The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2782

In the evening, the sky was getting darker.
A Rolls Royce Cullinan is speeding on the Jinling Ring Expressway.
The one who drove was one of Chen Zekai’s men.
Sitting in the co-pilot was Chen Zekai.
Sitting in the back row were Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, mother and daughter.
Chen Zekai, the co-pilot, looked at the map on the navigation, and said to the two of them: “Please wait a moment for the two of you. We are less than 10 minutes away from our destination. When we get to the place, they can call the family. Called.”
Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were a little excited and intolerable. It has been so long since the accident, what they fear most is that their family members are overly worried, so now they can’t wait to let them know that they are still alive.
But since Chen Zekai had said everything, and waited another 10 minutes, the two of them didn’t say much.
Waiting for so many days, not bad for the last 10 minutes.
At this time, Du Haiqing’s father, Du Zhenhua, was holding a family meeting in the old house of Du’s house in Jinling with his sons and daughters.
In recent days, they have been searching for the whereabouts of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu after rushing over from Yanjing.
Like the Su family, they also used all the resources they could use, but they were unable to find any clues about the mother and daughter.
At this time, Du Zhenhua was at a loss for this matter. He looked at his son and daughter, frowned and asked, “Why don’t you know? He said he would have a meeting tonight, why didn’t he come over?”
The eldest son Du Haifeng said: “Dad, Zhifei sent me a WeChat message just now, saying that he is deciding what concert-related matters are with this year’s performance venue, and he won’t be back for a while. Let’s start first.”
“Hu Hong!” Du Zhenhua said with dissatisfaction: “I know this kid is usually sensible, how can I not know at all at critical moments? Now what is more important than the safety of his mother and his sister’s lives. ?!”
Du Haifeng said helplessly: “I know that this kid hasn’t been busy with Haiqing and Zhiyu’s affairs recently, but he must still have other things to do. It is impossible to find their mothers. Leave everything behind.”
The second son, Du Haiyang, also persuaded: “Yes, Dad, I know that this child must know it in his heart. It’s just that he has not found any clues for such a long time. He must be a little discouraged in his heart. Don’t take it to your heart.
Du Zhenhua said with a bit of sullen tone: “I always feel that this child is a little absent-minded recently. I’m afraid that he, like the rest of the Su family, has indifferent affection!”
Du Zhenhua’s eldest daughter, Du Haiping, said at this time: “Dad, let’s talk about business first. If I have time, I’ll talk to him. This child is the one we grew up with, although the last name is Sue, but definitely different from his father and his grandfather.”
Du Zhenhua sighed and waved his hand: “Come on, let’s not talk about him. Let’s summarize your situation today. Any clues?”
Hearing this, everyone shook their heads helplessly.
Du Zhenhua grimaced: “What? There are no clues?!”

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