The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 221-230

Chapter: 221
Wang Zhenggang said evenly, “Mr. Ye, it’s peak time, it’s probably hard to get a taxi, if Mr. Ye doesn’t mind, I’ll give you a ride.”
Although Xiao Choran felt that Wang Zhenggang’s arrival was a bit strange, but when she heard this, she said apologetically, “It’s too much trouble for Mr. Wang.”
“It’s not troublesome, it’s not troublesome at all.” Wang Zhenggang hurriedly got out of the car himself and pulled open the door for the two, feeling incomparably happy.
Ye Chen saw this, touched his nose and didn’t say anything, knowing in his heart that Wang Zhenggang caught the opportunity to kneel down and lick himself, and would definitely not let go, just as he also needed to use him, there was no reason to refuse.
The driver drove in front of the car, Wang Zhenggang sat on the passenger seat, casual chat with Ye Chen.
Once in the car, Xiao Churan listened to the conversation between the two and was very confused.
At any rate, this Wang Zhenggang is a successful person in Jinling, his status in the business circle is even higher than that of old Mrs. Xiao, and he is usually steady in his dealings, but Xiao Churan clearly felt that Wang Zhenggang seemed to be flattering Ye Chen, and in a particularly fleshy manner.
She sneaked a glance at Ye Chen and saw that his face was natural, neither humble nor overbearing, and felt even more odd.
It was reasonable to say that ordinary people in front of a person like Wang Zhenggang would be obsequious and try their best to please, but Ye Chen acted as if he was indifferent and didn’t even pay much attention to Wang Zhenggang.
What was even more amazing was that Wang Zhenggang had given Ye Chen a villa worth over 100 million, what a strange thing to do! One second to remember to read the book
However, Xiao Churan had heard that Wang Zhenggang was particularly superstitious in the occult, and on the fifth and fifteenth day of every month, he still burned incense in his house to worship the god of wealth, and it just so happened that Ye Chen seemed to have studied that kind of occult stuff as well, so I’m afraid that Wang Zhenggang was so polite to Ye Chen for that reason as well.
However, these feudal and superstitious things, she firmly did not believe in them anyway.
Ten minutes later, the car had stopped at the entrance of Xinhe Construction Company.
As soon as the car came to a halt, Wang Zhenggang hurriedly got off and personally pulled the door open for the two of them.
Xiao Choran hurriedly said, “Thank you, Master Wang,” and then followed Ye Chen into the Xinhe Construction Company.
“Master Ye, I’ll wait here for you guys to come out.” Wang Zhenggang said.
Ye Chen nodded to him and said, “Thank you for sending us over, but you don’t have to wait here specially, I don’t know when to come out, just go ahead.”
“It’s fine, I don’t have anything to do today.”
Wang Zhenggang nodded and smiled, “The Wang family has not been doing good business lately either, it’s really sad, I still have to take the time to consult with you.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You’re a chicken, right? This year, the year of the flow is too old, the chicken and the dog are incompatible, and the two are bound to fight each other. You go buy some Chen wai, Tribulus terrestris, Cyperus, Poria and other herbs, take a few more medicinal baths to get rid of the eczema, and your luck should not be so bad. Internal dampness is caused by evil, and the invasion of evil energy not only affects the body, but also the luck.”
The words were so shocking that Wang Zhenggang was stunned, even his eyeballs were about to stare out.
After Ye Chen finished speaking, he turned around and left.
Wang Zhenggang still looked shocked, only murmuring a long time ago, “Godly man, Master Ye is truly a worldly man! I can’t even count eczema on my thighs, and even my wife doesn’t know it yet!”
He looked worshipful and respectful to Ye Chen’s back, paying a deep obeisance.
It seemed that he was hard pressed to embrace Ye Chen’s golden thigh, he was right to do so!
Wang Zhenggang looked smug and snorted, “Old Qin, don’t think you’re lucky just because you’re close to Mr. Ye’s tree! I hug my thighs with strength, never less than you!”
Ye Chen walked into the hall and sent Xiao Churan into the interview room.
Xiao Churan entered the interview room, there were still a few interviewees inside and she was in the queue.
Ye Chen was idle and strolled around the hall, he looked downstairs from the window and saw that Wang Zhenggang was even still waiting, he had to shake his head.
The Wang family had no choice but to treat him like an ancestor.
The office.

Chapter: 222
The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at this. Just at this time, the phone buzzed and a text message popped up.
The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company’s products and services.
Then, his eyebrows immediately furrowed and his face was startled.
After reading the text message, he scoffed twice and picked up his phone and shook it at the people around him, “Guess who’s coming to the letter hap?”
On the sofa in front of Han Qiang, there was also a man and a woman sitting there, it was Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua who had come over to suck up to Han Qiang.
Tang Juan wore a low-cut, tight skirt, permed with big waves, and her body flowed with a voluptuous air as she picked her nails and asked, “Who is it?”
“Ye Chen and Xiao Choran!” After Han Qiang finished speaking, he immediately gave a disdainful “chirp” and laughed: “It’s really strange that Xiao Churan came to Xinhe to apply for the job.”
Liu Jianhua was dissatisfied and said, “Why is he here?”
Tang Juan said, “I heard Xiao Churan say yesterday that she and this punk Ye Chen have been kicked out of the Xiao family, she must be out looking for a job ah.”
Liu Jianhua snorted, “Han Qiang, this punk died yesterday able to pretend, causing Tang Juan and I to be beaten up, you have to help us vent our anger!” First web site
Han Qiang said disdainfully, “I used to be upset with this piece of trash Ye Chen, but now his wife still wants to apply for a job at Xinhe? It’s a dream!”
Saying that, Han Qiang tidied up his clothes and said indifferently, “You guys wait here, I’m going to turn Xiao Churan away now and tell her to just get lost!”
Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua smiled gleefully at the news, let’s see how you Xiao Choran and Ye Chen will derp this time!
Han Qiang walked out of the office and went directly to the conference room dedicated to the interview.
There were three interviewers sitting in the conference room, and the one being interviewed was Xiao Choran.
“Hello, Mr. Han!”
The three interviewers saw Han Qiang enter and quickly stood up and bowed.
Han Qiang deliberately screamed at Xiao Choran, “Oops! It’s Choran! Why are you here?”
Xiao Choran was also surprised and said, “Long time no see Han Qiang.”
Han Qiang looked at Xiao Churan with a faint glance, smiled and nodded, “Long time no see.”
Then he said directly to the three interviewers, “You can go out, I’ll be here to interview you.”
“Mr. Han, this is not good, right?”
“What’s so bad about it, can’t I decide on a little interview?”
“Okay Han!”
Han Qiang is a senior executive of Xinhe, of course, the interviewer did not dare to offend him, and immediately left the meeting room.
The first time I saw it, I was very confused, what does Han Qiang mean by this?
“Churan, when I heard that you came to apply for a job this time, I made a special effort to come over.”
Han Qiang said, rudely sizing up Xiao Churan, in his heart, he secretly regretted that Xiao Churan was so beautiful and had a good figure, much stronger than those women on the Stranger.
It was a pity that she was the woman of that trash Ye Chen!

Chapter: 223
Xiao Churan didn’t know at this point that Han Qiang was unkind, and seeing him so polite, she even said, “Han Qiang, you’re really too polite.”
Han Qiang pretended to smile kindly, took out Xiao Churan’s resume from the table, pretended to flip through it, and then said with great difficulty, “Churan, your resume isn’t very suitable for our Xinhe ah, both in terms of ability and seniority, it’s not good enough.”
Saying that, Han Qiang sighed and said, “Sorry, Churan, you didn’t pass the interview, I suggest you try out for another company.”
Xiao Choran was stunned, and said evenly, “I’m management in the Xiao Group anyway, and I’m absolutely fine in terms of professional ability.”
Han Qiang shook his head and said seriously, “No no no, your so-called seniority and ability are all because you are a member of the Xiao family, and you are actually nothing when you leave the Xiao family!”
“Alright.” Xiao Churan’s face sank, Han Qiang was clearly targeting himself.
Thinking of this, Xiao Churan’s heart was not to mention how angry she was, knowing that entering Xinhe’s work was already extravagant, and no longer having a good face, she got up and directly walked out.
Han Qiang laughed with a winning face behind him and muttered, “As long as I’m at Xinhe for a day, you won’t be able to come in!”
At this time, Ye Chen was waiting in the rest area, and in a short while, he saw Xiao Choran walk out with an aggrieved face.
He hurriedly greeted and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with your wife? Did the job application not go well?” Remember the URL
Xiao Choran’s eyes were red and she directly told the interview she had just had.
Ye Chen’s heart raged with anger after hearing it.
This Han Qiang, really shameless, I didn’t go to trouble with you is already enough to give you face, and you dare to give my wife’s face?
With that in mind, he sent a direct message to Wang Zhenggang, “Shinhope Group’s Han Qiang is a bit jumpy, even my wife dares to bully him, what is Mr. Wang going to do about it?”
Wang Zhenggang was waiting for Ye Chen with his bodyguards in the downstairs lobby at this time, and received this text message coldly, and his entire body was scared silly!
Damn, my side is trying to suck up to Ye Chen, and this Han Qiang dares to offend Ye Chen’s wife, isn’t this making trouble for himself?
In anger, Wang Zhenggang without hesitation immediately said to his assistant, “Get everyone from the Shinhope board over here!”
Xinhe Construction Company, itself a subsidiary of the Wang family, so the majesty of Wang Zhenggang’s presence here was simply like that of the emperor.
Hearing that Wang Zhenggang was here, a large group of board executives rushed to welcome him.
As the head of the Wang family, Wang Zhenggang couldn’t afford to offend anyone in Xinhe, and if he disbanded Xinhe in anger, everyone would have to sleep in the street.
Han Qiang wasn’t a board member, so he didn’t know at this point how much trouble he’d made.
After he chased Xiao Churan away, he returned to his office and sat proudly in his office chair, smoking a cigar.
Liu Jianhua and Tang Juan felt particularly relieved when they heard that he had driven Xiao Choran away, and one by one, they gathered around him to boast, “General Manager Han is really awesome, he made Xiao Choran roll away with one word.”
“That’s right, General Manager Han is a senior executive of Xinhe, the best mixer among our classmates is General Manager Han.”
Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua bragged about Han Qiang, thinking that if they could hug Han Qiang’s thigh, they would at least have a bright future in the future, not to mention soaring to the top.
Han Qiang said proudly, “I used to be displeased with Ye Chen, but now his wife wants to apply for a job at Xinhe, there’s no door!”
Tang Juan said, “Oh my, Mr. Han you should have just taken a video with your phone, I really want to see how ugly Xiao Choran’s face was after being rejected!”
Han Qiang laughed, “It’s like he’s going to cry, it’s so fucking funny!”
Liu Jianhua hurriedly asked, “What about Ye Chen? Followed or not?”
“Don’t see it.” Han Qiang snorted and said, “If that hangman Ye Chen dares to come, I’ll just fucking spray him, the stinking hangman still dares to come to Xinhe and break his legs!”
Tang Juan complimented, “You’re amazing, Mr. Han! How could a stinking hangman like Ye Chen possibly compare to you!”

Chapter: 224
Han Qiang laughed and said, “Just wait, when I’m on the board of directors of Xinhe Company, this group of people will look up to me even more!”
Liu Jianhua hurriedly asked, “Mr. Han, you’re going to be on the board?”
“Soon.” Han Qiang said with a smile, “It’s working, and if nothing else, it’ll be in in a few months!”
“You’re amazing!” Liu Jianhua gave a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Mr. Han, don’t you forget about brother me in the future!”
Han Qiang nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”
As he was saying that, there was a loud thumping sound and Han Qiang’s office door was kicked right open.
“Who the hell dares to kick in my door…”
Han Qiang was shocked and was about to curse angrily, but when he turned back and saw all the board members arrive, complimenting a middle-aged man in a suit, he even swallowed his words.
Wang Zhenggang looked at Han Qiang gloomily, “You’re Han Qiang?”
Han Qiang, confused, nodded and said, “It’s me.” One second to remember to read the book
Without saying a word, Wang Zhenggang went straight up and slapped Han Qiang’s face.
“You’re fucking looking for death aren’t you, who gave you the right to refuse Miss Xiao’s interview!”
Han Qiang’s face was immediately swollen into a pig’s head from the smacking, and his entire body was stupid: “Who are you? Don’t you dare hit me!”
“Hit you? I don’t just hit you, I kill you!”
Wang Zhenggang kicked Han Qiang to the ground, stepped on his head and said, “Do you know that Master Ye instructed me to make sure that Miss Xiao’s interview passed without a hitch, but you screwed up, and if you don’t pay the price today, my name will be written backwards!”
Han Qiang was shaken, hearing the three words Wang Zhenggang, where he still didn’t understand that he had kicked the iron plate.
Wang Zhenggang, that was the master of Xinhe, the master of the Wang family!
The entire Shinhei was owned by the Wang family, but what was the situation that he had messed with such a big shot?
“Wang…. Mr. Wang, I really didn’t know about this, if I knew I wouldn’t dare even if I was given ten guts ah, Mr. Wang you calm your anger ah!”
Han Qiang was trampled on by Wang Zhenggang, like a dead dog, not daring to move, and could only plead bitterly.
Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua, on the other hand, were even more frightened and didn’t dare to let out a single fart.
It was because of Ye Chen again?!
How on earth does this Ye Chen know a big shot like Wang Zhenggang, he’s just a useless son-in-law ah!
Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua didn’t know that the big brother in their eyes was simply just Ye Chen’s dog, wagging his tail and begging just to be able to hug Ye Chen’s thigh.
“Han Qiang, from now on, you’re fired by Xinhe, and according to the contract, this is a major liability accident, you have to compensate the company five million!”
Han Qiang was struck by lightning!
5 million, he wouldn’t have that much money if he sold himself!
Han Qiang immediately knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing, “Mr. Wang, give me another chance, I’ll apologize to Xiao Churan right now, I really know I was wrong!”
Wang Zhenggang sneered, “Apologize? Are you worthy?”
Saying that, Wang Zhenggang kicked Han Qiang away and instructed the others, “Pass it on, Han Qiang has offended Master Ye, the Wang family is now blocking him on all fronts, make sure to let this trash roam the streets and not move an inch!”

Chapter: 225
Han Qiang directly collapsed, his eyes filled with despair.
The reason why he was reused and became a senior executive at a young age had a lot to do with the fact that he had taken the initiative to sign a sales contract.
In order to increase its control over its employees, Xinhe had a very harsh management contract, which could be signed to get a promotion, but after signing it, he would also be fully tied by Xinhe.
For example, Han Qiang, after signing this agreement, he was rehired, but he had to work hard and be loyal, and if he didn’t work hard, or if he had bad intentions, then Shinhope would file a huge claim against him.
Many people don’t dare to sign such a contract for fear of liability, but back then, Han Qiang had just graduated and signed the contract with his eyes closed in order to move up the ladder.
Unexpectedly, it’s now finally brewed bitter wine!
Han Qiang knelt on the ground, his entire body already near collapse.
All of his life’s bets had been on the Shinhope Company, but now, Shinhope was suing himself for five million dollars, and at the same time, Wang Zhenggang wanted to seal himself off….
In this way, how could he possibly find a job? Without a job, there’s no income, and life is in limbo.
And at the same time also have to face five million recovery, and then I’m afraid that there is no other possibility but to go to jail……. The first website
He knelt down like a madman and kowtowed desperately to Wang Zhenggang, crying with tears in his nose: “Mr Wang, please forgive me this time, give me another chance, Mr Wang! If I’m blocked, how can I have the money to compensate the company five million ah, please give me a chance, let me stay in the company to work for you as a cow, I will definitely put my tail between my legs in the future, be honest and reserved to do dedication for the company!”
Wang Zhenggang kicked him, kicking him far away, and said in a cold voice, “What’s the use of admitting your mistake now that you know it? You think the world is your home and you can just say you’re sorry if you get in trouble? I’m telling you, if Master Ye takes anger out on me because of you, then I’ll kill you!”
Han Qiang was trembling in fear and his face was as pale as paper, he had never thought that Ye Chen, the trash in his eyes, would have so much power that he could make Wang Zhenggang kill himself for him!
Had I known that, I would rather kneel down to Xiao Choran and call her mother as soon as I met her, I would never have rejected her ah….
Now, it’s too late to say anything, he’s finished for life….
At this time, Wang Zhenggang frowned and noticed Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua in the office again, questioning, “Who are you two? A friend of Han Qiang’s? Or a Shinhwa employee?”
Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua woke up with a start and denied, “No, no, no, we have nothing to do with Han Qiang, we don’t know him at all.”
It wasn’t even too late to set things straight with Han Qiang at this point, how could they admit that .
Wang Zhenggang said suspiciously, “Really? Then why were you laughing with him in his office?”
When Han Qiang saw this, he said resentfully, “Mr. Wang, they are my college classmates, and they are the ones who encouraged the suppression of Xiao Churan!”
Han Qiang was going crazy, he had ended up in such a miserable situation, and Tang Juan and Liu Jianhua had nothing to do with it, they don’t want to end up in a good situation either.
Wang Zhenggang coldly said, “So it’s a dog biting a dog with a mouthful of hair, shut these two down together as well!”
When Liu Jianhua heard this, he became anxious and went crazy, tearing into Han Qiang, “Han Qiang, how dare you drag me into this? You shall die a horrible death!”
And at this moment, Ye Chen had already taken a taxi and went home with Xiao Churan.
Ye Chen looked at Xiao Churan, seeing that she hadn’t said much on the way, and if she was thoughtful, he said, “The job thing, just look for it in two days, they didn’t hire you, they have eyes but no ears. I don’t think this company is big either, going there will limit your future development instead.”

Chapter: 226
Xiao Choran sighed and said, “It’s not easy to find a job now, so I can only keep looking and see my luck.
Ye Chen asked her, “Do you want to go to the Imperial Group?”
Xiao Churan shook her head and said, “How can I just enter the Emperor’s Group, and there are strict audits and ranks within the Emperor’s Group, it would be quite embarrassing if I went and started from the grassroots.”
Ye Chen sighed and said, “Wife, I actually think that you should start your own business!”
“Start your own business?” Xiao Chu Ran was surprised and asked, “How do you create it?”
Ye Chen said, “You’ve also been in this business for many years, and at the same time, you’ve also accumulated quite a few connections, Wang Dongxue of the Emperor Group seems to be quite good with you, ah, Wang Zhenggang is now counting on me to read feng shui for him, and will definitely be able to help when the time comes.”
Xiao Choran laughed at herself and said, “Opening a company will require at least two to three million dollars to start, and there are more subsequent investments, so how can we have so much money to invest in it.”
Ye Chen said, “I can help you think of a way to fund it ah! I still know a few people!”
Ye Chen laughed and said, “If you really have this idea, the registered capital is not a problem.”
Xiao Choran raised her head, “Ye Chen, I know that you know many business friends like Mr. Qin, borrowing funds is not a problem, but borrowing money to start a business, to be honest, I’m quite psychologically stressed, it would be better to invest less, open my own personal studio, and then go to help major architectural companies draw designs.” Remember the website
Ye Chen immediately said, “No matter what decision you make, I’ll support it!”
Xiao Choran nodded gratefully and said, “I want to make the studio on my own, and then do well first. The Xiao family thinks that I won’t be able to do it if I leave Xiao’s company, and I’m going to show them whether I can or can’t.”
Ye Chen thought about it, nodded his head and smiled, “I support you, but if you encounter any problems at work, you can talk to me and we’ll solve them together! Big deal, I’ll come work for you as an employee, your husband has no other skills, but he can still drive and carry bags.”
Xiao Chu Ran nodded, looking slightly moved.
This decision of her own actually took a big risk.
If she didn’t go to work, her family would be cut off from the biggest source of income, and even if she opened a design studio, she would need to rent an office, buy office equipment, etc….
It would also require a certain amount of capital investment.
What’s more, Xiao’s company and the major construction companies in Jinling City had business dealings, and I’m afraid that they would also secretly suppress it.
But Ye Chen didn’t even want to think about it, cutting off his support.
Xiao Churan’s heart could not say that she was not touched.
While she was in a complicated mood, she heard Ye Chen’s sentence again.
“Wife, you can just let go and do it, if it really doesn’t work, I’ll go find a job to support you.”
At this moment, Xiao Churan held her breath, a sourness surged up her nose, and her eyes almost turned red.
When she was running into walls and losing her mind, she didn’t expect that her husband, who she thought was “useless”, would still believe in her and support her steadfastly.

Chapter: 227
Because Ye Chen encouraged Xiao Churan to start her own business, she let Xiao Churan think wildly on her own for a whole night, until the next morning, her face was still full of fatigue.
After getting up, Xiao Churan hurriedly began to wash up, Ye Chen saw the heartache and asked, “Why don’t you sleep more, why are you getting up in such a hurry, wife?”
Xiao Churan said, “I have to go to the Mileage Company, I definitely can’t be late.”
Ye Chen asked, “Mileage Company? Another interview?”
“No.” Xiao Chu Ran shook her head and said hesitantly, “I’m going to try to pull some projects.”
“Good.” Ye Chen smiled, “If you start a construction company, I’ll go work for you.”
“Where does a construction company just open up, capital and connections are both problems.” Xiao Churan said, “I’m going to make an office, let’s start with a studio, draw designs for the construction company, and then register the company after I have some contacts and accumulate some funds.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Money and connections are not a problem, if you really want to open a company, I’ll help you open one.”
“No need.” Xiao Churan rejected his good intentions without even thinking about it, and said seriously, “I want to try it myself first, besides where do you get the resources, it’s not like a construction company can be opened just by saying so.”
Ye Chen said, “I have the money to open the company, and as for the connections you want, I also have them.” One second to remember to read the book
Now that the investment of the Imperial Hero Group was involved in almost seventy percent of the industry in Jinling City, it was easy to get some contracts for the design drawings of the construction world.
But Xiao Churan thought he was joking, and waved his hand in a bad mood; “You don’t know anything about the construction industry, I’ll pull the investment myself, so you don’t have to bother.”
To register a construction company, at least ten million dollars of start-up capital was needed, and it also needed liquidity, where did Ye Chen get the money.
Even if he had this money in his hand, he couldn’t have the contacts in the construction world.
Ye Chen was speechless for a while, his wife let him this ready-made resource without using it, she had to start from scratch, I really don’t know what to say.
Xiao Choran had just left the front foot, and her mother-in-law Ma Lan came back the back foot, her pension was still counting on the Xiao Group, so she had been going to the Xiao Group frequently to and from the past two days.
Although Xiao Choran’s family was now breaking up with the Xiao family, Ma Lan was thinking of getting back together.
“Where did Choran go?”
“It’s like he’s looking for someone to pull a project.”
“Pulling what project! Do you guys really want to break away from the Shaw family?” Ma Lan said angrily, “It’s just a little misunderstanding, making a big fuss like this and arguing about breaking ties with the Xiao family, what does it look like when it gets out?”
Xiao Changkun was startled for a moment and looked Ma Lan up and down.
“Wife, you went to the Xiao family and your brain was scolded by Old Madam Xiao for being confused?”
“What confusion, I’m not confused at all.” Ma Lan sat down on the sofa in annoyance, “Tomorrow you will come with me to the Xiao family and confess a mistake to the old lady, the old lady is your mother and Chang Qian is your real big brother, how can the blood relationship be broken just because you say so.”
Xiao Changkun’s face was not looking good anymore, and said indignantly, “They want to sell my house and rob Ye Chen’s villa, they never treated me as a member of the Xiao family from the beginning to the end! You go if you want to apologize, I won’t set foot in the Xiao family again.”
Seeing that Xiao Changkun, who was always honest, had a tough attitude this time, Ma Lan was angry enough to turn to Ye Chen and said.
“Ye Chen, your father is a deadbeat, you come and judge! There’s no such thing as a feud between mother and son. It’s too childish to say you’ve broken it off! Besides, I’m counting on Shaw for my pension!”
“She’s confused? Trying to take my family’s property, robbing Ye Chen’s villa, and saying that you want Choran to divorce and marry another, is that confused?”
Xiao Changkun was suddenly on fire, standing up and saying, “You go to the Xiao family, they give you a burst of charm soup, and you believe it!”
Seeing his father-in-law and mother-in-law arguing and both pulling their own comments, Ye Chen’s head was big for a while.
He quickly made an excuse, “Churan asked me to pick her up, I’m going out first.”

Chapter: 228
After saying that, Ye Chen hurried out of the door, with the sound of two people arguing behind him.
It was difficult for a clean official to break up a domestic matter, so it was better for him not to get involved.
Ye Chen casually found a small restaurant and ordered a few plates of small dishes, planning to mingle until the evening before returning home.
It was a famous food street in Jinling City and there were a lot of people.
As Ye Chen was eating, his eyes suddenly glanced at the two silhouettes across the street and was stunned.
Wasn’t that his wife, Xiao Churan?
Across the street was a very upscale hotel, and through the floor-to-ceiling glass on the second floor, Ye Chen was seeing Xiao Churan sitting by the window, and a middle-aged man in a suit and gold glasses sitting across from him.
Xiao Churan was holding information and was speaking non-stop to the man, as if he was introducing his studio, probably trying to get the other party to invest.
But the middle-aged man’s heart was not wilting, and his eyes darted straight to her neck, collar, and chest.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services. The first website
Luckily Xiao Choran was quick-eyed and dodged away at once.
Ye Chen watched as a wave of anger went straight to his head!
How dare this piece of shit hit on his wife!
The waiter had just come over with a bowl of wonton noodles, and before he put it down, Ye Chen stood up with a “miso” and took out a red bill and slapped it on the table.
“No need to look for it.”
The elegant seat on the second floor of the Yunlai Hotel.
Xiao Churan was holding back her disgust, forcing herself to smile and said to the man across the table, “Mr. Mei, the company’s future plan, I have written it all on the information, it will definitely develop in the future, if you are willing to cooperate with me, I will definitely give you the best project planning.”
“Miss Xiao, I know all about your abilities.” The middle-aged man revealed a difficult look, “But now the company has several projects to invest in at the same time, funds are tight ah.”
Xiao Churan was somewhat disappointed, she had taken the trouble to talk to him, but the other party was still ambiguous, making her unable to figure out the details.
Seeing Xiao Churan’s look, the middle-aged man deliberately rubbed his hands and said, “Actually, it’s not like there’s nothing we can do, I’ll talk to the company’s top management again, and to be honest, I’m very optimistic about your company, why don’t we talk again tonight at eight o’clock and I’ll get to know more about it.”
“Mr. Mei, that’s not too good…”
Xiao Chu Ran hesitated.
Eight o’clock in the evening is already not early, if we continue to talk, I’m afraid that the results will take until late at night, and I’m a married woman, so it’s not good to spread the word.
The middle-aged man smiled: “Not too late, investment is not a small matter, we no longer understand each other a little deeper, how can we have trust in each other? I’ll buy you a snack tonight and talk about the plan. Come, Xiao, shake hands for our future cooperation.”
After saying that, the middle-aged man stretched out his hand and shook Xiao Churan’s small hand, a trace of evil light flashing in his eyes.
This middle-aged man’s name was Mei Ping, and he had long been coveting Xiao Churan, the “No.1 beauty of Jinling”.
But due to the lack of opportunities, he never had the chance to make a move on this beauty.
Now that Xiao Choran had found him personally, saying that he had broken away from the Xiao family and wanted to convince him to invest in his new studio, he was so enraged that he planned to take Xiao Choran down tonight and play with her!

Chapter: 229
Xiao Churan didn’t want to shake hands with Mei Ping, but when she saw that the other party took the initiative to shake hands, she felt that she would look insincere if she refused, so she had to force herself to extend her hand.
Just when Meiping was secretly tapping into it, he wanted to shake Xiao Churan’s small hand.
Slash suddenly stretched out a large hand and held it directly in his own hand.
Mei Ping was stunned and looked up in annoyance, looking at the person and drinking, “Who are you, what the hell are you doing?”
When Xiao Choran looked up, he was also stunned.
“Ye Chen, when did you come?”
After saying that, she was busy explaining to Meiping: “He is my husband.”
As soon as she heard the word “husband”, Meiping’s face darkened.
“I just arrived.” Ye Chen pretended not to see, smiled at Xiao Churan and said to Mei Ping, “Your name is Mei Ping, right, the owner of Prospect Company?”
Mae Ping blanched and corrected, “It’s me, how’s that?” Remember the URL
“Not so good, people are really quite classless!” Ye Chen nodded repeatedly, and even deliberately lengthened his voice.
Mei Ping was indignant and coldly tried to take his hand back.
But Ye Chen’s palm was like an iron vice, squeezing him so hard that he couldn’t move.
“Hiss!” Mei Ping let out a sucking sound, his palm was actually getting more and more painful, as if his bones were about to break, “You…. You quickly let go, my hand is going to be broken by you.”
Xiao Choran knew that Ye Chen was strong and said in a row; “Ye Chen, let go first.”
Only then did Ye Chen let go of his hand and looked at Mei Ping with a seeming smile.
Mei Ping’s face twisted in pain and looked at Ye Chen in annoyance, then said to Xiao Churan, “Tell your husband to hurry back, I’m not used to talking about cooperation in front of outsiders.”
Xiao Choran hesitated and said, “Ye Chen is my husband, he knows about me starting a company, not an outsider.”
“Even if I’m not an outsider, I’m not used to talking about such an important matter in front of a third party.” Mei Ping looked at Ye Chen in disgust, only wanting to oust him quickly, and said, “Besides, he doesn’t understand about the cooperation.”
Xiao Choran raised her head and said softly, “Ye Chen, I’m here to talk about business, so you should go back first.”
“It’s okay, I’ll wait for you.” After Ye Chen said that, he sat down next to Xiao Churan.
Seeing Ye Chen clinging to Xiao Churan’s delicate body, Mei Ping was so annoyed that he set his teeth straight, seeing that the meat that had reached his mouth was about to fly away like this, he was really unwilling.
He snorted and said, “You are the door-to-door son-in-law of the Xiao family, you are famous in Jinling City, Churan she worked hard to start a business to support her family, so please don’t delay her work, I talk about cooperation with Churan, you will only get in the way here.”
Mei Ping’s tone was rude because he didn’t even care about Ye Chen and was intent on sending him away.
The Xiao family’s son-in-law was known to most of the people in the circle, making Mei Ping sigh that Xiao Churan, a flower growing on cow dung, was married by a “soft rice man”.
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, staring at Mei Ping coldly.
This thing is calling “Choran” as if it is his wife!
Mei Ping seemed to be smiling and looked at Ye Chen with disdain and said, “Ye Chen, if you’re a man, you shouldn’t delay Choran’s work! Can you help Cho Ran? Do you have the money to cooperate? Can you get a contract for architectural plans for Choran?”
“If not, I’d advise you to get a job, whether as a delivery boy or a security guard, so you don’t have to be idle at home every day and be suspicious of your wife!”

Chapter: 230
Xiao Churan sounded uncomfortable and said, “Mr. Mei, Ye Chen has done a lot of work at home as well. Also, it’s still troublesome for you to call me by my first name Xiao Choran, I’m not used to outsiders calling me by my nickname.”
“What did he do at home, buy food? Cooking? Or laundry?”
Mei Ping couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Churan, if your husband can’t find a job, my company just happens to be hiring security guards, so you can let him try.”
After saying that, he said half-jokingly, “Choran, if I were you, I wouldn’t marry a man who can’t even find a job, I would have divorced this kind of trash long ago.”
Xiao Choran Xiao’s eyebrows furrowed as she was about to speak, but she suddenly felt a chill at her side.
She turned her head and saw Ye Chen standing up with a smile on his face and said to Mei Ping, “I’ve heard about the great name of Mr. Mei for a long time, and indeed the person is as good as his name. I also have something I want to say to Chief Mei.”
Mei Ping’s face was slightly pale: “What do you want to say.”
He forgave Ye Chen, a wimp, for not daring to do anything to himself!
Ye Chen braced his hands on the table, leaned forward slightly, and smiled.
“What I’m saying is, one can be a wimp or talentless, but one must not be characterless! Because without character, it’s not a man, it’s an animal!” One second to remember to read the book
After saying that, he picked up the freshly served Luo Tang soup with both hands and poured it down on Meiping’s head with an expressionless face.
Mei Ping screamed and was so hot that he jumped up.
Xiao Choran was so shocked that she lost her color and froze for a moment before quickly calling the waiter to bring a napkin.
The scalding hot Luo Tang soup was so hot that it burned Mei Ping’s face to a crimson red, and the thick soup went down his neck and into his clothes, all sticky and wretched, and there was a vegetable leaf hanging on the glasses piece.
Mei Mei grimaced and kept screaming.
The manager rushed over with a few waiters and was stunned to see the situation, and even ordered the waiters to help deal with it.
Mei Ping took off her glasses with one hand and roared at Ye Chen, “You’re fucking looking for death!!!”
After saying that, he looked fierce, stretched out his hand to point at Ye Chen, and immediately took out his phone to make a call.
“Hey, Xiao Wei, call some more people to the Fragrant World Grand Hotel! There’s a poor dog with no eyes that needs to be taught a lesson for me!”
Hearing Mei Ping calling for someone, Xiao Choran hurriedly apologized to Mei Ping, “Mr. Mei, I’m sorry, my husband was a bit emotional just now…”
“Don’t tell me that! He splashed me with soup, I have to make him kneel down today.” Mei Ping was furious.
Seeing that Mei Ping was getting angry, Xiao Churan turned to Ye Chen and said, “You go out first, I’ll explain to Mei.”
“Don’t mind him, come with me.” Ye Chen said and reached out his hand to pull Xiao Churan.
Xiao Churan’s eyebrows furrowed as she broke away from him and said indignantly, “Mei is always the owner of Prospect Company, he is very influential in the construction industry in Jinling City and knows people from all three religions! It doesn’t matter if I can’t pull off cooperation, but there are some things that can’t be solved by your strength.”
Ye Chen said, “A small, unimpressive company, I haven’t put it in my eyes yet.”
“A small company?”
Xiao Choran was simply going to be mad at him.
The Prospect Company was in the construction sector in Jinling City, no matter how bad it was, it was still in the top five, and it was even bigger than Xiao’s company.
She was afraid that Ye Chen would offend Chief Mei again, her pretty face slightly chilled and said, “Ye Chen, leave this matter to me, you go out first and wait for me outside the door!”

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