The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2780

As soon as Su Ruo left the words, He Yingxiu was dumbfounded.
She imagined Ye Chen’s 10,000 possibilities for dealing with Su Shoudao, but she never thought that Ye Chen would send Su Shoudao to Syria.
At this time, Su Ruoli hurriedly reminded: “Mom, you must not have any idea of ​​saving dad… Ye Gongzi has a feud with the Su family, and we have the favor of Ye Gongzi again. I can’t avenge my grievance…”
He Yingxiu shook her head and sighed: “No, I won’t be in the muddy waters of the Su family again. Moreover, the Ye family not only has a feud with the Su family, but your dad also came forward to organize an alliance against Ye Shaoye’s father. Young master can leave your dad a way to survive, which is already considered preferential treatment.”
After that, He Yingxiu said again: “If you are away, you will have to draw a clear line with the Su family in the future, and you must not repeat the same mistakes again.”
Su Ruoli said without hesitation: “Mom, don’t worry, I’ve already broken up with the Su family, not just for the Su family. I will never forget the enmity that the Su family has done to me. Stand next to Ye Gongzi and be the enemy of the Su family!”
He Yingxiu nodded and said with emotion: “Since the accident happened to you, the He family has drawn a clear line from the Su family. From now on, the He family will serve the Ye Shaoye wholeheartedly. The enemy of the Ye Shaoye is naturally the enemy of the He family. So if the Ye Shaoye and the Su family The Su family’s face was torn, and the whole He family would stand firmly beside Young Master Ye. From this point of view, it is a good thing that your dad was sent to Syria by Young Master Ye. There is no need to stand on the opposite side of your dad.”
Su Ruoli asked hurriedly, “Mom, grandpa will definitely agree to cooperate with Ye Gongzi, right?”
“Of course.” He Yingxiu said confidently: “Cooperating with Master Ye is definitely our He family’s biggest opportunity, so your grandpa is absolutely impossible to refuse.”
After all, He Yingxiu said again: “I will go directly to Mocheng tomorrow and report the situation to your grandpa. Based on what I know about him, he won’t have any hesitation.”
“That’s good.” Su Ruoli calmed down and said coquettishly: “Mom, after you finish talking with grandpa and grandpa agrees, you can quickly select ten people from the family and bring them here, and you can accompany me more. …..”
“Okay!” He Yingxiu smiled lovingly: “Don’t worry, Mom will come back as soon as possible.”
At this time, Ye Chen, seeing that the time was approaching the evening, he called Chen Zekai over and said, “Old Chen, you arrange for someone to prepare a car, and prepare a mobile phone that can’t find any clues, and you run Visit Su Zhiyu’s room and invite her and Aunt Du over.”
Chen Zekai asked hurriedly, “Master, are you going to let them go?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I promised them. Later today, I will give them freedom and let them leave. Then you will let them drive to the suburbs, and then give them the mobile phone. You need to worry about it.”
Chen Zekai hesitated for a moment, and said: “Master, I don’t know if I should say something inappropriate.”
“you said.”
“Master, Su Shoudao just disappeared today. The Su family is now looking for him everywhere. If Su Zhiyu and his wife are released now, the Su family will easily associate them with Su Shoudao’s disappearance. By then, they will definitely think about it. Do everything possible to get Su Shoudao’s message from their mothers’ mouths, so I think it’s better not to let them go, at least for a few more days…”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “Even if I let them go a few days later, the result will be the same.”
After speaking, Ye Chen explained: “The news about their accident before was raging, and people all over the country are paying attention. Moreover, when the car accident was so big, it is impossible for normal people to survive the two. Back to the public’s vision, everyone will instinctively think that the people who rescued them were very unusual.”

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