The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 731-740

Chapter: 731
Although Wu Donghai was a billionaire, he was not a generous person.
In other words, in his eyes, he didn’t spend a single cent more of money that he shouldn’t.
Just like Zhang Zizhou, these five losers.
A bodyguard with a broken arm who couldn’t even open a fucking car door, what was he going to do?
They are paid ridiculously high salaries again, and if you continue to keep them, you will only be doing charity and pensioning them.
Therefore, at such times they should be driven away as soon as possible.
The farther they are driven away, the better.
Wu Donghai didn’t really want to pay even half a million for the severance pay.
Therefore, he felt that he was already very generous.
But, of course, Zhang Zizhou and the others didn’t think so! One second to remember to read the book
He’s a wreck now!
What is the concept of an invalid? For the rest of my life, I’m an armless man!
What doesn’t an armless man, who eats, drinks, sleeps and sleeps, need to be taken care of?
There’s a lot of money to be spent over the next few decades!
They were so badly injured because of the Wu family, and if the Wu family fell on their sword at this point, wouldn’t that kill them!
Thinking of this, Zhang Zizhou was resentful.
However, he didn’t dare to do anything to Wu Donghai.
Because the Wu family was too strong, if the five brothers were crippled, in the blink of an eye, there could be dozens of bodyguards, and he was already crippled, and then if he confronted the Wu family, wouldn’t he be killed in a minute?
Zhang Zizhou was really in tears at this point.
How could he not see before that Wu Donghai was such a son of a bitch! A subordinate kicks at the whim of his subordinates, and a brave servant is completely ignored, simply a heartless beast!
Just at this moment, the door of the presidential suite was suddenly opened.
The attendant used the universal room card to open the door of the presidential suite, followed by Richard Chen walking in with dozens of personal bodyguards and a cold face.
Wu Donghai didn’t expect the door to be suddenly opened, and was surprised to see Richard Chen walking in slowly with both hands behind his back, with an indescribable anger and indifference on his face.
Behind him, in addition to Manager Zhao, who had been beaten by Zhang Zizhou, there were dozens of strong bodyguards in suits.
When Wu Donghai saw Chen Zekai suddenly appear, his mind was foggy, but he didn’t dare to slow down, so he hurriedly put away his face full of anger and smiled, “Mr. Chen, what are you doing here?”
Who expected Chen Zhai Kai to have a cold face and cursed angrily, “Wu Donghai, what a dog thing you are! Do you know that Shangri-La is a property under the name of the Yanjing Ye family?”
Wu Donghai’s expression was startled, and he couldn’t help but wonder if this Chen Zhaichai had taken the wrong gunpowder?
You were laughing with me before, but how come you’ve put on such an unkind face in a short while?
And even just call yourself a dog?!
However, no matter how unhappy he was in his heart, he knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Chen Zekai.
So, Wu Donghai hurriedly said respectfully, “Mr. Chen, of course I know that Shangri-La is the property of the Ye family in Yanjing, to be honest, my respect for the Ye family is really as continuous as a torrent of water, and I was counting on you to get to know the Ye family and serve them well in the future….”
Chen Zekai looked at Wu Donghai, raised his hand and slapped him hard, followed by kicking him to the ground.

Chapter: 732
Wu Donghai fell to the ground with an ouch, eating pain, while inside he was terrified.
Next to him, Wu Xin, subconsciously and angrily rebuked, “Hey, what makes you think you can hit my father?!”
Chen Zekai strode up to him and smashed his nose bone with a single punch, smashing him with blood, cursing angrily, “Your father has to be respectful in front of me, what kind of thing are you, daring to talk to me like that! Tired of living? Do you believe I’m going to kill you right now?”
“You’re looking for death!” Wu Xin had never suffered the loss of being beaten when he grew up, and he had suffered twice today.
First it was Ye Chen, who crippled one of his hands, and then it was Richard Chen, who dry-punched and shattered his nose bone.
He had been pampered and bossed around since he was a child, where had he ever suffered such a crime?
So angrily he roared, “You think you’re great because you’re a dog of the Ye family? My Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan, and I’ll kill you in minutes!”
As soon as Wu Xin’s voice trailed off, Wu Donghai crawled over and smacked him in the face with a slap, cursing angrily, “Bastard! How can I talk to Mr. Chen? Don’t hurry up and kneel down to Mr. Chen to admit your mistake!”
Wu Donghai was now blinded by Wu Xin.
He never expected that this son of his would be so useless that he couldn’t even tell the difference between this situation? First web site
Even if Richard Chen is just a dog of the Ye family, then the person standing behind him is still the Ye family!
What is the existence of the Ye family?
One of the top three families in the country!
In terms of financial power, the Wu family may not be able to match the Ye family by a tenth.
This was because the Ye family was a trillion family, but whether it was a trillion or nine trillion, no one could figure it out.
After all, a huge thing like the Ye family was by no means something that ordinary people could see through!
In terms of power and status, the Ye family was countless times more powerful than the Wu family!
So, even if Richard Chan kills the two of them now, the Wu family would definitely not dare to let out a fart!
There was even a chance that his own father, Master Wu, might not even bother to hold a funeral for himself and go to Yanjing himself to ask for the Ye family’s forgiveness first!
Wu Xin dared to scold Chen Zhai Kai at this point, isn’t this a death wish!
After being slapped by this slap, Wu Xin realized that he had made a big mistake, and without saying a word, he immediately knelt in front of Chen Zekai in sincere fear, kowtowing as he begged for forgiveness, “I’m sorry Chen! I was impulsive, I deserve to die!”
After saying that, he slapped himself back and forth with a big slap.
Chen Zekai went up and kicked him in the chest, and after kicking him down he went up and stomped on his face, saying coldly, “Little than son, if you offend the Ye family, do you believe I’ll make your Wu family extinct?!”
Wu Xin had just smacked his own face swollen, and now that he had been stomped on by Chen Zekai, his speech was slurred, but he could only insist, “General Manager Chen, I’m really wrong, you can beat me or scold me, please don’t be so mean to me….”
Wu Donghai saw his son being beaten into such a state, his heart was also distressed, and he couldn’t help but ask, “General Chen ah Chen, I respect you from the bottom of my heart, if you have any dissatisfaction with us, then please say it, if it’s really Wu someone who has done something wrong, I will willingly be punished, but you have to let me die to understand ah!”
Mr. Chen sneered and said, “Respect from the bottom of my heart? You respect me and let these silly dog bodyguards from your Wu family force their way into my Shangri-La’s lobby and injure people in my Shangri-La’s lobby? So if you don’t respect me, are you even going to beat me?”
Wu Donghai’s entire body was struck by lightning!
His own bodyguard, actually beating up Richard Chen’s men in the lobby of the Shangri-La?
Who the hell did this to you?
As soon as he thought of this, Wu Donghai’s icy gaze fell on Zhang Zizhou and the others.
Needless to say, he knew that the one who had caused the mortal disaster was definitely one of these five!

Chapter: 733
Wu Donghai was so angry that he glared at the five people kneeling on the ground and asked in a cold voice, “Who did this? Or did you five do it together?!”
When Zhang Zizhou felt the killing intent in Wu Donghai’s gaze, he shivered in shock and hurriedly said, “Mr. Wu, it’s not our fault! We had already explained to the security guard at the door and the lobby manager that we were from the Wu family, but they were so adamant that we weren’t properly groomed that they wouldn’t let us in, and I was eager to return to you, so I barged into the hotel and had a conflict with them…”
Hearing this, Wu Donghai became furious and went up to slap him, cursing, “What a bunch of losers! Is Shangri-La something you can break into? You keep saying you’re back to life, but you call that life? What’s the use of me raising you if I can’t do such a small thing as giving you orders and causing me great trouble?!”
Saying that, he immediately said to Richard Chen, “Mr. Chen! These five trash have rammed into you, to kill or cut you a word!”
In fact, Wu Donghai hated that Richard Chen would drag these five people away and kill them.
Anyway, they are all five trash, leaving them in the world will only be a waste of their money.
Chen Zekai also knew Wu Donghai’s plan, and said coldly, “Wu Donghai, are you such a boss? If you don’t help your own little brother to carry the matter, and then sell your own people when things go wrong, you Wu family is really too low class to do anything, right? If word gets out, how will your Wu family still hang around?”
Wu Donghai’s heart was in shock.
What exactly did this Richard Chen mean? I’ve already handed over the five men who were looking for trouble to him, and he still won’t let go of me?
However, he didn’t dare to scream at Richard Chen, so he could only suppress the raging anger in his heart, and walked up to Richard Chen’s body and apologized, “Mr. Chen, this matter is my fault, I have failed to discipline the people below me, I apologize to you!” Remember the URL
Afterwards, he said, “As a gesture of my apology, I’m willing to take out ten million dollars as medical expenses and moral damages for the injured staff, and I hope you can forgive the Wu family for this mistake, what do you think?”
From his point of view, although Richard Chen was the spokesman of the Yanjing Ye family in Jinling, he was at least the second-generation heir of the Wu family, and he had offered ten million as compensation, so no matter what, the other party wouldn’t want to clash with the Suhang Wu family over this trivial matter, right?
Who expected that Chen Zekai’s face was still icy cold at this time and said, “Do you think that I, the Yanjing Ye Family, would care about a mere ten million? According to you, I’ll have all of you father and son beaten into an invalid right now, and give another twenty million to Master Wu who is far away in Suhang, and this matter will be over, do you agree?”
As soon as this was said, Wu Donghai’s expression was as ugly as it had to be.
He had never expected this man, Richard Chen, to be so oily!
His own lackeys were just beating up a mere lobby manager, so what could be the big deal?
Moreover, the other party wasn’t hurt too badly, but Richard Chen had to chatter to himself here for this?
With the tough attitude shown by Richard Chen, if anyone else had come over, Wu Donghai would have had him chopped up into a million pieces!
In all of Jiangnan, when has he ever been wronged like this, as the second generation heir to the Wu family?
But then again, he would never dare to offend Richard Chen, after all, he was the spokesman of the Yanjing Ye family in Jinling.
As the second generation heir of the Wu family, once he clashed with Richard Chen, it would mean that the Wu family was directly provoking the Ye family’s majesty.
This would definitely bring great trouble to the entire family!
Once the Yanjing Ye family rises up and makes a fuss over this, the Wu family is bound to plunge into an abyss of doom and gloom!
So, he could only endure the anger deep within his heart and didn’t immediately attack, and very conscientiously compensated with a smile, “Mr. Chen, I was wrong to say something, I apologize to you, I hope you adults won’t remember your mistakes!”

Chapter: 734
After saying that, he hastily licked his face and said, “Mr. Chen, how do you want to resolve this matter today? As long as you give me a solution, Wu will do his best to do it the way you say!”
Chen Zhai Kai smiled coldly in his heart and said in his heart, this second generation heir of the Wu family was quite capable of bending and flexing, and really had some stamina.
However, they had provoked their own young master today, that would really not work even if the King of Heaven came!
If it weren’t for the young master’s orders, Richard Chen would have been itching to chop them up immediately!
He snorted and said, “I’m sorry, but I won’t accept your apology, and neither will the Yanjing Ye family!”
Wu Donghai endured his anger and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Chen, how do you want to resolve this then?”
Chen Zhai Kai said coldly, “These five of your men have injured my men with their legs, and I’m going to ruin all five of them!”
As soon as this was said, Wu Donghai immediately said without hesitation, “No problem! Since Chen has spoken, these five people’s legs are at your disposal!”
When Zhang Zizhou heard this, he collapsed and shouted, “Wu Donghai! You can’t be so mean to a man! The five of us have already had our arms crippled, and if we cripple our legs again, what’s the difference between us and the living dead?!”
Wu Donghai snapped coldly, “Damn, your arms were crippled because you’re not as skilled as others, your legs were crippled because you offended General Manager Chen, it’s all your own fault, you purely deserve it!” One second to remember to read the book
“You…” Zhang Zizhou bellowed in anger, “Wu Donghai, you’re just an old turtle bastard! Had I known you were this way, I, Zhang Zizhou, should have ripped your head off!”
Wu Donghai became furious and said to Richard Chen, “Look, Mr. Chen, for this kind of following bastard stuff, you’re doing them a favor by breaking their legs! Such people should just be killed!”
With a playful smile, Chen Zhai said, “They were originally quite deserving of death, but I saw the calligraphy of the human body sculptures on their foreheads and felt that the five of them had to live well in order to live up to the artwork on their foreheads.”
Wu Donghai’s face was a bit ugly.
The foreheads of these five people were carved with words that were all insulting to the Wu family, but Chen Zekai had even said that these words were works of art, wasn’t this tantamount to insulting the Wu family?
However, he didn’t dare to pretend with Chen Zekai.
So he could only say with a smile, “Since you think it’s only right for them to live well, Mr. Chen, let’s break their legs and let them be invalids for the rest of their lives!”
Richard Chen nodded playfully and said to his men, “Come, break the legs of these five dogs for me first!”
Wu Donghai was relieved, it seemed that Richard Chen could appease his anger this time.
However, he instantly felt wrong again!
Richard Chan just said, “first” break the legs of these five dogs?
Why first?
Is there something else back there?

Chapter: 735
Just when Wu Donghai hadn’t figured out what Richard Chen’s words meant, Richard Chen’s men had already moved!
All of his men were also top-notch experts, but if it was really about strength, there might not be anyone who could be stronger than Zhang Zizhou.
However, right now, Zhang Zizhou was already half a dead dog, and he might be fine against ordinary people, but he was simply a piece of trash when it came to dealing with practicing fighters.
Therefore, facing Chen Zekai’s men, he had no chance to refute or resist at all.
His fate, Ye Chen had already planned it out for him in advance!
Zhang Zizhou’s heart was desperate and deadly.
Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he would end up in such a situation!
If your legs are also ruined, wouldn’t your life be completely cold?
At that time, he would be a loser with a broken arm and leg, lying on a bed unable to move, without even the slightest ability to take care of himself….
At this time, Chen Zekai’s men stepped forward to Zhang Zizhou and the others, and were the first to start with Zhang Zizhou. The first website
The man said coldly to some of his men, “Hold his legs down!”
A few of the men immediately stepped forward and deadly pressed Zhang Zizhou’s legs to the ground.
Immediately after that, the man pulled out a finger tiger made of pure steel from his bosom, put it on his hand, and slammed it against Zhang Zizhou’s right knee, and the entire knee shattered into pieces.
Zhang Zizhou felt a bone-piercing pain and kept howling.
But that was only half of the process!
The other party then slammed a blow on his other leg’s knee, and the knee shattered in response with a crack.
Then, this man kept going for a moment, directly crippling the legs of all five bodyguards!
The entire living room of the presidential suite was howling.
Wu Donghai’s face did not change in the slightest, these five people, he hated to directly kill them, so he did not care at all about their current end.
He only cared about whether this Richard Chen was satisfied or not.
If he’s not satisfied, what else does he want?
So, he opened his mouth and asked Richard Chen, “Mr. Chen, I don’t know if you’re still satisfied with this result now.”
Richard Chen said coldly, “Of course you’re not satisfied!”
Wu Donghai shivered and hurriedly pursued, “How exactly do you want to be satisfied, Mr. Chen?”
Richard Chen looked at him with a cold look in his eyes and said, “It’s simple, I want one of your and your son’s legs!”
“What!?” Wu Donghai looked shocked and spoke out, “Mr. Chen, you’re making too big a joke, aren’t you?”
Chen Zhai Kai narrowed his eyes and asked him back, “Which dog’s eye did you see that I was joking with you?!”
Wu Donghai was so scared that he involuntarily took a step back and panicked out of his mouth, “Mr. Chen, why do you have to take it so seriously when the people underneath your hands have had a little misunderstanding and a little conflict?”
Saying that, he lowered his posture and with a humble tone, “If Wu Mou has done anything wrong, then please express it to Chen, Wu Mou will try his best to correct it, you don’t need to continue to hold on to it, it will also hurt the harmony between our two families, don’t you think so?”
Chen Zekai said coldly, “With your Wu family, you are also worthy to talk peace with the Ye family? What are you guys?”
Saying that, Chen Zaiji sternly shouted, “If you want to live, honestly let me cripple one of your legs, otherwise, the Great Luo Jinxian won’t be able to save you today!”
Wu Donghai was trembling with fear!
This Richard Chan is getting serious!
You want a leg of your own?
You’ve got to be kidding me!
He’s the eldest son and second generation heir of the Wu family!
In the whole of Jiangnan, one could say that he was under one person and above ten thousand, and the only person who was above him was still his own old man.
In the entire Jiangnan, the Wu family was so powerful that it would always be the Wu family that bullied others, when had they ever been bullied by anyone else!
It was fine for this Richard Chen to rush in and beat himself and his son up, but for the sake of the Ye family, he could still endure it.
But he was going to smash his own and his son’s legs, how could he accept that!
If this gets out, wouldn’t the Wu family be disgraced!
With that in mind, he summoned up his courage and shouted harshly, “Richard Chan! Don’t you go too far! Do you think you’re from the Ye family? You’re just a servant of the Ye family! Who gave you the courage to go against my Wu family! Even if my Wu Family is not as strong as the Ye Family, it is at least the number one family in Jiangnan, I don’t believe that the Ye Family will be so indulgent to you?!”

Chapter: 736
Richard Chen smiled playfully, “You want to know who gave me the courage? Sorry, it’s from Young Master Yeh!”
If it was usual, he was just a spokesman for the Ye family, he really wouldn’t dare to represent the Ye family and start a direct conflict with the Wu family, let alone break all the legs of the Wu family’s son and eldest grandson.
However, today, this decision was not made by himself, it was made by his own young master!
If the young master himself said that he wanted to kill the Wu father and son, he would immediately do so, and the Ye family would definitely do their best to support the security!
Therefore, Richard Chen had no scruples at all.
Wu Donghai and his son were stunned!
Is Young Master Ye going to deal with himself?
But, when had he ever offended Young Master Ye! I don’t even know any Young Master Ye!
At this moment, to death, they couldn’t believe that the famous Jinling’s trash superfluous son-in-law, Ye Chen, was the young master of the Yanjing Ye family!
Wu Donghai said in a panic, “Mr. Chen, is there some kind of misunderstanding here? When have we ever offended Young Master Yeh?” Remember the URL
Not bothering to explain to them, Richard Chen sneered and said to those around him, “First, cripple one of that little one’s legs! And then waste this old one!”
As soon as the words fell, the black-clothed men around him immediately rushed towards Wu Xin!
Wu Xin was scared to death!
He was pinned to the ground by the man in black and shouted, “Dad! Help me, Dad! Dad, help me!”
Even Wu Donghai’s teeth were shaking!
I thought that Shangri-La was the safest place to be, but it’s the real wolf’s den!
This Chen Zekai, relying on the fact that he is a member of the Ye family, has no fear, what can he do now?
Begging for mercy? He’s not even buying it!
Putting on an identity? He doesn’t care!
Directly against him? Who else is around?
Thinking about it, he was dead inside!
He knew that he couldn’t save his son.
Not himself, not even himself!
At that moment, the heavy fist of the man in black wearing the finger tiger slammed down!
After the crack, Wu Xin howled miserably like a slaughtered pig!
He’s lost his right leg!
Right arm, right leg, all gone at this point!
Also, this injury to the right leg is so bad, there’s no chance of recovery!
In other words, in the future, he, the grand son of the Wu family, would become a disgraced cripple!
Wu Xin burst into tears!
How did this happen!
Why is that?!
What the hell is Jinling, and why does it feel like this modest city is filled with soul-crushing demons!
Wu Donghai was heartbroken.
The one he loved the most was his eldest son.
After all, the eldest son was going to inherit his mantle in the future, and was the one he had been focusing on cultivating.
Unexpectedly, he had now turned into a cripple!
And his own second son, who was still the same shit-eating beast that needed to eat shit every hour….
Why is your own fate so miserable?!
At that moment, Chen Zhai pointed at Wu Donghai, who was in the midst of his heartfelt indignation, and said to the man in black, “Come, it’s this old man’s turn!”
Wu Donghai’s heart thudded, his legs involuntarily weakened, and he actually threw himself on his knees….
Chen Zekai looked at him who was kneeling and laughed coldly, “Yo, Mr. Wu, why are you kneeling? Kneeling, it’s also going to break your leg, oh!”

Chapter: 737
Wu Donghai collapsed!
He knew that he was powerless, this time he came to Jinling, not only was he unable to find out the murderer of his youngest son, but he took both his own leg and that of his eldest son….
Chen Zekai’s men walked forward in three or two steps, grabbed his right leg, and punched him….
Wu Donghai felt an extremely strong pain in his knee, which made him almost faint.
He gritted his teeth and tried not to scream out, but the pain only made him endure for less than ten seconds, and then he cried out in pain with an ah!
Chen Zekai looked at all of this with cold eyes and grunted disdainfully, “Wu family, what the hell is it, even daring to pander in the Ye family’s territory, this is a little punishment for you, if you still dare to touch the Ye family’s backbone, the Ye family will definitely exterminate your entire Wu family!”
Richard Chan’s words are ringing true!
Especially the last six words, “Kill your entire family!
Even more so, it scared Wu Donghai into violent convulsions!
What’s going on…. One second to remember to read the book
What is going on here….
Why did the Ye family target themselves so much?
I couldn’t even find a chance to kneel down to the Ye family if I wanted to, so why would the Ye family hate their shares and punish them so much?
He can’t figure it out, not at all!
He could only blame it all on the five of Zhang Zizhou and the big fight at Shangri-La!
It seems that the Ye family’s majesty really doesn’t allow any form of trampling, even if it’s just causing trouble in the Ye family’s property and beating up its insignificant servants, it will be punished by the Ye family!
Wu Donghai hated this damned Zhang Zizhou!
It’s his fault!
It’s all his fault. He got himself and his son into this mess!
At this moment, he couldn’t wait to rush over and strangle this Zhang Zizhou alive!
And he did have a real murder in his heart!
He knew that he couldn’t kill anyone on Richard Chen’s turf, but he had already made up his mind that after he left Shangri-La, he would immediately call his family to send some experts over and directly behead Zhang Zizhou and his four brothers so that the five of them would die until they couldn’t die anymore!
At this time, but I heard Richard Chen coldly say, “You have ten minutes to get out of Shangri-La, and if you are still in Shangri-La after ten minutes, I will worship you both and break your other legs!”
Wu Donghai shuddered and hurriedly said in all sincerity, “Chen, we’re leaving! That’s going!”
Afterwards, jumping to his son’s side, he reached out to support him, tearing up as he comforted him, “Son, let’s go back to Suhang, Dad will find the best orthopedic doctor to treat your leg!”
Wu Xin was also a crying mess, and only managed to get up with his dad’s help, crying, “Dad… Can my leg still be healed?”
“Yes, it can, it will!” Wu Donghai also knew that the knee had been completely shattered, there was almost no chance of a cure, and even if the artificial joint was completely replaced, it would still leave a very serious aftermath in the future, and even if he wasn’t a cripple, he would still be a cripple, and it would be absolutely impossible to return to his normal appearance.
However, he couldn’t hit his son like this.
He was still young after all!
So, not daring to pack up his things, he and his son mutually supported each other and headed to the door of the presidential suite.
At this time, Richard Chen suddenly smiled playfully and said, “Slow down!”

Chapter: 738
Wu Donghai shivered and turned around, nervously asking, “Mr. Chen, what else do you want?”
Richard Chen pointed at Zhang Zizhou and the other five people lying on the ground and said in a cold voice, “You two, drag these five dead dogs out of here, don’t dirty my Shangri-La place!”
“I….” Wu Donghai was so furious that he was almost about to vomit blood!
He only came back to his senses a moment later and blurted out, “Mr. Chen, these five people have nothing to do with the Wu family anymore, do what you want with them! Do whatever you want to kill or cut!”
Chen Zekai said coldly, “Have you forgotten what I just said? These five people all have artwork on their foreheads, you bring them back to the Wu family and give me a chance to serve and keep them alive, you must not let them die, let alone remove the artwork from their foreheads, do you understand?”
Wu Donghai looked at Zhang Zizhou and the five of them with resentment, the words on their foreheads, each one of them like sharp knives, poking at his heart!
Now, Richard Chan even asked him to bring these five people home to serve them?
That’s just too humiliating too!
However, he didn’t dare to have half a temper. The first website
What can you do if you humiliate yourself?
What’s done is done!
It seems that right now, we can only deal with him first, take these five people away, bring them back to Suhang and then make them vanish from the face of the earth!
If one person dies, I will take the life of one of your sons; if two people die, I will take the life of one of your sons; if three people die, I will take the life of your dog. ”
Wu Donghai was trembling violently with anger!
This….. It’s riding on the neck to shit!
What’s between your Richard Chan and my family?
Why do you want to humiliate yourself to death in such an incredibly insulting way?
But how could he dare to say no to Richard Chan?
So he could only cry and nod, “Mr. Chen, whatever you say, is what you are…”
Only then was Chen Zhai Kai satisfied and said in a cold voice, “Okay, you two, carry them out!”
Wu Donghai begged, “Mr. Chen, I broke my leg, my son broke his leg, and he also broke his arm earlier today, how are we two disabled people going to carry these five people down…. Please spare us, or beg you to arrange a few of your men to help carry them out…”
Chen Zekai asked in a cold voice, “Not carrying aren’t we? Don’t leave without carrying you two, I’ll break your arms and legs, and the seven of you will lie here together until the Wu family comes to pick you up!”
Wu Xin broke down and cried, “Mr. Chen…. What have we done to upset you, please give us a break, don’t torture me and my dad, I’ll kowtow to you!”
Said Wu Xin, who had broken his leg, knelt with difficulty and kept kowtowing with one hand for support.
He was really scared! And scared to death!
This isn’t fucking Shangri-La, this is fucking hell on earth!
All he wanted to do now was escape, escape back to Suhang and to his own home, then lock himself up and lick his wounds alone.
What had happened today was so humiliating that he wouldn’t even want to go out and see anyone for the next few years!
Chen Zhaichai didn’t buy his kneeling and kowtowing at all, and said coldly, “Words, I’ve already said, either you two get rid of these five dogs, or you become like them and become such dead dogs, there are only two paths, you choose!”
Wu Donghai hurriedly and humbly begged, “Don’t be angry, Mr. Chen, we’ll get them all out, even if we have to crawl, we’ll drag all five of them out!”

Chapter: 739
With Wu Donghai’s complete compromise, the injured and crippled father and son could only bend down with a deadly look on their faces, doing their best to prepare to carry Zhang Zizhou and the others out of the Shangri-La Hotel.
However, the two of them had already become disabled, and Wu Xin was even worse, with a broken arm and leg, so transporting these five Khan was simply a strain.
Father and son took the lead in dragging Zhang Zizhou out, and with every step they took, they were both tired and panting.
Not only was he tired, the leg that was smashed was even more painful.
However, at this time, neither of them dared to call out, and could only clench their teeth and persevere.
Chen Zekai held his shoulders, like a good show, and watched the father and son exert all their strength, all the way to the square outside the Shangri-La Hotel, like a dung ball rolling, dragging the five people one after another.
Wu Donghai was paralyzed with fatigue, and raised his hand to wipe away the sweat all over his head, which was why he asked Richard Chen, “Mr. Chen, are you satisfied now?”
Richard Chen nodded and said coldly, “But you’re taking too long, I told you guys to get it done in ten minutes, what about you guys? It took an hour!”
“I’m really sorry…” Wu Donghai said humiliatingly, “It’s true that my dog and I are not very handy with our legs and feet, so I’ve delayed your precious time.”
Chen Zekai snorted and said, “It’s good that you know what you’re doing!” Remember the URL
Then he said sternly, “This entrance square is also my Shangri-La’s territory, hurry up and have someone pick you up and get out, if I come out later and see you still here, I’ll break your other leg!”
After speaking, Chen Zekai turned around and left the scene.
Leaving behind an almost desperate father and son.
Wu Xin cried at this time and asked Wu Donghai, “Dad, what should we do now? I want to go back to Suhang, I don’t want to stay in Jinling anymore…”
Wu Donghai gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll call your grandfather right now and tell him to send a helicopter over to take us back!”
In fact, Wu Donghai had also broken his heart in Jinling, and at this point, he just wanted to hurry back and heal his leg.
So, Wu Donghai immediately called his father, on the phone, and complained to his father about the situation that happened here.
After hearing this, Master Wu was furious.
“The Ye family is really bullying people!”
His own eldest son and eldest grandson had their legs broken, it would be a lie if Master Wu wasn’t angry.
However, after getting angry, he sighed again and said, “You guys wait, I’ll contact the airline company over in Jinling and hurry up to rent a helicopter to bring you back.”
Wu Donghai also knew that even if Dad was angry, there would be no way out of this matter, after all, the Wu family could only be considered as ants in front of the Ye family, without any strength to compete with them.
A few minutes later, the old man called and told Wu Donghai, “The helicopter has been found, it will be there in fifteen minutes to pick you guys up!”
“Great…” Wu Donghai even choked up.
Having never been humiliated so much in his life, he was now like a child who had been wronged outside and only wanted to be able to go home early.
Hanging up the phone, he said to Wu Xin, “Your grandfather has arranged for a helicopter, it will be here in fifteen minutes!”
When Wu Xin heard this, he bawled with excitement.
Wu Donghai hugged him and father and son cried in a ball.
The five people lying on the ground, Zhang Zizhou, also had very complicated feelings.
They were sad, sad because they had now become complete invalids and might never have the chance to stand up in the future.
But they were also fortunate, fortunate because Chen Zekai had stepped in and demanded that the Wu family must serve them well and send them to receive regular checks from Chen Zekai.
This also meant that they would not be retaliated against or killed by the Wu family, but instead, they would still be raised by the Wu family.
Thinking about it this way, at least they would still have a settled life in the future, otherwise, with Wu Donghai’s character, he would definitely kill himself immediately.

Chapter: 740
Right at this moment, Wu Qi, who had been at home in Su Hang, suddenly called Wu Donghai.
At this time, he had just finished adding meals and had also just regained his sanity, unable to care about the stench in his mouth, he hurriedly called his father Wu Donghai.
Wu Donghai did not expect his youngest son to call him.
After all, he had been very depressed all this time, wanting to die and commit suicide every time he added a meal, and his whole body was so decrepit that he didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.
I don’t know why he would call himself at this time.
Did he hear about what happened to him and his oldest son and call to comfort him?
Thinking of this, Wu Donghai was somewhat relieved.
But after the call was connected, he heard Wu Qi’s incomparably panicked voice: “Dad! Oh, no! Grandpa just had a heart attack!”
“What?!” Wu Donghai spoke out, “What’s going on? When I was on the phone with your grandfather just now, he didn’t sound like anything was wrong!”
I just got a call from one of my grandfather’s friends and asked him to watch a video on Shakespeare, so I found it for him to watch, and he had a heart attack afterwards. The medical team at home is saving the day right now! Fortunately, it says it’s not life-threatening” One second to remember to read the book
“Jitterbug video? What video?!” Wu Donghai said anxiously, “What’s the old man watching jitterbug for? Were you scared by those horror videos above?”
“No…” Wu Qi took off, “There’s a father and son with a pair of forehead carvings who said a phase and posted it to Shakespeare!”
“Phasing?!” Wu Donghai was even more confused.
Then, he suddenly asked, “What did you just say, forehead engraving?”
“Right!” Wu Qi hurriedly said, “They introduced themselves, saying that one was called Liu Guang and the other Liu Ming!”
Wu Donghai was even more surprised!
What’s the deal with these two?
When I saw Zhang Zizhou and the five of them turn into invalids and return with carvings on their foreheads, I was so shocked that I didn’t have enough brains to completely forget about Liu Guang and his son.
Where did these two go?
Where’s the comedy?
So, he was surprised and asked, “What did these two say in a phase? How can you make your grandfather mad at you for having a heart attack?”
Wu Qi said, “I probably watched a little bit of it, and they scolded our family throughout their comedy, and the scolding was just awful! They don’t just make fun of me for eating shit, they make fun of you and my brother, and my mom and my grandpa!”
“Fuck!” Wu Donghai became furious and cursed, “This father and son surnamed Liu has eaten bear heart and leopard’s guts! How dare you make fun of our Wu family?!”
After saying that, he immediately said to Wu Xin, “Hurry up and open Shakespeare and search for Liu Guang Liu Ming’s comic video!”
Wu Xin was surprised, not knowing why his dad suddenly wanted to watch Shakespeare, let alone why Liu Guang and Liu Ming, father and son, would be talking about comedy on Shakespeare.
But he still obediently pulled out his phone, opened Shakespeare, searched for Liu Guang and Liu Ming, and all of a sudden came up with a video that had been praised over a million times!
He subconsciously clicked on it, and the voices of Liu Guang, Liu Ming and their father and son came out.
Wu Donghai also hurriedly leaned in to listen, it didn’t matter, the faces of father and son were getting uglier and uglier and uglier!
Halfway through hearing that, Wu Donghai’s entire body had hated it so much that he almost wanted to personally take a knife and cut Liu Guang, Liu Ming and their sons to death by a thousand cuts!
A thousand cuts won’t relieve your hatred!

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