The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5431

That’s why he called Long Siqi all the way from America.

Although Long Siqi didn’t know what her master was planning, but out of respect for her master, she naturally didn’t want to ask any more questions.

And it was precisely out of respect for Master that she didn’t deliberately look at Master’s cultivation.

If she took a closer look, she would find that her master’s cultivation had already regressed to a four-star martial artist, which was one level behind her.

After the two left the airport, Hong Changqing stopped the car and went to Buckingham Palace.

Originally, he didn’t live in Buckingham Palace, but after knowing Ye Chen’s identity, he hurried to Buckingham Palace to open a room, not for anything else, just to get a little closer to Ye Chen, even if it was just a drop in the bucket, in his eyes It is also better than nothing.

After the two arrived at Buckingham Palace, Hong Changqing asked Long Siqi to check in, while he walked out of the hotel lobby and called Ye Chen.

At this time, Ye Chen had just returned to the urban area from the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel. Seeing a call from Hong Changqing, he answered the call and asked, “Master Hong, do you have any advice on the call?”

Hong Changqing said with trepidation: “Master Ye, you are too serious. How can my subordinates give me any advice, I just want to ask you for something…”

Ye Chen said casually: “I’m short on time, so just tell me if you have anything to do.”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “Master Ye like this, the eldest disciple of his subordinate has already arrived in Jinling, and this subordinate intends to pass on the position of head of Taizhen Dao to this disciple tomorrow. I wonder if you have time, I would like to ask you Come and be a witness.”

Ye Chen chuckled and said, “I’m not one of you who are too sincere. If you pass on your position, what kind of testimony do you want me to do?”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “Master Ye, this subordinate has sworn to be loyal to you in the future. After the subordinate announces the position of the head of Taizhen Dao, he will officially withdraw from Taizhen Dao. He will only obey your orders in the future, so I hope you can come to witness …”

Ye Chen joked: “Master Hong, in my impression, you seem to be a person who respects teachers very much. Why are you suddenly quitting the school now?”

Hong Changqing felt a burst of heat on his face, and said with an embarrassed smile: “Master Ye… As the saying goes, a good bird chooses a tree to rest…The subordinates admire your strength and personality very much. It is not only the honor of one of the subordinates, but also the honor of Taizhen Dao to be by your side!”

Ye Chen couldn’t help laughing and said: “Master Hong, I didn’t expect that your ability to grow beards and flatter horses is much better than your martial arts cultivation. Your words have sold out all your ancestors who have been too true for thousands of years. Aren’t you afraid that they will find someone to settle accounts with you?”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “Master Ye, your strength is unmatched by the ancestors of the Taizhen Dao. To be honest, the “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” you said last time about Taizhen Dao is just the beginning. It was so shocking, let alone your subordinates, even the patriarch of the Taizhen Dao, I am afraid that I am willing to worship under your sect…”

Ye Chen chuckled and said, “Okay, there’s no need to talk about flattery, when are you going to give up your position to your apprentice?”

Hong Changqing blurted out: “Of course, the sooner the better, it depends on when you are free, Master Ye.”

Ye Chen thought for a while and said, “Tomorrow morning, you decide the location.”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “Master Ye, let’s go to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel! The subordinate was confused last time and was not lucky enough to go in. This time I hope you can give the subordinate a chance…”

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