The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5399

Cracking the clearing will require people around the world to maneuver quickly, but they have no way to hide the flight path of the plane. Even if they hide the shipping company very deeply, as long as they carefully check the civil aviation system data, they will be able to find their clues.

After much deliberation, Ou Bojun couldn’t think of any reason, so he said: “In that case, then I will go to the dead man’s camp and see if there are any clues!”

Wu Shutong said in surprise: “What Uncle Jiangong said is true! This subordinate has exactly the intention!”

Ober-Jundao: “In that case, please help Dudu Wu arrange a plane for me, and I will go there myself!”

Wu Shutong nodded, and said, “It’s very close to Cyprus from here, Uncle Jiangong, let’s see what time the plane is scheduled for?”

Oberjun frowned slightly, thought for a moment and said: “I’m going this time, I plan not to reveal my identity, but to sneak in quietly, secretly observe the operation of the entire dead soldier’s garrison, and then see if there is anything wrong, especially this one. The core members inside, including the Ni Zhenyu you mentioned, if they are sure that Ni Zhenyu is fine, then look for the families of the missing Xiao cavalry guards, and use some means to see if they can find any clues.”

Wu Shutong immediately said: “Then follow Uncle Jiangong’s wishes! Since it is sneaking in quietly, it must wait until night. The garrison of the dead is already heavily guarded, and I am afraid it will be difficult for Uncle Jiangong to sneak in during the day.”

“Yes.” Ou Bojun nodded and said, “Naturally, we have to wait until night to sneak in, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to avoid the eyes of hundreds of Xiao cavalry guards. To be cautious, it’s best to wait until midnight!”

Wu Shutong said with a smile: “That’s easy to say. I will have a few drinks with Uncle Jiangong at noon. I have arranged the plane in advance. I will personally take you to the airport at eight o’clock in the evening. From here to Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, it will take about After more than two hours, after landing, there is still about 40 kilometers away from the location of the dead man’s station. If all goes well, I will arrive at the station at 12 o’clock in the morning. In order not to startle the snake, I will not arrange a vehicle for Uncle Jiangong there. After Uncle Jiangong gets off the car, he can take a taxi there, which is more natural.”

“Okay!” Ou Bojun nodded without thinking, and said: “The time in the early morning is just right, so it’s settled!”

at the same time.

Inside a copper mine in Cyprus.

Wan Pojun arranged for helicopters to hoist the three close-in anti-aircraft guns to the predetermined positions.

Although the blasting bolts that Lang Hongjun wanted were rare, they were also available on the black market, and they were small in size, so it didn’t take too much time to transport them by air.

After the three close-in anti-aircraft guns were fixed with blasting bolts, no matter how the turret composed of six barrels was moved, the entire close-in anti-aircraft gun would not move at all, and there was no problem with its stability.

Moreover, all the blasting bolts have been connected to the detonators. When necessary, press the switch, and the bolts will explode in an instant to achieve physical separation.

With the proximity guns in place, Lang Hongjun and the weapons experts linked the targeting and locking logic of the proximity guns with infrared radar and thermal imaging recognition equipment.

According to the logic formulated by Lang Hongjun and other weapon experts, they first set the entire copper mine wall as a first-level alert area, and then set the “back”-shaped area within 200 meters based on the copper mine wall , set as the level two alert range.

Once this recognition system is activated, all living bodies that enter the “back”-shaped area from the outside will immediately trigger an alarm. While the system sends an alarm to the operator, the system will automatically lock the external target, and the system locks the target, close to the anti-cannon It will also be synchronously locked.

At this time, the operator can immediately press the fire button. Once pressed, the three close-in defense guns will launch shells in the direction of the target and around the target in a swirl-shaped trajectory.

Taking advantage of the near-defense guns not being loaded, Lang Hongjun found several Xiao cavalry guards and asked them to wait outside the second-level alert range.

When the system was activated, he used the walkie-talkie to let one of these Xiaoqi guards run into the second-level warning range, and saw that the person had just entered the second-level warning range, and the system immediately started to give an early warning. Follow him, wherever he goes, the muzzle will move towards his position in real time.

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