The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 51-60

Chapter: 51
Wang Daokun’s new hotel was in the development zone of Jinling City.
The development zone was far away from the city, and it was sparsely populated, so Ye Chen was a little puzzled as to why Wang Dao Kun chose to open his hotel here.
But from what Xiao Choran said, the development zone would recently be stationed in several large manufacturing companies, including Foxconn and the like, and it would soon be lively.
So it was actually wise for Wang Daokun to open his hotel here now.
Wang Daokun’s hotel, which was on the side of a wide new street, looked to be quite large, with two upper and lower floors.
The name of the hotel was called Yuelai Restaurant, and it looked a bit more intentional.
When Ye Chen drove his car to the entrance of the hotel, there was already a row of cars parked at the entrance, and there were several people standing in front of a golden BMW sedan smoking and chatting.
These people Ye Chen knew, they were all classmates from his previous college class, but these people had no friendship with him.
The first person Ye Chen still remembered, named Wang Tengfei, was a famous rich second generation in the class, always had thoughts about Xiao Churan, but Xiao Churan didn’t buy him at all.
At this time, Wang Tengfei leaned on the side of the golden BMW, accepting compliments from his classmates, a few male classmates commented on his new BMW sedan, exclaiming: “Brother Fei, you are really a winner in life, how long has it been since you graduated, and you’re already driving a BMW! It’s like a BMW 540, right? A 5-series top?”
Wang Tengfei laughed and said, “Oh my, the 540, it’s nothing more than a 700,000 to 800,000-dollar mobility car, it’s nothing.”
“Holy shit, a 540? it’s the most expensive imported car in the 5 series!”
“Hey, I want to buy a $200,000 BMW 1-series and I can’t even get enough for a down payment, it’s so much worse than flying brother!”
“Fei, you must have a lot of power in this car, right?”
Wang Tengfei smiled and said, “Fine fine, the power is considered to be quite strong, usually can’t meet opponents on the street.”
“What a bull! I wish I had a BMW sedan, my girlfriend is so annoyed that I can’t afford a car every day!”
At that moment, someone was sharp-eyed and saw another BMW coming and said in surprise, “Oh my, is this BMW also our classmate’s?”
“Ouch my grass! Isn’t this Ye Chen, that stinking hangman?”
“That seems to be Xiao Choran in the passenger seat! Damn it, this guy who eats soft food is even driving a BMW, he must be in Xiao Choran’s good graces!”
Wang Tengfei also saw Ye Chen in the car and said with a somewhat gloomy expression, “So it’s this loser! Damn, he’s lucky!”
That’s when someone asked, “Hey, what series of BMWs is he driving?”
Just at this time Ye Chen drove the car to the vicinity, and then backed into the parking space, Wang Tengfei looked at the 520 on the tail label, and suddenly despised the laugh: “Cut, 520 ah, 5 series lowest beggar version, only puffed up face to pretend to be fat hangers-on to drive this model!”
One person next to him immediately nodded and said, “Brother Fei, you’re the top 5 series, he’s the cheapest 5 series, he’s not quite as good as you, right?”
Wang Tengfei snorted coldly, “I can buy them both with this one!”
“Still Fei is awesome!”
At this time, Ye Chen parked the car, Xiao Choran and Dong Ruolin walked down first.
A few boys immediately looked straight and greeted in a swarm, “Oh my, the two golden flowers of our class have come together!”

Chapter: 52
Xiao Choran and Dong Ruolin politely greeted everyone, Wang Tengfei was extremely unbalanced as he looked at the now even more beautiful and attractive Xiao Choran.
Damn it, why?
When I was in college, I was desperately pursuing Xiao Churan, and she didn’t pay any attention to me at all.
Now, she’s married to a door-to-door son-in-law, a loser who eats soft food!
God is so blind!
Thinking of this, he sneered and mocked, “Oh Ye Chen, you’ve joined the Choran family, you seem to be treated very well! You’re driving a BMW! Choran’s family bought it, right? You are truly a role model for the men of my generation to take shortcuts!”
When Xiao Choran heard this, her expression was somewhat unhappy, and Dong Ruolin on the side immediately said, “Wang Tengfei, you’re wrong, this car wasn’t bought by Choran’s family, it was bought by someone else, Ye Chen himself!”
“Ouch!” Wang Tengfei trailed off, “Awesome, he’s driving a BMW 5 Series!”
After saying that, he deliberately provoked at Ye Chen, “I say Ye Chen, there are not many cars in this development zone, the entrance avenue is wide and straight, how about we drive up and compare who is faster?”
Ye Chen frowned and looked at Wang Tengfei with some indignation in his heart.
Why do you bother me for nothing? I don’t have any history with you.
Besides, who’s going to race me? This is a BMW 760, the most expensive and fastest BMW model, you compare with me, looks like I’m bullying children.
Wang Tengfei thought he was afraid. Immediately ridiculed, “Oh my I say Ye Chen, why are you still as wimpy as when you were in college! What’s so scary about the contest? You couldn’t spare the gas? Big deal, I’ll just give you a tank of gas.”
Dong Ruolin protested with some dissatisfaction, “Hey, Wang Tengfei, what do you mean? This car of yours is a BMW 540 and the others are 520, the power difference is several gears, compare who can run faster, do you think it’s fair?”
Wang Tengfei shrugged his shoulders: “The main thing about cars is the technology! A good car doesn’t necessarily mean fast speed, it also depends on skill and courage, I wonder if Ye Chen has the guts to compete with me? If you’re wimpy or scared, then forget it, Ye Chen has never been able to make it to the stage anyway, everyone knows that.”
Several people beside him immediately echoed, “That’s right, if you’re afraid, just say it straight, there’s no shame.”
Ye Chen laughed instead of being angry and said, “Wang Tengfei, it’s okay to compare, but we can’t just compare with our mouths, right? Better have a little jackpot, or how boring is that?”
“Yes!” Wang Tengfei was worried that Ye Chen wouldn’t fall for it, but suddenly heard him mention the jackpot himself, and immediately decided that he was playing dead, and took off, “How about this, whoever loses will kneel on the ground and kowtow to the other side to admit their mistakes.”
Ye Chen shook his head, “We’re all adults, don’t play so childishly.”
At this time, Wang Daokun, who was dressed in a suit, came out holding a large plate of firecrackers, and when he saw Ye Chen coming, he immediately came forward excitedly and said, “Oh my Ye Chen, you’re here!”
Ye Chen nodded, smiled at him, and said, “Congratulations on the opening of your new store, ah Dao Kun!”
Wang Daokun smiled and said, “Thank you brother!”
Wang Tengfei said coldly at this time, “Ye Chen, don’t change the subject, tell me, what do you think is appropriate for the jackpot?”
Wang Daokun asked curiously, “What’s wrong? What are you guys doing?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at the large plate of firecrackers in his arms and asked him, “Dao Kun, how loud is this firecracker of yours?”
“Thirty thousand rings!” Wang Daokun smiled, “This plate of cannons isn’t cheap, it’s full of red, over six hundred a plate!”
Ye Chen nodded and said to Wang Tengfei, “How about this, let’s have a competition, whoever loses, we’ll put this plate of firecrackers in our own car and light it up, what do you think?”

Chapter: 53
When Wang Tengfei heard this, he couldn’t hold back his excitement.
His own car was 540 and Ye Chen’s car was 520, even if he was exhausted, he couldn’t win.
How dare he bet so much with himself!
Thirty thousand firecrackers placed in the car and ignited, then this car would also be a disaster, basically the interior, seats, and console would all be blown up.
Since Ye Chen was seeking his own death, it was really a good chance to humiliate him for nothing!
So, with almost no hesitation, Wang Tengfei nodded his head and shouted, “Witness everyone! I’ll race with Ye Chen to see who can drive faster, and the loser will put this plate of firecrackers in the car and light it!”
Afterwards, he said, “Anyone who goes back on his word and plays coy, the whole family dies!”
A few male students next to him immediately began to coax, and the students upstairs heard about this kind of thing and poured out, 20 to 30 people gathered around the door waiting for a good show.
Everyone thought that Ye Chen was a fool, 520 still dared to call out to 540? It’s all about the Grand Straight, and who’s car is faster has little to do with technology and depends entirely on the car’s performance.
A 520, even for a Schumacher, can’t beat a 540! One second to remember to read the book
It seems that Ye Chen’s brand new BMW 520 will soon be declared scrapped!
Xiao Choran also kept advising Ye Chen, saying, “Ye Chen, don’t be provoked by him, he’s doing it on purpose, we won’t compete with him.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Wife, don’t worry, your husband will never lose.”
Wang Tengfei laughed, “Oh my, Ye Chen, let’s not say anything else, I admire your guts! Hahaha, in that case, let’s cut the crap and drive straight to the comparison!”
“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “What do you think about the comparison?”
Wang Tengfei pointed to the intersection at the end of the road and said, “Let’s start at the same time and see who gets to that intersection first and then turn around and come back, one way or the other, whoever comes back first wins, what do you say?”
Ye Chen smiled, “No problem!”
“Yes!” Wang Tengfei said excitedly, “Let’s bear witness, we’ll start the match right away!”
Saying that, he got into his BMW 540 and drove onto the main road.
Ye Chen ignored Xiao Choran’s obstruction and drove the car next to Wang Tengfei’s, the front ends of the two cars aligned.
At this time, a good-natured boy laughed, “I’ll give you a countdown!”
“Yes!” Wang Tengfei smiled, “Ready when you are!”
Ye Chen nodded and turned on the sport mode of his BMW 760.
The BMW 760, with a 6.6-liter displacement and 585 horsepower engine.
The BMW 540 next to it, on the other hand, was powered by a 3.0-liter displacement, 340 horsepower engine.
Twice the displacement of the 760 and a 245 horsepower difference, to say the least!
But, how did Wang Tengfei know that Ye Chen, this 520, was actually a top 760?He thought he had already won.
The student in charge of the countdown excitedly shouted, “Ready! 3, 2, 1!”
As soon as the words left his mouth, Wang Tengfei pressed the accelerator to the bottom!
He knew that Ye Chen was bound to lose, but he wanted to make Ye Chen lose even worse!
So, try to run faster yourself!
What he didn’t expect, however, was that to his right, a shadow would quickly rush out, instantly leaving him behind and far away!
It’s Yeh Chen’s BMW 520!
Wang Tengfei could hardly believe his eyes!
How is this possible!
That’s impossible!

Chapter: 54
His BMW 520, with only 184 hp, and his own car, with 340 hp, is nearly double that! How did he manage to pass himself so easily!
And the students watching were dumbfounded!
No one had expected that Ye Chen, who everyone thought was bound to lose, would surpass Wang Tengfei like an arrow off a string, and instantly leave him far behind!
Wang Tengfei hadn’t even reached the halfway point, and people were already turning around at the end of the intersection Ye Chen!
Wang Tengfei was just about to turn around when Ye Chen drove back to the starting point!
Ye Chen had won!
And it was won by a crushing margin!
Wang Tengfei just turned around and came back, seeing that Ye Chen had reached the end, his entire body almost collapsed!
What the hell!
What the fuck is going on here!
When did the BMW 520 double the BMW 540?
Nope! The bastard must have modified his car!
Shit! A modified car to screw me? Damn!
He gritted his teeth as he drove the car back in front of everyone, and Ye Chen was already clapping his hands with Xiao Choran to celebrate his victory.
All the surrounding students were dumbfounded and still couldn’t figure out why Ye Chen’s 520 was so fast!
Wang Tengfei stopped the car and angrily stepped out and roared, “Damn it, Ye Chen! You’re ripping me off with a modified car, right? This game doesn’t count! How do I compare when the conversion has so much more power than me?”
Ye Chen sneered, “Hey, Wang Tengfei, you’re the one who just said that motivation is not important, skill and guts are more important, and now you’re going to play a trick if you lose?”
“I didn’t!” Wang Tengfei’s expression flashed with panic, and he said forcefully, “You’re the one who screwed me, not me playing a trick on you!”
Dong Ruolin despised and said, “Wang Tengfei, you’re a man of your word, it’s really disgusting! Don’t forget the poisonous oath you just made, anyone who doesn’t want to gamble and lose, the whole family will die!”
“Exactly!” Many of the students who were waiting to see Ye Chen’s jokes were now also dissatisfied with Wang Tengfei, and could see that this man really couldn’t afford to lose, being so big and starting things himself.
You don’t even dare to honor it yourself.
So someone spoke up, “Wang Tengfei, you’re no fun, everyone is witnessing it, you yourself want to compete with someone else Ye Chen, and you said that power doesn’t matter, lose and cheat your whole family dies, now you yourself want to cheat, isn’t it obvious that you’d rather have your whole family die than honor the bet?”
“Yes!” A girl spoke up, “Wang Tengfei, everyone used to think that you were particularly manly and said one thing, but I didn’t expect that you would be this kind of a villain who went back on his word!”
Someone else said, “I kind of see what kind of person Wang Tengfei is! He’s a double standard dog! If it was Ye Chen who lost, he definitely wouldn’t let Ye Chen go easily! Now that you’ve lost, you’re starting to be a scoundrel, what rubbish!”
Wang Tengfei’s face was blue and white.
Speaking from the heart, this car he had just bought less than a month ago, and had spent over seven hundred thousand before and after.
If you really threw a thirty thousand firecracker into it and lit it, then this car would be a disaster!
It’s your car! I usually don’t allow even the slightest scratch or dust to appear, so why would I want to throw a firecracker in there and light it?
However, so many students look at themselves, and now that they have obviously lost the hearts of the people, if they continue to insist on playing the cheat, then in the future, the students will certainly not get along with themselves.
It would even go around saying that he had lost his gambling to play the cheat and would rather carry the gambling curse that his whole family was dead, but would never honor his bets.
Thinking of this, his heart has been shaken.
If he didn’t light that firecracker, his lifelong reputation would be ruined!
At this time, Ye Chen suddenly spoke, “Wang Tengfei, we are all classmates, joking can’t be taken seriously, this car of yours is quite expensive, if you can’t be bothered to order it, don’t order it.”
Wang Tengfei instantly let out a sigh of relief.
However, the surrounding students immediately talked about it, “Oops! Still Ye Chen is magnanimous, look at Wang Tengfei, what a shame!”
“Exactly! Ye Chen is seeing that he can’t afford to lose and is giving him a step down!”
Wang Tengfei’s pride suddenly exploded and he cursed angrily, “Who the hell said I couldn’t lose? Where are the firecrackers? Give them to me! If I can afford to gamble, I can naturally afford to lose!”
Ye Chen wiped a conspiratorial smile across the corner of his mouth at this point….

Chapter: 55
Wang Tengfei had lost his mind at the moment.
He didn’t want to be crushed in front of his classmates by that punk Ye Chen.
So he put his heart in his mouth, took the firecracker from Wang Daokun’s hand and threw it directly into his car.
Then, he picked up the lighter, grabbed the fuse of the firecracker, and said coldly, “Watch this for me! I’m not a sore loser! Even less need for Ye Chen’s sympathy!”
Said he immediately lit the lighter!
The firecrackers ignited instantly and crackled in the car!
At first, you can still see the fire in the car, but soon, the car is full of white smoke, and the sound of the constantly exploding firecrackers makes Wang Tengfei’s insides drip with blood, but makes the students watching the fun excited.
A lot of students have already started to take out their mobile phones to video, ready to wait a while to send the whole process to the jitterbug, so that netizens can also see this rare slutty operation.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the many different types of products that are available in the marketplace.
The car’s interior is filled with white smoke, and it’s hard to tell if it’s on fire. Remember the website
However, when the firecrackers had almost exploded and the smoke began to dissipate, the fire inside suddenly burst open and the entire carriage was in flames!
The students at the scene all shrieked, and Wang Tengfei was scared off, “Damn put out the fire! Put out the fire!”
He had thought that a firecracker would at most blow up the seats and injure the interior, and at worst he could spend tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, to recuperate the car as before.
But, never thought that firecrackers would catch fire in the car!
He shouted to put out the fire, but no one was able to help him put out the flames in his car with his bare hands, and he himself frantically dialed 911, then watched in despair from where he was as his car caught fire and eventually went up in flames.
By the time the fire truck came, the BMW 540 was burnt to the frame.
From the frame, it wasn’t even clear that it had ever been a BMW.
Wang Tengfei sat paralyzed on the ground, desperate to see his beloved BMW reduced to ashes, suffering inside.
Had he known this, to kill himself, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to provoke Ye Chen and want to race with him.
This time, not only did he lose his face, but he also took the car….
Wang Daokun didn’t have any expression on his face, but in his heart, he felt quite funny and quietly gave Ye Chen a thumbs up.
He then said to Wang Tengfei, “Tengfei, don’t be too sad, it’s almost time, why don’t we go to dinner first?”
Wang Tengfei wanted to find a reason to just walk away, but on second thought, that would be too cheap for that bastard Ye Chen!
No matter what, his car had been ruined because of Ye Chen, so he had to get this field back!
So he stood up and said, with a pretense of calmness, “What do I have to be sad about? Just willing to gamble and lose.”
Several students who were sticking up for him also came forward to agree, “Fei is so rich, what’s a BMW?”
“Exactly! To Fei, it’s just an ordinary mobility scooter!”
Everyone knew that Wang Tengfei wanted to save face, so they stopped talking about it and followed Wang Daokun inside to prepare for the opening ceremony.
In the shop, several tables of banquets had been set up in the hall, and on the small stage in front, there were banners celebrating the class reunion and the opening of the restaurant.

Chapter: 56
Many students sent congratulatory gifts, and Ye Chen also took the ancient painting he had bought and walked up to Wang Daokun and said, “Congratulations ah Daokun, this is a little opening congratulatory gift from us two to you.”
Xiao Choran also smiled and said, “Wang Daokun, congratulations to you ah, I wish you prosperity!”
“Thank you thank you.” Wang Daokun was busy thanking him, then leaned in to Ye Chen’s ear and smiled cheaply as his eyebrows flew up, “I see that you’re very close to Banhua, it’s not like what the world says! When do you want kids?”
Xiao Choran heard the whispers of the two and blushed, while Ye Chen laughed and said, “Don’t be so gossipy, I’ll tell you when I have it, you can’t afford less!”
“That’s that’s that!” Wang Daokun nodded repeatedly and said, “I’ll definitely wrap a big red envelope for the child when the time comes!”
At that moment, a woman with heavy makeup and an ordinary appearance came next to Wang Daokun and asked, “Daokun, who are these two?”
“This is my best friend from college, Iron Buddy, Ye Chen! This is our school flower, Xiao Churan, who is now Ye Chen’s wife.”
After introducing the two of them, Wang Daokun introduced the woman beside him and said, “This is my fiancée, Liu Lili.”
“Ah? He’s the one who eats soft…”
Liu Li Li got out of her mouth, but quickly realized that she had said the wrong thing, and even changed her mouth and smiled, “I’ve always heard Wang Daokun mention you guys, you two are really talented!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen pretended not to hear and handed the ancient painting to Liu Li Li, saying, “This is a little bit of our heart.”
Liu Li Li laughed and said, “Oh my, what’s the point of giving a gift when you’re here!”
I said, but I was busy receiving the gift box.
Ye Chen said, “You two are busy first, let’s find a place to sit first.”
“Good.” Wang Daokun said apologetically, “Sorry ah Ye Chen, there are too many classmates to greet.”
As soon as Ye Chen and Xiao Churan’s side left, Liu Lili hurriedly opened the gift box Ye Chen gave her and found a scroll inside, frowning, “What is this classmate of yours giving away?”
Wang Dokun said, “Can’t you see? A painting!”
“Cut.” Liu Li Li disdainfully left her mouth, opened the scroll and took a look at it, saying, “What a piece of junk, old and rotten, I guess it’s only worth a hundred or two hundred dollars.”
Wang Daokun squarely said, “What do you care how much money to do, it’s from a classmate, the gift is light.”
Liu Lili said, “Come on, I tell you, in the future, such classmates less dealings, two people to send such a little junk, is not enough money to care about their meals!”
Wang Daokun’s face was gloomy: “Liu Lili, are you that snobbish?”
Liu Li Li was on fire, “Wang Dao Kun how are you talking? I’m a snob? If I were a real snob, I wouldn’t be looking for a poor guy like you. Don’t you forget that my dad put in most of the money for this hotel!”
Wang Daokun’s expression was a little embarrassed, but all of a sudden he was also a little speechless.
At this time, Wang Tengfei walked in front of the two, he had recovered quite a bit from the car burning incident just now, and started to act like a bull again.
Arriving in front of the two, he directly handed over a thick red envelope and said indifferently, “Daokun, your hotel is opening, I don’t know what’s appropriate to give you, so I’ll simply give you a big red envelope.”
Liu Li Li while thanking, while panicking to receive, the upper hand a pinch, will know that less said there is a ten thousand eight thousand, immediately flattering said: “Oh my, really thank you!”
Wang Tengfei waved his hand and asked her, “I see that Ye Chen has just come to give a gift too? What did he send?”
Liu Lili snorted and said, “A pair of paintings, I don’t know which second-hand market they were dumped from, but they’re probably worth a couple of hundred dollars!”
Wang Tengfei sneered, “A sling is a sling after all!”

Chapter: 57
Ye Chen, Xiao Choran, and Dong Ruolin took their seats together, and Wang Tengfei followed and came over and sat next to Dong Ruolin.
As soon as he sat down, he smiled and asked Dong Ruolin, “Ruolin, I heard that you came to Jinling this time to work at the Imperial Hero Group?”
Dong Ruolin nodded, “I’ve just started.”
Wang Tengfei laughed, “What a coincidence, my dad is in the Imperial Hero Group, he’s the deputy general manager of a department, I’ll ask him to take care of you more when the time comes.”
As soon as this was said, several people at the table exclaimed in shock, “Brother Fei, your father is the deputy general manager of the Imperial Hero Group?”
“Right.” Wang Tengfei nodded and said, “He was just promoted last year.”
Someone hurriedly complimented, “The deputy general manager’s annual salary is several million, right? That’s awesome! No wonder your family is so rich!”
Wang Tengfei smiled and said, “Several million is just a salary, my father has a great authority, or some other income, and now the Imperial Hero Group is doing a hotel project, this project down, my father can make at least 10 or 20 million.”
A male student sitting across from him hurriedly asked, “Brother Fei, I also want to join the Imperial Hero Group, I’ve sent in my resume several times but I haven’t heard anything, can you talk to uncle and see if you can help me with an internal recommendation?”
Wang Tengfei nodded and said briskly, “Okay, send me WeChat with your resume later and I’ll say hello to him.”
Ye Chen didn’t frown, he really didn’t know that Wang Tengfei’s dad was a senior executive of the Imperial Group.
That was a bit interesting, then he would send a text message to Wang Dongxue later and ask her to fire Wang Tengfei’s dad.
So he deliberately asked, “Wang Tengfei, since your dad is so capable in the Imperial Hero Group, why didn’t he get you in?”
Wang Tengfei sneered disdainfully, “What the hell do you know? It’s pointless for me to go into the Emperor Howe Group, and the father-son relationship can’t be hidden, I’ll be watched all the time if I go in.”
Said Wang Tengfei proudly, “So I don’t even consider the Emperor Howe Group, I’ve got a building materials company now, and I’ll work with the Emperor Howe Group directly through my father to take orders for the supply of building materials from the Emperor Howe Group.”
“I’m going!” Someone exclaimed, “Well, wouldn’t that make you a lot of money?”
Wang Tengfei grinned, “Alright, I should be able to make a thousand thousand thousand in a year.”
Saying that, he deliberately looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Ye Chen, what kind of work do you do now? It’s not like you’ve been doing laundry and cooking since you joined the family, right?”
Everyone else at the table was laughing.
Ye Chen faintly said, “Every day, in addition to washing clothes and cooking, but also picking up and dropping off his wife to work, giving her a massage and back massage, life joy is boundless.”
Wang Tengfei’s lungs were about to explode, this son of a bitch, he even looked like he was taking it for granted, his cheek can be really thick!
Restraining his anger, he gritted his teeth and said, “Ye Chen, I didn’t expect you to eat soft food in peace!”
“Or what?” Ye Chen shamelessly said, “I didn’t steal one, I didn’t rob the other, I ate soft food based on my skills, so why don’t I feel at peace?”
The surrounding students looked silly.
They had seen shameless ones, but they had never seen such shameless ones!
The point is, we’re all still jealous at heart!
After all, Xiao Choran was really too pretty, and to be able to eat soft food from such a goddess-level woman was something that many people dreamed of!
I’m jealous!
If I have the chance to serve a beauty like Xiao Choran, what’s the use of being a son-in-law? Being a son-in-law is a win in life!
Wang Tengfei was choked to death.
Just at this moment, Wang Dawkun’s wife, Liu Lili, suddenly entered the stage.
After thanking everyone with a smile on her face for their appreciation, she said, “Thank you all for giving us many gifts today, it made both Dao Kun and I very touched, to show our gratitude to you all, we decided to announce the details of the gifts here, thank you all again!”
Since today is the opening ceremony, the gift-giving process is naturally indispensable.

Chapter: 58
Originally Wang Daokun did not want to engage in this, but in fact, he did not have much right to speak, and could only allow Liu Lili to do whatever she wanted.
But many students are not surprised, because people have a kind of climbing show off psychology, the next who sent what, we all see in the eyes, can judge the old classmates into the society after mixed how.
Then, Liu Lili began to name names.
“Thank you, classmate Zhang Jie, for the one thousand yuan red envelope!”
“Thank you, student Wang Bei, for the gift of a pair of Golden Yuanbao!”
“Thank you for the gift of a jade brave from fellow student Xu Auou!”
“Thank you for the 10,000 yuan red envelope from student Wang Tengfei!”
The first few gifts, whether it was a red envelope or a gift, most of them were around 1000 yuan in market value, and suddenly it came to Wang Tengfei, who gave a red envelope of 10,000 yuan at once, suddenly shocking a group of students.
Just the opening ceremony, just along with 10,000 red envelopes, this is too big a gesture!
Many people marveled at Wang Tengfei and praised him for his atmosphere. Remember the URL
Wang Tengfei was also proud of himself, it seemed that he had easily pulled ahead of these students.
At that moment, Liu Lili said, “Thank you to Ye Chen and Xiao Churan for the gift of an old painting!”
The words were met with jeers from everyone!
Old paintings? Is it worth a hundred bucks?
These two are too cheap, aren’t they? He opened Wang Daokun’s hotel, and hosted such a sumptuous banquet, the average person needs several hundred dollars just to eat. You’re not afraid of being laughed at?
Wang Tengfei also sneered and ridiculed, “Ye Chen, you can afford to buy a BMW 520 and can afford to modify it, why is it that when your old classmate’s hotel opened, you only gave away this piece of crap?”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, “You don’t know its history, so what makes you say it’s broken?”
Wang Tengfei laughed shamefully, “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to, but you want to buy that shabby fake antique to pass off as something good so that people can’t figure out how much it’s worth!”
He said aggressively, “Tell the truth, how much did you pay for that old painting of yours? One hundred or eighty?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “That painting is worth more than what everyone here today has given away combined!”
“Hahahahaha!” Wang Tengfei led the laughter, “You’re really bragging without a draft! My red envelope gave 10,000, this there are more than twenty students, a thousand each is more than 20,000, do you mean to say that your painting is worth more than 30,000?”
Ye Chen smiled, “You’re saying less.”
Now, the whole class was laughing.
Everyone felt that this Ye Chen was really faking it!
You’ve got the nerve to come out here with a gift? Tens of thousands of dollars worth of old paintings? Who the fuck are you kidding?
At this time, Liu Lili, who was also despicable in her heart on the stage, asked curiously, “Fellow student Ye Chen, I wonder whose ancient painting you are giving away? Could be worth tens of thousands?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “A Qing Dynasty painter, not too famous.”
Liu Lili laughed, “Oh what a coincidence, my father is a relic appraiser and is particularly authoritative, his name is Liu Yuesheng, if you know antiques, you should have heard of his name, right?”
Dong Ruolin exclaimed, “Liu Yuesheng? Antiquities expert Liu Yuesheng? I remember this guy. He was on CCTV! He’s your father?”
Liu Li Li smiled, “That’s right, it’s my dad, he’s upstairs right now, why don’t I ask him to come down and appreciate this ancient painting that fellow student Ye Chen gave me?”
Wang Tengfei stood up and said loudly, “Then Laurie will have her uncle come down and help us all appreciate and appreciate, if the value of Ye Chen’s painting really exceeds all of everyone’s gifts today, I, Wang Tengfei, will eat this table on the spot!”

Chapter: 59
As soon as they heard that Liu Lili’s father was a relic appraiser, all the students present cast a mean and sympathetic look at Ye Chen.
They felt that Ye Chen was really unlucky!
Trying to pretend to be a pussy, and then meeting an expert in the room, isn’t that like shooting yourself in the face?
If Liu Lili’s father, Liu Yue, gave birth later, wouldn’t he be humiliated?
Xiao Choran was also a little embarrassed and whispered to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, so many students are watching, so don’t talk tough, or else how humiliating!”
Before coming here, Ye Chen had said something about buying a painting, but he said it wasn’t worth a few dollars, and now he said it was worth tens of thousands of dollars, Xiao Choran was also a bit bottomless all of a sudden, thinking that Ye Chen might have lied to save face.
But Ye Chen didn’t care at all and spoke, “Since you all don’t believe it, just let the professionals appraise it.”
He said, “By the way, don’t forget, everyone, student Wang Tengfei is dead unrepentant and has gambled on the curse again, this time to eat the table.”
When Wang Tengfei thought about the car being burned just now, he gritted his teeth and cursed, “Ye Chen, you’re fucking arrogant! You’re the one who gave me a hard time about the racing! I’ve already given up! I’m willing to give up this time! If that painting you gave me is really worth tens of thousands of dollars, I’ll eat the table right now! If it wasn’t worth it, would you eat it?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Fine, if it’s not worth it, I’ll just eat it too.” A second to remember to read the book
Although that painting wasn’t a famous painting, it was indeed the work of Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen, and that antique shop was also a national chain, had a guarantee of authenticity, and fake one was punished by ten, so the painting could never be fake.
Xiao Choran wanted to stop Ye Chen, but without even reacting, Ye Chen had already agreed to do so, so she had no choice but to sigh in secret by herself.
Dong Ruolin was also a little surprised, how could Ye Chen be so sure?
Actually, if you take a closer look, this person was still very mysterious, that day in the Heavenly Fragrance House, the famous Master Hong Fifth was even nodding to him, why was that, she never understood.
But she could also be sure in her heart that there must be a secret in Ye Chen’s body!
Wang Tengfei felt that he finally had a chance to get back in the game, and immediately took off, “Okay, we’re all here to witness it, let’s have Liu Lili ask her dad to come down and help us identify it!”
Liu Lili dialed the phone directly in front of everyone and said, “Dad, come down here, Daokun’s classmate sent a painting and said he wants you to appraise it.”
A minute later, an old man slowly walked down the stairs of the second floor.
This person was Liu Yuesheng, a famous cultural relic appraiser from Jinling.
Today is the opening celebration of Liu Yuesheng’s daughter and future son-in-law hotel, he also invited an old friend, a small gathering in the upstairs private room, heard that there are ancient paintings need to be appraised, professional habits a up, rushed down to see.
Liu Yuesheng stepped forward and walked up to the stage, Liu Lili hurriedly handed him the gift box containing the painting and said, “Dad, you help to appraise this painting, some people say it is worth tens of thousands of dollars.”
Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen with a scowl.
Who would believe a soft-shelled slinger who gave away tens of thousands of dollars of ancient paintings?
I don’t have to guess, the painting must be a fake!
Everyone else was thinking the same as her.
No one believed that Ye Chen could really give away a pair of paintings that cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Liu Yuesheng received the gift box, and under the attention of everyone, he took out the scroll of the painting and opened it carefully.
The painting was old and a little yellowish, it looked really unremarkable, and many of his classmates who liked to judge people by their appearance spoke up, “Oh my, it doesn’t look like anything good!”
“Yeah, I think it’s worth fifty bucks.”
“Guess it’s not worth as much as that box, huh? That box is probably still worth seventy or eighty!”
Liu Yuesheng studied the painting carefully and looked at it for a few minutes before he asked with a smile, “Is this painting a gift from fellow student Dao Kun?”

Chapter: 60
“Right.” Liu Li Li said, “or his best buddy from college!”
When she said this, what Liu Li Li was thinking was, Ye Chen you’re good buddies with Wang Daokun and you’re giving away a pair of trash that’s not worth a hundred dollars, immediately let my dad expose you in front of everyone!
However, no one expected that Liu Yuesheng would exclaim, “It sure looks like a good buddy! If you’re not good buddies, who would be willing to give away something so expensive.”
Everyone froze at that!
What’s the situation? Valuable? Is this shit expensive?
Wang Tengfei thought to himself, Precious your mother! I’ll buy some fake flowers and piss on them. They’ll look more real than this painting.
At this time, Liu Yuesheng earnestly said, “This is the genuine handwriting of the Qing Dynasty painter Huang Shen, although Huang Shen is not a very famous painter, but he is one of the very outstanding painters, one of the eight monsters of Yangzhou!”
Saying that, Liu Yuesheng added, “I estimate that the market price for this painting is around two hundred thousand.”
“More than two hundred thousand?!” Liu Lili was silly, she thought it wasn’t worth a hundred dollars, who would have thought it would be worth over two hundred thousand!
Wang Dokun was all silly and took off, “Oops! Ye Chen, how can you send me something so expensive! It’s too expensive…”
Ye Chen indifferently said, “Dao Kun, it’s just a thought, don’t care too much about its price.”
Wang Daokun was so moved, I never thought that a good buddy from college would be so mean!
Wang Tengfei looked confused.
What the heck? This piece of shit is worth over $200,000?
It’s worth over $200,000. Fuck, isn’t that a fucking trap?
The classmates were also shocked.
This time, no one dared to look down on Ye Chen!
After all, it’s a guy who casually gives gifts for over 200,000 ancient paintings!
Everyone is dying of envy for Wang Dokun!
That’s awesome! Such an expensive gift for the opening ceremony, blood money!
At that moment, Liu Lili was shocked in her heart and immediately changed her opinion of Ye Chen .
She knew very well what level her own father was, and if he said the painting was worth over two hundred thousand dollars, then it must be worth that amount!
Jesus! Wang Daokun’s classmates actually gave such an expensive gift, this is not an ordinary gift!
Thinking of this, she looked at Ye Chen with stars in her eyes.
Xiao Churan was puzzled and asked, “Ye Chen, how much did you spend on this painting?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “Actually, it really didn’t cost much, mainly because the person who sold me the painting was an acquaintance, he also picked it up and received it, so he disposed of it to me at a low price.”
Xiao Churan couldn’t help but say, “A painting that costs over 200,000 yuan, a few thousand dollars sold to you, and there’s such a good thing?”
Ye Chen indifferently said, “Many people actually don’t place that much importance on money, aren’t I the same? Otherwise I wouldn’t have given this painting to Dao Kun.”
Xiao Choran nodded gently, Ye Chen was right, if money was important, no one would give such an expensive item, it seemed that although this husband of hers was not very successful, his boldness was still beyond the ordinary!
At this moment, Ye Chen stood up and looked at the panicked-looking Wang Tengfei and asked with a smile, “Fellow student Wang Tengfei, how are you going to eat at this table? Do you just go up to your mouth and chew on it, or do you get a knife and chop it up for you, piece by piece?”

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