The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 311-320

Chapter: 311
Xiao Changqian was shivering at Hong Wu’s fright.
He did not doubt Hong Wu’s words in the slightest, for this kind of person who had been underground for years and had unified the entire underground world of Jinling, getting two people killed could not be easier.
Seeing these two strong men, who were about to drag Xiao Weiwei away, Xiao Changqian was incomparably anxious, opening his mouth to Xiao Choran to plead for help, “Choran, plead for mercy, that’s your sister after all, how can you watch her being taken away?”
Xiao Choran’s heart was also a bit intolerant and opened her mouth to the two strong men, “Don’t make it difficult for her, Vivi was also momentarily confused…. Didn’t mean to hurt me on purpose…”
Although Xiao Choran was somewhat disgusted with Xiao Weiwei, she was a cousin after all, how could she really stand by and see her killed.
When Hongwu heard her say that, she turned to look at Ye Chen again, waiting for Ye Chen to give the order.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “What you see me do, what my wife says is what I do…”
Only then did Hongwu say, “Since Madam Ye has spoken, let’s keep them alive!”
Ye Chen nodded and said to Old Mrs. Xiao, “I told you long ago that you’re not welcome here, so if you know what’s good for you, leave on your own, or else I’ll let Hongwu’s people beat you out!”
Old Mrs. Xiao was shaking with anger and couldn’t even walk steadily, but she didn’t dare to remain here, so she could only leave quickly with the help of Xiao Changqian, afraid of being beaten. A second to remember to read the book
Still in that deranged state, Vivian Shaw shouted, “I’m not leaving! I’m not leaving! I’ll strangle that bitch Xiao Chu Ran to death! Let go of me so I can strangle her!”
Hong Wu kicked her with a black face and flipped her straight to the ground, cursing angrily, “Cut your tongue out if you talk nonsense!”
Xiao Hailong, seeing that his sister was about to get into big trouble, rushed forward to help her up and said, “Sister, let’s go home!”
Old Mrs. Xiao sighed repeatedly, today, she wanted to mock Xiao Choran, by the way to give her a little pressure and induce her to return to the Xiao family, never thought that the Xiao Choran of today is no longer the same, she has the backing of so many big people, it seems that the Xiao family is completely unable to lure her back…….
As she left, Old Lady Xiao felt extremely uncomfortable, if she had known today, why would she have done it? Now that Xiao Choran is unwilling to return to the Xiao family, the Xiao family has lost its last straw, and it looks like the only path left is bankruptcy and closure.
It was only after the Xiao family had left in ashes that Xiao Choran was relieved.
However, the lively atmosphere of the scene soon made her nervous again.
The people who came were all big shots, but her own place was small, so it wasn’t even convenient to entertain them.
Just thinking about it, many staff members of the Yongxing Mansion came running over with meals, drinks and beverages to entertain them.
After all, it is the property of the Imperial Hero Group, a phone call from Wang Dongxue, these people immediately put down all the work, around Xiao Churan’s studio to help.
Wang Dongxue came in front of Xiao Churan and said, “Mrs. Ye, the Yongxing Mansion is the property of our Imperial Hero Group, since you chose to start a business here, then we naturally have to show something.”
Saying that, she greeted a middle-aged man and said, “This is the manager of the Wing Star Mansion, Xu Bo, I have already told him that in the future, all the offices on this floor will be gradually withdrawn and left for your company’s use.”
Xiao Choran hurriedly waved his hand, flattered and said, “Wang Dong you don’t have to be so polite, this is just a studio for me now, I can’t use such a big place, and the cost of such a big place is too high, I can’t afford it…”
Xu Bo hurriedly handed over a cheque for 180,000 yuan and said to Xiao Chu Ran, “Mrs. Ye, this is the rent for your office for one year in advance, in the future when you are here, all the rent, utilities, property fees, air conditioning as well as heating fees will be borne by us!”

Chapter: 312
Xiao Churan said nervously, “Oh my, this is so okay…”
Ye Chen took her hand at this time and said with a smile, “Wife, since Wang Dong has the intention to help you, why do you have to refuse and refute Wang Dong’s face?”
Xiao Churan busily said, “I’m not refuting Dong Wang’s face, I just feel that it’s too embarrassing…”
Ye Chen took the check from Xu Bo’s hand, put it in Xiao Churan’s hand and said, “Since Wang Dong has said it’s free, you’d better take the money back, the Emperor Group is a big group with a market value of hundreds of billions, why would it care about your little rent? Besides, you have to work with you in the future, you can’t be so outgoing, can you?”
Ye Chen’s words had loosened Xiao Choran’s heart.
Indeed, the Empire Group was the largest company in Jinling, and the scale of just one company was comparable to the entire Song family.
If she were to meet with Wang Dongxue because of this 180,000 yuan rent, it was likely that Wang Dongxue would feel that she was unkind.
So she hurriedly nodded and said gratefully, “Wang Dong, thank you so much!”
Wang Dongxue smiled slightly, “We are partners, it’s only right for us to help each other.”
Xiao Churan nodded busily, then handed the check to Ye Chen and said, “The dress I’m wearing doesn’t have pockets, so you can help me with this check first.” First URL
“Yes!” Ye Chen smoothly pocketed the check and said to Xiao Churan, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to say hello to Miss Song, their Song family has several recent renovation projects, you can chat with her more.”
Xiao Churan responded, but in her heart, she was somewhat less interested in chatting with Song Wanting.
Because, she did have some inferiority complex in front of Song Wanting.
More importantly, she always felt that there seemed to be some kind of hostility hidden behind Song Wanting’s generous and knowing smile.
It was said that a woman’s intuition was the most accurate, and Song Wanting’s heart was determined to one day be able to sledge Ye Chen, the dragon son-in-law, from the Xiao family to the Song family, so she would hide some hostility.
Xiao Churan, on the other hand, had become aware of Song Wanting’s deeply hidden hostility.
It was just that she still hadn’t figured out where the source of this hostility was.
At this time, when Xiao Churan looked at the time, it was already past ten o’clock, and her parents hadn’t arrived yet for some reason.
So she quietly instructed Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, Mom and Dad haven’t arrived yet, so give them a call and ask where they are.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Probably stuck in a traffic jam on the road…”
He and Xiao Churan had to clean up the office and prepare for the reception and so on, so they got up very early to come over, and before they went out, they also agreed with their father-in-law and mother-in-law that they would come to the company before ten o’clock and attend the opening ceremony together.
But now it’s been more than ten minutes, and I still haven’t seen my father-in-law’s two shadows.
Ye Chen took out his cell phone and was about to dial, but he heard Xiao Churan’s cell phone ring.
Xiao Churan saw that it was from her mother, Ma Lan, and she immediately answered the call.
As soon as the call came through, Ma Lan’s anxious voice came out, “Churan, we had a car accident on the way here, your father is injured and is being rescued at the People’s Hospital, come over quickly!”

Chapter: 313
“What?!” Xiao Choran was shocked and immediately asked, “How is Dad’s injury and which hospital is he in?”
Ma Lan’s voice trembled, and in her haste, she was crying, “At the Jinling People’s Hospital, your father is unconscious from the hit, come over here!”
Xiao Churan had never expected that one moment, she was celebrating the opening with joy, but in the next, she suddenly received such bad news….
She said anxiously, “Okay, I’ll go over right away!”
Ye Chen had heard the call between the two clearly and realized the seriousness of the matter.
Then, without saying a word, he immediately said to the arriving crowd, “Everyone sit by yourselves for a while, Choran and I have to go out!”
Under normal circumstances, it was very rude for the host family to leave their guests aside, but these people were all Ye Chen’s supporters, so they naturally had no problem with Ye Chen.
So, Ye Chen drove with his wife Xiao Churan and headed straight to the Jinling People’s Hospital.
When they arrived at the hospital, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan went all the way to the hospital’s icu ward.
The first thing that Ye Chen saw at a glance was that his father-in-law was lying on the hospital bed with his eyes closed tightly and the whole person was unconscious. Remember the URL
As for her mother-in-law, Ma Lan, she was sitting in front of the hospital bed with bloodstains on her body, her face pale and disoriented.
Xiao Choran’s pretty face was white, her eyes instantly red and swollen, and she hurriedly rushed over, anxiously asking, “Mom, what’s wrong with my dad?”
Ma Lan’s eyes reddened as she said, “Your father took me to your opening ceremony and was hit by a scraper truck that ran a red light, he’s in critical condition.”
Xiao Choran also hurriedly asked the doctor who was guarding the hospital room, “Doctor, how is my father’s condition?”
The doctor spoke up and said, “Don’t worry, the person is not life threatening for now.”
Xiao Choran and Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief when they heard that Xiao Changkun was not in any life-threatening danger.
Who expected that the doctor then hesitated and said again, “However…”
Xiao Churan couldn’t help but ask after him, “But what?”
The doctor sighed and said, “However, the patient has injured his spine and will face paraplegia when he wakes up…”
High paraplegia, that is, all paralysis from the neck down.
In that case, the person would become a living dead person with no abilities whatsoever, just a little better than a vegetable.
Upon hearing that Dad might be facing paraplegia.
Xiao Choran’s eyes went black and she only felt a spinning sky, if it wasn’t for Ye Chen’s quick eyes and hands to help her, she would have collapsed on the ground.
If father Xiao Changkun really became a paraplegic, that would mean that he would all be unable to do anything but lie in bed from now on, completely incapacitated!
Such a life would be worse than death for a man!
She hurriedly followed up with, “Doctor, can a spinal injury be healed?”
The doctor shook his head and said, “Basically, there is no possibility of a cure, at least there is no cure for paraplegia in the world at the moment, at most, it is recovery to the point where the patient can sit up on his own, the rest, there is basically nothing that can be done, so you have to be prepared…”
Hearing this, Xiao Choran couldn’t help but cry as if it was raining pearls.
Then, she choked up and asked to Ma Lan, “Mom, then you’re alright, right?”

Chapter: 314
Ma Lan paled and said, “Hey, I’m fine, but I have a bit of a headache, and the doctor said after examining me that it’s basically nothing serious, it’s mainly your father, and it was his side that was hit by that dirt bike…”
She said, crying out all of a sudden.
It was possible that her husband was a paraplegic, and this was a fatal blow to her as well.
Ye Chen carefully pursued the matter only to find out that the scraper truck that ran the red light had fled after the accident, and both his mother-in-law and father-in-law had fallen into a coma just after the accident, unable to see the other’s license plate number already approximate visual characteristics.
Afterwards, they were brought to the hospital for emergency treatment by a kind-hearted passerby.
The two were in the passenger seat of the car, but they were unconscious at first, and suffered some minor injuries.
The company’s main business is the development of a new product, which will be introduced to the market in the near future.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh: this heavens, is also really not long-sighted.
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.
As a result, the father-in-law is now a paraplegic, and if he doesn’t take action, the rest of his life will be cold. One second to remember to read the book
On the contrary, his mother-in-law is not only a standard snob, but also half a shrew, a stinking old woman who is bent on selling her daughter for glory, and has no manners or limits.
The result? She didn’t even have anything wrong.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed and thought wickedly in his heart, how come the person who was knocked into a paraplegic was not his mother-in-law, Ma Lan?
If she was hit as a paraplegic, she could really save a lot of worry in the future in the Xiao family….
At this moment, the door of the icu ward opened and two figures stepped in from outside.
As soon as Ye Chen saw the young man who was walking in front, his face went cold, the person who came was Gao Junwei who was severely beaten by himself yesterday at the car show.
And behind him, there was a middle-aged man carrying a medical box with a large red cross on it.
Xiao Churan couldn’t help but ask, “Mom, why is he here?”
Lan Ma said, “I asked him to come, Jun Wei knows the director of this hospital, it just so happened that when we were admitted, he was visiting his relatives here, and when he saw that your father and I were injured, he directly arranged for your father to be admitted to the ICU ward.”
After saying that, she immediately changed her face and greeted him with a smile on her face, and called out affectionately, “Jun Wei, you’ve been busy running up and down just now, it’s been hard, come over and take a rest!”
Gao Junwei smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay auntie, I’m not tired.”
Saying that, he suddenly saw Ye Chen who was standing behind Ma Lan and his face changed slightly.
I didn’t expect that Ye Chen, an eyesore waste, was actually there.
Yesterday at the car show, it was because there was Ye Chen stirring the pot in it that made him lose face in front of Xiao Churan.
Since then, he had hated Ye Chen to the bone.
And he didn’t think at all that a trash like Ye Chen would be really awesome, so he wanted to find a chance to pierce his disguise.
Now that his enemies were meeting, he was naturally extraordinarily jealous, and at the same time, he was even more thinking of wrestling back his face in front of Xiao Churan and regaining her favor.
At this time, Ma Lan sighed, wiped her tears and said, “Junwei, just now the doctor said that your Uncle Xiao he might be paralyzed for the rest of his life, how can I live with this…”
Junwei Gao hurriedly pointed to the middle-aged man behind him and introduced him to Lan Ma, “Auntie, you don’t have to worry! This is the famous Dr. Liu Zhongjing. He’s the country’s leading herbalist. I invited him here to treat uncle. With him here, uncle will definitely heal!”

Chapter: 315
When Lan Ma heard that the other party was a nationally renowned expert, she was so excited that she hurriedly said, “Oh, Junwei, that would be so kind of you! And thank you, Doctor Liu!”
Gao Junwei smiled slightly and said calmly, “Auntie you’re welcome, this is all I should do.”
After saying that, he turned around and said respectfully to Liu Zhongjing behind him, “Doctor Liu, Uncle Xiao’s illness is a problem for you.”
Upon hearing this, Liu Zhongjing took a step forward, smiled slightly and said confidently, “Don’t worry, isn’t the patient just injured his spine, although it’s hard to cure, it’s still very easy with me.”
The hospital’s attending doctor was surprised and asked, “As far as I know, spinal injuries, there is no good solution in the world, even those world tycoons, injured spine can only lie in bed, Stephen Hawking is so powerful, with muscular dystrophic lateral sclerosis, his whole life can only sit in a wheelchair, only three fingers can move, how can you be so confident? ”
Liu Zhongjing smiled and proudly said, “Because I have a divine medicine, if you give it to the patient, the patient will soon be healed.”
After saying that, he carefully took out half of a crystal-clear pill from the medical box.
Holding the pill, Liu Zhongjing looked arrogant and said, “Look, this is the divine medicine I developed! If you eat it, not to mention spinal injuries, it would be no problem to restore a vegetable back to normal!”
Xiao Churan, who had been silently weeping, couldn’t help but ask after her, “Is this medicine really effective?”
“Of course!” Liu Zhongjing looked full of pride and arrogance as he stroked his beard and said, “This is the world’s number one divine medicine, it was made with the essence of life and vomit by a great supreme being before he drove his crane west, it is worth a fortune, if it wasn’t for Gao Gongzi’s face, I would never have taken this medicine out.” First URL
Ye Chen took a look at this half of a small pill in Liu Zhongjing’s hand and was suddenly happy.
Wasn’t this those half-finished products that he had casually concocted in order to treat his father-in-law’s injuries?
This medicinal properties, in fact, is only a tenth of the actual finished product, although it is also good, but for ordinary injuries and illnesses no problem, serious illnesses can be a bit hard to deal with.
It was thanks to this Liu Zhongjing who treated it like a treasure, even taking it out with care for fear that it would be broken and damaged.
But in Ye Chen’s eyes, this medicine was just a little thing he had casually made, as much as he wanted!
Thinking of this, he sneered even more in his heart.
If it was a divine medicine that he had refined for the second time, it could indeed heal the old father-in-law’s spine and allow him to recover as well.
But, this half and half in Liu Zhongjing’s hands definitely could not.
So, Ye Chen couldn’t help but shake his head and said, “Forget it, Divine Doctor Liu, this medicine of yours can’t possibly cure my father-in-law’s illness.”
Next to him, Gao Junwei immediately spoke out sarcastically, “Ye Chen, what kind of a thing are you that you dare to question Divine Doctor Liu’s authority here?!”
As if Liu Zhongjing heard a big joke, he said, “Kid, what do you know, even Shi Tianqi, the famous Chinese medicine nationalist, his injuries were cured through me, a divine medicine that this titan of Chinese medicine believes in, you actually say that it doesn’t work, it’s ridiculous!”
That took the crowd by surprise!
Who is Shi Tianqi?
He’s the top scholar of Chinese medicine, incomparably skilled and has healed countless people in his lifetime, so even if you’re rich and powerful, it’s hard to invite him out!
But now, the disease that he was helpless to do anything about his body was directly cured by the miraculous medicine developed by Doctor Liu!
As a result, Ye Chen was now actually saying boldly that the medicine didn’t work, wasn’t that a joke!

Chapter: 316
When Ma Lan heard this, she was furious and immediately cursed, “Ye Chen, you’re a useless piece of trash, you don’t have a clue what you are, do you?!”
Saying, the more she looked at Ye Chen, the more displeased she became and said, “Don’t delay Doctor Liu here to treat your father, hurry up and get out!”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed. At the same time, he couldn’t help but slander in his heart: could it be that the one who first bought the medicine away from Zhang Ermo was this Liu Zhongjing?
If that was the case, then the one who resold one of the medicines to Shi Tianqi at a high price of five million would probably be him as well.
It seems that this Liu Zhongjing, in his bones, is still a very profitable sycophant!
This Gao Junwei had invited him out, I’m afraid he hadn’t spent much money.
At this time, Gao Junwei also thought he had grasped Ye Chen’s grip and sneered, “Ye Chen, you’re a piece of trash, you can’t help anything, but you’re quite good at talking nonsense ah!”
Saying that, he pretended to have a sudden realization and fanned the flames, “Oh, I sort of see, you questioned Doctor Liu, this is because you don’t want to see Uncle Xiao healed!”
“Oh, I’m babbling?”
Ye Chen could put up with his mother-in-law’s unreasonable behavior, but it didn’t mean that he put even Gao Junwei in his eyes, when he sneered, “I know Shi Tianqi, why didn’t I hear him say that his illness was cured through this bullshit quack?” Remember the URL
Gao Junwei laughed and said, “Ye Chen, you’re really funny to talk, and you know Shi Tianqi, why don’t you say you know the President of Mickey Mouse?!”
As soon as Liu Zhongjing heard Ye Chen say that he was a bullshit quack, his face was also ugly.
He then took on the appearance of a superior person and reprimanded, “You young man, you are not very good at it, but you have a big mouth, you probably haven’t even read a single medical book, and you still dare to call me a quack?!”
Saying that, he arrogantly pointed at Ye Chen and said, “You, apologize to me right now! Otherwise, I won’t save this patient!”
Ma Lan was pale with fright all of a sudden and took off cursing, “Ye Chen, is this trash trying to kill my husband?! What the hell are you up to? Do you want to kill my husband first and then me, so you can have exclusive possession of our family property?!”
Ye Chen’s face was green.
I’m monopolizing your family property? Does your family have a fortune?
I’m afraid your family can’t even spare a few million dollars for an ordinary three-bedroom apartment.
I have tens of billions of dollars in the bank that I don’t know how to spend, and I still have a hundred million dollar cheque in my pocket from Song Wan Ting’s filial piety, and you’re saying I want to monopolize your family’s fortune!
It’s the biggest joke in the world!
Gao Junwei also added fuel to the fire: “Auntie, I see that this Ye Chen is indeed plotting something bad, you must take extra precautions, otherwise, you will really be trapped by this kind of white-eyed wolf in the future!”
Xiao Choran couldn’t help but speak up, “Ye Chen, let Divine Doctor Liu try.”
Unexpectedly, Divine Doctor Liu pretended to be a pusher at this time and coldly snorted, “Kid, if you don’t kneel down and kowtow to me today, I really won’t treat this patient!”
Who expected that as soon as he finished saying that, an icy voice suddenly sounded from outside the door, “Who is it that dares to make Master Ye kneel to him? You’re tired of living!”

Chapter: 317
As the voice came in, only a middle-aged man dressed in a tang suit stepped into the hospital room.
The moment Gao Junwei and Doctor Liu saw this middle-aged man, their faces instantly changed in horror!
The underground king of Jinling, Master Hung!
What’s going on here?
How did he get here?
Junwei Gao and the two hadn’t reacted yet, and the scene that followed was even more jaw-dropping, as the whole thing was struck by lightning!
Only to see the entrance of the hospital room, several more people came pouring in, and it was Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of the Emperor Group, Wang Zhenggang, the head of the Wang Family, Qin Gang, the richest man in Hai Cheng, Li Tailai, and Shi Tianqi, the titan of Chinese medicine!
These big shots whose status was pivotal in both Jinling and Haicheng directly walked up to Ye Chen, bowed in unison, and called out respectfully, “Master Ye!”
Ye Chen asked, “What are you guys doing here?”
Master Hong Fifth said very respectfully, “Master Ye, when we heard that your father-in-law had a car accident, we rushed over to see him, and we hope you won’t blame him.” A second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “You guys have a good heart.”
He said this casually, but, just these few simple words made these big men blush like treasures, so excited that they couldn’t stop their bodies from trembling slightly.
Seeing such a scene, Ma Lan looked dead, and said in her heart, “It’s over, this liar Ye Chen, the more he deceives, the more powerful he becomes, now so many big brothers are respectful to Ye Chen, if one day his deception is revealed, won’t his family be finished?”
She didn’t believe that Ye Chen was really capable of anything, Ye Chen’s past was very clear to her, he became an orphan at the age of eight, went to an orphanage, then came out to do casual work, delivery, delivery, repairing air conditioners and even hanging outside high-rise buildings to clean the glass, before he was brought back by the Xiao family’s old man and married to Xiao Choran.
If he was really capable, how could he be so hangry?
Gao Junwei’s entire body was incredibly dumbfounded, especially when he saw Song Wanting!
This is the famous Miss Song!
In front of the Song family, his Gao family wasn’t even an ass, even his father didn’t have any qualifications to see Song Wanting!
But at this moment, the beautiful and attractive Song Wanting was actually being respectful to Ye Chen, a trash?
How is that possible?
How could Gao Junwei not understand what was so worthy of such condescension from a multi-billionaire rich lady like Ye Chen, a wimp!
He then couldn’t hold back his astonishment any longer and spoke out, “Miss Song, are you mistaken for someone else, just this trash Ye Chen, return Master Ye?!”
Song Wanting’s face turned cold and snapped, “Insolence! Who gave you the nerve to question Master Ye here?!”
Qin Gang on the side also laughed coldly and snapped at Gao Junwei, “Master Ye is the only true dragon on earth with unimaginable immortal means, how could we be mistaken for such a myth of the world?!”
Wang Zhenggang, the head of the Wang family, coldly rebuked, “That’s right, Grandmaster Ye’s status is esteemed and his name is all over Jinling, how can his great name be called by a lowly commodity like you?!”

Chapter: 318
Master Hong Fifth’s eyes were cold as he said, “We all hold Master Ye in high regard, and if you dare to disrespect him, you are our enemy, and if you dare to speak out, you will have your legs and feet broken!”
Under the crowd’s shouting, Gao Junwei’s face was green and white, and his entire body was shocked beyond words.
Right at this moment, Shi Tianqi shouted coldly and said, “Liu Zhongjing, come here!”
Upon hearing this, Liu Zhongjing’s entire body panicked.
Others were not clear, but he knew full well whether this divine medicine of his had cured Shi Tianqi’s illness or not, and now that he saw the rightful lord, wouldn’t his lie be exposed?
But at this moment, he could only scalp forward and said respectfully, “Old Man Shi.”
Shi Tianqi angrily rebuked, “I just heard you say that you used the medicine in your hand to cure my illness?”
Liu Zhongjing panicked and said, “Old Shi, it’s me who is blabbing and bragging indiscriminately, please forgive me….”
In fact, Liu Zhongjing knew very well that after he had sold the medicine to Shi Tianqi, Shi Tianqi had clearly said that the medicine was very powerful and had relieved his injuries, but it was still far from being a radical cure.
The reason he had just said that the medicine had cured Shi Tianqi was mainly to pretend for himself. The first website
However, he had never dreamed that Shi Tianqi would appear here.
At this moment, he was extremely nervous in the face of Shi Tianqi, although he was also a famous TCM practitioner, he was still too far behind Shi Tianqi, who was the president of the TCM Association, and if he provoked him, he would be able to remove himself from the TCM world with a single word.
In that case, all of his life’s hard work would be wasted…….
Shi Tianqi was not prepared to forgive Liu Zhongjing so easily, he looked at Liu Zhongjing and said in a cold voice, “You have offended Master Ye, so why don’t you hurry up and thank him!”
Liu Zhongjing was furious, what the hell? You want to apologize to a brat? For what? Even though he bragged, it didn’t mean that he was inferior to Ye Chen!
Thinking of this, he stubbornly said, “Old Shi, I admit that I bragged about the part about you, but this brat surnamed Ye spoke out of his mouth and insulted my divine medicine, on what basis should I apologize to him?”
With a dark face, Shi Tianqi scolded him in a low voice after leading him to one side, “You fool! Do you know that Master Ye made the magic potion you’re holding? You actually dare to take the divine medicine that Master Ye has made with his own hands and banter in front of him?!”
“What?” Liu Zhongjing couldn’t believe it and shouted, “This divine pill is what Ye Chen refined?”
Shi Tianqi said coldly, “To tell you the truth, Master Ye refined a divine medicine with better results a few days ago, my old injuries were cured by Master Ye’s divine medicine! How dare you question Master Ye’s level?!”
Liu Zhongjing suddenly panicked, his bean sweat flowing continuously, he hurriedly explained, “Old Shi, I didn’t know before that the divine medicine was made by Master Ye, if I had known, how would I have dared to do that…”
Who expected that before he could finish his sentence, Shi Tianqi said coldly, “Too late! After this matter, I will recommend to the health department to permanently revoke your license to practice medicine!”
As soon as this was said, Liu Zhongjing’s face instantly turned extremely pale, and his body broke out in cold sweat, being scared out of his wits.
He then reacted and pounced, kneeling directly in front of Ye Chen, kowtowing as he cried and begged, “Master Ye, it was my fault, I apologize to you! I’m the one who lied to everyone, I didn’t develop this miracle medicine at all, I bought it, I don’t know if it can cure paraplegia, I’m just taking it out to fool around…. I was the one who had eyes but didn’t know Tai Shan and rammed into you, please, spare my life!”
Afterwards, he knelt on the ground, slapped himself, kowtowed and apologized, and broke down and cried throughout….

Chapter: 319
The scene in front of him looked shocked at Xiao Choran and Ma Lan’s mother and daughter, and Gao Junwei was even more jaw-dropping.
Ma Lan was expecting this divine doctor Liu to help cure her husband, but who would have thought that he would directly apologize to Ye Chen on his knees, admitting that this divine medicine was a bluff….
Gao Junwei’s face was livid, and he clenched his hands in a death grip, only feeling that the face of his life had been completely trampled under Ye Chen’s feet.
But he didn’t believe in his heart that Ye Chen was capable of anything great, and he was deadly unwilling to bow to this trash.
Who expected that at this moment, at this time, Master Hong Fifth suddenly sneered at him and asked Ye Chen for instructions, “Master Ye, what to do with this brat surnamed Gao?”
He didn’t dare to take any liberties in front of Ye Chen’s heels, otherwise, just by rushing Gao Junwei’s previous attitude towards Ye Chen, he would have to clean up the other party to death.
Ye Chen said indifferently, “It’s up to you.”
After hearing this, Master Hong Fifth was about to say that he would have him brutally beaten up, but he didn’t expect Qin Gang to frown and ask, “Surnamed Gao, I heard Li Mo say that you were the one who embarrassed Master Ye at the car show yesterday, right?”
“Ah, no, I…. I’m not…. I….”
Gao Junwei was completely panicked. Remember the URL
Although he was the one who suffered a big loss yesterday, it was ultimately him who found trouble with Ye Chen, and now it seemed that people were trying to settle both scores together.
When Master Hong Fifth heard this, he gave a sneer and said, “Well, so you’re an eyeless dog, you were sorry for Master Ye yesterday! Fine, I’ll let you know the price for messing with Master Ye!”
Saying that, he immediately commanded his men, “Come, throw this unseen thing out of the window!”
Gao Junwei was so frightened that he no longer dared to tough it out and immediately knelt on the ground, crying out, “Ye Chen I was wrong, I apologize to you, I won’t dare to do it again, please spare me this time…”
Ye Chen sneered, “Aren’t you quite capable? Asking me, a loser hanger-on, for what?”
Gao Junwei wailed with a snotty nose and tears, “Ye Chen, I was so wrong, I’m trash! I’m a hanger-on! I’m the world’s biggest stinkin’ hanger-on! Please hold your hand high and go around me once…”
Ye Chen kicked him away and said coldly, “Haven’t you ever heard of a saying? You were so lovingly ignoring me before, now I’m making you too high and mighty.”
Saying that, he snapped at Hongwu, “What are you dawdling for?!”
Hong Wu’s face was shaken and he hurriedly ordered his men, “Still fucking standing there? If you stand still any longer, you’ll jump off too!”
Without saying a word, a few of Master Hong Fifth’s men immediately lifted Gao Junwei up high and, with a scream, threw him straight out of the window.
Xiao Churan covered her mouth at once, her heart thumping and her mind blank.
This was the third floor, after Gao Junwei fell down, what if it caused a death?
Thinking of this, she and Marashi hurriedly jumped out the window.
However, Gao Junwei was not in any danger of dying, but was just covering his leg on the lawn and kept screaming.
Since it happened to be at the hospital, a doctor soon arrived and sent him to emergency care.
Xiao Choran was also relieved, recently Gao Junwei had been coming on to her and had repeatedly insulted Ye Chen three times, she was also a bit disgusted.
Now that the other party obviously had a broken leg, it seemed that he would not come back to haunt himself for a while, and he was quite clear.
Ye Chen took this moment to quietly walk up to Shi Tianqi, took out a pill he had made for the second time from his pocket, and ordered in a low voice, “Old Mr. Shi, later on, you will be the one to treat my father-in-law, and then give him this medicine.”

Chapter: 320
In fact, on the way to the hospital, Ye Chen was planning to save his father-in-law with his own hands.
With the medicinal pills he had refined, it would be effortless to heal a mere spinal injury.
But after he arrived at the hospital, he found out that Gao Junwei had invited Divine Doctor Liu, and with these two stirring the pot, his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, would never let him interfere.
Moreover, he was also worried that if he took out the divine medicine, it would make his wife and mother-in-law suspicious, and it would be hard to explain then.
Now that Shi Tianqi was here, it would be extremely convenient for him to handle this matter.
With the help of the hand of Shi Tianqi, a titan of Chinese medicine, to heal the old father-in-law, it was sure to be explained.
After all, Shi Tianqi’s reputation was tremendous, and the fact that he could produce medical miracles under him could also be convincing.
Shi Tianqi understood what he was thinking, but inevitably asked in surprise, “Master Ye, spinal injury is a common problem between Chinese and Western medicine, and there is no way to overcome it now, can your miracle medicine really cure it?”
After saying that, he said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry Master Ye, I didn’t mean to doubt your divine medicine, I’m just a bit apprehensive, it’s just a bit beyond my understanding…”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Don’t worry, this medicine, if you eat it, it will repair the damage done to your spine.” One second to remember to read the book
Shi Tianqi said in surprise, “Oh my, then if he cured your father-in-law, it would be a medical miracle, it would be a medical miracle, it’s feared that it would shock the whole world if it was spread out, such a great reputation, how could Shi Mou dare to take it…”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “You should be clear, I am not someone who sells my reputation, besides, I don’t mix in the medical world myself, so it’s not appropriate for me to do this kind of thing, instead, it’s you, if you can cure your spinal injury with Chinese medicine and spread the word, this is a big miracle of our Chinese medicine, it will definitely make the whole world impressed by Chinese medicine, so don’t make any more excuses. ”
As soon as Shi Tianqi heard this, he nodded, received the pill, and said respectfully, “Master Ye, Shi will obey!”
Ye Chen then suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Right, to treat spinal damage, only half a pill is needed, the remaining half will be given to you.”
Shi Tianqi trembled….
Half a pill could cure paraplegia caused by a spinal injury? This….. That’s amazing, isn’t it!
What made him even more excited was that Ye Chen was willing to give the remaining half of it to himself….
This…….. This was simply a heavenly reward!
After all, the medicine Master Ye had given himself last time had already been taken by himself.
It had cured an old injury that he had never cured in his entire life, but his fate with that divine medicine had only lasted for a moment.
Now, everyone else still had the divine medicine that Master Ye had gifted to them, but he was already out of it.
Shi Tianqi himself also felt some regret, but he knew that Ye Chen was as grateful as a mountain to him, and before repaying his kindness, he was too embarrassed to open up to Ye Chen again.
But now, Ye Chen actually wanted to give himself half of the remaining medicine for the cure!
This made him incomparably excited and moved inside.
If he had this half of one, then he would have an additional life-saver to rely on in the future!
Shi Tianqi was so excited that he could not wait to kneel to Ye Chen immediately.
Choking twice, Shi Tianqi burst into tears and nodded repeatedly, “Master Ye’s great kindness, Shi will never forget it!”
Ye Chen gave him a calm look, which said, “Alright, hurry up and get treatment, don’t make my wife anxious.”

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