The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 941-950

Chapter: 941
Two BMW cars, one after the other, returned to Tomson Yipin’s villa.
Xiao Changkun was scolded all the way by Ma Lan, and his dissatisfaction grew stronger.
When he first received a call from Ma Lan, he was singing a love song with his first love, so he was guilty of conscience. He became angry when he heard her and went to the hospital in a hurry.
But after calming down, he felt more and more that Ma Lan was really hopeless.
Therefore, Xiao Changkun’s idea of divorcing her became stronger.
After getting out of the car, Xiao Changkun abducted the one he bought from the hospital to Ma Lan directly from the back.
Ma Lan was still waiting for him to help him in, even carrying himself in, but he didn’t expect him to pass a crutch directly.
Ma Lan squeezed and cursed on the spot: “Xiao Changkun, you bastard, my leg is broken, you throw me a crutches?”
Xiao Changkun said: “Anyway, you have to get used to crutches sooner or later, otherwise, what do you do if you go to the toilet?”
“What’s the matter?” Ma Lan asked angrily: “What do you mean, I won’t be able to count on you in the future?” Remember to read a book for one second
Xiao Changkun said with a black face, “Don’t forget, we two have separated!”
Ma Lan suddenly wanted to yell at him. At this moment, Ye Chen happened to park in front of him.
When Xiao Churan got out of the car, Ma Lan immediately complained to her. With the mentality of turning big things into small things, Xiao Churan hurriedly supported her and comforted her: “Oh, mom, don’t be angry with your dad. Your body will be bad, and your body will be bad if you get angry.
Ma Lan still wanted to curse, but suddenly felt dizzy in his brain, and immediately realized that he had been hungry for too long and was about to pass out of hypoglycemia.
So she said weakly: “Oh, I’m going to die, I’m starving to death, where is Ye Chen? Hurry up and cook for me! I want to eat braised pork and beef stew”
Ye Chen said blankly, “I haven’t had time to buy vegetables today. I only have some noodles at home. How about I get you a bowl of noodles?”
Ma Lan blurted out: “I’ve been hungry for two days and two nights! What’s the use of a bowl of noodles?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Then I will go shopping now.”
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, he said in a hurry: “I’m hungry and fainted when you buy it back!”
Ye Chen asked, “Why don’t I order you a takeaway?”
Ma Lan blurted out: “It takes half an hour or even forty minutes to take out. Let me cook the noodles and knock two more eggs!”
Ye Chen said casually: “There are no eggs, I haven’t bought them yet.”
Ma Lan said: “Will you give me a taste? Give me some more vegetables. I haven’t eaten any vegetables in the past two days, and my mouth on the fire is rotten.
Ye Chen shrugged and said: “There is nothing but dried noodles at home. If you want to eat, I will give you a bowl of clear noodle soup.”
Ma Lan stomped angrily, pointed at Ye Chen and asked Xiao Churan: “Churan, is this waste deliberately against me? Why is there nothing at home?”
Xiao Churan looked embarrassed.
Ye Chen said at this time: “I have been looking for you for the past two days. I didn’t cook at all at home, so I didn’t go shopping.”
Ma Lan was angry and uncomfortable, but now he didn’t have the strength to get angry with him, so he said to Ye Chen: “Then you quickly get me a bowl of noodles!”

Chapter: 942
Ye Chen responded and walked to the kitchen.
In fact, there was a box of eggs in the refrigerator, but he didn’t want to feed them to Ma Lan, so he smashed all the eggs out and poured them into the sewer. Although pouring them into the sewer is a bit wasteful, if it gets into Ma Lan’s stomach , More wasteful.
Then he used a pot to boil some hot water, grabbed a handful of noodles, and threw it in.
When he was perfunctory, the phone suddenly received a WeChat.
He opened WeChat and found that someone in the chat group of “Jinling Welfare Center” was @自己.
The 20th and 30th people in this group were all taken in by Aunt Li, and raised up orphans, but now everyone has been in the society for many years, and many people are scattered all over the country. The connection is not too close.
Ye Chen clicked to open the group and found that it was not someone @自己, but someone sent a message of @人.
The message was sent by a girl named Li Xiaofen in the orphanage. The content read: “Secretly tell everyone a good news, Aunt Li has recovered from illness and returned to Jinling!”
Li Xiaofen is a little girl Ye Chen met in the orphanage.
This little girl was abandoned by her parents not long after she was born, she was raised by Aunt Li, two or three years younger than Ye Chen, and she was a little sister in Ye Chen’s eyes. First URL m.
Aunt Li didn’t know what her surname was, so she asked her to name her Li Xiaofen.
After Li Xiaofen became an adult, she worked with Aunt Li in the orphanage, and was the only one who remained in the orphanage among the many friends that year.
Seeing her saying that Aunt Li has recovered from illness, Ye Chen hurriedly asked in the group: “Why didn’t Aunt Li come back and tell us, so we can pick her up.”
Li Xiaofen said: “Brother Ye Chen, Aunt Li said that she didn’t want to cause you trouble, so no one told me. I also found out after she came back suddenly this afternoon.”
Ye Chen asked again: “How is Aunt Li’s health? Does she look okay? She just recovered and was discharged from the hospital, won’t she go back to work in the orphanage?”
“Yeah!” Li Xiaofen said: “What kind of person Aunt Li is, Brother Ye Chen, you must be clear. How can she be free? She hasn’t come to the orphanage for so long. She cares about the children in her heart. I was crazy.”
After speaking, Li Xiaofen said again: “But I see Aunt Li’s body, and it feels pretty good. It doesn’t seem like someone who has been seriously ill at all. It should have been restored to the original condition!”
Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Tang Sihai sent Aunt Li to the best Xiehe Hospital in Yanjing, and he also paid Aunt Li two million in medical expenses, which included very high-end postoperative recovery. .
At this time, other people in the group also sent out messages.
“Ah, Aunt Li is discharged from the hospital? That’s great!”
“Haha, I knew that Aunt Li is a good person, and she will definitely recover one day!”
At this moment, a person named Jiang Ming suddenly @ everybody, said in the group: “Everyone, since Aunt Li has recovered and discharged, then I suggest that our friends in Jinling, now visit Aunt Li in the orphanage. By the way, find a restaurant and pick her up, what do you think?”
“Yes, right, right, Jiang Ming, your idea is good! I’m getting off work soon, and I can go there anytime!”
“Yes, it is a happy event that Aunt Li recovers from illness, we must visit her!”
In response, Li Xiaofen sent a happy expression, saying: “That’s what I mean by sending a message to everyone. Since we haven’t seen Aunt Li for a long time, and everyone hasn’t seen each other for a long time, it’s better to take this opportunity. We all join together and invite Aunt Li to have a meal, so I believe Aunt Li will also be very happy!”
“Oh, you guys in Jinling, can’t you wait for another day or two? Wait for us outsiders to rush back, or I will buy a ticket now and go back tomorrow!”
That Jiang Ming said: “Receiving things like wind and dust, of course, is the most ceremonial feeling on the day of return!”

Chapter: 943
“Yes!” a friend named Zhao Hao in the group said: “Aunt Li got such a serious disease and finally healed it back. If we children raised by her, don’t come to see her for the first time. , Maybe she will feel lost too.”
Jiang Ming said: “Well, let’s find a five-star hotel, and we must take care of Aunt Li.”
Li Xiaofen said: “Jiang Ming, let’s not be so extravagant. Aunt Li will be thrifty all her life. If she goes to such a good place to eat, she will definitely feel distressed. Why not just serve home-cooked food at the entrance of the orphanage for many years. !”
When Ye Chen thought of the home-style restaurant that had been in operation for more than ten years, he couldn’t help feeling sighed.
On her 18th birthday that year, Aunt Li took the frugal money and took herself and a few friends to eat a meal in that restaurant.
She also bought a cake for herself, and after celebrating her birthday, she no longer met the adoption regulations of the orphanage, so she moved into society alone.
Now think about it, the meal he ate there was the most tender meal he had ever eaten in his life.
So he immediately said: “I really didn’t expect that restaurant is still open! The place Xiaofen chose is great! Then let’s make an appointment there!”
Jiang Ming replied: “I said Ye Chen, everyone has been working for so many years, and they have some savings. Facing Aunt Li, don’t you need to be so stingy?”
Ye Chen said: “I am not stingy, but respect Aunt Li’s habit. We ask Aunt Li to go to a five-star hotel. Aunt Li may not be really happy. On the contrary, she may feel too extravagant and wasteful. It will hurt for a long time.” Remember Website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Jiang Ming said: “Cut, don’t I know you yet? Don’t you just want to save two dollars?”
After speaking, Jiang Ming sent another voice: “Ye Chen, I know that you are not doing well. It is normal to be a son-in-law. It is normal to have no money in your pocket. But after all, Aunt Li brought you up, so much kindness. , Even if you have some blood, what can you do if you join in and invite her to have a good meal?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help frowning.
This Jiang Ming didn’t deal with him when he was in the orphanage. At that time, Jiang Ming relied on himself to be stronger than his peers. He formed gangs in the orphanage, and he often ganged up to bully other children.
Ye Chen has also been targeted by the opponent, but because he had practiced some martial arts when he was at Ye’s house in Yanjing, most people were not his opponents at all, so when Jiang Ming brought people to trouble him, a group of people were directly beaten by him. The crying father yelling mother, looking for teeth everywhere.
From then on, Jiang Ming, with a very small mind, held a grudge against Ye Chen, sang everything against him, and targeted him everywhere.
Moreover, this guy has always been wrong, and always caused trouble for the orphanage when he was young.
He was caught stealing things several times, and in the end it was Aunt Li who came forward to lose money and apologize to save him.
Having not seen him for so many years, Ye Chen estimates that this person is not much better now.
But Ye Chen didn’t bother to be familiar with him, and said lightly: “Whatever you say, I still think it’s best to go to the restaurant Xiaofen said.”
Li Xiaofen also hurriedly said: “I think what Ye Chen said makes sense. Aunt Li saved her life and asked her to go to a five-star hotel for dinner. She must be uncomfortable.”
The childhood friend Zhao Hao also echoed: “I also support it!”
Others also agreed, so Li Xiaofen said, “Well, there are ten people we can come over tonight, and nine of them all support going to the old restaurant. Then we will only obey the majority! I will go to that restaurant now. Book a box! Come here too!”
“Good, good!” Everyone agreed and happily agreed.

Chapter: 944
Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he thought of meeting Aunt Li immediately.
Since the old lady Xiao passed her birthday, he borrowed money at the birthday banquet and was scolded, he has never seen Aunt Li again because Aunt Li was directly sent to Yanjing by Tang Sihai.
Ye Chen has a deep relationship with Aunt Li, almost treating him as his own mother.
When Aunt Li first became ill, Ye Chen desperately tried to get money everywhere, even secretly looking for blood to sell blood, and also took a lot of private money from Xiao Churan in order to make Aunt Li survive.
If he hadn’t done everything to help Aunt Li raise money, Aunt Li would have never waited for Tang Sihai’s appearance at the beginning, and she might have passed away.
But Ye Chen felt that these were what he should do, and even so, he only paid back one ten thousandth of Aunt Li’s kindness to him.
Dad had taught himself countless times before his death that if a man is alive, he must know his gratitude. The ancients said that the grace of dripping water should be repaid by the spring, and Ye Chen has always asked himself so.
So, he didn’t care, the noodles for Ma Lan were still boiling in the pot, so he took off his apron and stepped out of the kitchen. He said to Xiao Churan, who was accompanying Ma Lan, “My wife, I’m in a bit of a hurry. hospital!”
Ma Lan immediately asked: “Have you cooked my noodles for me? I haven’t eaten a bite of rice so far, so you want to go out?”
Ye Chen glanced at her in disgust, and said impatiently: “The noodles are being cooked in the pot, you can serve them out in a while! Aunt Li has recovered from illness and I am going to pick up the dust for her.” Live and read it
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, he immediately scolded: “Ye, what kind of attitude is you bastard? For an old lady in a welfare institution, you dare to talk to me like this?! Do you still have the consciousness of a door-in-law? Don’t look at who you eat, drink, wear, live with?”
As he said, Ma Lan sneered again: “What does it have to do with you even if the old lady is dead?”
Ye Chen has endured Ma Lan for a long time. I thought that this mother-in-law would go in for two days and suffer a little bit of sin, and she could change a little bit, but she didn’t expect her to change at all.
Even more unexpectedly, she dared to speak out to insult her benefactor Aunt Li!
So he stared at Ma Lan, and said angrily: “I eat my own, drink my own, wear my own, live my own! Don’t forget, this house was given to me by someone else, and the furniture in it I bought it with the money I made from Feng Shui, so I have this attitude. If you are not satisfied, you can move out and live in the old house!”
When Ma Lan heard this, she was suddenly speechless!
She wanted to scold Ye Chen, but when she thought about it, she found that what he said was not wrong.
Now it’s not before. He used to live in his own small house. He couldn’t make money without telling others, so he could scold him whatever he wanted.
Now he has a good life. Someone gave him such an expensive villa and gave it to him after it was renovated, and he could earn millions of dollars once he showed it to others.
On the other hand, he was already penniless. If Ye Chen really turned his face against him and didn’t let him live here, what would he do?
Thinking of this, Ma Lan felt guilty, looking at Ye Chen’s angry expression, she was also a little nervous and afraid.
However, she still tried to save the situation, so she immediately looked at Xiao Churan aggrievedly, and choked up: “Churan, your husband is too much. Is there any son-in-law in the world who talks to his mother-in-law like this? You don’t care. He, he won’t shake the sky if this continues?”
Unexpectedly, Xiao Churan said very seriously: “Mom, I think Ye Chen is right. Now we live in the villa given to him by others. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have had the chance to live in such a good place, so You can’t treat him like you did before, it’s not fair!”

Chapter: 945
When Ma Lan heard these words, she felt sad!
In the past two days, everyone in the family seems to have changed their attitudes towards themselves.
Her husband ignored him, and even took the initiative to start a fire with him. The son-in-law is no longer the son-in-law at the mercy of others, and even became angry with himself and asked him to move back to the old house.
Even the only good girl who relied on her was no longer towards herself.
She never dreamed that her daughter would speak to Ye Chen at this time.
She is a great dramatist, seeing that she seems to be losing power in this home, she blushed in the blink of an eye and started acting.
She choked pitifully: “Now it’s unnecessary for me to be in this house. Your dad doesn’t care about me. Your husband threatens to kick me out, even if you are not at me…”
With that, Ma Lan twitched his mouth and tears flowed down.
Xiao Churan sighed helplessly, and said, “Mom, it was indeed your fault just now. I can’t always look at you.”
Although she felt sorry for her mother for having suffered so much, this was not the reason for her mother to shout to Ye Chen, nor the reason for insulting Aunt Li. First URL m.
Moreover, Xiao Churan knew very well in his heart that his husband had been very pitiful since he was a child, and he did not have many real relatives in this world.
Except for himself, it may be Aunt Li.
This is why Ye Chen desperately tried to get money to treat Aunt Li some time ago.
She knew that in Ye Chen’s heart, she treated Aunt Li as a mother.
I have always admired Ye Chen’s behavioral style of acknowledgment, otherwise he would not give him all his private money and let him take it to Aunt Li to see a doctor.
Therefore, she also felt that her mother was a bit too much, and naturally she could no longer speak to her at this time.
At this time, Ma Lan was already crying with tears and tears, and sighed: “My life is really pitiful, does this family still have a place for me?”
Ye Chen was no longer willing to watch her acting at this time, and even no longer wanted to be patient with her any more, so he skipped her and said to Xiao Churan: “My wife, I will go to the orphanage first. Eat at home.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly stood up and said, “I’ll go with you. I haven’t seen Aunt Li for a long time. The last time I went to see Aunt Li in the hospital was a few months ago. I still miss her. of.”
To say that Xiao Churan really fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of a good wife. Not only did she support me Ye Chen treating Aunt Li, she also often went to the hospital with her to visit and take care of Aunt Li, just like Ye Chen. Very respectful to Aunt Li.
Aunt Li also liked him very much, almost treating him as her daughter-in-law.
Seeing that Xiao Churan was going to see Aunt Li with him, Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction and said, “Then let’s go together. When Aunt Li called me last time, she asked about you, she I should miss you a lot.”
Xiao Churan stood up and said, “Then let’s go now.”
When Ma Lan heard that Xiao Churan was going to go with Ye Chen, he said pitifully: “Good daughter, are you angry with your mother? Do you even want to ignore your mother?”
Xiao Churan looked at Ma Lan and said seriously: “Mom, I really hope you can reflect on this experience and change your personality. Otherwise, you will definitely suffer in the future.”
When Ma Lan heard her say this, she immediately sat on the ground and said, “What’s the point of me still alive? My only relative, my dear girl, is no longer facing me. The police shouldn’t let me go. Come out and let me die in the detention center…”
If it were to be kept in the past, Xiao Churan would have softened and compromised when she saw her mother being so profligate, but this time she understood that if her mother always had this character, then it would be too early for her to suffer. I can’t condone her temperament anymore.

Chapter: 946
So she said to Ma Lan: “Mom, think about it alone, I’ll leave with Ye Chen first. By the way, Ye Chen also cooked the noodles for you. Don’t forget to serve them.”
After finishing speaking, he said to Ye Chen: “Let’s go.”
Ye Chen nodded, took Xiao Churan out of the house, and drove her to the orphanage.
On the way, Ye Chen bought a bunch of flowers, another fruit basket, and handwritten a greeting card for Aunt Li.
When he arrived at the gate of Jinling Welfare Institute, Ye Chen parked his car in the parking space on the side of the road. Looking at the slightly outdated gate, he was in a daze, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of time going back and space dislocation.
He stood here, as if for an instant, he overlapped with certain scenes in his memory. The scenes that flashed constantly were the softest, happiest and most precious memories deep in his heart.
He still remembers the scene of his first visit to the orphanage.
When he was eight years old, he lost his parents and was displaced on the street. Aunt Li, who was like an angel on earth, brought him here, then held him with one hand and pointed at the gate, saying very lovingly: “Child, don’t be afraid, this will be your home from now on.”
Ye Chen still remembers this extremely warm scene even after many years.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s face also showed a rare happy expression, even the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Seeing him with a smile, Xiao Churan couldn’t help saying: “Today you seem to be very happy.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “Yeah, you know, since Aunt Li became ill, I have been particularly worried. Before, I tried to get money everywhere, but I didn’t collect enough medical expenses for the kidney transplant. Had it not been for a coincidence of fate, Aunt Li would have left me.”
Xiao Churan recalled the scene when Ye Chen whispered to her grandma to borrow money from her grandma in order to collect medical expenses for Aunt Li.
At that time, I really felt sorry for this, since I was young, I had been ill-fated and left the man.
It’s a pity that I didn’t have any ability at that time, and couldn’t spend so much money to help him.
Fortunately, later, Aunt Li, the Ji people had their own vision. Someone solved her medical expenses and sent her to the best Union Hospital in the country for treatment.
Thinking of this, Xiao Churan couldn’t help asking: “By the way, you said that someone paid Aunt Li all the medical expenses, who is that person? How could he be so generous? Aunt Li went to Xiehe Hospital for treatment. It costs at least two to three million for a trip, right?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I heard that it cost a total of 3 million yuan. As for who paid the money, I am not too sure, but I heard that it was also the person Aunt Li had saved before.”
Of course, Ye Chen couldn’t say that the money for Aunt Li’s treatment was paid by himself, because at that time he was still a standard poor silk, and it was impossible to get a huge sum of 3 million, so it was impossible to explain.
So he could only sigh: “I knew that showing others how to make money by showing Feng Shui, I should try when your aunt was sick.
The two were talking, and a pleasantly surprised voice suddenly sounded in their ears: “Brother Ye Chen!”
When he turned around and looked around, he saw a tall and thin figure in the orphanage.
It turned out to be Li Xiaofen.
After a few years of absence, Li Xiaofen has become a big girl!
She is in her early 20s. She is more than 1.7 meters tall, and her figure is no less than that of those models.
Although the dress is very simple and plain, and the face is facing the sky, it can give people a crystal clear, icy and clean feeling.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but marvel. It’s really the eighteenth change. Is this still the little girl who had been a follower in the orphanage back then? !

Chapter: 947
Seeing Ye Chen, Li Xiaofen’s face was filled with joy and surprise.
She ran to Ye Chen quickly, still grabbing Ye Chen’s arm with both hands as before, and asked delicately: “Brother Ye Chen, why don’t you go back to the orphanage for so long?”
Ye Chen didn’t feel uncomfortable when she was grabbed by her arm. On the contrary, like an elder brother, he said with affection: “After I went out, I’ve always been bad, so I’m ashamed to return to the orphanage to see you.”
As soon as Li Xiaofen heard this, her big eyes flashed red, and she choked up and said: “Aunt Li told us that you have been working on a construction site since you went out, and all your hard-earned money was sent to Aunt Li. Let Aunt Li buy us books, clothes, and food, but you never come back to see me. It has been so many years and never saw you again…”
As he said, Li Xiaofen burst into tears and said: “When Aunt Li was sick, I heard Aunt Li say that you often visit him, but every time you go after we leave, you deliberately hide. If you don’t want to see us, you don’t know how uncomfortable our brothers and sisters feel…”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh when he heard this.
Since he came out of the orphanage, he really hasn’t had a good life. He has been busy working on the construction site before, 365 days a year, 365 days a year. Give it to Aunt Li.
The reason why he was reluctant to return to the orphanage was because he was too bad at that time. He didn’t want these younger brothers and sisters who had not yet entered the society to see themselves in despair, and then set them a bad example.
Later, he joined the Xiao family and became the famous son-in-law of Jinling. He was even more embarrassed to return to the orphanage.
Knowing that Aunt Li was sick, he was more worried and worried than anyone else, and more concerned than anyone else. Remember to read in one second
He was still not as embarrassed, facing the friends of these orphanages.
Later, even though I was rich, I got the Ye family and gave 10 billion, and also got the Emgrand Group, but the aunt has not been in the orphanage during this time, so she didn’t come back.
After Ye Chen had money, he had always thought of donating to the orphanage. After waiting for Aunt Li’s return, he would find a suitable reason and excuse to donate a large sum of money to the orphanage.
The reason why he agreed to come with everyone to pick up the dust for Aunt Li is that in addition to wanting to see Aunt Li, he actually wanted to see how he could donate a sum of money to the orphanage without being suspected. .
It was also the first time that Xiao Churan followed Ye Chen back to the orphanage, so it was also the first time I saw Li Xiaofen.
While she was surprised by Li Xiaofen’s youthful beauty, she also felt that Li Xiaofen and her husband seemed a little too intimate.
However, she soon comforted herself. This little girl saw that the little sister who grew up with Ye Chen before, regarded Ye Chen as her own brother, and there was nothing unusual about being intimate.
Seeing Li Xiaofen’s tears, Ye Chen said: “Xiaofen, my brother has not been messing well in recent years. I don’t want you to see your brother’s downfall, but now it’s different. My brother is doing pretty well now, too. I finally have a face, and I’m back to see you.”
As he said, he took Xiao Churan’s hand and said with a smile: “Come on, let me introduce to you, this is your sister-in-law, how is it, is it beautiful?”
Xiao Churan was suddenly grabbed by Ye Chen, and suddenly felt a little nervous. Although he and Ye Chen had been married for more than three years, to be honest, the two did not act too intimately.
But she didn’t draw her hand back, just let him hold it.
Li Xiaofen looked at Xiao Churan, and a look of envy suddenly appeared in his somewhat sad eyes.
Looking at Xiao Churan, she couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

Chapter: 948
Although he looks good, but compared with Xiao Churan, he feels like he is a bit worse.
Moreover, I am just an orphan with no father, no mother, and no support. The current work in the orphanage is half-work and half-charitable, and there is not much money to be made.
Even with the limited balance, she, like Ye Chen, had all donated to the orphanage, so she was a poor girl.
In this way, she felt that she was naturally much worse than Xiao Churan’s career women.
With a heart of envy, she said to Xiao Churan a little nervously: “Hello sister-in-law, my name is Li Xiaofen when we meet for the first time.”
Xiao Churan nodded and said with a smile: “Hello Xiaofen, my name is Xiao Churan.”
Li Xiaofen looked at Xiao Churan and exclaimed: “Sister-in-law, I really envy you!”
After speaking, he glanced at Ye Chen again, and said: “Envy you to find my brother Ye Chen such a good man!”
Ye Chen suddenly became embarrassed.
He thought that Li Xiaofen would say he envied Xiao Churan for being beautiful, or envied her for her good figure and good temperament. Unexpectedly, she envied Xiao Churan for finding herself… First URL m.
It’s worthy of being a younger sister who grew up with her ass. Even if she knew she was poor and white, she still felt very good.
When Xiao Churan heard this, some of them couldn’t laugh or cry.
However, Li Xiaofen said very seriously: “Sister-in-law, Ye Chen’s brother is the best man in the world. You must treat him well! He has been very responsible since he was a child, taking special care of us brothers and sisters. After leaving the orphanage after the age of eighteen, I have been working hard on the construction site and all the money I earned has been given to our younger brothers and sisters to improve their lives and provide for us to study. Back then, the orphanage raised so many people, and only Ye Chen knows the rewards. One brother! Sister-in-law, tell me, is my brother Ye Chen the best man in the world?”
Xiao Churan was surprised at hearing.
She only knew that Ye Chen had a hard life before marrying herself. Grandpa found it at the construction site, but she didn’t know that Ye Chen actually worked at the construction site at the age of eighteen, and she didn’t know that Ye Chen took all the money They were donated to the orphanage.
No wonder he was penniless when he married him. He even asked his grandfather for money for a haircut before the wedding.
Coupled with his behavior of raising money for Aunt Li’s crazy treatment of illness, Xiao Churan suddenly felt that his husband also had a great side!
She couldn’t help asking Ye Chen: “Why have you never told me this?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Hey, what can I tell people about the poor days.”
After speaking, Ye Chen didn’t want to talk more on this topic, and hurriedly turned the topic off and asked Li Xiaofen: “By the way, Xiaofen, where is Aunt Li?”
Li Xiaofen said: “Aunt Li is talking to the dean about work. She said let me go to entertain you first, and she will come in a while.”
With that, Li Xiaofen asked expectantly: “Brother Ye Chen, would you like to go to the orphanage? You haven’t come back for a long time!”

Chapter: 949
Ye Chen has lived in this welfare institution for the past ten years from eight to eighteen, and he is very affectionate for it.
It’s just that I’ve been a little destitute and have no face to come back.
Now that I have a lot of money, I might as well go in and see what other needs are in the orphanage, and I can help solve it when the time comes.
So he nodded and agreed, and said: “Then let’s go in for a while.”
Li Xiaofen was overjoyed, and hurriedly grabbed Ye Chen’s arm, and dragged him in front.
Ye Chen could only let her drag her while holding his wife Xiao Churan’s hand.
Xiao Churan’s heart beat faster, but he still let him lead him into the orphanage.
The Jinling Welfare Institute was built in the last century and has a history of several decades. The buildings here are also relatively low brick buildings, and each building is almost decades old.
Ye Chen saw that this place was basically the same as when he lived many years ago, so he couldn’t help asking Li Xiaofen: “Did the orphanage have not been expanded or renovated in these years?”
Li Xiaofen said: “I want to expand, but the funding has been tight. We have more children here than before. Both the dean and Aunt Li feel that it is better to spend the money on the children. As for the hardware conditions, it can save money. Save it.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Chen looked at the yard, but the slides, seesaws, and swivel chairs that had been rusted on, felt familiar and somewhat unpleasant in his heart.
These toys were all played when I was young, that is to say, they have been at least 20 years old.
Those younger brothers and sisters after me are still playing with these limited and old toys.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but blame himself. Before Tang Sihai found himself, he was always worried about Aunt Li’s body and tried everything possible to treat Aunt Li. After Tang Sihai found himself, he had been thinking about it all this time. Do everything possible to get back your dignity.
But during this period of time, I did not expect to donate a sum of money to the orphanage to help the younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage and improve their living environment. It is really unforgivable!
Thinking of this, Ye Chen planned to donate tens of millions to the orphanage to renovate the orphanage as a whole, and then buy the best toys, the best learning venues, and the best learning equipment for his siblings.
All computers and ipads must be bought for them!
Xiao Churan didn’t know Ye Chen. The mood at the moment was very complicated and self-blaming. She was very curious to observe the environment of the orphanage. Although it was the first time to come in, she still felt that it was very kind.
Kind, maybe because my husband grew up here since he was a child.
In fact, in Xiao Churan’s heart, he never regarded Ye Chen as her contracted husband. In her heart, Ye Chen was her real and legal husband.

Chapter: 950
Li Xiaofen took Ye Chen to the dormitory area of the orphanage, and Ye Chen found the dormitory where he lived at a glance.
Looking in through the window, I saw a dozen or so one or two-year-old children playing under the leadership of an aunt in the orphanage.
He couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Xiaofen, why are there so many such young children in the orphanage now?”
Li Xiaofen said: “Many irresponsible parents send their children directly to the entrance of the orphanage after they give birth. Some of these children are abandoned by them because they are born with disabilities or diseases. Like me, maybe it was because she was a girl, so she was abandoned.”
Speaking of this, Li Xiaofen couldn’t help sighing.
Later, she said angrily: “There are still some children in it. They were abducted by human traffickers and then rescued by the police. Because the children are too young to find their parents, they can only be fostered for the time being. In the orphanage, after finding their parents, they will be sent back to their families.”
Ye Chen saw that some of these children had some physical disabilities, so he couldn’t help asking: “Xiaofen, what is going on with disabled children? Are they congenital disabilities?”
“No.” Li Xiaofen said indignantly: “These were all rescued from the traffickers. They were originally healthy children. However, after being stolen by the traffickers, they did not sell these children, but instead got them. After becoming disabled, they took these children along the street to beg. Such children have been destroyed by them all their lives, but they have become their cash cows.”
When Xiao Churan heard this, he suddenly angrily said: “These people are too jerk, how can they turn good children into disabled people!”
Li Xiaofen said: “There are such bad guys who specialize in this kind of conscience. They are all normal people with hands and feet, but they pretend to be disabled and beg everywhere. Later, they found that the begging stuff came in too quickly. So in order to make more money, they deliberately find some disabled people to increase their credibility. Later, if they can’t find the disabled, they buy children. After buying, they will make the children disabled, which makes it easier to beg. Remember to read the book
After hearing this, Xiao Churan trembled with anger, and blurted out: “Assholes like this, one of them should be shot!”
Ye Chen sighed at this time and said: “Actually, when I was working on the construction site, I had heard of the existence of beggar gangs. They were all fellow villagers or relatives. They organized groups to beg in big cities. Some of them were extremely cruel. Specially poison minors.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said to her again: “You forgot that we watched an Indian movie two years ago, called “The Millionaire in the Slum”. There is not a leader of the gang of beggars, who sings well. My child’s eyes were blinded, making him blind and singing and begging along the street. It looks like this kind of thing is far away from us, but it often happens around us.”
Xiao Churan said angrily: “Unexpectedly, there are such demons around us. I knew I had gone to the police academy to be a police officer, and I could still bring these bad guys to justice.”
Li Xiaofen sighed: “Sister-in-law, the key is that there is too much profit margins, so many people have to make this money even if they risk being shot.”
As she said, she felt that the topic was a bit heavy, and she said, “Oh, it’s getting late, let’s go to the restaurant first. The other friends should have already arrived.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Let’s go, go to the restaurant first.”
The three of them left the orphanage together, and Ye Chen asked Li Xiaofen on the side: “By the way, Xiaofen, are there any difficulties in the orphanage recently?”
Li Xiaofen smiled and said: “The difficulties have always been there, but they are okay and can be carried. The children’s living conditions are much better than when we were younger, but the only downside is that our classrooms The dormitory and the cafeteria are all too old. The dean has been applying for funding, hoping to renovate it, but the superiors have been saying that the finances are tight and they cannot allocate funds for the time being.”
Ye Chen nodded lightly and wrote down her words in his heart.

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