The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5410

However, for such a long time, Wanlongdian never thought of using such a big killer as a close-in defense gun.

However, Ye Chen’s phobia of insufficient firepower gave birth to this kind of cruel master meat grinder, which is indeed a genius-like idea.

Ye Chen was not complacent about his flash of inspiration, on the contrary, because he watched the video of Oberjun disappearing into ashes, he also had a great shadow in his heart.

He felt that his strength might not be much stronger than Au Bojun.

Therefore, Ober-jun couldn’t escape the strangulation of the three close-in defense guns, and he had no chance either.

This also means that I am still full of dangers in this world.

Among them, the greatest danger is arrogance!

It was because Ou Bojun was too arrogant that he didn’t investigate the scene carefully.

If he is cautious enough to observe the copper mine secretly for a few days away from a few hundred meters away, it may not be difficult to find the strangeness in it.

Especially the three close-in defense guns were hidden in the glass room on the roof. If he noticed the glass room and became suspicious of the glass room, then he would not come in so rashly to die.

In fact, from Ye Chen’s point of view, if Cyprus were me tonight, if I was as reckless as Oberjun, I would definitely end up dead.

But as long as he is cautious enough and does not give the three close-in defense guns a chance to lock himself, it is not easy for the three close-in defense guns to hurt him.

Ye Chen felt that he actually had many ways to eliminate the threat of the three close-in defense guns. One was to use the Thunderbolt, and the second was to use the Soul Piercing Blade.

Although the thunder caused by the thunder order cannot smash the steel cannon, it can at least completely destroy the circuit system of the cannon. If the cannon is out of power, it means that the battery of the electric car has been stolen. The huge turret and thick barrel couldn’t move at all, let alone lock the target.

The power of the soul-piercing blade is even more arrogant. It cuts iron like mud. If it is used to greet the near-anti-cannon, it can cut off the near-anti-cannon in one blow.

These two methods can completely eliminate the threat of near-defense guns.

But the crux of the problem is that one must be cautious and careful enough to be able to detect the other party before the other party locks oneself.

Therefore, at this time, Ye Chen also told himself in his heart that he must be cautious and cautious in his actions in the future.

Therefore, Ye Chen said to Wan Pojun: “Pojun, from now on, you must be absolutely cautious when dealing with the soldiers of Wanlong Palace, and don’t leave opportunities for the enemy.”

Wan Pojun immediately said: “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, my subordinates have personally experienced Yeling Mountain and Cyprus twice, and they will not dare to ask for any further…”

Ye Chen hummed, and warned: “We must destroy all the clues. In addition, after all the members of the Xiaoqiwei evacuate, let them float on the sea first, and don’t go to the shore in the next six months. I will completely cut off the clues at sea! ”

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