The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1121-1130

Chapter: 1121
Her husband even let herself jump off the building, Qian Hongyan was immediately furious!
She pointed at Xiao Changgan angrily and cursed: “Xiao Changgan, you are a dog, don’t forget, who has been behind you for so many years to support you, help you, and take care of you. You are now because I betrayed for survival. How many times do you want me to die? Are you still a human?”
Xiao Changgan gritted his teeth and cursed: “Stop the damn nonsense! You should be thankful that this is not ancient times, otherwise I must kill you myself! Give me a cuckold Xiao Chang, you are so brave!”
The old lady Xiao looked at the painful look of her elder son Xiao Changgan. She was not angry, and slammed Qian Hongyan on the crutches, and cursed: “Chang Gan has never been so angry when she is this age.
Blame you bitch, look at what you did! ”
Qian Hongyan was stabbed in pain by a crutches, and grinned and said, “Dead old lady, don’t blame me for your mistakes. If it weren’t for me and the Wu family, you are still squatting in the detention center. How could it be possible for you to live in Tomson Yipin? Thank you for having it today!”
Mrs. Xiao suddenly said sternly, “You don’t fart here. Mr. Wu values ​​our family’s ability. What does it have to do with you shameless woman? Even if you died in a black coal pit, Mr. Wu will still find us. , Will let us live in Tomson Yipin!”
Qian Hongyan cursed: “You are a dead old woman, pick up a bowl to eat, put down your chopsticks and scold your mother, you are talking about someone like you! You don’t even have a sense of gratitude, no wonder the Xiao family will fall into this place today. To the point! With you, an old woman in charge, the Xiao family can only get worse and worse in the future!”
After that, she looked at Xiao Changgan again, gritted her teeth and cursed: “And you Xiao Changgan! Don’t look like you are unlovable. Didn’t the old lady just put you a green hat? Do you think the old lady is willing? survive?”
Xiao Chang cursed angrily: “Go to your uncle in order to survive! You should defend your chastity with death!”
Qian Hongyan gritted her teeth and cursed: “Fuck your mother, my old lady dared to pack a ticket. If you put you in the environment of the black coal kiln at that time, you could sell your ass in order to survive!” Remember to read a book for a second. htp: //
Hearing Qian Hongyan’s sophistry, Xiao Chang exploded all at once and scolded angrily: “What are you talking about? I sell my ass? I’m going to kill you today! I can’t save you!”
The doctor could not stop the family of three, so he immediately took out the phone and dialed 110
When there was a mess in the ward, Wu Donghai was at home, having a meeting with family members.
He opened his mouth to his younger brothers: “Now my father is not awake, the Eight Heavenly Kings will not listen to my orders for the time being, but I have sent a large team to Changbai Mountain to grab the Wei family father and son. After we snatch the Wei family father and son back, we will One more helper.”
Wu Dongfeng asked a little puzzledly: “Brother, why are you working so hard to save the Wei family father and son?”
“You don’t understand.” Wu Donghai said with a cold face: “Wei’s Pharmaceuticals is a company with a market value of several billion, and it is also somewhat famous in China. If we rescue the Wei family and his son, we must help the Wei family and his son to retake Wei. However, I will sign an agreement with the Wei family and his sons in advance. I will help them regain the Wei’s Pharmaceuticals. They will give me 70% of the Wei’s Pharmaceuticals. I believe they will agree!”
“After all, they will never be reconciled. It is better to dig ginseng in the place where birds do not shit and come back to be my dog ​​than to live there!”
Wu Donghai’s third brother, Wu Dongshan, said calmly: “Big brother, even if Wei’s Pharmaceuticals gives us it, it’s only a few billion. Although our family’s market value has fallen a lot now, it’s not enough to see the billions in our eyes. .”
Wu Donghai snorted and said lightly: “You don’t even understand, why should I get shares in Wei’s Pharmaceuticals? It’s because I want to use Wei’s Pharmaceuticals to negotiate with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan.”

Chapter: 1122
Everyone looked surprised: “Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? Why negotiate with them? Isn’t this a Japanese company?”
Wu Donghai said: “I got the news some time ago that the Japanese Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was also pitted by Ye Chen, and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has always wanted to develop their business to China, but there has been a lack of good opportunities.

“If the control of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals is in my hands, then I can cooperate with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, so that Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals can enter the Chinese market faster.”
“At the same time, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will definitely unite with me to deal with Ye Chen. Then Ye Chen will be killed, and Wei’s Pharmaceuticals and Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will cooperate deeply. By then, this line can make more money. You can do more with one stone, what Happy but not doing it?”
When Wu Dongfeng and Wu Dongshan heard this, they immediately admired them and said: “Brother, you are foresight! If this is the case, we not only have a strong ally, but also a very promising revenue channel!”
Wu Donghai smiled and nodded, and said, “You guys, learn more, and make progress faster to help me better.”
Wu Dongfeng said at this time: “Big Brother, I still don’t understand, why did you want the Xiao family to force them in? This group of people is really a bunch of rubbish in my eyes. Even if Ye Chen is disgusting, they are not enough. ”
Wu Donghai said with an unpredictable look: “You don’t understand, the Xiao family are small people in the market. There are many things that only the people in the market can do the best. The lower the population, the more often you can toss. I don’t know what incredible things they will toss about tomorrow, maybe they will surprise them?
As he was talking, his assistant rushed in and said, “Mr. Wu, something happened to the Xiao family!”
Wu Donghai frowned: “What’s the situation?”
The assistant said: “Jinling Police Station received an alarm and the Xiao family started fighting in the hospital.
Wu Donghai asked, “What’s the matter? They didn’t give me a good disgusting Ye Chen for Tangchen Yipin, so why did they go to the hospital to fight?”
The assistant said embarrassingly: “That’s Mr. Wu. The old lady from the Xiao family went to Yecheng’s house and stole some leeks. At night, the family of 5 used these leeks to make dumplings, but unexpectedly, those were not leeks at all. It was daffodils, so all five members of the family were food poisoned and were taken to the hospital.”
Having said this, the assistant took a breath and continued: “After the family was sent to the hospital, the doctor checked their blood. It turned out unexpectedly that Qian Hongyan was pregnant, and according to her pregnancy, the baby in her belly It should have been conceived in a black coal mine. Xiao Changgan and Mrs. Xiao felt that Qian Hongyan was insulting to the family, so they started fighting with her.”
Wu Donghai was stunned.
His two younger brothers and some of the juniors who attended the meeting couldn’t help laughing when they heard this.
Wu Donghai also said just now, I don’t know what incredible things these low-end people can do. Unexpectedly, it is ironic enough to let them toss out such an incredible thing right now.
And Wu Donghai’s expression at this time was even uglier than eating shit!
I let this group of people disgust Ye Chen, but these bastards are specifically disgusting themselves, right?

Chapter: 1123
At this moment, Wu Donghai thought to himself that he would let this family get out of the Tomson first-grade, and let it go by itself.
But thinking about it carefully, he was very unwilling.
He opened his mouth and said to everyone: “I know what you think in your heart. You all feel that this family is too low and can’t do anything. But if you think about it carefully, I can be sickened today, and maybe I will get sick tomorrow. Chen, the problem now is that this family is not doing it in one place. If this family is twisted into a rope, I believe they are still very effective!”
Wu Dongfeng couldn’t help asking: “Brother, how should we make this family become a rope? Now that Qian Hongyan is pregnant with other men’s children, how could Xiao Changgan still be willing to twist a rope with her? And that old man? Madam, she is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”
Wu Donghai said coldly: “If they can’t twist them together, then I will weld them together! I want to see if it is important for them to save face or survive!”
Jinling People’s Hospital.
After receiving the alarm, several police officers came to the hospital ward.
Qian Hongyan was already beaten by the old lady and Xiao Chang.
Fortunately, everyone was poisoned by food, and they weren’t quite well, so they couldn’t use all their strength when fighting, otherwise Qian Hongyan would be beaten to death.
After the police arrived, they separated everyone first, and then asked sternly: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know that the hospital is a public place? How dare you fight here?”
Mrs. Xiao hurriedly said: “Comrade police, this is our own housework.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The police scolded: “Housework should be solved at home, why do you want to do it here?”
Xiao Changgan pointed at Qian Hongyan angrily and blurted out: “Comrade police, this woman is stealing a man outside, and she is pregnant with other men’s seeds. What’s even more hateful is that she didn’t tell me, and kept hiding it. Me! If it weren’t for the accidental investigation in the hospital today, I might still be in the dark!”
The police couldn’t help frowning, feeling a little more sympathetic to Xiao Chang.
However, he still said in business matters: “It is difficult for an upright official to cut off housework. You should settle these matters within the house. If you can say it well, just let it go and live it well. If you say it is not good, go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce. , No one will delay anyone, why bother to fight in public? Take a step back and talk about the ugliness of the family, right?”
Xiao Changqian nodded repeatedly and said, “Comrade police is right.”
After speaking, he looked at Qian Hongyan and said unceremoniously: “Qian Hongyan, you unfaithful woman, I want to divorce you! I must leave! I will leave early tomorrow morning!”
The old lady Xiao also said decisively: “Yes! Divorce! Only a divorce can save the face of our Xiao family, let her take that wild species and get out!”
And Xiao Hailong and Xiao Weiwei, who had never spoken much, had very complicated eyes.
For them, today’s facts are too shocking, they can’t respond at all. Their mother cheated and became pregnant, and their father wanted to divorce her again.
Could it be that this family just broke up like this?
Qian Hongyan was also very broken. She paid so much for this family, and she exchanged for such a result! She is unwilling!
Why did I have suffered so much and suffered so much sin?
Isn’t it just for this home?
And now my husband is going to divorce myself!
If not for themselves, everyone in the Xiao family would still be squatting in the detention center.
How could the Xiao family live in Tomson Yipin Villa without themselves?

Chapter: 1124
Qian Hongyan became more angry as she thought about it. She pointed at Xiao Changgan and cursed, “Xiao Changgan, do you want to cross the river to break the bridge? I tell you, I will never agree to divorce! Do you want to divorce me, right? Okay, I will do it now. Call Dong Wu and let him comment!”
With that said, Qian Hongyan took out her cell phone and dialed Wu Donghai’s number.
To her surprise, the call was immediately connected.
As soon as the phone was connected, Qian Hongyan cried and said, “Mr. Wu, you have to call the shots for me, Mr. Wu!”
Wu Donghai asked coldly: “What’s the matter?”
Qian Hongyan said: “Xiao Chang did the unscrupulous person who wanted to divorce me. He and his mother beat me together, and even the police came!”
Wu Donghai sternly said: “It’s really unreasonable. Give the call to the old lady!”
Qian Hongyan immediately handed the phone to the old lady Xiao, and said with a successful face: “Wu always wants to talk to you!”
Old lady Xiao hurriedly answered the phone and said respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Wu!”
Wu Donghai asked in a low voice on the other end of the phone, “What? I heard that you and your son beat Qian Hongyan?”
The old lady Xiao complained immediately: “Mr. Wu, you don’t know, this woman who doesn’t obey the law of women has ruined our family’s reputation! And she is pregnant with someone else’s wild species!” Remember to read a book for one second http:/ /
Wu Donghai blurted out: “I warn you old stuff. I will bring your family of five together and send you back to live in Tomson Yipin. It is for you to unite and help me trouble Ye Chen. All the demon moths! If your son dares to divorce Qian Hongyan, then your family can get out of the Tomson first product! If in the future I hear any unfriendly behavior towards Qian Hongyan, then you can also get out Yes, do you understand?”
When the old lady Xiao heard this, she became anxious and blurted out: “Mr. Wu, this woman is really hateful. There are other wild species in her stomach! How can we bear it?”
Wu Donghai asked, “I can’t bear it, right? Since I can’t bear it, then from now on, Tomson Yipin has nothing to do with you! Go away!”
Mrs. Xiao was too frightened and blurted, “Mr. Wu, Mr. Wu! Don’t do this! Can we all listen to you?”
Wu Donghai said coldly: “Where is your son? Does he agree?”
The old lady Xiao had no intention to ask Xiao Changgan at all.
Because she knew that no matter what she sacrificed, she could not sacrifice Tomson’s villa.
I finally had the opportunity to live in, and would not want to move out even if I was killed.
As long as you can keep Tomson’s first grade, even if Qian Hongyan wants to give birth to this child, she can bear it!
As for my son, I can’t bear it anymore, I can’t manage so much anymore.
So the old lady Xiao immediately made a decision for Xiao Changgan, and blurted out: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wu, he will never have any opinions! This family is my old woman’s final say!”
Wu Donghai was satisfied and said coldly: “If this is the case, then I will give you another chance, but you must remember what I said and dare to have any disobedience. I will not only let your family get out, but also All your family will be sent to the black coal mine!”
After all, Wu Donghai hung up the phone.
Xiao Changgan hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “Mom, what did Mr. Wu say?”
Old lady Xiao glanced at Qian Hongyan with a vicious look, and said to Xiao Changgan: “As Mr. Wu said, you are never allowed to divorce Qian Hongyan, and we are not allowed to do anything unkind to her, otherwise. , Let us get out of Tomson, and send us to the black coal kiln!”
Xiao Changqian’s eyes were dark, and he fainted with a puff

Chapter: 1125
Reference 1125
Xiao Changqian had the desire to die at this moment.
He never expected that Wu Donghai would stand up for Qian Hongyan.
This made myself very uncomfortable.
Xiao Changqian also lived proudly for half his life, and had never tried to feel like being cuckolded. As a result, I didn’t expect that not only was the green hat worn, but the wife even came back pregnant with wild plants.
More importantly, I couldn’t even divorce her.
Isn’t this trying to stick the green hat on your head?
At this moment, he hated Qian Hongyan crazy, but when he thought of Wu Donghai’s words, he immediately persuaded him again.
He also knew that he couldn’t disobey Wu Donghai’s meaning, otherwise, not only would he be unlucky, but the entire Xiao family would be unlucky.
The only life-saving straw for the current Xiao family is that if you offend Wu Donghai, everyone will instantly fall from living in the Tomson Yipin villa to the street, without food and clothing.
In order to survive, for the Tomson first-class, for the Xiao Group, he can only bear this green hat. First URL m.
Moreover, he will continue to live with Qian Hongyan, this feeling makes him collapse.
But in order to survive, he can only compromise.
So he gritted his teeth and said to Qian Hongyan: “I don’t need to divorce you, but the child in your stomach must be killed!”
The old lady Xiao nodded, and said coldly: “Yes, our Xiao family does not leave any evil seeds. We must have a baby.”
Qian Hongyan was already satisfied with the concessions made by the Xiao family, and she was the one who didn’t want to give birth to a child last.
After all, it was a dirty, ugly, middle-aged old hanging silk who was pregnant with this child!
Not only did he let himself be pregnant with this child, he also infected himself with a lot of venereal diseases.
Whenever thinking of this, Qian Hongyan would like to kill that supervisor.
Therefore, Qian Hongyan agreed: “Don’t worry, I have already made an appointment to have a baby on Monday, and I will definitely not give birth to this child.”
Old lady Xiao said coldly: “This is the best!”
Qian Hongyan sighed at this time, and said with emotion: “In fact, you should really understand me. I have tasted all the sufferings of the world in the black coal kiln. It is you who supported me to survive, because you are mine. family……”
What Qian Hongyan said was a true love confession, but Xiao Changgan felt very sick when he listened. He said in a cold voice, “Okay, don’t sell it if you get a bargain. If it wasn’t for Mr. Wu to protect you, I would have Kicked you out!”
Seeing Xiao Changgan’s extremely angry look, Qian Hongyan also put away the sigh just now, and said coldly: “Xiao Changgan, I will give you a chance to live a good life. If you have to ask yourself for being boring, then I will be accompanied by Qian Hongyan. in the end!”
Xiao Chang was furious, and was about to scold his mother, the old lady Xiao shouted sharply: “Okay! Stop talking!”
Only then did Xiao Changqian shut his mouth.
Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly: “You all stop me one by one. Why are you making a noise here? Mr. Wu has already spoken, and you are still quarreling. Are you happy if you want to destroy the Xiao family?!”
For Mrs. Xiao, if anything affects her staying at the Tangchen First-Class and her revival of the Xiao Group, no matter how important things are, she must stand aside.
Xiao Changqian and Qian Hongyan both had embarrassed expressions, but Qian Hongyan had a somewhat more successful expression.
She knew that the old lady had compromised.
Old lady Xiao said with a black face: “Okay, my family has experienced everything, and many things are naturally open to them.”

Chapter: 1126
Reference 1126
As she said, she looked at Xiao Changgan and said coldly: “Chang Gan, you think Hongyan puts a green hat on you, you are upset, but have you ever thought that you two personally took Weiwei for five million? In the arms of Xiao Yiqian?”
When these words came out, everyone bowed their heads.
Xiao Weiwei’s face was ashamed and unbearable, but she didn’t dare to refute anything.
Xiao Changgan’s face flushed even more.
Yes, the old lady is right.
When I was cuckold, I became furious and felt that Qian Hongyan was insulting, but as a father, he once sent his daughter to an old man who was one year older than him.
Old Mrs. Xiao saw that everyone was afraid to talk, so she said coldly: “Now, everyone’s buttocks are not clean. Don’t think anyone is dirty. They will unite me, work together, and revitalize the Xiao Group. Listen. Do you understand?”
Everyone hurriedly said: “I understand!”
After that, the old lady Xiao said to other people: “Also, no one is allowed to mention this matter again in the future, otherwise, I will drive out of the Xiao family in order to emulate you.”
Xiao Changqian and others looked solemnly. Everyone knew that Mrs. Xiao was not joking, and it was impossible to publicize such scandals. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qian Hongyan’s matter has come to an end.
Xiao Changqian’s inner anger has alleviated a lot, and the old lady’s mobilization has indeed worked.
So, a family of five lay back on the hospital bed. Seeing that the farce had ended, the doctor immediately came over to give them an infusion to neutralize the daffodine in their bodies.
However, Xiao Changqian suddenly felt that itching in his crotch was unbearable. He put his hand under the bed and scratched it quietly, unexpectedly, the more itching became.
But he thought it was a sign of poisoning, and didn’t care too much.
At this moment, Tomson first product.
Ye Chen’s family had just finished eating.
Two middle-aged men in suits knocked on the door and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “Hello sir, we are from Tomson Yipin Property Management Company. Just now, a group food poisoning incident occurred in our community a04. A family of 5. Everyone was taken away by ambulances, so our property here specially reminds owners to pay attention to food hygiene and safety. Please pay more attention.”
Before Ye Chen spoke, his mother-in-law Ma Lan approached her curiously: “All five members of the a04 family were taken away by the ambulance? What happened to them?”
One of the men in a suit said respectfully, “Ms. Hello, the owner of a04 has a family of five. All of them have been poisoned by food and have been taken to the hospital. Do you eat any wild animals or wild mushrooms in your home? ?”
Ma Lan smiled and said, “Oh, our family doesn’t eat that kind of food. Unlike the poor family of A04, the poor went to other people’s homes to steal food!”
The person from the property company smiled awkwardly and said: “We also inform you to pay more attention. Since you have this awareness of prevention, it would be best!”
After the people from the two properties left, Ma Lan said with a smile: “Oh, it’s really evil and retribution. I said that the Xiao family didn’t live in Tomson’s life! Sure enough, something went wrong, haha, really good !”
Xiao Churan asked curiously: “Mom, what’s the matter?”
Ma Lan smiled and said, “Your grandma and his family were poisoned by food and were taken away by an ambulance. Haha, it deserves it!”
“Food poisoning?” Xiao Churan asked in surprise: “How could food poisoning happen? Didn’t they steal our food? We are fine.”
Xiao Changkun also said in surprise: “Aren’t they eating stale meat?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “I guess they should have eaten the daffodils I planted.”

Chapter: 1127
“Daffodils?” Xiao Churan asked in surprise: “Where are the daffodils? How can they eat them?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “The pile of plants I planted at the foot of the wall, which looks like leeks, is actually daffodils.”
“Mom!” Xiao Churan blurted out, “Isn’t that leeks? I really want to eat it!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It looks like leek, but not leek.”
Xiao Churan said, “I remember it was said in the biology book that daffodils are poisonous?”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “My wife knows a lot. Daffodils are indeed poisonous. There is a kind of daffodil in the body. Excessive consumption can cause poisoning.”
Ma Lan widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Oh, Ye Chen! You did it on purpose? No wonder you asked me what vegetables my old lady likes to eat. I told you that she likes to eat leeks, so you made so many daffodils. This is deliberately cheating them!”
Ye Chen said with a serious face: “Mom, you can’t say that. I don’t mean to cheat anyone. I just planted daffodils in our yard. As for who stole it, After eating it again, it has nothing to do with me.”
Ma Lan hurriedly smiled and said, “Oh, my dear son-in-law, where did you think of it? Do you think your mother will blame you? Mom is grateful that you are too late! You did such a beautiful job today and helped her out. A breath of bad breath!”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t help asking: “This Ye Chen, if you eat too much daffodils, it won’t be life-threatening, right?” Remember to read for a second
Ye Chen smiled and said, “No, it’s a food poisoning at best.”
“That’s good.” Xiao Changkun breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Although their family is too much, but after all, blood is thicker than water. You can teach them, but you can’t kill them.”
Ma Lan pointed at Xiao Changkun and cursed: “You are the benevolence of women! You don’t want their lives, they want yours! Do you know how your mother did me in prison? My leg is It was broken by your mother!”
Speaking of this, Ma Lan was very indignant and reprimanded: “This damn old lady is poisoned! She should also be taught a lesson, see if she dare to be so terrible in the future!”
Xiao Changkun said helplessly: “It’s okay to give a lesson, as long as you don’t kill anyone.”
Ma Lan snorted coldly: “Your mother has treated you so badly for so many years, and you still have such affection for him. I have worked hard with you for so many years, and you have to live with me and divorce me. , You have no conscience!”
Xiao Changkun said angrily: “You don’t want to talk about us in everything!”
Ma Lan contemptuously said: “I don’t want to say, I just want to tell you, it’s impossible for me to divorce you anyway!”
Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “Oh, don’t quarrel, don’t talk about it every time, no matter what topic you talk about.”
Ma Lan curled his lips: “I don’t want to talk to him.”
As she was talking, she suddenly received a WeChat message on her mobile phone, and a woman sent her a voice message: “Oh, Sister Ma, have you watched the video website? There is another major incident in your family!”
Ma Lan exclaimed and hurriedly asked: “What happened to our family?”
The other party said: “Your mother-in-law, and your husband and his brother’s family were fighting in the hospital. The video was taken by a nurse and uploaded to the Internet.”
“Really?!” As soon as Ma Lan heard that it was an old lady and they were fighting in the hospital, he immediately became interested and hurriedly said: “Send it to me, hurry up, hurry up!”
So the other party immediately sent a video.
Ma Lan hurriedly clicked on the video. After the video was buffered, she saw Xiao Changqian and Mrs. Xiao beating Qian Hongyan violently.
Ye Chen and the others were stunned. No one thought that this family would have food poisoning, and they would still have time to fight when they entered the hospital. And looking at this posture, how did it look like food poisoning?
However, more shocking is still to come.

Chapter: 1128
Through Xiao Chang’s swearing and cursing words, everyone heard the root cause of their big fight in the hospital!
It turned out that Qian Hongyan was pregnant!
And the child she was pregnant with was not done by Xiao Chang!
When Ma Lan saw this, she burst into laughter: “Hahahahaha, I really wanted to laugh at my old lady. It turns out that Qian Hongyan was pregnant with someone else’s child outside, hahahaha!”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This woman is too shameless. She went out with other men. She still has the face to come back after being pregnant with other people’s children?”
Ma Lan laughed and said, “Lady Xiao is mad now. Didn’t she always think that the eldest daughter-in-law is particularly good? This time is so good, I really have to give her a face!”
Xiao Churan said embarrassingly, “This matter is so violent, then it is estimated that the uncle is going to divorce the uncle, right?”
“Is Bu Li still waiting for her to have a baby?” Xiao Changkun is also a man. Although he is very uncomfortable with his brother, he can also experience his despair.
So in his opinion, a woman like Qian Hongyan who is not obedient to women’s way must divorce her and drive her out of the house.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but slander. Presumably, it was estimated that Qian Hongyan was pregnant in the black coal kiln. He didn’t expect this old lady to be playing very well, and there would be an affair in the black coal kiln. First URL m.
But it does not rule out the possibility of being forced.
At this time, Ma Lan’s friend sent another voice: “Sister Ma, is this video irritating?”
Ma Lan laughed and said: “The excitement is really too exciting, it makes me feel refreshed!”
Her friend laughed and said, “I just came back to another video, which is more exciting!”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Send me, send me!”
Immediately afterwards, a video was posted on her WeChat.
When I clicked on this video, I found that Mrs. Xiao was trying to persuade Xiao Changgan to reconcile Qian Hongyan!
When she saw this, Ma Lan was stunned.
She couldn’t understand in any case, how could a face-conscious person like an old lady allow Qian Hongyan to stay in Xiao’s family with other people’s children? !
And the following content is even more shocking!
That’s how the old lady persuaded them.
She said that although Qian Hongyan put a green hat on Xiao Changgan, Xiao Changgan gave her daughter to an older man who was older than him for five million!
The whole family is very dirty and the bottoms are not clean. Don’t blame anyone.
This is simply subverting the perception of normal people!
Not only did they subvert the understanding of the relationship between Xiao Changgan and Qian Hongyan, but also broke out a bigger melon by the way.
It turns out that not only was the mother stealing people outside, but the father also sold his daughter to other bad old men…
Netizens were shocked and criticized on the Internet. They said: “This family is simply the most subversive family they have ever seen. There is no good person in the whole family. They are all shameless people, and they are extremely shameless! People getting together really complied with the old saying, it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a family!”
The Xiao family, who had just experienced a poisoning and a big uproar, didn’t know that they were now famous throughout Jinling!

Chapter: 1129
That night, the video of the Xiao family spread rapidly throughout Jinling.
This video was quickly posted on Douyin, but Ye Chen instructed Douyin to block the video.
He still doesn’t want this video, it exudes too strong influence, especially does not want this video to spread outside Jinling.
As for the reason, he knew that Wu Donghai would definitely invest a sum of money in the Xiao family to support the Xiao Group. If the Xiao family is now notorious all over the country, it is likely to affect Wu Donghai’s decision.
Ye Chen didn’t want the Xiao family to cool off too early. It would be better if Wu Donghai invested in the Xiao family before breaking out the Xiao family scandal. This would not only hit the Xiao family in the face, but also Wu Donghai in the face.
The Xiao family tossed all night, coupled with their infusion of drugs specifically for daffodine, all five became lethargic, not knowing that their scandal had spread in Jinling.
The next morning.
After the doctor checked Xiao’s family, he confirmed that they were not in any serious condition, and then let them go home.
The first thing the old lady Xiao did after she was discharged from the hospital was to call Wu Donghai and ask Wu Donghai when she promised to invest in the Xiao Group’s 80 million yuan and when it will be honored.
Although Wu Donghai was disgusted enough by this family, he believed that after unanimously outside, the family could burst out more powerful energy in the direction of disgusting people, and then disgusted Ye Chen well, so he immediately benefited from his assistant. , Directly inject 80 million yuan into the Xiao Group. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Thinking of this, Wu Donghai said again: “Well, I promised to support your Xiao family before. It just happens that the real estate project I invested in Jinling is about to start. I will soon participate in the bidding of urban land. After the bidding is over, a large-scale project is needed. Decoration company, let this project be done by your Xiao family.”
When the old lady Xiao heard this, her excited face flushed, and she hurriedly said, “Mr. Wu, please rest assured that the Xiao family was originally in the construction industry, and it is absolutely no problem to leave the decoration to us.”
Wu Donghai hummed and said coldly: “The reason why you invest in you and give you projects is to let you unite and deal with Ye Chen unanimously, so you must not give me any more moths, otherwise, I will not only If you want to withdraw your investment, you will be suspended, and you will be kicked out of Tomson. I, Wu Donghai, can hold you up and step on you. Do you understand?”
Mrs. Xiao was so excited that she nodded her head like garlic and said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wu, the Xiao family will definitely unite in the future! Moreover, the Xiao family will be your dog, Mr. Wu, as long as you say a word, Xiao Don’t dare not follow your family up and down!”
Wu Donghai said with satisfaction: “Remember what you told me just now, be a dog, I will not treat you badly.”
After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Xiao immediately informed Xiao Changqian and others about these two events.
When Qian Hongyan heard that Wu Donghai made them unite, she felt even more proud.
She knew that this was her own death-free gold medal, as long as Dong Hai’s words were there, Xiao Changgan would never dare to divorce herself.
Looking at Qian Hongyan’s triumphant expression, Xiao Changqian felt even more uncomfortable.
It is absolutely impossible for him to swallow this breath, but to let him really give up Qian Hongyan will offend the Wu family.
Give him ten thousand courage, he wouldn’t dare to do that!
Old Mrs. Xiao also saw that her eldest son was upset, so she again urged: “Chang Gan, you have heard what Mr. Wu said. If you ruin the Xiao family and the Xiao group, don’t blame me, this mother You’re welcome.”
Thinking of this, Xiao Changgan said humiliatingly: “I know Mom.”
However, although Xiao Changqian was a little depressed about Qian Hongyan’s affairs, the Wu family’s willingness to invest in the Xiao family to allow the Xiao-style group to be established again, and even willing to hand over the decoration of the new project to the Xiao family, still made him feel inexplicably excited.

Chapter: 1130
Not only him, but the entire Xiao family was very excited.
Because everyone knows that the Xiao family will finally look up this time!
Xiao Hailong smiled and said to the old lady Xiao: “Grandma, now our Xiao family is going to be developed, and Wu family will give money and projects again, making it clear that we are starting to support us!”
While speaking, Xiao Hailong secretly made plans in his heart.
Once upon a time, Xiao Hailong was also a well-known rich second generation. He lived every day with rich clothes and food, surrounded by countless people and complimented him.
But during this time, his life was like hell, and everyone who knew him in Jinling knew that he had now become a bereaved dog.
Now it was finally time for his Xiao Hailong to turn over.
Xiao Weiwei also looked forward to saying, “When our family develops, won’t it be possible to make more money and live more extravagantly than before?!”
For such a long time, Xiao Weiwei’s life has been extremely miserable. Not only has her reputation been ruined, but her money has also been lost, and her life has been particularly poor.
But now she can resume the extravagant and wasteful life before, which makes her extremely excited. Remember to read in one second
Old lady Xiao was even more excited.
She knew that after the money arrived, it would not only solve all the debt crisis of the Xiao Group, but also allow the bank to return all the sealed houses and antiques.
The news of the resurgence of the Xiao Group’s investment from the Wu family once again caused quite a stir in Jinling.
Originally, based on the size of the Xiao-style group, it simply couldn’t attract so much attention.
But this time, it was the Wu family supporting the Xiao Group, so the Xiao Group received high attention all of a sudden.
Although the Wu family is now deeply condemned by public opinion and suffered heavy losses, it is after all a large family of 100 billion yuan. They support the Xiao Group. In the eyes of others, the Xiao Group has already become a phoenix. .
So for a time, the Xiao Group became a hot company in Jinling. Many people specially came to send gifts to the old lady Xiao Xiao, making the Tomson Yipin Villa of the Xiao family so lively.
In one day, Mrs. Xiao received countless guests in the Tomson Yipin Villa, and received a large number of congratulatory gifts from guests.
She knew that this was the advantage of leaning against the tree.
Leaning against the big tree, not only can the big tree let yourself be cool, but there will also be a lot of fruit from the big tree falling down and smashing into your arms.
At this time, the Xiao family card was immersed in the joy of receiving a large number of gifts. Xiao Hailong, Xiao Weiwei, and Qian Hongyan unwrapped the gifts, and they were almost soft.
Ye Chen guessed that the Xiao family was in the mood, so Douyin asked Douyin to release the video of the Xiao family in the hospital and put it at the top of the screen.
And the title of this video is: “The reason behind Suhang Wu Family’s investment in Xiao Group is the noble morals of Wu family moved by Xiao family!”

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