The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 131-140

Chapter: 131
With a crack.
Feng Xue’s spine also snapped!
Another one!
Both husband and wife are paraplegic!
There will never be a chance of recovery!
Chen Zekai came forward at this time and spoke respectfully, “Young Master, the three hundred heavy excavators I mobilized have arrived, just say the word and immediately level the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group!”
“Yes!” Ye Chen nodded and said coldly, “Inform all workers that the evacuation will be completed in ten minutes! In ten minutes, bulldoze the whole place!!!”
Zhou Tianhao and Feng Xue’s husband and wife were scared out of their wits.
A lifetime of hard work, and this was the end?
I’m finished. I’ll be a living corpse from now on. Without money, who will take care of me? One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen didn’t care about that.
He had the fire alarm turned on and the entire factory immediately began to evacuate.
Then, Ye Chen picked up the already sleeping Xiao Churan and had a few men in black carry the paraplegic Zhou Tianhao and Feng Xue.
By the time everyone stepped out of the office building, the entire factory was almost evacuated.
The workers thought there was a big fire, and all of them ran for their lives.
At this time, three hundred excavators had already surrounded the factory.
Thousands of people called by Richard Chen were on the outskirts and they were evacuating all the workers.
Ye Chen stood in the square and said to Zhou Tianhao and Feng Xue, “I’ll let you see with your own eyes how your hard work turns into ashes!”
Saying that, he immediately said to Richard Chen, “Let the excavators in! Demolish it for me!”
Three hundred excavators drove in with a bang.
The digging buckets and guns on top of the excavators made a tremendous noise, like three hundred heavy tankers, directly tearing apart several factories throughout the factory and then flattening them, leaving a ruinous mess.
Zhou Tianhao and Feng Xue were desperate to the core inside.
These could be their heart’s blood!
These factories, brick by brick, beam by beam, are the result of half a lifetime of hard work.
The factories, it could be said, were like their children.
Now, for someone to knock down their factories a little bit, this was torture like a trial by lingering!
At this moment, the two of them had no thoughts of surviving at all.
There was only one thought in their minds.
Die once and for all!
But it doesn’t exist.
Ye Chen wouldn’t give them the chance to die once and for all!
I’ll make them suffer for the rest of their lives!
Then, Ye Chen said to the two of them, “I’ll spare your lives, but remember, anyone who dares to reveal my identity to the public, I will kill his entire family without a single living person! Not even a dog!”
The two of them broke down in fear and cried, “Young Master, we wouldn’t dare, Young Master! Kill us and we wouldn’t dare to reveal your identity ah young master…”
Ye Chen nodded his head.
Looking at the two couples who had become useless, and the Tianhao Building Materials Group that had become a ruin, he finally released the bad breath in his heart.
Then, he said to Richard Chen, “Have the helicopter come over and send me and my wife back!”
Chen Zhaichai immediately nodded, then respectfully asked, “Young Master, I think young grandmother might have been drugged, do you want to send her to the hospital, or should I find a doctor to go to the house?”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “No, just send us back!”
When she returned home, Xiao Churan still hadn’t woken up.
This was mainly because Ye Chen hadn’t retrieved that aura in her body .

Chapter: 132
Only after returning home and putting her on the bed did he withdraw that True Qi from Xiao Churan’s body.
Immediately after that, Xiao Choran woke up with a ghost.
“Hubby!” Xiao Choran opened her eyes and saw Ye Chen’s face, immediately rejoiced and assured him, immediately after, she couldn’t help but cry out in pain.
Ye Chen hurriedly comforted her, “It’s okay baby, don’t be afraid, hubby brought you home.”
Xiao Churan only then looked around.
Finding that it was indeed the bedroom of herself and Ye Chen, she couldn’t help but ask, “Zhou Tianhao and the others didn’t give you a hard time, right?”
“No.” Ye Chen said, “Zhou Tianhao and his husband and wife have become paraplegics, and the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group has been razed to the ground, this is how many acts of injustice lead to death.”
Xiao Choran was shocked, “How could that be? What the hell is going on?”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, “I called a few friends to help, and snatched you out, and as a result, that Tianhao Building Materials Group, the entire office building, factory buildings, all jerry-built, after coming out, one of their workshops exploded, and it blew up the entire factory, it’s a pity you were asleep, otherwise you would have seen that magnificent scene like dominoes! ”
Xiao Chu Ran couldn’t believe it: “A good factory, one workshop explodes and the whole thing is razed to the ground?”
“Right.” Ye Chen nodded, “That’s how powerful it is! I think ah, they are damned!”
Saying that, he immediately quietly sent a message to Richard Chen.
“Take care of the media, have them announce to the public that Tianhao Building Materials Group has caused a chain reaction due to the workshop explosion, and all the jerry-built factories collapsed!”
Richard Chen immediately replied, “Don’t worry young master, it’ll be on the news right away!”
A few minutes later, Xiao Churan was still trying her best to recall the details of her pre-coma, when her phone suddenly received a bunch of news app tweets.
She took a glance at the headlines and was stunned in shock!
The news headlines are all “Jinling Tianhao Building Materials Group accident, the accident led to the collapse of the entire factory jerry-built plant, several people died, the boss Zhou Tianhao and his wife also suffered serious injuries, doctors say fear of paraplegia! .
It was only then that Ye Chen said, ”
Here, I’m not lying to you, am I?”
Only then did Xiao Choran believe it, exclaiming, “What an evil retribution!”
After saying that, she hurriedly asked Ye Chen, “That bad guy didn’t do anything to me while you were there, right?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “When I went there, your clothes were intact, it was Zhou Tianhao’s wife who arrived first and stopped him from assaulting you.”
Xiao Choran shed two lines of tears, “Ye Chen, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this…”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Silly girl, what are you talking nonsense? I don’t blame you! Rather, it’s all my husband’s fault for not protecting you properly, allowing such bad people to take advantage of the weakness and almost hurting you.”
Xiao Churan was extremely touched in her heart and gently hugged Ye Chen without saying a word.
At this moment, she realized that Ye Chen’s feelings for her were extremely deep, which made her feel a great sense of happiness in her heart.
In one afternoon, the Tianhao Building Materials Group was razed to the ground.
The entire upper class of Jinling was in an uproar.
Although the news said that it was an accident to the outside world, but they were so smart that no one would believe this kind of rhetoric.
Everyone immediately began to speculate as to which big person’s handiwork this was.
Come to think of it, almost no one in Jinling could do this.
Who could it be?
People immediately began to associate the many clues of the recent Jinling.
A dozen Rolls Royces, 10 million in cash for emeralds, and a mysterious divine tycoon who became a jitterbug.
Chairman of the Imperial Group, which acquired the Group and is planning to spend $2 billion to build a six-star hotel.
The mystery man who took over Shangri-La’s Sky Garden for the first time ever and held a wedding for two.
And this big man who had razed the Tianhao Building Materials Group to the ground in one afternoon….
All of these clues all pointed to one person!
The only possibility for these clues is that mysterious chairman of the Imperial Group!
Who else has that kind of skill besides him?
This made the identity of the Chairman of the Imperial Group even more unfathomable in Jinling!

Chapter: 133
When the Tianhao Building Materials Group was destroyed, the person who was most saddened was Mrs. Xiao.
Now, the Xiao family’s economy is not working well, and she was hoping that Xiao Churan could convince the Tianhao Building Materials Group to release a batch of building materials on credit, which could be regarded as a solution to the financial pressure.
But she never expected that the entire Tianhao Building Materials Group would vanish into ashes in one afternoon.
Now, the old lady was most worried about the issue of funding, how to raise a sum of money, became the biggest desire of her heart.
Xiao Churan didn’t tell her grandmother what happened yesterday, after this experience, she decided in her heart that in the future, she would not ask about other matters of the family, and concentrate on the cooperation with the Dihao Group, other matters, even if her grandmother begged herself, she would never interfere.
The next day, Xiao Churan’s mental and physical state had recovered quite a bit, and she couldn’t wait to get busy with work.
Ye Chen went out in the morning to sneak out to buy vegetables, and when he returned home after buying, he saw his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, sitting on the sofa with a depressed face and sighing straight.
With a frown on his brow, he asked, “Dad, why are you in a bad mood? Who’s making you unhappy again? It’s not like you’ve been scammed again buying antiques, is it?”
Xiao Changkun took a sip of jasmine tea and said angrily, “Don’t mention antiques, damn it, I get angry when I mention it!”
“What?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “And you really let someone cheat you?”
Xiao Changkun said, “It’s not that I let people cheat me, it’s because of the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s auction quota!”
Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “What is the Precious Treasure Pavilion?”
“It’s a clubhouse of the Jinling City Literary and Antique Association, which often hosts high-end auctions of literary and antique items that are not seen on the market, and every family has a quota to participate.”
Xiao Changkun had a hint of fascination on his face as he said that.
But then, he was filled with decadence and said, “The Xiao family only got an invitation, your grandmother even gave it to Xiao Hailong, that Xiao Hailong kid has never touched any antiques or anything, what’s he going to do? To shame!”
Ye Chen knew that his father-in-law was very obsessed with antiques, and it must be very hard for him to lose this opportunity.
So, Ye Chen smiled and said, “Dad, if you really want to go, just ask a scalper to buy an invitation.”
Xiao Changkun waved his hand, “The organizer of the Precious Treasure Pavilion Auction is the Song family, the Song family is the most powerful family in Jinling, their invitation letter, I don’t know how many people squeeze their heads to want it, how could they buy it.”
Ye Chen laughed.
So it was an auction organized by the Song family.
The Song family’s eldest Miss Song Wanting, didn’t she have to beg herself to help her appraise the antiques as well?
Invitations were such a trivial matter, a greeting with her should be enough to solve it.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen said indifferently, “I know friends who happen to have people from the Jinling family, getting two invitations shouldn’t be that difficult.”
Xiao Changkun didn’t believe it and shook his head, “Forget it, what decent friends can you know, I think it’s just some fox and dog friends, how can they have the strength to get in touch with the Song family.”
Ye Chen didn’t say anything, he directly came downstairs and made a call to Song Wanting and said, “Miss Song, I wonder if you can help me get two invitations to the Treasure Pavilion Auction?”
Song Wanting said directly, “Mr. Ye, are two sheets enough? If it’s not enough, I’ll give you a few more.”
Ye Chen took a look at the invitation and said, “It’s enough, it’s just me and my father-in-law attending together.”
Xiao Changkun was a curio enthusiast, Xiao Choran and her mother-in-law were not interested at all, even if they were allowed to go, they would be too waste of time.
Ye Chen, on the other hand, was aware of his father-in-law’s virtue after the last Antique Street incident, and was afraid that his father-in-law would lose his head and get screwed out of his pants, so he had to follow and stare.
He incidentally also wanted to go over to see if there were some rare elixirs, and treasures and the like at the auction.
Speaking of treasures, Ye Chen couldn’t help but think of the stone with “peace and prosperity” written on it.
After saving Dong Ruorin, this stone disappeared, he guessed that it should be lost in the process of saving Dong Ruorin.
Afterwards, he also went back to the day’s route to look again, also did not find.
Fortunately, the stone’s aura has been absorbed by himself, or else he would really have to regret to death.
Since the items auctioned off by the “Treasure Pavilion” were world’s greatest treasures, he might be able to gain something.

Chapter: 134
Until Xiao Choran came home from work, Xiao Changkun still looked so listless that he couldn’t even lift his spirits for dinner.
Ye Chen knew that he was sulking because of the matter of the invitation to the auction.
At this time, Song Wanting just happened to call over and said, “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, I’m doing something in Hai Cheng in the afternoon, and I’m now downstairs at your house, which will send the invitation to you.”
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “I’ll go down and get it!”
After saying that, she hurried out.
Song Wanting came downstairs in her Rolls Royce, saw Ye Chen come out, and hurriedly got out and handed him two invitations.
Ye Chen thanked her, didn’t chat with her much, and hurried back home.
When he returned home, his father-in-law was still angry.
Xiao Churan advised him, “Oh dad, don’t be angry, grandmother gave the invitation to Xiao Hailong, she also hopes that Xiao Hailong can take this opportunity to meet a few more high society people and make social connections.” One second to remember to read the book
The old father-in-law sighed, “Hey, your grandmother has been biased since she was little and didn’t treat me well, so she loves your uncle and Hailong and the two of them, and they’re still like this to this day, it really pisses me off!”
Xiao Churan nodded helplessly, she also knew that Grandma was biased.
Grandmother first felt that Dad wasn’t very productive or capable, so she leaned more heavily on her uncle.
Then she felt that she was a girl and couldn’t inherit the family business, so she doted on Xiao Hailong even more.
Later on, when she married Ye Chen, her grandmother was already in a state of complete abandonment towards her family.
At this time, Ye Chen walked forward and handed two golden invitations to his father-in-law and said, “Dad, I’ve brought the invitations you wanted.”
Xiao Changkun jumped up like a spring had been placed on his buttocks and scuffled!
He snatched the invitation letter from Ye Chen’s hand and hurriedly opened it to take a look, and was so excited that he couldn’t speak.
The next Xiao Churan was also particularly surprised, and took a look at the invitation in his father’s hand, but it was really an invitation to the “Treasure Pavilion”.
It was really an invitation to the “Treasure Pavilion”. Ye Chen, you are truly my good son-in-law.” Xiao Changkun was so excited that his face reddened and he couldn’t even speak properly.
He stretched out his hand and patted Ye Chen’s shoulder, “My daughter is really marrying the right person when she marries you.”
“Nah, an invitation is just an invitation, it made you so happy that you’re not even awake.” Mother-in-law Ma Lan scolded in a bad mood.
Xiao Changkun clutched the invitation letter and said to Ma Lan with dissatisfaction, “What do you know, this is an invitation letter from the Treasure Pavilion!”
After that, he said to Ye Chen with a brow and a smile, “Sit down and eat!”
Then he greeted Xiao Choran: “Go, bring the bottle of Sea Dog wine in my house, and drink two parasites with your good son-in-law tonight.”
Ma Lan saw that Xiao Changkun was happy like this, and stared at Ye Chen without a good look, and stopped speaking.
Xiao Choran was also happy but had some doubts, after taking the medicinal wine out, she sat down beside Ye Chen and bumped her elbow, “Where did you get this invitation?”
She’d also been asking around at work this afternoon, trying to get an invitation for her dad, but upon asking, she’d found out that the Jumbo House invitations were limited to each family!
How did Ye Chen get it?
Ye Chen smiled, “I asked a friend for it, and he got two invitations too, but he didn’t want to go, so he gave it to me.”
“Is there such a coincidence?” Xiao Choran half-heartedly doubted, “How come I haven’t heard you say that there’s a friend with such a good family? What’s his name?”
Ye Chen said lightly, “Surnamed Qin, he helped him once last time in the Antique Street, Dad knows…”
Xiao Changkun also nodded repeatedly, “Indeed indeed, that one surnamed Qin, also gave an emerald bracelet, saying that it’s worth five to six million!”

Chapter: 135
As soon as Lan Ma heard about the gift of a bracelet, worth five or six million, her eyes lit up!
“Bracelets? Where is it? Show it to me!”
Ye Chen’s heart was wary and his mouth said, “Mom, that bracelet is kept in the bedroom, but I’m going to return this one.”
“Return it?” Marashi frowned, “Brain disease, huh? Five or six million dollars of stuff to return?”
Ye Chen said, “I just did someone a small favor, and it’s not appropriate for them to give me something so expensive.”
“What’s inappropriate or inappropriate!” Ma Lan blurted out, “If he dares to give it to us, we dare to take it! Where’s the bracelet? If you’re afraid to take it, I want it!”
Ye Chen knew that this mother-in-law didn’t hold back any good intentions, that the bracelet was actually something that he was going to give to Xiao Churan, but he hadn’t found a suitable reason to tell her, so he put it off for the time being.
I didn’t expect that the old father-in-law, this guy’s mouth is fast enough, and he shook it out at once.
It wasn’t that Ye Chen couldn’t part with a bracelet that cost several million, after all, he had nearly 10 billion in his card, what kind of bracelet couldn’t he afford?
But the point is, he feels that his mother-in-law, really does not deserve to wear such expensive things, just her shrewish temper, love to take advantage of the small citizen character, wearing a 30,000 to 20,000 bracelets is very worthy of her.
However, mother-in-law Ma Lan is not willing to miss the opportunity at this time.
Five or six million bracelets, how respectful would it be to wear them out?
So she kept urging, “Where are the bracelets? Take it out and see!”
Next to her, Xiao Churan also knew that if the bracelet was really taken out and into Mom’s hands, it would not be returned.
So she also opened her mouth and said, “Mom, since it’s something we’re going to return to someone, we shouldn’t take it out to look at it, in case it gets bumped and falls, it’s not good to explain to them.”
“And you’re really returning it ah?” Ma Lan got anxious and stood up to reprimand, “Have your brains been kicked by a donkey?”
Xiao Churan knew that her mother would definitely want to spill the beans next, so she said firmly, “Mom, don’t say anything, I’ve already discussed it with Ye Chen, it’s settled.”
Ma Lan also knew Xiao Churan’s temper, if she insisted on withdrawing, but she really couldn’t stop her.
At the thought of returning millions of goodies, she immediately shed tears in distress and cried, “It’s fine to recruit a son-in-law who’s no good, but my daughter and I aren’t on the same page, I’ll simply die!”
Xiao Choran gave her mother a piece of meat and said, “Alright mom, I’ll buy you a bracelet from now on.”
“That’s what you said!”
The day of the auction.
Ye Chen had just left his room and arrived at the living room early in the morning, Xiao Changkun was already eagerly waiting and greeted him with excitement upon seeing him.
“Ye Chen, let’s hurry up and go, don’t be late.”
Knowing that he could go to the auction, Xiao Changkun hadn’t slept well all night, he had already been waiting for Ye Chen here, and as soon as he saw Ye Chen come out, he immediately pulled him out and left.
The Precious Treasure Pavilion was a group of literary and art lovers in Jinling City, a spontaneously organized literary and art association with its home base in a manor on the outskirts of the city’s scenic area.
The president of the association is a big shot, and I heard that he is a real estate tycoon in the province, who is a hobbyist of cultural antiques, and he took the lead in funding a hundred million dollars, gathering a group of business people who also love cultural antiques to form the “Treasure Pavilion”.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look around.
The scene around it is really chic and quiet, has a sense of nobility, and parked outside the door of the clear all luxury cars, the worst are Porsche.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models, the newest ones.
The father-in-law got out of the car and took a step to go inside.

Chapter: 136
Xiao Changkun was extremely excited, this was the first time he had come to such a high-end occasion, he kept looking around, but he was still a little afraid and couldn’t let go.
At the entrance of the venue, Xiao Changkun was a little nervous and showed the invitation letter.
He was somewhat worried in his heart, could the two invitations that Ye Chen had gotten be fake?
However, the security guard at the door immediately verified the passage and respectfully said to the two, “Come in, gentlemen.”
Only then did Xiao Changkun let out a sigh of relief and walked in with Ye Chen.
As soon as they entered the venue on their side, Xiao Hailong, who was dressed up like a human dog, followed suit and swaggered in.
As soon as they walked in, Xiao Hailong frowned and his face flashed with shock.
Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun were even here!
What’s this old man and young man doing here? There was only one invitation for the entire Xiao family, and now it’s in their hands, do these two hangers-on want to blend in?
Thinking of the loss he had suffered at Ye Chen’s hands, Xiao Hailong strode forward furiously and shouted, “Ye Chen, how did you get in here? Do you know what this place is?”
Ye Chen suddenly heard Xiao Hailong’s duck voice and couldn’t help but frown.
Xiao Changkun saw Xiao Hailong and smiled proudly, “Oh my Hailong, you’ve come too.”
Not only did Xiao Hailong despise Ye Chen, he also despised Xiao Changkun, his second uncle, so he frowned and asked him, “What are you guys doing here? Do you have an invitation?”
“Of course I have!” Xiao Changkun got out of his mouth.
Xiao Hailong asked aggressively, “You two alone can still get an invitation? Where’s that?”
Ye Chen glanced at him and said calmly, “Xiao Hailong, where did we get our invitation, what’s it to you?”
Xiao Hailong sneered, “Just you two stinky hangers-on, how could you get the Song Family’s invitation, I don’t think you stole someone else’s invitation and mixed in, right?”
“Sick.” Ye Chen didn’t even bother to pay attention to him and turned his head away.
This ignoring attitude of his made Xiao Hailong even angrier.
In his eyes, Ye Chen was a meritless trash who had no status at all in the Xiao family, an inferior!
And now, Ye Chen could actually come to the Treasure Pavilion, which made Xiao Hailong feel insulted!
A lowly man who was eating soft food, what right did he have to stand here alongside him.
Xiao Hailong looked sternly at Ye Chen, pointed at his nose and said, “Say, how the hell did you two get in here?”
Ye Chen frowned and said to Xiao Changkun, “Dad, let’s leave without paying attention to this brain-dead man.”
Xiao Hailong stepped forward and deliberately blocked in front of him, provocatively looking askance, “Still want to run, you’re feeling guilty, aren’t you? You must have gotten in here by dirty tricks! You don’t even have the right to be in this kind of a high class place! Show me your invitation!”
Ye Chen was also angry, even though he was tolerant at every step, he couldn’t let the other party provoke him again and again.
He said coldly, “Read my invitation? You don’t deserve it! Fuck off!”
Xiao Hailong’s eyebrows furrowed as a wave of anger rushed to his head.
In his eyes, Ye Chen had always been a compliant wimp, and he dared to tell him to get lost!
Xiao Hailong grabbed at Ye Chen’s arm and sneered, “If you don’t make it clear today, you won’t be able to leave.”

Chapter: 137
Xiao Hailong was quick to strike, but Ye Chen easily dodged.
He then clasped Xiao Hailong’s wrist with his back hand, shaking it lightly and sneered, “What? Is your hand healed? Heal the scars and forget the pain?”
Xiao Hailong felt a huge force coming at him and he involuntarily took two steps backwards, feeling angry and shocked.
This brat’s hand strength wasn’t small!
Knowing that he was no match for Ye Chen, Xiao Hailong cursed coldly, “Damn it, you trash, wait for me, I’ll tell the manager to throw you out right now!”
Saying that, Xiao Hailong turned his head and shouted at the manager on the side.
Soon, a middle-aged man in a suit came walking quickly, followed by two security guards.
This middle-aged man had a remarkable demeanor and smiled at Xiao Hailong, “Mr. Xiao, what can I do for you?”
“Manager, check the invitations of the two of them.” Xiao Hailong stretched out his hand to point at Ye Chen and said disdainfully, “I suspect that the two of them’s invitations are fake.”
For the sake of the guests’ privacy, each invitation didn’t have the guest’s name written on it, only a string of passwords. A second to remember to read the book
By entering the password into a software in the phone, the names of the attendees could be found out.
When the manager saw that Xiao Hailong was dressed luxuriously, he knew that he was the son of a family, but then on the other hand, Ye Chen was dressed in ordinary clothes, and now he showed a contemptuous smile and said to Ye Chen, “Please show me the invitation letter and I’ll check it.”
Although his attitude was polite, his eyes contained a hint of contempt.
Because Ye Chen was dressed in ordinary clothes, just from his appearance, he didn’t look like a noble guest who could enter the Treasure Pavilion.
Ye Chen also felt that contemptuous look in the other party’s eyes and was annoyed, saying coldly, “What if I don’t let you?”
The manager coughed, his eyes went cold, and continued to ask, “Then dare I ask which family’s son you are from in Jinling City?”
Before Ye Chen could speak, Xiao Hailong snapped, “He’s a member of our Xiao family, no, he’s a door-to-door son-in-law of our Xiao family, he’s not really worthy of being considered a son of the Xiao family, at best, he’s considered a dog of ours!”
The four words “son-in-law” made the manager guess seven or eight points.
How could someone with status in Jinling City go as a door-to-door son-in-law.
The manager’s face sank and said, “Tell me, how did you get in here?”
Facing the scrutiny of this group of people, Ye Chen’s heart was already impatient and disappointed with the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s behavior of dividing its customers into three or six classes.
He said coldly, “Of course I walked in here.”
The manager knew that Ye Chen’s status was low, so he stopped trying and said in a cold voice, “If you don’t follow the rules and hand over the invitation to me for verification, then I will have no choice but to ask you out.”
After saying that, he waved his hand, and two security guards suddenly came forward in response, eyeing Ye Chen.
Xiao Changkun panicked a bit at the sight of this situation.
He was afraid that there was really something wrong with this invitation, so he hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, I think we should just avoid causing trouble and hurry back.”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed as he asked, somewhat unexpectedly, “Dad, you’re not watching the auction?”
Xiao Changkun shook his head and said, “Don’t go, this kind of place wasn’t our place to come in the first place, if we get kicked out later, it won’t look good on our face…”
Ye Chen saw that his father-in-law had already decided, and didn’t say anything else, nodding his head and taking Xiao Changkun outside.
An auction was just an auction, which he originally didn’t look up to, and since the old father-in-law didn’t want to see it either, there was no need for him to stay here and tangle with these people.
As for Song Wanting, if she asked herself, she would just say straight out, I’m afraid that your Song family’s venue is too high for me to reach!
He then turned around and left with his father-in-law.
Xiao Hailong laughed indulgently behind him, “Hahaha, two hangers-on, afraid? Feeling guilty? How dare you mix into the Song family’s auction, you’re really looking for death!”
Ye Chen ignored him and took a step and walked out.
And at this moment, the crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

Chapter: 138
I saw the crowd automatically give way from the middle, a man and a woman, stepping into the venue.
The woman was dressed in a black evening dress, with a delicate face and exquisite figure.
Under the bright lights, her appearance was beautiful and elegant, and her every move, even her walking posture was exceptionally elegant.
This beauty was superb, causing Xiao Hailong to lose his mind for a moment.
Song Wanting walked into the venue, her beautiful eyes scanned once and saw the two empty seats in the front row of the VIP area and asked, “The two VIP guests I invited haven’t arrived yet?”
Bao Fugui took a glance at the guest information, frowned, and said, “Miss Song, the entrance shows that the invitations of these two noble guests have been verified, which proves that they have entered our auction, and now they don’t know where they are going.”
Saying that, he immediately instructed the person on the side, “Go and call the manager over.”
Soon, the manager came over and asked, “What do you want, Treasure Pavilion Master?”
Baofugui pointed to the two empty seats in the VIP area and asked, “Two of your guests have already verified their invitations, why aren’t people in their seats?”
“Two distinguished guests?” The manager at once thought of an old man and a young man who had just been thrown out by himself.
It shouldn’t be….
If they have an invitation and it’s a VIP, why don’t they let themselves check it?
Is it anger?
It’s over….
At the sight of the manager’s panicked appearance, Bao Fugui glanced at the security guard on one side and spoke, “You tell me.”
The security guard didn’t dare to conceal it and quickly recounted what had just happened.
After hearing it, Song Wanting frowned, looked at Bao Fugui and spoke, “Master Bao, I’ll go find Mr. Ye first, I’ll leave this place to you, I hope you can give me a satisfactory result on this matter.”
Baofugui nodded repeatedly and watched Song Wanting leave before staring at that manager with a gloomy face, “You’re tired of living, aren’t you? You even dare to offend the distinguished guests invited by Miss Song herself?”
The manager’s legs weakened and he immediately kneeled on the ground, pointing at Xiao Hailong who was not far away and cried out, “Court Master, I didn’t mean to do it ah, it’s all because of this son of a bitch who caused me!”
Bao Fugui kicked the manager in the face, knocking him to the ground and scolding him, “If you let your dog eyes look down on people again, now get out of here right now and don’t let me see you again! In addition, all the damage caused today, according to the terms of the labor contract, will all be compensated by you, a penny less and I’ll get you killed!”
“Court Master…. Spare me….”
The manager was terrified, the damage was not small, and if he really wanted to compensate, his scattered possessions were not enough to compensate.
“How much should be compensated, the lawyer will inform you.” Bao Fugui said coldly.
The manager whirled around for a while, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing and apologizing.
Bao Fugui kicked him away in disgust, gave a wink to the left and right security guards, and whispered, “Take him out, break his legs! Let him be ungrateful again!”
He has been in business for many years, so naturally he is not a kind person, inconvenienced in front of everyone, but in private he will not be lenient!
“Court Master, I know I was wrong, please let me go…” The manager was scared shitless and begged desperately for mercy.
Two security guards rushed forward and dragged him away with their arms.
Only then did Bao Fugui shifted his attention to Xiao Hailong and said to those around him, “Go, bring that Xiao Hailong over here!”
Xiao Hailong was still proud of himself at this point, and was even more pleased to hear that the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s master was going to meet him.
Everyone knew that the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s cabinet master had a deep background, so if he could befriend and climb up to him, he would naturally have plenty of benefits in the future!
Arriving in front of Bao Fugui, Xiao Hailong flattered and complimented, “Oh my treasure cabinet master, how are you! I’ve heard of your great name for a long time, and today I’ve seen it, and it’s truly a man among men and a name worthy of praise!”
Bao Fugui gnashed his teeth in anger and kicked Xiao Hailong far away, cursing, “Damn it, Xiao Hailong is it, even our Miss Song’s guest dares to offend, I think you’re tired of living!”

Chapter: 139
Xiao Hailong had thought that he would take the opportunity to climb up with Bao Fugui, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Bao Fugui would suddenly kick himself away.
He rolled on the ground several times before he was able to stabilize himself and sit on the ground at a loss for words, “Court Master, what is going on, is there some kind of misunderstanding…”
The others present were also looking foolish.
“This guy is a member of the Xiao family, right? How have you offended the Treasure Pavilion Master?”
“The Xiao family is not capable of much, but now that we’ve offended the Treasure Pavilion Master, it’ll be even more difficult to make a living in Jinling, right?”
For a while, there was a lot of discussion.
Many people even held the mindset of watching a good show and watched as Bao Fugui struck out at Xiao Hailong.
At this time, Bao Fugui looked at Xiao Hailong angrily and coldly snorted, “Misunderstanding? I missed you!”
Saying that, came up and kicked him again, kicking him so hard that he screamed for a change.
Baofugui is still not relieved of his hatred, directly stepped on his chest and said sternly, “Son of a bitch, do you know who you have offended?”
Xiao Hailong was full of confusion, “I didn’t offend anyone ah treasure cabinet master, this is really a great injustice…”
Bao Fugui raised his hand and slapped him twice, scolding him in a rage, “Dog Bastard, the two you offended are our Miss Song’s distinguished guests, I really can’t even kill you!”
After saying that, he immediately commanded the people around him, “Drag this bastard out and beat him up! In addition, from now on, except for those two noble guests just now, our Precious Treasure Pavilion forbids this Xiao Hailong as well as the rest of the Xiao family from stepping in, whoever dares to let them in will directly break their legs!”
Immediately afterwards, Xiao Hailong was pressed and beaten by several security guards.
After the beating, the gang directly dragged him and threw him out of the Precious Treasure Pavilion!
His nose was bruised and shaking, and he was too frightened to speak.
He knew he had made a big mess and harmed the entire Xiao family!
But where could he have imagined that Ye Chen was a guest invited by Song Wanting?
How could he know the Song’s eldest daughter!
How can this trash get Song Wanting’s favor!
After Ye Chen and his father-in-law came out, they drove home.
Xiao Changkun sighed long and hard in the car, “Ye Chen ah, it’s not that Dad said you, if you really can’t find the invitation, forget it, why go steal someone else’s?”
“Dad, there’s nothing wrong with the invitation, it’s their dog’s eyes that are low…” Ye Chen helplessly explained.
Xiao Changkun said angrily, “If you were a bit more successful and had some skills, would they dare to treat us like this? In the end, you’re just too incompetent and lame!”
Ye Chen shook his head and didn’t bother to explain.
And at this moment, a Rolls Royce from the rear accelerated and passed the two people’s cars before slowing down and stopping at the side of the road.
Ye Chen saw that the other party was coming for him, so he also stopped the car.
Song Wanting walked down from the car with a pair of elegant long legs and said to Ye Chen with an apology, “Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry about the auction just now, I didn’t arrange it properly, please don’t take it to heart.”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “It’s nothing to do with you, it’s the Precious Treasure Pavilion that needs to take care of its own employees.”
Song Wanting busily said, “Mr. Ye, Precious Treasure Pavilion has fired the manager involved, let’s go back to the auction now, what do you think?”

Chapter: 140
Ye Chen refused, “I’m sorry Miss Song, today’s good mood was ruined by a fly or two, so I won’t go back to the auction, let’s talk about it next time.”
Song Wanting was very apologetic, “I’m so sorry Mr. Ye. ”
After saying that, she took out a wooden box from the car and shoved it into Ye Chen’s hand, saying, “Mr. Ye, this is a little bit of my heart, as a little apology…”
The moment Ye Chen got the wooden box, he felt an aura from it, so he didn’t excuse himself.
Seeing Ye Chen accept the gift, Song Wanting then spoke up, “How about this, today’s auction will be suspended, I’ll have Bao Fugui properly rectify the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s team, and when he’s done, we’ll hold another one, and when he’s done, I’ll ask Mr. Ye and Uncle Xiao to be able to appreciate it.”
Xiao Changkun had already been stunned, this woman, isn’t she the same Miss Song who came last time when Jiqing Hall itself mismanaged and broke the antique bottle?
She was so polite to her son-in-law that she was even willing to suspend the auction for him and hold it again, that’s too much face, right?
Is it because you repaired the bottle last time?
Boy, I really have to be impressed with my son-in-law from now on.
Ye Chen also saw Song Wanting’s sincerity, so he nodded faintly and said, “Then when it reopens, let’s go back to the venue.” One second to remember to read the book
The old father-in-law hurriedly agreed, “Yes, yes, yes, definitely go.”
“Okay, then the two of you can go back first, I’m really sorry about today!”
After Song Wanting apologized again, only then did she bid farewell to the two and turned around to leave.
When Song Wanting left, the father-in-law hurriedly pointed to the wooden box in Ye Chen’s hand and asked: “Ye Chen, what kind of treasure did Miss Song give you? Open it up and see!”
Ye Chen nodded and opened the wooden box.
A dense aura poured out, invigorating the spirit.
“Hey, what is this?” Xiao Changkun extended his head to take a look and was surprised.
Only a piece of black, fist-thin object was contained in the box, which at first glance resembled a section of coal, but the entire body was rough and covered in dirt.
When he saw this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but be shocked, secretly surprised at Song Wanting’s generosity.
Xiao Changkun looked at the “black pimple” again and again, but couldn’t really see what it was, and said in bewilderment, “I thought it was a good treasure, but I didn’t think it was just a piece of wood.”
Ye Chen smiled: “Dad, it is indeed wood, but it is very rare.”
Xiao Changkun was even more surprised, “Son-in-law, what the hell is this?”
Ye Chen said, “This is lightning strike wood.”
“It is formed by the trees that are struck by thunder, right?”
Xiao Changkun had heard a thing or two about it, and said incessantly, “But this kind of wood is often seen when thunder strikes in the mountains, so how can it be valuable?”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “Dad, ordinary trees that have been struck by lightning can certainly be found everywhere. But this section of lightning strike wood, you can see that it is already charred black jade, only instantly charred under extremely high temperatures, which means that the energy of this heavenly thunder is extremely strong, I’m afraid that it is a giant thunder that is rare to be seen for hundreds of years.”
“In addition, this section of lightning striking wood is pitch black and shiny, with a hidden bloodline, indicating that it is the heart of the king of wood, ‘Blood Dragon Wood’, making it even more rare.”
Hearing this, Xiao Changkun disdainfully said, “I don’t believe that a piece of lightning struck wood can be worth so much money? It’s all a lie, what’s really worth a lot of money is antique relics, this wood of yours might be worth two dollars if the Qianlong Master had panhandled it.”
Ye Chen laughed, this kind of thing was worth a lot to himself, not only did it have abundant aura, it could even be refined according to the records of the Nine Xuantian Scriptures.
However, Xiao Changkun naturally couldn’t understand it.
So Ye Chen didn’t explain much to him and put the box away.

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