his face also became flushed.
Ye Chen said coldly: “Du Haiqing is your wife who gave birth to your children; Su Zhiyu is your eldest daughter, who should have been your jewel in your palm, but your Su family has laid a net for the mother and daughter in Jinling. The killing of the two people is more than just unkindness, shameless undertaking, cruelty and cruelty? This is simply a scum and scum on the world who cares about human relations, everyone can be punishable!”
Su Shoudao blurted out subconsciously: “I never wanted to kill Ruo Li, and I never wanted to kill Zhiyu and her mother! These are all my father did!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Even if these are your father’s actions, as a husband, as a father, you don’t need to protect your wife and daughter. After the accident, you don’t avenge your wife and daughter, but instead Running from Australia to your father’s side, kneeling and licking the murderer with a flattering face and helping him to abuse him, this proves that you are not only disregard of relationships, unkindness, and shameless undertakings, but also sell women for glory and wife for glory!”
“You sell personality, character, dignity, and flesh and blood, just to be able to inherit the Su family’s property in the future. In your eyes, money is more important than anything else, and you’re a damn pile of shit!”
Ye Chen was already extremely strong, coupled with being a top expert and aura, so when his emotions became stronger and stronger, every word he said made Su Shoudao feel like he was hammering his own heart.
Su Shoudao’s heart, under Ye Chen’s repeated rebuke, repeatedly suffered heavy hammers, and the whole person’s mind became extremely fragile.
Ye Chen looked at him and asked, “Su Shoudao, have you ever thought about it, if your two daughters are already dead, how will you face them after death? When you see them, how do you kneel and confess to them? ?!”
“Or you won’t repent at all, because you are an inhuman beast at all! You don’t care about anyone’s life or death, you only care about your own glory and wealth!”
“Perhaps Su Ruoli’s death gave you Su Chengfeng’s guilt, or Su Zhiyu’s death gave you Su Chengfeng’s trust!”
“And the deaths of the two of them are combined, and what you exchange for is the supreme glory of being the heirs of the Su family!”
“If your son Su Zhifei dies and can change you back to the position of the richest man in the world, will you agree to it without hesitation?!”
“I guess you will definitely agree, because what you want is just a yellow robe for adding a body and crowning with a laurel crown. You don’t care about the yellow robe on your body. It is sewn with the flesh of your children, let alone the laurel crown on your head, which is made of their bones! ”
“In my opinion, even if you let your heads with your one son, two daughters and three people in your hands ascend the throne, you will never hesitate!”
“Take you as a person, you will definitely cut off the heads of the three of them by yourself!”

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