The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1441-1450

Chapter: 1441
Xiao Changkun did not eat at home tonight.
According to him, it was dinner with a few leaders of the Calligraphy and Painting Association and a few key members of the senior university.
It was just after nine o’clock that Xiao Changkun called Ye Chen.
When Xiao Changkun called, Ye Chen was watching TV with his wife in the living room.
Ma Lan, the mother-in-law, posted a caviar anti-aging mask, lying on the loveseat on all fours, leisurely swiping the short video platform, and muttering in her mouth: The Japanese girl who came to our Jinling to participate in the fighting game, she looks really good!”
Ye Chen knew she was definitely talking about Ito Nanako, and the phone shook without even speaking.
Seeing that it was Xiao Changkun calling, he put on the phone and said, “Hey, Dad.”
Xiao Changkun’s voice sounded a little drunk, and he smiled: “Oh my son-in-law, are you coming to pick me up at Tianxiang Mansion? I drank some wine.”
Ye Chen didn’t think too much, and said, “Good dad, I’ll come here.”
As he said, he stood up and said: “Mom, Chu Ran, I’ll pick up Dad. He had a drink with someone from the Calligraphy and Painting Association.” Remember the URL
Xiao Churan stood up at this time and said, “Ye Chen, let me pick up Dad with you.”
Ye Chen didn’t think much, nodded lightly, and said, “Okay, then drive your car.”
When Ma Lan heard Xiao Changkun drinking outside, she said annoyedly: “This old bastard is getting more and more presumptuous now. Good son-in-law, don’t pick him up. Let him roll back. When he rolls back, I will lock the door. Come on, don’t let him in, let him sleep in the yard!”
Ye Chen shrugged and said, “Mom, you shouldn’t be so unhappy with Dad. We all live under the same roof. Even if we are separated, we should get along well.”
Ma Lan looked like a human, and immediately realized that Ye Chen was just talking about himself.
I murmured in my heart: “Although I and Xiao Changkun are separated, we still live in Ye Chen’s villa. If I have trouble with Xiao Changkun, Ye Chen must be unwilling. In case I will tear my face with him again, then It’s not worth the loss.”
So, she could only put away her anger at Xiao Changkun, pretending to be disdainful and said: “Actually, I don’t bother to be familiar with people like him. When my legs are healed, I will fill in my teeth and I will go out every day Two people don’t interfere with each other!”
When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately said with a smile: “Okay, respect each other and not interfere with each other, this could not be better.”
Ma Lan looked at Ye Chen and smiled flatteringly, and said, “Good son-in-law, you will have to give mom some pocket money at that time. Mom is basically penniless now. If you go out to have dinner with friends, take it. People who don’t pay, don’t want to play with me!”
Ye Chen still doesn’t know Ma Lan’s careful thinking? All she thinks about all day is money, making faces, playing cards, and being chic.
She doesn’t have money and doesn’t go out to play, because her legs are really inconvenient, and her image has been seriously damaged because of the loss of two front teeth.
When her legs are healed, her teeth will be filled, and she must be thinking about going out every day. If she has no money, she will not know what moths will be treated by then.
However, for Ye Chen, it would be a good thing if you can send her out if you just give her some money.
Therefore, Ye Chen said lightly: “Mom, when your legs are healed, your teeth will be filled, and I will give you 50,000 yuan in pocket money a month.”
“Really?” Ma Lan was immediately happy.
50,000 pocket money a month is indeed a lot. When she used to have 2 million in her hands, she was not willing to spend so much a month.
In fact, Ma Lan’s daily expenses are nothing more than playing cards occasionally, shopping with her old plastic sisters, making faces, having dinner together, singing K, and occasionally buying clothes, skin care products, etc. It costs 50,000 yuan a month. That’s enough.

Chapter: 1442
She was excited and said to Ye Chen: “Good son-in-law, why didn’t mom find you so good before?”
Ye Chen smiled without saying a word. He knew that a shrew like Ma Lan would be able to spend 50,000 yuan a month, and he would have spent money to buy it for a long time.
Ma Lan just wanted to shoot Ye Chen flattery at this time, and deliberately said to Xiao Churan earnestly: “Oh, Churan, you see that you are not too young, and you have been married to Ye Chen for almost four years. I want to say, you It’s time for the two of us to have children. Our family of four lives in such a big villa. It’s a bit deserted. If there is a child running around, it would be so lively!”
Ye Chen was shocked when he heard this!
My mother-in-law really opened her eyes when she saw money!
It seems that she has completely bowed to money now!
You know, she had repeatedly told Xiao Churan before that Xiao Churan would never be married to herself.
Ye Chen still remembered that once, this old lady rushed into his and Xiao Churan’s bedroom early in the morning. It turned out that she had a dream and dreamed that the two of them were married, so she was scared to check .
On another occasion, Dong Ruolin asked her wife to go to a hot spring with her. After hearing this, the old lady, in order to prevent her from taking advantage of her, also asked her to wear Gini and told her to sleep in separate rooms with her. Remember to read in one second
However, never dreamed that her attitude would have undergone a 180-degree change!
So, he immediately nodded approvingly: “Mom, you are too right! Our family is short of a child! Oh no! Two!”
Ma Lan laughed and said, “If you want me to tell you, you need three children! When that happens, I will give you children with all my heart!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Mom, I will work hard for you then!”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “Oh my son-in-law, why are you polite with your mother? Isn’t it just right for you to see your baby?”
Ye Chen nodded, glanced at Xiao Churan who was blushing, and he was happy.
It seems that as long as the money is in place, Ma Lan will easily turn to his side!
Therefore, he deliberately said to Ma Lan with a serious face: “Mom, you can’t let you work in vain at that time, so let me give you more than 100,000 hard work a month for every child!”
“Oh my god!” Ma Lan sat up from the sofa happily and exclaimed: “Really?! With one child, one hundred thousand in a month?! Two children, two hundred thousand?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Mom, Ye Chen, when I talk, I always say one thing!”
Ma Lan was so excited, she blurted out: “Good, good!”
After finishing speaking, she looked at Xiao Churan and said excitedly: “Churan, my mom knows an old Chinese doctor who has a secret recipe for twins. When that happens, my mom will buy you a few servings. You can eat them first. Let’s try to have both!”
Ma Lan knew very well that his pocket money of 50,000 a month was enough for his daily expenses, but if he wanted to upgrade his consumption level, this amount of money would be stretched.
But now it’s not the same as before. I lost more than 2 million things because of gambling and couldn’t control the financial power of the family. Xiao Changkun could not give himself money, and his daughter would not be willing to give the money to himself. Without savings, it is difficult to get extra money.
But if his daughter really gave Ye Chen twins, then his one month’s pocket money could rise from 50,000 to 250,000!
Two hundred and fifty thousand!
That can really lead a life like a lady!

Chapter: 1443
Xiao Churan didn’t expect Ye Chen to launch a money offensive against his mother.
Moreover, I didn’t expect that the effect of this money offensive looks really good!
All of a sudden, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to sew in.
At this moment, Ma Lan saw that she was not talking, and she kept urging her aside: “Good girl, or tomorrow I will take you to the old Chinese doctor and prescribe some medicine?”
Xiao Churan was really helpless, and said embarrassingly: “Mom, stop talking nonsense here!”
Ma Lan said solemnly, “How can this be nonsense? I also want to hug my grandson earlier.”
Xiao Churan knew that if I didn’t leave by myself, she would definitely talk endlessly, so she hurriedly pushed Ye Chen: “Let’s go, go and pick Dad home.”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded, and said: “Then pick up Dad first, let’s talk about the twins later.”
Ma Lan echoed from the side: “Yes, yes! I’ll talk about it later, I think tomorrow!”
Helpless, Xiao Churan pushed Ye Chen all the way out of the house. First URL
After going out, Xiao Churan pretended to be angry and said to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, why do you want to tell my mother that…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Isn’t this the point of rushing here?”
Xiao Churan gave him a blank look: “Don’t think I don’t know what bad idea you have! I tell you, if you want to upgrade, you can honestly rise a little bit, but don’t expect to persuade my mother to skip the level. !”
Ye Chen said cheerfully: “I don’t have this idea! I just feel that our parents are getting older too, and they must also want to hug their grandson earlier.
Xiao Churan said embarrassedly: “Hold what hug, hurry up and drive!”
Ye Chen nodded and drove Xiao Churan’s BMW out of the garage, and the two set off for Tianxiang Mansion together.
After the two arrived at Tianxiang Mansion, they saw a few elderly people talking and laughing standing at the door. Lao Zhangren and Han Meiqing were standing side by side. Xiao Changkun was also considered handsome among middle-aged and elderly people, and Han Meiqing’s temperament and appearance was even the top of his peers. The existence, so standing together, it really fits well.
At this time, the two were talking and laughing with others, and they looked harmonious and natural.
Han Meiqing also carried a gift box, which was the same caviar skin care set that Ye Chen gave to Xiao Churan and Ma Lan.
Seeing this, Xiao Churan felt very uncomfortable. She asked Ye Chen, “You said my dad won’t cheat, right?”
Ye Chen laughed dumbly: “Oh, my wife, where did you want to go? Dad and Aunt Han are old classmates and old friends. They are just having a party and dinner together. How can they get involved with the cheating.”
Xiao Churan said nervously, “But don’t forget, they are also old lovers! The two of them are each other’s first love, and this situation is the easiest to cheat.”
Ye Chen said: “Good wife, this kind of thing is not something we can manage as children. Parents have their plans and plans, so let’s not interfere.”
At this moment, a Buick gl8 commercial vehicle parked in front of several old people, and a young man walked down from the car. Ye Chen recognized him at a glance. It was Han Meiqing’s son, Paul.
When Paul got out of the car, he greeted several old people very politely.
At the same time, he handed a gift bag to Han Meiqing.
After Han Meiqing took the gift bag, she turned around and handed the gift bag directly to Xiao Changkun.
Xiao Changkun was visibly taken aback, and seemed to evade a few times, but Han Meiqing’s expression was very insistent, so he accepted with a little embarrassment.

Chapter: 1444
Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were in the car, and they were still some distance away from their group, so they couldn’t hear what they were talking about.
However, it can be seen from this meaning that Han Meiqing should have asked her son Paul to help, and prepared a gift for Xiao Changkun.
Seeing that the two exchanged gifts, Xiao Churan was even more depressed: “Look at Dad and Aunt Han. They are like ordinary friends. They are like a middle-aged and elderly couple in love!”
Ye Chen nodded lightly.
He had long noticed that the two people still had a deep affection for each other, and Han Meiqing even named Paul Han Mukun in Chinese, which shows that she has never forgotten Xiao Changkun in her heart.
As for Xiao Changkun, let alone, after being oppressed by Ma Lan for so many years, he didn’t know how much he missed and yearned for Han Meiqing.
If Ma Lan had evaporated her directly when she stole her bank card, then Xiao Changkun might have reunited with Han Meiqing now.
At this time, Xiao Churan couldn’t stand it, and said to Ye Chen, “You press the horn twice to remind Dad, otherwise he can talk for another half an hour.”
Ye Chen nodded and honked the horn. Xiao Changkun looked over and recognized Xiao Churan’s car. He thought that Ye Chen had come to pick him up. He waved at the car with a smile on his face, and then Some reluctantly said to Han Meiqing: “Oh, Meiqing, my son-in-law came to pick me up, so I will go back first.”
Han Meiqing smiled and said softly: “Tell me when you get home, so that I don’t worry about it.” Remember the URL
“Good.” Xiao Changkun smiled contentedly.
Xiao Churan took advantage of Xiao Changkun’s face to talk to Han Meiqing, and said to Ye Chen: “My dad probably didn’t know that I was here too, I’ll go and sit in the back row.”
With that, he pushed the door and got out of the car, and then got into the back row.
She knows Xiao Changkun’s car habit, he likes to sit in the co-pilot the most, so as long as there is no one in the co-pilot, he will certainly sit in without hesitation.
And the reason she wanted to hide in the back row was because she felt that Xiao Changkun had a drink, and she wouldn’t be able to look back later. Seeing Ye Chen driving over, he must have opened the passenger car door and sat in.
as expected.
Xiao Changkun greeted Han Meiqing and the others, and ran over and came to the front of the car. Without hesitation, he opened the passenger door directly, sitting in and singing in his mouth: “I smile smugly, smile smugly…”
After the singing, he smiled and said to Ye Chen: “Good son-in-law, you have to come here to pick me up.”
Ye Chen said, “Dad, why are you polite to me?”
“That’s right!” Xiao Changkun patted Ye Chen’s arm and said gratefully: “Thank you for the set of skin care products you prepared for Dad today. You Auntie Han likes it very much! Oh! This may be my gift for her in my life. The most expensive gift.”
After that, Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but sighed: “Hey…I really owe you too much to Aunt Han…”
Ye Chen heard him talk about Han Meiqing directly, and was still sighing with emotion, but he didn’t know that his daughter Xiao Churan was sitting in the back row!
Thinking of this, he hurriedly winked at Xiao Changkun to remind him that there was someone behind him.
Xiao Changkun was dizzy drinking. How could he have this sensitivity. While urging Ye Chen to drive, he put the gift bag in his lap on his lap, and said with joy, “Your Aunt Han secretly asked Paul to buy me a gift. Here you see, this is it. Open it firmly, and I will open it to see what it is.”
Ye Chen had no choice but to say: “Good dad, I will try my best to be stable, but you must be careful too!”
When he said this, Ye Chen didn’t forget to remind him to be careful behind him with his eyes.
Xiao Changkun didn’t know what Ye Chen meant, and while unpacking it, he said seriously: “This is a gift from your Aunt Han. Of course I will be careful. If I break myself, I can’t touch this thing. broken!”

Chapter: 1445
Xiao Changkun thought that he and Ye Chen were the only two in the car, and Ye Chen was not only his son-in-law, but also his most trustworthy person.
Therefore, he was almost undefended against Ye Chen, and he was not afraid that Ye Chen would know about those things with Han Meiqing.
At this moment, while unpacking the package, he sighed: “Oh, my dear son-in-law, don’t you know how popular your Aunt Han is now in senior colleges? Those who like her are from 30 to 40 years old. Young people, to an old man in his 60s and 70s, can’t count the number of Wuyang Wuyang! If you dad, I don’t pay attention to it, the situation will not be good.”
Ye Chen hushed awkwardly, and switched the subject away and said, “Dad, you didn’t drink less at night, or stop talking and close your eyes and rest for a while.”
“That’s how it works.” Xiao Changkun said immediately: “I haven’t seen what you and auntie give me.”
With that said, the outer packaging has been opened by him.
Seeing the box inside, he couldn’t help exclaiming: “I’m going! It turned out to be a Rolex!”
Ye Chen listened and glanced subconsciously, and found that there was a Rolex watch lying in the box.
Xiao Changkun picked up the watch carefully, looked at it, and exclaimed, “This is the very popular green water ghost, isn’t it? Can’t it be a one hundred and eighty thousand?”
Ye Chen took a look and smiled: “Dad, you are too ignorant… this is not a green water ghost, this is Lu Jindi, a gold watch.” Remember to read a book in one second.
“Green Jindi?” Xiao Changkun frowned and said, “I don’t know anything about watches. I heard people say that Rolex Water Ghost is very valuable. You said it is Jindi? How much is it worth?”
Ye Chen said: “The price of Rolex has risen sharply recently. This piece is probably between 350,000 and 380,000!”
“Mom, it’s so expensive?!” Xiao Changkun’s tone changed a little, and he blurted out: “A watch worth nearly 400,000 yuan, this is too scary.”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Dad, the set of skin care products you gave Aunt Han is about 390,000 yuan. It will be gone after a period of time. If this watch is well maintained, it will not be a problem to use it for decades, and it may not be a problem. It will increase in value in the future, for example, the green water ghost, who used to be able to buy 50,000 yuan, now has 100,000 yuan.”
Xiao Changkun nodded repeatedly, touching the watch and couldn’t put it down!
This was given to him by Han Meiqing and it was of great significance to him.
He put the watch on his wrist, examined it carefully, and said happily, “Oh, this watch is so beautiful that the more you look, just say you Auntie Han loves me more. For someone else, who is willing to give me such an expensive watch? My mother is reluctant, Ye Chen, don’t you think?”
Ye Chen said embarrassingly, “Haha…Dad, if you drink too much, let’s take a rest first.”
“What’s the rest?” Xiao Changkun said, “I have to take a few pictures with my phone and send them to Aunt Han, so that she can see how good her vision is.”
As he said, he immediately took out his cell phone.
As soon as I took out my phone, the phone rang. Xiao Changkun couldn’t help but muttered: “Oh, it was from Churan, Ye Chen, don’t talk nonsense. If you ask later, you can’t let her know that I am talking to you. Aunt Han ate together.”

Chapter: 1446
Ye Chen stretched out his right hand to cover half of his face, he really didn’t know how to respond to his stupid old man.
At this time, Xiao Changkun pressed the answer button, and said in a casual way: “Hey, Chu Ran, I have come back with Ye Chen.”
Just listen to Xiao Churan’s angry voice from the back seat: “Dad! You really disappointed me!”
Xiao Changkun let out a terrified cry. The phone fell off his hand and fell into a gap.
He didn’t care about picking up the phone, and looked back at Xiao Churan in horror: “Chu…Churan??? You…Why are you in the car?”
Xiao Churan asked angrily: “Why can’t I be in the car? If I’m not in the car, I don’t know that you have derailed!”
Xiao Changkun suddenly seemed to be stepped on his tail, and blurted out: “Oh, don’t talk nonsense at first, when did I cheat?”
Xiao Churan said, “You and that Aunt Han are already at the point where you can give such an expensive gift to each other, and you are carrying your mother on your back, dating and having dinner in private. What is this not cheating?”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “This is not a derailment! Auntie Han and I are very respectful, and have never crossed Lei Chi for half a step. Besides, your mother and I are separated and have no feelings. Divorce is a matter of time, even if I It’s really cheating, that can’t be called cheating, that’s the beginning of a new relationship!”
“You…you…” Xiao Churan’s angry little face flushed, and his eyes were tearful. “How can you do this! I always think you are a good father and husband. But I did not expect that you have become so excessive now. You have been with mom for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years of ups and downs, even if there is no love, family affection is always there, right? You must at least give mom at least Your respect is right!” The first website
Xiao Changkun explained: “I didn’t disrespect her. If I disrespect her, I would have reconciled with you Aunt Han. It is because I respect her that I have to divorce her formally, and then just follow you. Aunt Han is together!”
Xiao Churan cried and asked: “Why do you have to divorce your mother, why do you have to be with that Aunt Han? Do you know that this practice is immoral? Does that Aunt Han know that being a third party, Is it immoral to get involved in someone else’s marriage?!”
Xiao Changkun was also anxious, and blurted: “Your Aunt Han is not the third party! Your mother is the third party!”
Xiao Churan was stunned: “Dad, what are you talking about?!”
Xiao Changkun said coldly: “I’m not talking nonsense! I should have been with your Aunt Han! Back then, if your mother was not involved in the third party and took me to the guest house to open a room after I was drunk, how could your Aunt Han leave me? go with?”
After that, Xiao Changkun was very excited and continued: “Chu Ran, do you know how shame your mother was doing things back then? She and your Aunt Han are roommates and best friends! And me? I am her best friend’s male. Friend! But she actually had sex with me while I was drunk, and even ran to show off with your Aunt Han, forcing your Aunt Han to leave the country back then, and then forced me to marry her by pregnant with you, she It’s the third party who has no morals!”
When Xiao Churan heard this, he was completely stunned!
She heard from her mother that Dad had a first love back then, but when Mom talked about that first love, she always said that the other was a vixen, but she never explained what happened between them.
Therefore, I always thought that my parents were in love together normally, but there were a few short waves in the middle.
However, after hearing what my father said today, I realized that it turned out that it was the third mother who intervened in the relationship between father and other women…
This completely overturned her perception of the feelings and love between her parents over the past two decades…

Chapter: 1447
Just when Xiao Churan was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond for a while.
Xiao Changkun, who was in the co-pilot, was so aggrieved that he burst into tears and choked up: “Back then, your mother and I could say that they had no emotional foundation. To speak of conscience, before I got drunk that night, I even talked to her. I haven’t said a few words. You should be able to see that your Aunt Han is much better than your mother in all aspects. It is impossible for a normal man to give up your Aunt Han and choose her. I’m totally forced to be helpless!”
With that said, Xiao Changkun looked out the window with a sad look, and said with a bit of pain: “At the beginning, I had planned the life after graduation with your Aunt Han. We are going to study in the United States together after graduation. You should I know that it was very popular to go abroad that year, everyone sharpened their heads and drilled out. What we both thought at the time was that if the development in the United States is more appropriate, then we will get married and settle in the United States, and then we will have a high-end talent immigrant. The plan is very clear, it can be said to be bright…”
“But, what’s the result? As a result, because I drank too much wine at the party, your mother took advantage of it and forced your Aunt Han away, ruined my life’s happiness, and ruined all my life plans! ”
“Why haven’t I been motivated and confused for so many years? I stay at home all day long, and I can’t see the appearance of a famous university graduate? Isn’t it because your mother ruined my life trajectory at the beginning, let me see I lost the direction and motivation to work hard!”
Having said this, Xiao Changkun’s emotions couldn’t be stretched anymore, and he cried loudly: “This is the only time in my life. If you are ruined, you can no longer make up for it. What about you? All you see is that your mother seems to be wronged. But have you ever thought about how I have lived over the past twenty years? What is my mood?”
Xiao Churan also choked silently.
She really did not expect that her father had been so wronged over the years.
Even the life trajectory that was originally set has undergone earth-shaking changes because of the intervention of a third party from the mother.
Originally, my father and Aunt Han might go to the United States for further studies, get married, and become social pillars. Remember the URL
But later, after my father and mother got married, they became a waste in the eyes of grandma, and an Adou who couldn’t help.
Later, Dad also gave up resistance altogether and led a leisurely life every day. Of course, this was due to his own failure to make progress, but on the whole it was caused by the intervention of a third party from his mother.
To be fair, Mom ruined Dad for a lifetime.
He turned him from a vigorous college student into a greasy and decadent middle-aged man.
In the past twenty years, my father must have been very wronged, but he had never mentioned these words to himself before.
Moreover, my mother’s personality is so aggressive, and she is the initiator of the whole thing. My father must not be able to talk to her, so in this family, my father has no one to complain. Then these grievances, he should be alive in his stomach. Twenty years!
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel wronged for her father.
So, she sobbed and comforted: “Dad, don’t cry, it’s my fault. I didn’t figure out what happened, so I blamed you, I’m sorry…”
Xiao Changkun rubbed his eyes and sighed deeply, “Hey… Dad didn’t want you to apologize to me, Dad just wants your understanding.”
Xiao Churan nodded lightly, and sighed: “I won’t be too much to ask about your business in the future. I just hope you can handle these relationships well.”
For Xiao Churan now, she knows the story and can no longer prevent her father from contacting Han Meiqing. However, she is Ma Lan’s biological daughter after all. Out of respect for her mother and the family of three, she Nor can he clearly support his father to pursue Han Meiqing.
Therefore, she feels that the only thing she can do now is to stop worrying about things between her parents.
Whether it was their grievances back then, or the entanglement they are now, they no longer bother.
Xiao Changkun did not expect his daughter to be able to support him with a clear-cut stand and not to interfere. It was already the best result he could think of. So he was excited and said: “Oh, Churan, you can do this. Dad is really too Thank you!”
Xiao Churan sighed softly and said, “Dad, the watch Aunt Han gave you. You shouldn’t wear it when you are at home, lest Mom sees it and asks what’s going on.”

Chapter: 1448
“Understand!” Xiao Changkun nodded excitedly, and continued: “I will never wear this watch at home in the future!”
Although Ye Chen on the side hadn’t spoken, he was a little relieved when he heard this.
It’s really not easy for him to be an old man. In fact, the reason why he has tolerated Ma Lan for so many years was mainly because of Xiao Churan.
If it weren’t for his daughter, he couldn’t bear it all the time, so it can be seen from here that his old husband is not useless, at least his paternal love for Xiao Churan is still very great.
Moreover, even when he was questioned by Xiao Churan, he never said that the grievances over the past two decades were for Xiao Chu to suffer and to be worthy of the four words of father’s love.
Back to Tomson Yipin, Ye Chen was about to drive into the community, and suddenly saw Ito Nanako standing at the gate of the community wearing a mask.
Although the mask covered her face, Ye Chen could still determine that this woman was Ito Nanako based on her body shape, hairstyle and feeling.
Seeing that she was driving closer, Ito Nanako first took a few steps to her side subconsciously, but she probably saw Xiao Changkun and Xiao Churan in the car, so she stopped again.
Ye Chen knew that his wife and Lao Zhangren were in the car and couldn’t stop to greet her or ask her what to do with her, so he could only drive in the car first, thinking about making an excuse later, and come out to have a look. Remember to read in one second
The car returned to Tomson Yipin’s villa. Before Ye Chen’s car stopped, Xiao Changkun had already put away the watch given by Han Meiqing.
After the car stopped, he hurriedly pushed the door and got out of the car to hide the watch in his own BMW.
Seeing this, Xiao Churan couldn’t help but sighed softly, and said to Ye Chen in a low voice, “Suddenly I feel that my father is so pitiful…He must have been wronged for so many years, right?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Dad, he has been suppressed for twenty-six or seven years, and he might have collapsed long ago when he changed to someone else.”
Xiao Churan asked him: “Have you known about these things a long time ago? You don’t seem surprised at all to me?”
Ye Chen said: “The last time I accompanied my dad to his alma mater to attend a class reunion, I heard others talk about it.”
Xiao Churan nodded suddenly, and asked him: “Then why don’t you tell me…”
Ye Chen said helplessly: “Just after this incident, she disappeared in an accident. At that time, you seemed to have lost your soul, and you just wanted to find your mother. How can I add trouble to you?”
Xiao Churan nodded slightly, and sighed again.
Ye Chen thought of Ito Nanako at the door, and said, “You and Dad will go in first, and I will go out.”
Xiao Churan asked curiously, “Why are you going out so late?”
Ye Chen said, “I’m going to buy some liver-protecting tablets for Dad. Didn’t he drink alcohol!”
Xiao Churan said, “Let me go.”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “You go in with your dad. If Mom nags him again, you can help reconcile a little bit!”

Chapter: 1449
When Ye Chen came out of the villa, there was no shadow of Ito Nanako at the door.
He looked around for a few times, but Nanako Ito was not found.
This made Ye Chen couldn’t help wondering, his own feeling just now was not wrong. Although the girl was wearing a mask, he was sure that she was Ito Nanako.
Since she came to Tomson, she must have come to find herself, why did she suddenly disappear?
Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help sighing, but he really couldn’t figure out the brain circuit of this Japanese girl.
At this time, Nanako Ito was hiding in a milk tea shop, looking at Ye Chen from a distance.
Seeing Ye Chen seemed to be a little stunned, she also felt a strange feeling somewhere in her heart.
She did come to Ye Chen tonight, and the final was about to come. She also knew that it would be difficult for her to win Qin Aoxue, and she might even be injured in the game.
Her master and her family didn’t want her to continue participating in the finals.
However, she felt that a qualified warrior could not be as strong as others, but her willpower would never be able to defeat the opponent, so she decided to continue participating in the competition and at the same time be prepared to be injured in the competition. First URL
To this end, her father sent a special plane and a top Japanese medical team. This team will be on the spot during the finals. If Nanako Ito is injured in the game, they will be rescued immediately while riding. The special plane sent her to Tokyo for treatment within three hours.
So, in that case, after he was on the court, he probably wouldn’t have a chance to meet Ye Chen, so Ito Nanako thought about it, and come over to see him again tonight.
However, she did not expect that she was waiting at the door of Tomson Yipin just now. Seeing Ye Chen driving back, she found that there was a very beautiful woman sitting in the back seat of the car. This made her suddenly realize that that woman It must be Ye Chen’s wife.
At that moment, she felt a little lost in her heart and felt that she shouldn’t bother a married man, so she prepared to go back to the hotel.
But even though she was about to leave, she still wanted to know whether Ye Chen had seen herself or would come out to see herself, so she ordered a cup of milk tea at this milk tea shop and sat down.
In Ito Nanako’s heart, the feeling about Ye Chen was very complicated.
Because he abolished his mentor, I blamed him a bit, and felt that he was too cruel;
Because he is extremely powerful, and I admire him a little bit, I think he is the real martial arts master;
Because he scolded himself badly last time, he felt a bit ashamed in front of him, and even his aura and inner strength would be affected by him, so that when he thought of him, his heart would always be soft. stand up.
It’s just that she doesn’t know that this soft feeling is more like a crush and admiration.
She received a rigorous aristocratic education since she was a child, and she has excellent psychological quality.
But recently, whenever she thinks of Ye Chen, her heart rate is hard to keep up. Even if Ye Chen is not in front of her, she still feels nervous, and her heart is like a small deer.
At this moment, even looking at Ye Chen from a distance, he still felt his heartbeat speed up.
Moreover, when she saw Ye Chen’s expression somewhat regrettable, she felt a burst of joy in her heart.
Just like when I was in the ring and saw Ye Chen’s eyes with a bit of distress, it made her very satisfied.

Chapter: 1450
So she hurriedly said to the boss: “Boss, add another cup of milk tea.”
The boss said: “Miss, we are about to close, and the clerk is off work. I can’t make milk tea now, sorry.”
“Okay.” Ito Nanako nodded helplessly.
At this moment, he suddenly saw Ye Chen walking towards the right side of the first-grade Tomson gate, so he hurriedly held his milk tea and ran out.
Ye Chen thought that Nanako Ito was gone, so he planned to go to the drugstore to buy a box of liver-protecting tablets for the old man to go back for business.
When he came to the door of the pharmacy, he discovered that a huge poster was hung at the door of the pharmacy. Gu Qiuyi, who was beautiful and unparalleled, was holding Jiuxuanwei San, and there was a slogan written by her herself: “New Chinese medicine, new domestic products, I trust Jiuxuan Wei San!”
Below, there is her personal signature.
Ye Chen walked into the drugstore and found that several people were consulting the salesperson: “Hey, girl, I want the Jiu Xuan Wei San endorsed by Gu Qiuyi, bring me a box!”
“Give me a box too!”
“Me too!” Remember the URL
The salesperson smiled and asked, “You all bought them back for collection, right?”
“How do you know?” one of the men asked in surprise, “Are you also a fan of Gu Qiuyi?”
“That’s right!” The salesperson smiled: “I am a fan of Gu Qiuyi. I bought Jiu Xuan Wei San today. Almost all of them are her fans. After all, this is the first time she endorses an actual product, and it is quite collectible. ”
After speaking, the salesperson said again: “I heard that this medicine is quite effective, and it has a good effect on various discomforts of the spleen and stomach. You can buy it as a stock medicine.”
A young man who got a whole box of Jiu Xuan Wei San said: “I am going to store this box as a whole, but I am not willing to open it and eat it. I will buy it later when I need it. Collect a copy first!
Ye Chen couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this. I really didn’t expect that Gu Qiuyi’s influence would be so strong that fans would flock to buy the products she endorsed and go back to collect them.
Just when he was surprised, a few more people came to buy Jiu Xuan Wei San, at least one box, and even ten boxes in excess.
After finally waiting for the people who bought Jiuxuanweisan to leave, Ye Chen stepped to the counter and said, “Thank you, please bring me a box of liver protection tablets.”
The salesperson nodded, took a box of liver protection tablets and handed it to him, saying, “Hello, 39.8 yuan.”
Ye Chen gave a hum, scanned the code to pay, and then came out of the drugstore with the liver-protecting tablets.
When he went out, he was looking down at the ingredients in this liver-protecting tablet, and he thought to himself that many men nowadays have a drink at the bar, and alcohol hurts the liver. No matter how much you drink, it will damage your liver. Therefore, liver-protecting drugs should have a large market space in the world.
There are many classic prescriptions that have been lost in the “Nine Profound Heavenly Sutra”, including not only the prescriptions for the stomach powder, but also the prescriptions for protecting the liver. After the Jiuxuanwei powder becomes popular, you can launch the Jiuxuan liver protection tablets.
As he was thinking about it, he suddenly realized that there was a figure rushing in front of him. He subconsciously mobilized his whole body and prepared himself for a defensive counterattack. But he fixed his eyes and saw that he was standing in front of him wearing a mask Ito Nanako with eyes like a bright moon.
He was a little surprised at once, thinking that the girl was gone, but he didn’t expect her to be here.
At this time, Nanako Ito was ashamed and nervous. She looked at Ye Chen’s face up close, and suddenly she didn’t know what to say, so her brain became hot, and she passed the milk tea in her hand to him, and said with a smile: “Ye Chenjun, please drink milk tea!”

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