The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5411

Regarding Ye Chen’s cautiousness, Wan Pojun had no doubts at all.

He said without hesitation: “Okay, Mr. Ye, now the entire copper mine has collapsed into ruins, and there is such a big commotion today, the Cypriot authorities will definitely take over the investigation. Even entering the scene to investigate and collect evidence is not easy!”

As he said that, Wan Pojun said again: “My subordinates feel that there are at most two clues that Poqing Society can find. One is that they try to sneak into the ruins of the copper mine, or find a way to bribe the Cyprus officials, so as to get the clues in the ruins of the copper mine. The remaining anti-aircraft warheads, and the other is that if they are lucky enough and work hard enough, they may be able to get the DNA of the Earl of Wanlongdian from the soil in the collapsed area; ”

“The latter can let them know that the earl is dead and can’t die anymore, while the former can let them know why their earl died. If they follow the clue of the close-in gun to investigate, they can only The Blackwater Company in the United States will be found;”

“As for the clues from the Blackwater Company, we have made a dead end. If they are cleared up, they will be found. They will only vent their anger on the Blackwater Group as we imagined. If they contact the Blackwater Group It’s more interesting to pinch it.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, and said: “That would be the best! After this incident, I believe that I will be able to beat and break the clear meeting. The British Lord and the remaining three earls are estimated to be quite long. For a period of time, they will be shrouded in the shadow of this time, and these people may have already forgotten what it feels like to be afraid, this time I will let them remember it well.”

Wan Pojun laughed and said, “Mr. Ye, if they knew how that earl died, they would probably be scared to death, and they would probably have nightmares when they sleep…”

Ye Chen smiled, thought of something, and told him: “By the way, Pojun, you and all the soldiers of Wanlongdian who participated in the plan to overthrow the nest, evacuate with the ship for the time being, and don’t go back to Syria in the near future. Make sure everyone leaves Cyprus. After the evacuation, don’t have anything to do with Syria during this period, lest Po Qing will focus on the Wanlong Temple.”

Speaking, Ye Chen said again: “Although this plan was executed very beautifully, the overall strength of Wanlongdian must still be far behind that of the Poqing Society. Now is not the time to confront them head-on.”

Wan Pojun immediately said: “Okay, Mr. Ye, the subordinate will stay on the boat first. If you have any matters that you need to go to, please inform the subordinate at any time. The subordinate will go ashore from other countries.”

Ye Chen said: “Well, these days you go with the boat first, and after ten and a half months, you can find a way to say goodbye to the country and come to China with a different identity. In addition, last time I asked you to arrange the most trustworthy and the most Brothers with potential to come to Jinling for further studies can also be arranged together this time, the venue here in Jinling is almost ready, and next, you have to focus on improving your cultivation.”

Wan Pojun said respectfully: “Okay, Mr. Ye, this subordinate will arrange to go to Jinling to report to you at the end of August!”

This moment.

The explosion at a copper mine in Cyprus has attracted the attention of Cyprus officials.

When the staff and a large number of police arrived at the copper mine, everyone was shocked by the horrifying scene in front of them!

For these people, they have seen a mining area collapse, but they have never seen it collapse like this!

This is no longer a simple collapse, this is simply an unprecedented major production accident!

In their eyes, there are nearly a thousand employees and their families in this copper mine, and almost all of them work and live here. Now that it has completely collapsed into ruins, the personal safety of nearly a thousand employees and their families has become the biggest trouble at the moment.

So, they immediately tried to find a way to contact the person in charge of the copper mine, but there was no one who could be contacted right now.

In addition to being nervous, Cyprus blocked the news and began emergency excavation of the collapsed site in an attempt to find clues to the victims.

At this moment, Wu Shutong, the governor of the Youjun Governor’s Mansion who is far away in Naples, is taking the time to get in touch with Ni Zhenyu, the Jiedu envoy of Cyprus.

According to the plan he made with Ou Bojun, he will arrange a top-secret mission for Ni Zhenyu on the phone, asking him to send someone to Rome.

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