The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5011

Using spiritual energy to brainwash a person is Ye Chen’s tried and tested method.

If I can brainwash the Jiedu Envoy of Cyprus, make him his own puppet, and take advantage of the opportunity to detoxify the body of all the dead soldiers and knight guards, then I can let these dead soldiers and knight guards join my command, and at the same time let They continued to stay in their station in Cyprus, and with the Jiedu Shi who became a puppet, they continued to act as if everything was normal for the organization.

In this way, not only can they disintegrate one of their stations, but they can even place an eye under their noses. Once the organization has a mission to Cyprus, they can know it immediately.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen asked them: “If the dead warriors and the knight guards are really eager to break the shackles as you said, I can give them this chance at that time, but the premise is that they must swear allegiance to me and join us. Wanlongdian, if they agree to stay in the station after detoxification and prepare for the complete destruction of the organization, do you think they will agree?”

Wu Siqi said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I believe that all dead men will not refuse!”

The leader of the Xiaoqiwei said with some concern: “Mr. Ye, to tell you the truth, in the team of Xiaoqiwei, there are already some people who have the idea of ​​continuing to climb up. Their hearts are very close to the organization. Yes, I only want to make contributions to the organization, and then I can go to a higher level, if these people are not eliminated, I am afraid that bad things will happen in the future.”

Ye Chen nodded, and said calmly: “These are easy to solve. At that time, we only need to do a little trick to make these people come forward.”

As he spoke, he asked again, “When is the next time you will deliver medicine?”

“Four days later.” The leader Xiaoqiwei said: “Under normal circumstances, we will take the next round of antidote five days later. The medicine will usually arrive the night before taking the medicine. After the verification is completed, it will arrive at the Take the medicine intensively from 4:00 am to 8:00 am.”

Marven Ye asked: “The medicine, like other materials, was shipped from Turkey, right?”

“That’s right.” The other party nodded and said, “Other living supplies will also arrive in Cyprus along with the transport ship.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I’ll go there alone in four days.”

As he said that, he looked at Wan Pojun again, and said: “Pojun, you should prepare for the next few days, and bring people to wait for my message on the high seas. Once I solve the problem, you will take people ashore, and I’ll take over that copper mine together.”

Wan Pojun said without hesitation: “Alright, Mr. Ye, my subordinates must go all out!”

Ye Chen nodded and said: “I need a few days to prepare the antidote for thousands of people. After four days, I will fly directly to Beirut, Lebanon. Pojun will prepare a small boat for me in advance. Go across the sea alone to meet them!”

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