The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 181-190

Chapter: 181
Wang Yunfei was also stunned.
The villa in Townsend One was the most valuable piece of real estate in the entire Wang family’s hands.
This house belonged to the current owner of the Wang family and Wang Yunfei’s uncle, Wang Zhenggang.
Wang Zhenggang, who was Wang Yunkai’s father, was currently the head of the Wang family, while Wang Yunfei’s father was only second in command.
This villa, not to mention Wang Yunfei, even Wang Yunfei’s father was a glutton for punishment, but it couldn’t be helped, their family couldn’t afford such an expensive villa.
Hearing that his uncle had actually given this villa to Ye Chen, Wang Yunfei was extremely shocked and upset, and immediately said to Xiao Weiwei, “Wait a moment, I’ll ask my uncle.”
Xiao Weiwei hung up the phone, gritted her teeth and looked at Ye Chen, questioning, “Ye Chen, what kind of way do you have to cheat this villa from Uncle Yunfei?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “This villa is something Wang Zhenggang chased after to give to me.”
“You’re lying!” Xiao Weiwei blurted out, “You have nothing to do with the Wang family at all, how could Uncle Wang give you such an expensive mansion for no reason at all! It must be that you’ve used some shady tactics!”
At this time, Wang Yunfei called Xiao Weiwei and said, “Weiwei, my uncle seems to be busy and just hung up on me after saying something.” Remember the website
Ye Chen sneered and directly took out his phone to put it on speakerphone and dialed Wang Zhenggang’s number.
The phone was instantly connected with a “drop” sound.
Xiao Weiwei was stunned on the spot.
“Master Ye!” Wang Zhenggang’s voice was full of full pleasantry, “Master Ye should have gone to Tomson to see that villa, right? I wonder if Master Ye is still satisfied?”
Ye Chen directly said, “I’ve seen the villa, it’s not bad overall, you’ve got a good heart.”
Wang Zhenggang said in a panic, “Master Ye you like it, that’s good!”
Ye Chen said calmly, “I’m calling just to tell you that I’m pretty satisfied with the villa.”
“If there’s anything else Master Ye needs, feel free to tell me, I’ll do my best to solve it! Try to make Master Ye happy!”
There was dead silence in the surrounding area, the crowd was once again stunned.
I never thought that this villa was really Wang Zhenggang’s gift to Ye Chen, why on earth?
Unexpectedly, Wang Zhenggang, who even wanted to be respectful to his fiancé, would kneel like a dog and lick Ye Chen, a trash! This made Xiao Weiwei’s face feel hot, her face simply couldn’t hang on.
She finally couldn’t help it and asked loudly into Ye Chen’s phone, “Uncle Wang, this is Yun Fei’s fiancée, Xiao Weiwei, you wouldn’t just give the villa to Ye Chen for no reason at all, what is the reason?”
“Huh? What are you? And you deserve to ask about my personal affairs?”
Wang Zhenggang said sternly.
Xiao Weiwei’s face was hot.
Ye Chen faintly said, “Wang Zhenggang, you’d better explain to them, otherwise, they’ll think that I lied to you.”
“Okay!” Wang Zhenggang immediately said, “Since Mr. Ye has said that, I’d better explain in public that I owe Mr. Ye a great favor, that’s why I gave him a villa as a thank you, if those jumpers dare to doubt Mr. Ye again, I won’t let her go!”
Xiao Weiwei was aggrieved, where had she ever been scolded so harshly, her face was red and her ears were red, and she almost cried out in aggravation.
As soon as she saw Xiao Weiwei crying in aggravation, Xiao Changqian couldn’t face it and said with a dry cough to please her, “Mr. Wang, Weiwei is still a child, she is also curious, she doesn’t mean anything else.”
But Wang Zhenggang ignored him and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, do you need me to explain anything else?”
“That’s fine.” Ye Chen nodded.
“Then I won’t bother Mr. Ye, feel free to call me if you need anything.”
Ye Chen gave a “hmm” and hung up his phone.

Chapter: 182
“Ye Chen, this…. Is it really the villa the Wang family gave you?” It was only then that Xiao Changkun reacted, his mouth open wide in shock.
“Dad, yeah.” Ye Chen smiled.
“This…. You….” Xiao Changkun stammered for a while, feeling like he was dreaming.
Xiao Choran even helped him, “Dad, go sit beside him and rest for a while, since Mr. Wang has explained the situation, everyone is clear about the villa, it is Ye Chen’s rightful gain.”
The four words of rightful gain, Xiao Choran also added a heavier tone of voice, specifically to a group of Xiao family relatives to hear.
Qian Yulan covered her heart, it was really unbelievable, murmuring, “This Wang family is really generous ah, hundreds of millions of dollars of luxury mansion said to give away, why not give it to me?”
Not only she couldn’t figure it out, others also found it unbelievable, even Xiao Hailong was jealous to death.
A mansion like this, they wouldn’t be able to afford it in ten lifetimes!
But this pie that fell from the sky, why did it fall on a piece of trash like Ye Chen!
What the hell kind of luck is this! One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Chang Qian was livid, it didn’t matter that he was ignored by Wang Zheng Gang, but he felt that this villa should be his daughter’s in the future, and the fact that it was in Ye Chen’s hands in the blink of an eye made him simply unacceptable!
He looked at his daughter, who was crying, and then at Ye Chen, feeling even more indignant.
All this time, he had never looked down on Xiao Changkun, but now he was being overpowered by a door-to-door son-in-law, how humiliating!
Xiao Chang Qian said sternly, “Ye Chen, tell everyone exactly what kind of favors General Manager Wang owes you, you’re not going to do things for General Manager Wang under the banner of the Xiao family, are you?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “This is my personal matter, it’s inconvenient to give advice!”
He turned around and said to Li Bo, “It’s getting late, let’s see the guests off.”
Xiao Changqian claimed to be an “elder”, but unfortunately, in his eyes, he was nothing!
Lieber nodded respectfully and said to the crowd, “Excuse me, I’ll walk everyone to the door!”
Xiao Changqian was so frustrated that he gave a heavy “humph” and walked out with a sunken face.
Xiao Weiwei stared at Ye Chen with hatred and resentment, and also followed him out.
The family’s heart almost collapsed.
How could i type ang not, how did it look like a lousy door-to-door son-in-law in the past, but now it has hit the big luck!
At this time, Li Bo closed the door and went back to the guest room, not disturbing Ye Chen’s family.
Xiao Hailong’s family had left, only then did Xiao Choran asked, “Ye Chen, now you should always tell us the truth, what kind of favor does Wang owe you.”
Ye Chen hesitated for a moment, he hadn’t thought of how to explain.
A few days ago, the Wang family pulled Yu Jinghai to make a game, wanting to unify the Jinling metaphysical world, but Yu Jinghai was struck dead by his own “thunderstorm order”, the Wang family was afraid of their own sins, before the main send to the villa to admit defeat and soften, because they were also afraid of Ye Chen’s anger, to take their lives.
Thinking about it, Ye Chen said, “I helped the Wang family to read a feng shui, that’s why they gave me this villa.”
“Ah?” Xiao Choran and her parents were stunned.
“Ye Chen, you’re helping people read feng shui?” Xiao Choran stared.
Ye Chen nodded, “Yes.”
Xiao Churan was puzzled and asked, “Where did you learn how to read feng shui?”
Ye Chen laughed, “On TV ah, there are many feng shui programs on TV.”
Xiao Choran panicked and spoke out, “You’re crazy! How dare you look at the TV and give a feng shui reading and take someone’s such an expensive villa?!”

Chapter: 183
Seeing that Xiao Choran was panicking, Ye Chen smiled and said broadly, “Wife, don’t worry about the villa, the Wang always won’t come looking for trouble.”
Xiao Changkun kept shaking her head: “Not at all, last time you helped the Qin family to read feng shui and spent hundreds of millions to shoot that whatever shell, and now the Wang family is looking for you again, these two are respectable families in Jinling City, with your knowledge of feng shui, sooner or later you will have to wear out! In case people pursue it, our family will be in trouble!”
Saying that, Xiao Changkun said urgently, “You’d better return the villa to the Wang family quickly, or else we’ll all be finished if they settle the score in autumn!”
At this moment, Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, Ma Lan, spoke out, “What else? This big villa is someone’s thank you to Ye Chen, not Ye Chen’s stolen and robbed it! On what grounds? From now on, this will be our villa!”
Ma Lan never thought in her life that she would have the opportunity to live in such a luxurious villa, but now that the villa is in her hands, Xiao Changkun says to return it.
Xiao Choran helplessly called out, “Mom! We can’t take this kind of stuff indiscriminately, it’ll be troublesome later!”
“Trouble my ass!” Ma Lan snorted disdainfully, then looked at Ye Chen and said with a flattering face, “Aigoo, Ye Chen ah, I didn’t think you had such great skills, but you were able to earn a big villa.”
Ma Lan was all smiles and said with excitement, “What a good son-in-law mine, if you had gone to read feng shui for others, wouldn’t our family have been rich already!”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Wife, this isn’t about the villa, even if Ye Chen gives someone a look at feng shui, can he accept a villa like this? If the Wang family regrets it in the future, won’t they have to hold a grudge against us?”
Ma Lan jumped three feet high, pointed at Xiao Changkun’s nose and scolded: “Don’t tell me that there is no such thing as a villa, I’ve been poor with you all my life, and now I have a big villa to live in. I’m telling you, if you dare to make your son-in-law return this villa, I’ll divorce you!”
“You…. You…….. You’re a mouse to a cat as three compensation, you’re making money for your life!”
Xiao Changkun was so angry that he couldn’t speak and sat on the sofa with his butt.
Ye Chen smiled, “Dad, don’t worry, this villa won’t be taken away.”
“Good son-in-law, you’re really something.”
Ma Lan looked around east and west, touching antiques and calligraphy and painting for a while, happy to be together: “Let him Xiao Changqian show off, now that I live in a big villa, they can only buy a set of buildings outside, it’s really thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, ah…”
Xiao Churan couldn’t take it anymore, pulled Ye Chen aside and whispered, “Tell me the truth, what’s going on?”
Ye Chen said, “Wife. Don’t worry, it’s definitely a legitimate gain. But it’s not appropriate for me to say it explicitly now, I will definitely tell you in the future when I have the chance.”
“Since you say there is a reason, I believe you.” Xiao Choran thought about it and said, “But looking at this matter of feng shui, you’d better not make any more of it, so that Dad and I don’t have to worry.”
Ye Chen took the opportunity to pull up her hand and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to make you worry, Dad has been pushing for a child, what will you do if something happens to me?”
“Don’t give me a poor mouth.”
Xiao Churan’s pretty face blushed and quickly broke away from her hand.
Just at this moment, Ma Lan happily came down from the stairs, yelling straight as she walked.
“…….. When I come back from my trip next week, I’ll call everyone I know to come and see the big villa I bought!”
Xiao Churan said, “Mom, the villa was given to Ye Chen by someone.”
“He is our son-in-law, the villa given to him is also ours.”

Chapter: 184
Ma Lan was proud of herself and shook the bracelet on her hand, “I’ve already sent it to my WeChat circle of friends, look at the bracelet and the big villa, people are giving me compliments!”
Ye Chen looked at Ma Lan’s bracelet, or the one that Qin Gang had given himself and intended to pass on to his wife, not thinking of cheap mother-in-law.
Wang family mansion.
Wang Yunfei stood in the hall and reported to his father exactly what he had learned on the phone.
After saying that, he hesitated for a while, looked up and said, “Dad, is uncle old and confused? Such an expensive villa, and you haven’t even lived in it for a day, and you’re giving it to that idiot Ye Chen! You’ll have to persuade him!”
Wang’s father sat on the taiji chair, his face heavy.
Wang Yunfei returned to report that his uncle had gifted the villa to Ye Chen.
He hadn’t believed it and had gone to ask his big brother, Wang Zhenggang, for confirmation, but it turned out to be true!
And about the reason for giving away the villa, Wang Zhenggang also downplayed the fact that he just owed Ye Chen a favor. Remember the URL
What kind of favor is it that makes the stingy Wang Zhenggang give away such an expensive mansion?
Father Wang said with a cold face, “I’ve already called your uncle, he seems to be very determined, it’s unlikely that he wants the villa back.”
Wang Yunfei gritted his teeth and said, “Dad, do you think there’s anything wrong with this person, Ye Chen? We’ve been investigating for so long, but we can’t even find out half of his real news, that’s strange.”
Father Wang chanted for a while and said Xu, “Your uncle has been shrewd all his life, he would never flatter Ye Chen for no reason, so no matter what problems Ye Chen has, in short this person, you should never provoke him in the near future, stay as far away as you can. I’ll ask your uncle about it again at night to find out what kind of background this person has.”
At the same time, Xiao Chang Qian’s family, was complaining to Old Mrs. Xiao.
Xiao Weiwei cried out with a snotty nose and tears in her eyes, “Grandmother, this Ye Chen doesn’t know what means he used to cheat the Wang family out of their villa in Townsend, it’s a villa worth more than 100 million! Besides, he got the villa and didn’t even take the initiative to honor you, he even kicked our family out of the villa, which is too much, isn’t it?”
Old Mrs. Xiao sat on the throne with a dignified look and a disgruntled expression as she coldly snorted, “This brat Ye Chen is indeed too ignorant of the rules!”
“Yeah, Mom! That Ye Chen is so disgraceful!” Xiao Changqian also said with a sullen face: “As a son-in-law of the Xiao family, he should naturally know that any good thing from the Xiao family has to be enjoyed by you first. This villa of yours is in a remote location with old decoration, and should have been replaced long ago. Let you enjoy yourself first!”
As soon as this was said, Old Lady Xiao’s eyes lit up!
The Xiao family villa has been lived in for more than ten years, although it looks quite imposing, but it is already an old property, plus the location is relatively poor, selling it can only be sold for ten or twenty million.
The villa in Thomson One was a hundred times better than here, and the old lady herself was a glutton for punishment, but was suffering from a lack of money and simply couldn’t afford it.
But once she heard that Ye Chen had the largest villa in Townsend First Class, and with Xiao Chang Qian fanning the flames so much, she also felt that this villa should indeed be enjoyed by the head of the family first!

Chapter: 185
Old Mrs. Xiao was dreaming of living in a large villa in Tangchen when Xiao Changqian rubbed his hands and said with a long sigh, “Mom, I plan to send someone to Yanjing in the near future to invite Dong Ruolin’s family to come over as guests and then make a subtle disclosure to them in the hope that they will promise Dong Ruolin to Hailong, what do you mean?”
“Dong family ah…” Old Mrs. Xiao sighed and said, “The last time Hailong left Dong Ruoling and ran away by himself, I guess Dong Ruoling had a big problem with him!”
Xiao Chang Qian said, “I do think that this little matter is harmless, family to family is a mutual help in itself, what we all value is the future prospects, although our Xiao family is not as good as the Dong family, but having gotten the cooperation of the Emperor Group, we still have a promising future, maybe the Dong family will agree to this marriage.”
Old Mrs. Xiao pondered briefly, nodded and said, “In that case, you should try to invite the Dong family to see if they are interested in coming to Jinling as guests.”
“Good!” Xiao Chang Qian hurriedly said again, “Mom. The Dong family is a big family, if we don’t have a decent villa and lose face in front of the Dong family, that won’t be good.”
Saying that, he added, “If we can get the villa of Tang Chen Yi Pin from Ye Chen, when the Dong family comes to visit us and sees the villa of Tang Chen Yi Pin, they will also look highly of our Xiao family, don’t you think so?”
Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head.
A man relies on his clothes and a Buddha relies on his gold, and living in a villa of over one hundred million dollars would naturally be a great boost to the family’s face.
Plus, she was already coveting Ye Chen’s Townsend’s villa in her heart, so this was just the right opportunity to do it.
So she said majestically, “Call your brother’s family to the old mansion tomorrow! I’ll talk to them myself!” One second to remember to read the book
The Xiao Hailong siblings looked at each other with tingling joy.
Now that Xiao Changkun’s family depended on the company for their livelihood, and Old Madam Xiao was the head of the family, as long as Old Madam gave the word, what place would Xiao Changkun’s family have to stand?
The old lady wants him to hand over the villa, does he dare to say no?
With the old lady’s preference for her own family, this villa would be her own in the future if she wanted it from Ye Chen!
The next morning, Xiao Changkun led his daughter and son-in-law and hurriedly headed to the Xiao family’s old house.
As Xiao Churan pulled open the car door, she asked, “Dad, did grandmother call you over specifically to tell you to come over, didn’t she say that there was anything important?”
“It says we’ll talk about it when we go.” Xiao Changkun said, “And your uncle, Xiao Changqian, will also come.”
Ye Chen’s brow furrowed, looking at this battle, it seemed that there was nothing good.
Xiao Choran said in a bad mood, “What else could it be, I reckon it must be something about the villa.”
“The villa matter, just explain it to your grandmother later, Ye Chen.”
Xiao Changkun didn’t think much about it and quickly got into the car, urging Ye Chen to drive.
At half past nine, the car drove up to the entrance of the Xiao family’s old house.
When the family entered the hall, Ye Chen swept a glance at it and his brows furrowed slightly.
It was seen that Old Mrs. Xiao was sitting on a tai masters chair in the center, with Xiao Chang Qian standing next to her, while the Xiao Hailong siblings were standing on the other side.
In addition to them, there were several elder relatives of the Xiao Clan, sitting on both sides of the hall, and several Xiao Clan juniors standing on either side, eyeing over.
Isn’t it just a trivial matter like travel, and you’re actually acting like a three-hall trial?
As his name implies, Xiao Changkun is usually extremely honest, and he can’t shoot a fart with three sticks.

Chapter: 186
Now when he saw this, he even shrank half of his head and called out “Mom” with a shaky voice, then accosted and called out “Big Brother”.
It was as if Xiao Changqian didn’t hear him and ignored him.
Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head faintly.
Xiao Changkun tentatively asked, “Mom, what do you want to find me for today?”
“I ask you, what’s going on at the Townsend’s villa?” Old Mrs. Xiao coldly questioned.
Xiao Changkun said evenly, “That villa was given to Ye Chen by Mr. Wang, and Ye Chen helped him read the feng shui before.”
“Look at the feng shui?” Xiao Hailong sneered and said in a yin and yang manner, “If you could tell a mansion by looking at feng shui, all of us in the Xiao family would stop going to work and all of us would go as gods to cheat money!”
A low mocking sound rang out in the hall.
Hearing the mockery of all the relatives, Xiao Changkun was embarrassed and could only accost him with a smile.
Instead, Xiao Changqian laughed twice and made a pleasant round, “Mom, no matter how Ye Chen is, Mr. Wang has also explained that it is indeed a thank you gift to him, and this matter is also considered to be asked for clarification, so second brother doesn’t need to explain anymore.”
Xiao Changkun looked at his big brother gratefully, somewhat flattered.
Usually, big brother didn’t care about himself at all, but today, he actually spoke for him, it was unprecedented!
Xiao Chang Qian smiled slightly and turned to old Mrs. Xiao, “Mom, you don’t need to ask how the villa came to be, anyway, Mr. Wang himself said that it was a gift for Ye Chen, so we don’t have anything to worry about.”
“Mm.” Old Mrs. Xiao nodded and said to Xiao Changkun, “Changkun, your big brother wants to marry the Dong family and have Hailong marry Dong Ruolin, what do you think about this?”
“It’s a good thing.” Xiao Changkun smiled, “The Dong family is a reputable family in the capital, if we can marry with the Dong family, it will also be a boost to our Xiao family.”
“A good thing is a good thing,” Mrs. Xiao sighed long and short, “But, our family, compared to others, the Dong family, that’s really too far behind, even if your big brother had the heart, he wouldn’t have the face to make that opening with the Dong family ah.”
Xiao Changkun nodded seriously and said honestly, “Mom, in my heart, I also think that Dong Ruolin should not look at Hailong.”
Xiao Hailong’s expression was ugly to the extreme, and he said off the cuff, “Second Uncle, what do you mean by that?”
Only then did Xiao Changkun realize that he had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly changed his words, “Oh my, I didn’t mean that, I was trying to say that our Xiao family is really a far cry from the Dong family.”
Old Mrs. Xiao said indifferently, “Man depends on clothes, Buddha depends on gold, if we live in the best villa in Jinling, the Dong family will have to look up to us even after they come!”
Xiao Changkun was surprised and asked, “Mom, are you planning to change your house?”
Old Mrs. Xiao said indifferently, “I’m trying to get a better one, but unfortunately I don’t have that much money.”
Once Xiao Changkun heard this, he hurriedly said, “Mom if you need money, I still have a million or so here.”
Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, “A villa moves tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, what’s a million or so enough for?”
Saying that, she deliberately changed the subject and said, “Chang Kun, doesn’t your family have a ready-made villa in Townsend?”
“Yeah.” Xiao Changkun was unsure and said blankly, “What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” Old Mrs. Xiao’s face showed her displeasure and said, “I’m your mother, can you bear to see me living in this old mansion for so many years? Now that you have a villa in Townsend, shouldn’t you use it to pay filial respects to my mother and let me live in it first?”

Chapter: 187
Xiao Changkun was stunned and said in a panic, “Mom, that villa was given to Ye Chen by the Wang family, not to me ah.”
Old Mrs. Xiao became impatient and no longer bothered to cover up, she directly said, “Ye Chen is the door-to-door son-in-law of the Xiao family, the villa given to him by the Wang family must also belong to the Xiao family! As the head of the Xiao family, don’t I have the right to live in the villa of the Xiao family?”
Next to him, Ye Chen sneered slightly, he didn’t say anything just now, just knowing that nothing good would come out of this family gathering today.
So the old lady just wanted her own villa.
Xiao Changkun now understood, even more anxious sweating full of sweat, stammering unable to speak, looking back at Ye Chen, his eyes full of difficulties.
Xiao Changqian said proudly at the side, “Changkun, you are Ye Chen’s father-in-law, if he dares to ignore your words, wouldn’t he be too arrogant in the house, what status do you still have?”
“Right!” Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head in satisfaction, her eyes were filled with greed, the thought of living in a large villa in Tomson One, she couldn’t help the excitement in her heart.
Xiao Choran couldn’t help it and said in a cold voice, “Grandmother, the villa is not our Xiao family’s, if you want to take the villa, you have to ask Ye Chen’s opinion, if Ye Chen is not willing to give it, no one has the right to take it!”
Old Madam Xiao frowned and looked at Xiao Choran, who was very unhappy inside.
Old Mrs. Xiao looked coldly at Ye Chen and said rudely, “This villa is a gift from the Wang family, you are only a son-in-law at the door, you are not qualified to enjoy it, go to the company’s finance tomorrow and collect 100,000 yuan as a reward for dedicating the villa to you!”
The old lady’s commanding tone didn’t give half a bit of room for discussion.
Xiao Chang Qian said, “Ye Chen, 100,000 yuan is already quite a lot, you wimp, I guess you’ve never seen so much money.”
Ye Chen slowly lifted his head and sneered from his nostrils, “One hundred thousand dollars, and you want to forcefully buy a villa worth over one hundred and thirty million dollars from Thomson One? Old Mrs. Xiao, you’re too shameless!”
His voice was tossed to the ground, clearly reaching the ears of every person present.
The crowd was shocked and the entire hall was silent.
A single gaze, all staring at Ye Chen.
Xiao Churan was also stunned.
She didn’t expect Ye Chen to be so tough!
Old Mrs. Xiao was so angry that she slapped the table heavily and shouted, “Bastard! How dare you contradict me! Someone, get this trash Ye Chen out of here!!!”
“No respect for the eyes! It’s so arrogant!” Xiao Hailong coldly scolded, “Grandmother, I think we should use family law on him! How dare he, a son-in-law on the doorstep, be so arrogant as this, what a revolt!”
Xiao Changkun looked at Ye Chen, but he didn’t dare speak at all.
“Respect and deference?” Ye Chen mocked from his nostrils and said coldly, “Respect is meant for those who deserve it! Among those of you present, apart from my father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, who is worthy of my respect?”
These people were so greedy, he was tired of putting up with it!
Old Mrs. Xiao, being the mother of Xiao Changkun, was calling out to him, her second son, without giving a damn!
Xiao Changqian, as Xiao Changkun’s first brother, yet he never looked down on him, and not only that, he tried to take everything from his brother.

Chapter: 188
As for him, the Xiao family’s “son-in-law”, these people have never looked at him properly!
Didn’t even give a damn about him, Ye Chen!
It’s only because Xiao Chang-kun misses his family that he can’t let go!
And Xiao Choran had been bullied and was always missed by everyone in the Xiao family as a collaborator with the Emperor’s Group!
The entire Xiao clan was dead on their heads!
Bully at will!
Ye Chen put up with it for now for the sake of his wife, but he didn’t expect this group of people to be so shameless as to try to take his villa by force!
“Ye Chen, how dare you speak to grandmother like that!” Xiao Hailong shouted furiously, “I have to teach you a lesson today!”
“With you?” Ye Chen sneered and said contemptuously, “Xiao Hailong, to me, Ye Chen, you are nothing more than a pitiful worm, as humble as an insect!”
“Insolent.” Old Mrs. Xiao stood up with a start and shouted harshly, “Ye Chen, if I kneel down and kowtow in apology and give up my villa again, I’ll forgive you this time! Otherwise, I’ll let Choran divorce you right now, drive you out of the Xiao family, and let you live on the streets, begging for your life!” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Choran, who had been keeping her head down, raised her head fiercely, stood in front of Ye Chen, and said, “I disagree! You’re my grandmother? Or by virtue of you being the head of the Xiao family? You are so oppressive to my father and bullying Ye Chen, do you still treat my family as your own!”
“I’ll never divorce Ye Chen!”
“You….” Old Mrs. Xiao was so angry that she almost carried her back, stretched out her hand to point at Xiao Choran’s nose and snapped at Xiao Changkun, “Look at the good daughter you’ve raised, her elbows actually turned out! Let her kneel down with you!”
Xiao Changkun slowly raised his head, his eyes staring straight at Old Madam Xiao.
A change from his previous cowering appearance, at this time Xiao Changkun’s face, but also very dissatisfied.
Xiao Changqian was stunned. This second brother of his was usually a wimp, and was also a strict wife and disciplinarian at home, and did not dare to say anything back in front of Old Mrs. Xiao, but now he dared to look directly at Old Mrs. Xiao with a defiant gaze?
He shouted harshly, “Second Brother, why don’t you tell your daughter and son-in-law to kneel down so that Mom can appease her anger?!”
And Xiao Changkun, who was usually the most timid, was now blue in the face and spoke up, “Brother, the villa was given to Ye Chen by someone else, and what he wants to do with it is his own business. Who my daughter marries, this matter is even more out of your hands! This villa is worth over a hundred million, almost more than the entire Xiao family’s assets, what right do you have to take over?”
“You…. Unworthy son!!!” Old Mrs. Xiao was so furious that she trembled all over. She grabbed the teacup on the mahogany table and threw it at Xiao Changkun.
Xiao Changkun didn’t dodge, and was hit in the head by the teacup with a bang, with a large bruise.
The tea water dripped down his face and tea dregs were splashed all over his body.
He remained motionless.
“Dad!” Xiao Choran’s eyes reddened as she tore her heart out and screamed.
She could be insulted herself, but she couldn’t allow others to humiliate her father!
Xiao Changkun let the tea flow on his face, raised his head indifferently and said, “Mom, if there’s nothing else, we’ll go back first.”
After saying that, he said “Let’s go” to Ye Chen and Xiao Churan beside him, then turned around without looking back and walked out the door.
Xiao Churan wiped a tear, took a hateful look at the crowd in the high hall, and turned around without hesitation and left.
Ye Chen didn’t even look at the crowd and followed suit, turning to leave as well.
Xiao Chang Qian was so angry that he was almost about to storm off!

Chapter: 189
Xiao Chang Qian had discussed with Old Madam Xiao last night and carefully planned all this.
Today, he had also specially invited the highly respected members of the Xiao family to come and set up another three-chamber trial.
Half as an inducement, half as a threat, just to get Xiao Changkun to voluntarily hand over the villa.
If he did not hand it over voluntarily, he would be forced to do so!
According to his thoughts, Xiao Changkun is usually the most cowardly, and his mother will shiver even if she berates him, and when the time comes, he will definitely honestly give the villa to her with both hands.
As for Xiao Churan, he didn’t put it in his eyes at all, what right can a married woman have to say?
Not to mention being married to a loser!
As for that trash Ye Chen, there’s even less to say!
The previous son-in-law had no standing in the Xiao family, not even the right to speak!
Tell him to hand over the villa, and he’ll have to do it honestly!
However, Xiao Changqian had never expected that Xiao Changkun would be so cornered that he would dare to talk back to the old lady!
Even Xiao Choran, a granddaughter, didn’t listen to the old lady!
Even that trash Ye Chen dared to point his finger at the old lady and call her shameless!
“Your family, what a revolt!”
Gritting his teeth, Xiao Chang Qian turned around and said, “Mom, we can’t just let them go like this! If we let it go today, the Xiao family will still be on top of us. What authority will your old man still have in the Xiao family in the future?!”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s face was extremely ugly!
She’s been in control her whole life!
After the old master passed away, she had held the entire Xiao family in her hands, not allowing anyone to challenge her authority.
However, she never expected that today she would be subjected to the disobedience of Xiao Choran’s family one after another, which made her resentful!
She roared in hysterical rage, “The Xiao family is unlucky to have such a family of bastards! You’re all members of my Xiao family! As long as I remain alive, you will listen to my words!”
Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao shouted harshly, “Close the door and serve the family law!”
She had absolute authority in the Xiao family, and Xiao Changkun, who was usually the most obedient to her, dared to disobey her today!
Among them were her granddaughter and son-in-law, who didn’t even give her a second thought!
I don’t know how Xiao Changkun usually teaches his children, but he’s so unfilial!
If we don’t punish her severely today, where is the authority of the head of her family?
Besides, if we let them leave today like this, how will we still be able to grab the villa from Thomson!
She had lived half her life without the luxury of living in a villa like that, and now that this villa was in the hands of her own son’s family, she had to grab it and enjoy it no matter what!
So, no matter what, they must be made to surrender the villa!
Even if you have to leave the Xiao family, you have to leave the villa behind!
Thus, a group of bodyguards and servants immediately surrounded the three men.
Ye Chen stood in the courtyard of the old mansion, imposing, looking at the crowd of bodyguards with cold eyes, and shouted angrily, “Whoever dares to take a step forward, don’t blame me for being rude!”
“You’re the only piece of trash that dares to act here!”
One of the bodyguards, with a furious shout, struck at Ye Chen with a stick.
With a cold look in his eyes, Ye Chen directly snatched the Qi Mei Baton from his hand and hit the opponent’s leg with a smooth backhand.
The bodyguard only felt a strong force coming from the bend of his leg and couldn’t control his kneeling in front of Ye Chen, but his leg was broken!
Ye Chen didn’t even look at him, and with a forceful “pop” sound from both hands, he broke the Qi Mei rod directly into two pieces.
Ye Chen directly took the broken sticks and threw them to the ground.

Chapter: 190
The people in the courtyard were stunned.
This Qi Mei rod was made of the hardest yellow elm wood, so extremely hard that even two brawny men would have a hard time breaking it with all their strength.
But in Ye Chen’s hands, it was as weak as a brittle noodle!
Since practicing the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, Ye Chen’s strength had grown stronger and these bodyguards were no match for him!
Seeing Ye Chen take action, Xiao Changkun breathed a sigh of relief.
He didn’t expect this son-in-law of his to be so capable! Looks like myself and my daughter can leave the Xiao family safely today!
The bodyguards of the Xiao family’s old house were all arranged by Xiao Chang Qian, all of them were his henchmen, and now that they saw that he was very strong, each of them were a bit panicked.
Xiao Chang Qian gritted his teeth and said, “Ye Chen, I didn’t expect you to have learned some three-legged kung fu, but I’ll see how you can deal with so many pairs of hands by yourself! Get it together for me!”
“Right! Together, kill him!” Xiao Hailong also gritted his teeth and looked triumphant.
He had already suffered a loss at Ye Chen’s hands and planned to take revenge today!
A group of bodyguards got the order and pounced towards Ye Chen.
Ye Chen ignored them, and just as a few bodyguards jumped over, he suddenly kicked two bodyguards with a roundhouse kick in the air and kicked them out.
Immediately after that, he brushed a few more punches, knocking down the bodyguards at the front instantly!
Xiao Churan, who was standing behind him, looked stunned, she completely didn’t expect that Ye Chen, who was getting along with her day and night, was so good at it.
Seeing his daughter’s shocked look, Xiao Changkun was busy explaining, “Churan, when you usually work, Ye Chen is at home following the TV to practice martial arts.”
“He still learns martial arts?”
Xiao Churan was even more incredible.
Xiao Changkun said, “He can do quite a few! The last time Qin Gang begged him to do something!”
Said Xiao Changkun, seeing Ye Chen fighting several bodyguards by himself, he felt a little guilty again.
The Xiao family had always underestimated Ye Chen in the past and let him buy food and cook while staying at home, but Ye Chen was also a man and had his own dignity.
What kind of man was willing to stay at home to do laundry and cook for the rest of his life?
It seems that my family has treated him badly!
At this point, Ye Chen knocked down several bodyguards in a row with no fear.
The courtyard was in chaos as well!
Xiao Weiwei and the old lady, had already run to the house to hide, leaving all the men in the courtyard.
Xiao Hailong, who was looking extremely annoyed, didn’t expect Ye Chen to be so good, seeing that Ye Chen was gradually gaining the upper hand, Xiao Hailong gritted his teeth, bent down to pick up an axe, quietly walked over and slammed it into his head while Ye Chen kicked over a bodyguard.
“Ye Chen, watch out!”
Xiao Choran saw the sharp blade light and lost her voice in fright.
“Damn it, waste hanging wire, I’ll cut you down!”
Xiao Hailong’s new and old hatred surged up together and struck down viciously.
Xiao Changkun was also so frightened that his legs weakened and he almost collapsed on the ground.
They…….. This was wanting Ye Chen’s life!
The axe glows!
When it was too late, Ye Chen suddenly raised his hand and accurately clamped the axe blade between his index and middle fingers, turning his head coldly to look at Xiao Hailong.
Xiao Hailong was shocked and tried hard to snatch the axe back.
But Ye Chen’s two fingers were like a vise, allowing him to exert a shitting effort, the steel axe squeezed between his fingers did not move at all.
Cold sweat broke out on Xiao Hailong’s forehead as he roared, “Rubbish, let go of me…”
Ye Chen stared at him and sneered, “Xiao Hailong, you’re the idiot who can’t even cut someone, I think you’re the trash!”

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