The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5371

The copper mine in Cyprus has begun to quietly evacuate the dead and their families.

They took speedboats to the high seas one after another, and on the high seas, a freighter that had been remodeled was waiting here.

As the dead gradually evacuated, the demolition team carrying out the overburden plan began to check all the blasting points in the entire copper mine.

Ever since Ye Chen proposed the Nest Overlapping Plan, they have laid countless blasting points here, and each blasting point has been carefully calculated. Once the order is issued, they will install mines in these blasting points. The powerful explosives can blow up the entire underground copper mine in an instant.

Because this copper mine has done a lot of renovations for the life of the dead, its internal space is much larger than that of ordinary copper mines. Once the bottom is blasted, it will definitely cause the entire ground to collapse, and the depth of the collapse will be at least more than ten meters. The military garrison will be completely filled hundreds of meters deep underground, and the ground buildings will be completely destroyed due to the collapse of the ground.

If it’s prudent, Ye Chen can now quietly evacuate everyone from the copper mine, and directly blow up the place, so that the Poqing Society can draw their salaries from the bottom of the pot.

But this is not a big enough loss for the CCP.

Therefore, Ye Chen wanted to build a unique super mausoleum here for a certain earl of the Qing Dynasty.

It is precisely because of this that he needs close-in defense guns to be in place in the shortest possible time.

At the same time, a transport convoy was running on the sandy road in Syria.

The convoy consisted of more than 40 oil trucks, in addition to several military off-road vehicles and armored personnel carriers, the convoy roared across the border and entered Iraq.

These oil trucks are loaded with oil stolen by the Americans from Syria. They want to transport these oil trucks to the US military base in Iraq, and more than half of the transportation personnel are mercenaries from the Blackwater Company.

As the United States is the largest mercenary organization in the world, Blackwater’s biggest customer is the US government, and it likes to follow the US military to make money around the world.

When the escort sent the oil convoy to Iraq, it was already late at night, and the U.S. troops escorted together went directly to the barracks to rest, while the people from the Blackwater Company lived in marching tents outside the U.S. military base.

They have a small base here, about a hundred people in size, and they also have a lot of weapons and equipment and supplies and ammunition. Although they are not camped in the US military base, they are almost separated from the US military base by a wall, so they are not too much in terms of security. cautious.

At this time, the person in charge of the camp is coordinating the work. The armed personnel who have just completed the escort can be allowed to rest, and he needs to arrange another team to return to Syria with the oil convoy after unloading the oil, and escort them tomorrow. Returning with a convoy full of oil.

No one expected that Wan Pojun had already sneaked into the camp with Chen Zhonglei and another six-star general.

After they sneaked into the camp, they immediately selected three sentries on duty. Since no one dared to attack the US military base directly, their sentries were also very perfunctory, without the caution and vigilance that the sentries should have.

Soon, the three of them were knocked unconscious by Wan Pojun and others, and were quietly taken away from the camp.

So far, Ye Chen’s plan to overthrow the nest has been fully launched!

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