The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5418

However, the logic of the commander’s judgment is very reasonable. If the opponent can master the weapon of close-in defense gun, it proves that the opponent must not be an ordinary person, but definitely a militant with strong actual combat experience.

It is very likely that this copper mine is indeed a military base as a place where militants use close-in defense guns to defend.

Even if it is not a real military base, at least there are huge and unknown secrets here!

The commander said nervously: “No… this matter is of great importance, I must report it to the president immediately!”

Soon, the commander directly called the president. After giving a detailed report on the situation, he hung up the phone respectfully, and told the people around him: “Everyone, the president is ordered. This time the copper mine collapsed. It is very likely to cause turmoil, so we must keep it strictly confidential, and do not disclose any information to foreign media, especially the matter of near-anti-aircraft guns, and we must not mention a single word!”

Everyone looked at each other, and the adjutant couldn’t help but said: “Boss, it’s not a big problem to block the news from the outside world, but it’s hard for us to hide such a big movement here. What should we do if there are voices of doubt in the country?”

The commander said: “I will immediately notify the people in charge of the surrounding cities and let them announce to the people in their jurisdiction that this copper mine has been exhausted and has reached the design lifespan, and due to excessive internal mining, it has collapsed. Therefore, in order to prevent losses caused by uncontrollable collapses, this time it was a planned man-made abandonment, and all personnel in the copper mine have been evacuated, so that everyone does not need to panic.”

This rhetoric is reasonable, and everyone thinks there is no major problem. After all, only one person’s DNA was found here, which proves that before the explosion and collapse, the others had already evacuated, and no casualties were caused.

Since there were no casualties, this matter can naturally be suppressed.

So, everyone was relieved.

At this time, the commander ordered again: “You should notify immediately that all excavation and fixed-point drilling should be stopped immediately, and all heavy equipment should be withdrawn, and then mobilize fences to surround the entire copper mine, and at the same time strictly prevent outsiders from approaching! ”

Everyone nodded quickly.

The commander continued: “In addition, we must move as soon as possible to transport a large amount of construction waste from the surrounding construction sites. Within 72 hours, the collapsed part of the copper mine must be refilled!”

The adjutant asked: “Boss, even if we fill this place up, the warheads and shell casings inside are still there, there is still a possibility that someone will find it in the future!”

The commander said: “Don’t worry, the above means that after filling this place, it will be hardened immediately, and then this land will be sealed up, and a special person will be assigned to guard it. After the news passes, a trusted department will take over. You don’t have to worry about it.” I’m too worried, hurry up and move forward with the matter at hand!”

Everyone suddenly realized.

If this is the case, you can basically prevent future troubles.

Then, everyone said in unison: “Obey!”

After speaking, they immediately left the tent, and each began to follow the commander’s order.

At this time, Wu Shutong outside the tent was so nervous that he was sweating profusely, and his body couldn’t help shaking.

In his heart, the panic has reached the extreme.

Such a major accident was the first time in the hundreds of years of history of the Qing Dynasty.

The point is, as the governor of the right army’s governor’s mansion, he was able to have the entire base of the dead soldiers stolen under his nose, and even ambushed here to kill Jianggong Bo Ou Bojun. I’m afraid death penalty is inevitable…

At this moment, Wu Shutong almost immediately made up his mind that he must not report the actual situation here to the British Lord!

At the very least, you can’t tell the British Lord that the warheads and shell casings of the near-anti-aircraft guns were found here.

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